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Video Games
57: Shepard's Origin(s)
Let's talk about what we can and can't affect about Shepard's backstory, including our choice of his origins and how that changes our game options and quests. It's more than you might realize.
66 min
56: David Anderson Part 2: The Galaxy's Best Dad
Everybody needs a mentor in their life. Someone to look up to. A parental figure, a guide, someone to take them under their wing and guide them. Sometimes it's an actual parent, but sometimes it's someone you meet out in the world who believes in you...
46 min
55: David Anderson: The OG Badass
Before there was Shepard, there was Anderson. The OG badass. The man who gave everything, including the spotlight, so that Shepard could do what he needed to do to succeed. It takes a special kind of person, a real hero, to do what Anderson did.
52 min
54: The BEST Mass Effect "Head Canon" | March, ...
Do you have any "head canon" about the series? Something you believe to be true whether it's been explicitly confirmed or not? We dig into our patron's best theories to see if they stand up to scrutiny.
79 min
53: Udina Part 2 - A Character Study
Let's take a closer look at Udina to try to understand his character and his choices. Was he indoctrinated? Was he well written?
49 min
52: Donnel Udina - Was he really THAT bad?
We’re beginning our series of episodes on characters with the very first voice we hear in ME1: Donnel Udina, human ambassador to the council with a very punchable face.
58 min
51: The Powers of the Citadel Council
What exactly is the full authority of the Citadel Council? What powers do they have? And who are they?
60 min
50: The History of the Citadel Council
Let's take a closer look at the governing body of the entire galaxy. When were they established? How did they come to power? And have they done a "good" job keeping the peace?
52 min
49: Factions: Sloane Kelly’s Outcasts & Reyes V...
The two most dangerous groups of exiles, Sloane Kelly’s Outcasts & Reyes Vidal’s Collective, give us call-back vibes to certain pirate groups from the Milky Way. Let's take a closer look.
47 min
48: Factions: The Initiative's Exiles
The journey to Andromeda didn't go as planned. And even before the human-focused ship arrived the seeds of discord were already sowed leading to the division that created a split, or as some would call them, exiles.
46 min
47: The WORST Plot Holes | Feb, 2022 Patron Chat
The Mass Effect series is a complex story written by a team of writers, and every complex story has its fair share of plot holes. Nothing is perfect. We bring in our panel of superfans to discuss the very worst (best?) of these plot holes and try to explain why they exist.
102 min
46: Factions: The Roekaar - Angaran Extremism
Desperate times breed extremist groups, and among the Angarans this is no different. How did the Roekaar come to be, and why is this fictional sci-fi lore so grounded and scary?
53 min
45: Factions: The Angara Resistance
The Angaran Resistance was a necessary reaction to the Kett, but how did they form and who was able to unite such diverse and distant factions under a singular cause?
42 min
44: The Andromeda Initiative's Dark Secrets
Founded in 2176 and launched in 2185, the Andromeda Initiative is a civilian, multi-species project created to send scientists, explorers, and colonists on a one-way trip to settle in the Andromeda Galaxy. But what is it's REAL purpose? And who REALLY funded the project?
89 min
43: Asari Justicar & Commandos Lore
The Asari Justicars are sort of like the Judge Dredds of the Asari - homeless, warrior monks who travel the galaxy enforcing laws and bringing law-breakers to justice. What else do we know about them and the Asari Commandos?
74 min
42: Casting the Perfect Mass Effect TV Series
Who would you cast in the perfect TV Series adaptation of Mass Effect? You're the director. You have the budget to choose any stars you want and they'll say yes. Who do you pick? Who would make the perfect Garrus? Tali? Wrex? Commander Shepard? We talk with our Patrons to find out their picks and discuss how we think they'd turn out.
77 min
41: Behind The Music of Mass Effect
Andrew Thomson & Mike Basak join us to blow your minds about the amazing music of Mass Effect. Andrew Thompson, aka Pipeman, an internationally recognized composer and percussionist, and Mike Basak, an orchestra musician with over a decade of experience and the orchestra manager for one of the world’s top conservatories, explain the orchestral and movie influences behind the music.
133 min
40: Spectre Lore
This is it. Everything we know about Spectres in Mass Effect. How and when the Spectre program was started. How you become a Spectre. How many Spectres there are. What events the Spectres have been involved in. Everything.
74 min
39: Factions: The Special Tasks Group & League ...
The Special Tasks Group (STG) is a Salarian espionage organization and progenitor to the Spectors, and the League of One is an even more secretive group of Salarian spies who were turned on by their own government.
69 min
38: Our Personal Mass Effect Stories - Patron C...
When did you discover the Mass Effect series? What does it mean to you? Our patrons share their personal stories. How they fell in love with the series and discovered a deep and meaningful universe that holds a unique place in each of their lives.
94 min
37: Factions: C-Sec
Let's take a closer look at the security force protecting and serving the largest space station in the galaxy, C-Sec. The men and women of C-Sec keep the Citadel safe, eat a lot of donuts, and always make the right call in a tough situation. Right...
67 min
36: Factions: The Blood Pack
The last of our "bad guy" factions is the Blood Pack, filled with Krogan and Vorcha, they seem like the faceless baddies the game just throws at our heroes when they need the lowest scum for us to shoot at, but is there more to them?
56 min
35: Massive Mass Effect Trivia Patron Night Nov...
Our patrons bring us some of the most difficult Mass Effect trivia yet. Can N7 beat them at their own game?
101 min
34: Factions: Eclipse
Eclipse is like the sneaky, lesser-known little brother of the Blue Suns. Always trying to prove that they're just as cool but without nearly any of the same bragging rights.
54 min
33: Factions: The Blue Suns
You may not realize just how much the Blue Suns have their dirty little hands in practically everything. We didn't until we started researching for this episode of the Mass Effect Lorecast.
67 min