True Vault Escapades: A Fallout Audio...

Silver Award Winner of the 2023 Hear Now Podcast Palooza.

Set during the events of 'Fallout: New Vegas', follow the story of a tough-as-nails wasteland detective, and a blonde-bombshell vault girl as they solve some of postwar America’s biggest mysteries. From the harsh lands of Texas to the war-torn deserts of the Mojave, Walter & Bunny risk it all to expose sensational murders, crime syndicates, and even cold cases from over 200 years ago. All of it draped in a 1940s noir blanket. The whole package includes Trans-Atlantic accents, vinyl grain, and even era-appropriate music.

Science Fiction
Video Games
Official Trailer - True Vault Escapades
2 min
The Case of The Martyred Mothman
63 min
Fallout: DeadStone [Fallout Machinima]
53 min
A Special Meating (Ft. Torian Brackett)
An uncanny pair of detectives bite off more than they can chew at The Ultra Luxe.
42 min
The Curse of The Casket | Part 2
56 min
The Curse of The Casket | Part 1
37 min
Haunted House Blues (Ft. Sir Spooks)
58 min
Escapade Extras - The Forgotten Concept
40 min
The Case of Morgue Mountain
The detectives and the NCR are marooned on a mountain range and forced to fight a cannibal tribe!
47 min
The Art of Pacing, Plot Development & More | In...
38 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 10 "Eighteen Kara...
It’s been a long road, but Cage has finally arrived at his target’s location.
64 min
Robots Radio Holiday Special 2022!
Me, Tom, and everyone in the Robots Radio network reflect on the year and what we look forward to in 2023!
58 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 9 "Red Flags"
45 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 8 "The Bum Deal"
44 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 7 "La-La Land"
30 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 6 "Hard Truths"
33 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 5 "The Runaway"
A plan for a simple meeting goes awry when Cage is ambushed by an angry band of legion soldiers.
29 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 4 "Flashbacks"
Cage reminisces on his final days spent in The Brotherhood in Marfa, TX. His stroll down memory lane wouldn’t be all to await the old soldier.
26 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 3 "It Came From W...
37 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 2 "War Stories"
33 min
The Cage Chronicles - Episode 1 "Enter, Mister ...
Cage meets a mysterious new client who offers him the job of a lifetime.
19 min
Trailer - The Cage Chronicles
Prepare to meet one of the wasteland's most feared hired-guns in True Vault Escapade's new spin-off, "The Cage Chronicles".
2 min
The Watery Grave Case (A Bioshock Crossover Spe...
138 min
The Legend of The Star - Chapter V
In this final chapter, the legend finally gets discovered… but not without a fight.
65 min
The Legend of The Star - Chapter IV
Allen Marks makes an even more desperate attempt to crack the legend of the star, but he isn’t alone.
50 min