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Whatever you lead can only grow when you do. Experience real-life, real-time business and leadership coaching from Dave Ramsey, a successful CEO, popular radio personality, bestselling author, and now the host of The EntreLeadership Podcast. Dave takes your calls and draws on over 30 years of experience as the CEO of Ramsey Solutions to help you overcome the challenges you're facing. More at

How I Turned $5 Into a $10M Business with Migno...
Owning a business takes grit and perseverance. When Mignon Francois found herself on the verge of homelessness, she took $5 and bought some baking ingredients—and she turned that $5 into a multimillion-dollar business. In this episode, she unpacks her j
53 min
How to Tackle Tough Conversations at Work with ...
Let’s be real: Conflict can be super uncomfortable. And if you’re a leader, there’s a good chance you’re faced with it often. But you know what’s worse than having a hard conversation? Avoiding it—and letting problems with your team fester. Fo
71 min
What People Don’t Tell You About Being a CEO wi...
We hate to burst your bubble, but being a CEO isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Keaton Turner, president and founder of the fast-growing mining company Turner Mining Group, knows this all too well. In just four years, his company has exploded, turning the
83 min
This is How You Create a Strategic Plan with He...
If you’re fine with coasting, dreaming small, or sticking to the status quo—this episode is not for you. But if you want more for your business, buckle up! You need a strategic plan, and we’re going to show you how to make one. In this episode, the
67 min
Why Empowered Teams Make the Best Products with...
How do you ensure your product or service keeps its edge as you scale? This is a huge challenge many founders of a fast-growing company face as they start to see some success. Marty Cagan, founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group, argues leaders must l
74 min
How to Develop Leaders in Your Business with Sa...
There’s no better way to strengthen your business than to develop leaders from within your team. And if your business is growing fast, it’s a must—or else you may look up and find that you’ve got too many responsibilities and no one to pass the ba
53 min
Leadership Lessons Learned the Hard Way with Pa...
When his father quit his job to start his own venture, it was an all-hands on deck affair for Patrick Booth and his family. From shipping packages out of their Jeep Grand Cherokee to working the phones, Patrick got a hands-on business education helping hi
76 min
The 4 Phases of a Good Hiring Process with Jere...
You need to hire great people to move your business forward—duh. But when you’re pressed for time and resources, how can you ensure you’ve got a rock-star candidate and not a bad apple? Go behind the curtain at Ramsey Solutions as Jeremy Hezlep, our
73 min
Why Leaders Need to Get Better at Changing Thei...
If you’re a human (and we hope you are), at some point you’ve looked back on a moment in your life or your business and groaned, “I wish I had done that differently.” Well, what if there was a way to reduce those moments? The secret is to start th
57 min
How to Make Better Decisions, Faster with Matt ...
Success in business can hinge on a leader’s ability to take action. Sometimes that means making a choice without all the answers. And when there’s money and people’s livelihoods at stake, the uncertainty of an outcome can be paralyzing. Fortunately,
70 min
What Makes T.REX ARMS a Successful Business wit...
What does it take to start a successful business from the ground up? The answer: a few hundred bucks, a mild obsession and the American spirit. At least that’s what worked for Lucas Botkin, the 27-year-old who started T.REX ARMS , a rapidly growing comp
78 min
What Success Looks Like! with Matthew McConaughey
Gather ‘round the fire for a very candid conversation with the Academy Award-winning actor and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey. In this winding discussion, Matthew talks about his creative process, why leaders ne
78 min
How to Grow a Healthy Organization and Culture ...
Ideas are great, but they’ll only take you so far. When it comes down to it, success in business depends on your ability to execute. Craig Groeschel, senior pastor of Life.Church, grew his organization over the course of 25 years from just a service in
67 min
The Characteristics of a Quality Leader with Su...
Can your business outgrow your ability to lead? Maybe—if you’re not intentional! Suzanne Simms, senior executive vice president of business to consumer global at Ramsey Solutions, had to make sure this didn’t happen to her. Over the course of 20 yea
57 min
Ready to Take Your Small Business to the Next L...
Eight years ago, Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle, would have described himself as moderately successful—and extraordinarily unhappy. On paper, things looked good: Russ had founded two creative agencies in his early 20s and was the man in charge. But hi
74 min
Here is What Makes a Business Successful! with ...
If you’re a go-getter, there’s a good chance you like to be busy. If you get to the bottom of your to-do list, you’re eager to fill it back up. But be careful, you can be so productive that you miss your whole life. Christy Wright, author and Certif
58 min
How to Reform an Industry with Aaron Witt
Aaron Witt is the dirt-obsessed millennial behind BuildWitt, a fast-growing media company on a mission to reform the mining and construction industries. In just three years, the 25-year-old (yes, you read that right) has grown his company from just a sing
79 min
How to Set Up Your Business For Success in 2021...
Dave Ramsey reflects on the highs and the lows of 2020 and shares what he learned about himself, his leaders and his team. You’ll hear why courage and principles are the cornerstone of being a small-business owner, and how going against convention and t
59 min
#407: The EntreLeadership Podcast 2020: A Year ...
What a year! You laughed, you probably cried, and most importantly—you never gave up. You kept growing and pushing through, even on the hard days. How do we know? Because this year you guys downloaded over 12 million episodes of The EntreLeadership Podc
123 min
#406: Why You Need a Mentor with Kevin Harringt...
Everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is different, but super successful people tend to have had one thing in common: They had a mentor. Kevin Harrington, entrepreneur and one of the original sharks from Shark Tank, and Mark Timm, serial entrepreneur, shar
64 min
#405: Chick-fil-A’s Competitive Advantage with ...
Who would’ve thought a little fast-food restaurant serving chicken sandwiches would become a global, industry-leading powerhouse known for its customer service? That’s right, Chick-fil-A’s success isn’t just a result of their delicious food. David
80 min
#404: The 6 Types of Working Genius with Patric...
Have you ever noticed there are some things that just drain all of your energy and others that supercharge you? Speaking at an event may fire you up, while bringing together the details of a large project feels like death by a thousand cuts. What’s that
72 min
#403: Stories That Scale with Casey Graham
Businesses put a lot of energy into the chase—you know, wooing and winning over potential customers with emails, paid ads and fancy landing pages. They work hard toward that sweet moment of victory when their customers finally decide to purchase. But th
71 min
#402: 5 Questions for Better Decision-Making wi...
The decisions you make determine the direction and quality of your business. But being the one calling the shots isn’t always easy. It can actually feel really scary—after all, you’re the one who has to live with the choices you make. But decision-m
52 min
#401: Using Stories to Market Your Business wit...
If your marketing strategy is all about showing off the features of your product or service, you might want to rethink it! Online marketing expert Amy Porterfield unpacks what makes businesses succeed at marketing—good storytelling. From posting on soci
62 min