True Vault Escapades: A Fallout Audio...

Silver Award Winner of the 2023 Hear Now Podcast Palooza.

Set during the events of 'Fallout: New Vegas', follow the story of a tough-as-nails wasteland detective, and a blonde-bombshell vault girl as they solve some of postwar America’s biggest mysteries. From the harsh lands of Texas to the war-torn deserts of the Mojave, Walter & Bunny risk it all to expose sensational murders, crime syndicates, and even cold cases from over 200 years ago. All of it draped in a 1940s noir blanket. The whole package includes Trans-Atlantic accents, vinyl grain, and even era-appropriate music.

Science Fiction
Video Games
The Case of The Open Casket
Mr. Casket, the man who kidnapped Bunny, returns with a bloody vengeance.
48 min
The Case of The Gypsy's Curse
A devious fortune-teller places a curse on a woman and warns our detectives not to interfere.
46 min
The Case of The Cornered Godfather
A mob boss’s organized hit goes wrong, and Walter & Bunny are called to action!
44 min
Bunny, and The Mystery of Eladna (Ft. Lane Comp...
After a car crash, Bunny is marooned in an oddly friendly settlement that holds a dark secret.
38 min
The Case of The Cursed Cruise (Ft. Ryan Alosio)
After mysterious nighty murders on a wasteland cruise ship, Walter & Bunny uncover one of the most sinister coverups yet.
32 min
The Case of The Mannequin Soldier
A Brotherhood of Steel soldier survives a vertibird crash and blames himself for the tragedy. The question is, was he even there to begin with?
38 min
The Case of The Mutant's Bride
Walter & Bunny are called to the home of a crazed woman who demolishes the house - she and her husband included. With few clues, our detectives find themselves at the scene of a recent heist, and a heavily armed Powder Ganger camp. But what could this do with the original crime scene?
40 min
Dope Head Blues (Ft. MrMattyPlays)
When Bunny survives a shootout at a women's-only socialite club, Walter and Dusty do their darnedest to track her down.
61 min
The Case of The Great Bunny Kidnapping
A mysterious man in black kidnaps Bunny and Walter rips the Mojave apart to find her.
31 min
The Case of The Raided Ranch
A ranch void of life, a rich ghoul family and a marriage that could never happen. How do our detectives connect the dots?
48 min
The Case of The Great Bar Blowouts
Walter and Bunny plan to solve a string of exploding bars and saloons across the wasteland - possibly Legion connected. But not before meeting the team’s newest ally, Sergeant Humphreys: an NCR soldier who wants results. Who could behind this mess?
35 min
The Case of The Slot Machine Slayings
Now in New Vegas, Walter & Bunny attempt to solve the murder of a woman who knew too much about a slot machine.
46 min
True Vault Escapades Epilogue (Narrated by "The...
The Storyteller from ShoddyCast's popular series, "Fallout Lore", goes over a summary of the events taking place after the original True Vault Escapades series.
5 min
A Vault In Ruin (Ft. MrMattyPlays)
After the fall of Vault 54 (from Bunny's perspective), the detective works with a new overseer to secure her home's safety.
57 min
Walter Meets Draco! The Friendly Deathclaw
After Walter's exit from Vault 54, an inquisitive Deathclaw offers him a way back inside... with a cost.
84 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 5: War Never Changes
In this exciting finale, Walter & Bunny discover the true motive behind the Vault 54 murders.
60 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 4: A Cosmic Knife In Th...
Walter & Bunny desperately hunt for who or what is behind the vote-based killings in Vault 54.
28 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 3: A New Kind Of World
Detective Camry and Bunny have arrived at Vault 54, and the case can truly begin!
22 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 2: A Walk In The Wasteland
Walter follows Bunny to her mysterious community, but not without its share of problems.
8 min
True Vault Escapades Ep 1: You Can Call Me Bunny
Meet Walter Camry: A wasteland detective down on his luck, until a mysterious blonde in blue gives the P.I. a case he can't turn away from, nor forget.
12 min