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Video Games
24: Factions: The Alliance
The Alliance, the main governmental body of the planet Earth held some surprises for us once we started researching this episode. Tune in and fine out what even we didn't know.
55 min
23: The Reapers
The Reapers deserve their own episode. They're mysterious and ancient, and almost destroyed everything we fought to save. Where did they come from? Who or what created them? What was their true purpose?
75 min
22: How SHOULD Have Mass Effect Ended? August 2...
We bring together the brilliant minds of our patrons to discuss how the Mass Effect series should have ended. Was there a better conclusion to Mass Effect 3? Could the series have tied together Andromeda and the original trilogy more cohesively?
65 min
21: The Angara & The Kett
The Angara & the Kett are the two main new races we interact with in Mass Effect Andromeda. Let's dig into what we know about what makes them interesting and different from all of the other races in the Mass Effect series.
79 min
20: The Vorcha & The Yahg
The Vorcha and the Yahg are two of the least "fleshed out" (uh... gross) races in the Mass Effect universe, but there are still some things we do know about them...
65 min
19: The Krogan
The Krogans are one of the toughest and most violent of the sentient races in the galaxy, but they are also strangely evolved more like prey than predators. What caused this peculiar evolution and what do we know about their history?
71 min
18: The Quarians
The quarians are a nomadic species of humanoid aliens known for their skills with technology and synthetic intelligence.
42 min
17: The Great Ending Debate (Patron Chat)
In this heated, yet respectful debate, our patrons chime in about which ending they chose and which they think is best.
82 min
16: The Hanar & The Drell
The Hanar and the Drell are lesser known races with an interesting, interlocking story.
70 min
15: The Elcor
This week we discuss the Elcor, the large, slow race with the weird mouth slots and their crazy planet with 4 times the gravity of earth.
71 min
14: Which Race Would You Be? (Monthly Patron Chat)
If you were in Mass Effect, which race would you choose to be? Which do you think (other than human) are you most like already?
68 min
13: The Batarians (WARNING: POTTY WORDS & POLIT...
Do the Batarians get a bad rap? Is there more to this aggressive species than we see in our regular interactions with them?
80 min
BONUS: E3 2021 Xbox Bethesda Recap: Halo Infini...
E3 2021's Xbox and Bethesda event JUST HAPPENED! We dig into all the latest details about Halo Infinite, Starfield, Sea of Thieves and the Pirates of the Caribbean dlc, and so much more!
99 min
12: The Volus
The Volus are the short, rotund bankers of the universe, but there's more to them than meets the eye... if you lean down a bit.
76 min
11: The Turians
The Turians are often considered the Bushido race in Mass Effect. We dig into the lore and the real-world influences and find out that there's a lot more going on.
89 min
10: Community Thoughts on Legendary Edition (1s...
The Mass Effect Legendary Edition does a lot of things right, and a few things still need improvement. We chat with our patrons about their experiences with the games so far.
79 min
09: The Salarians
Tom & Sam dig into who the Salarians are, their strange biology, reproduction, culture, and history.
73 min
08: Mass Effect Legendary Edition First Impress...
Tom & Sam discuss their first impressions of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition's gameplay, graphics, and upgrades from the originals, plus a complete list of the content changes.
70 min
07: The Asari Lore
The Asari are the blue skinned ancient alien race who are mono-gendered yet "female" in appearance and are full of mystery. Why were they so much more advanced than other intelligent races? How do they reproduce? Are they hiding a secret?
68 min
06: The Protheans
The Protheans were here before any of the current space-faring races of Mass Effect, but they too stood on the shoulders of giants...
78 min
05: The Creation of the Geth & The Geth War
Here's how the Geth were created by the Quarians, plus the amazing details about the Geth War that happened 300 years before the beginning of Mass Effect 1.
61 min
04: The Krogan Problem & The Genophage "Solution"
The Rachni "solution" created a new Krogan problem... and that required another "solution" - the genophage. Here's what we know.
58 min
03: The Rachni War & The Krogan "Solution"
How dangerous were the Rachni and was the "solution" worth it?
64 min
02: The First Contact War
The First Contact War paved the way for humans in the universe, but we didn't make the best first impression...
71 min
01: Is Shepard Alive? + Teaser Trailer Hidden D...
Welcome to the Mass Effect Lorecast. We kick off the first episode with a discussion of the evidence for and against if Shepard is still alive or not. We discuss which ending might be canon and reveal some of the hidden details in the teaser trailer for the next Mass Effect game to support our points.
74 min