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Hosted by George Kamel, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek. More at

#152: Suzy Welch—Are You Ready to Grow Your Bus...
Suzy Welch, co-author of the best-selling The Real-Life MBA, former editor of the Harvard Business Review, and wife of the legendary Jack Welch, joins us to talk all things business. She’s covering everything from why you need an overall strategy to bes
44 min
#150: Craig Groeschel—The Key to Successful Del...
Delegation may be something that everyone knows about but few know how to do it well. On this week’s episode, we’re talking to someone who excels at it. Craig Groeschel is senior pastor of Life.Church, the largest church in America with 570 team membe
42 min
#149: Leading the Next Generation
How do you lead a generation of team members who work under a totally new set of rules? Leadership
57 min
#148: Nancy Duarte—Igniting Change Through Comm...
Every leader needs to be a great storyteller, whether they speak publicly or not. And this week’s guest, communication guru Nancy Duarte, joins us to share her tips for creating compelling, persuasive communication. Also on the episode, we’re talkin
42 min
#147: Claire Diaz Ortiz—Taking Control of Your ...
Want to be amazed at what you can get done in a day? Business and social-media expert Claire Diaz Ortiz joins us to discuss how to design your day so you work less and achieve more. And since Claire was an early employee of Twitter, we had to get her advi
44 min
#146: Leaning Into Leadership
What makes a great EntreLeader? Our own Daniel Tardy, vice president of EntreLeadership, joins the podcast to share his story and what he’s learned through the years about becoming a leader others will follow. We’re also returning to Main Street with
47 min
#145: Dave Ramsey—EntreLeadership Defined
It’s all things EntreLeadership this week, with a lesson from Dave sharing the foundational principles that helped him win. We’re also hitting Main Street with an interview with a highly successful EntreLeader. And we wrap things up with part two of a
49 min
#144: Gary Vaynerchuk—Secrets of Growth
Social media expert, digital advertising agency CEO and best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk returns for a fun conversation on business, leadership, social media and his tried-and-true methods for success.
53 min
#143: Being Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice
Is there a way to generate amazing ideas or solve problems on demand? In our first feature interview, Todd Henry, author and expert on creativity, leadership and passion for work, shares his step-by-step process for being prolific, brilliant and healthy i
47 min
#142: Jesse Itzler—Breaking the Routine to Get ...
Serial entrepreneur and Atlanta Hawks owner Jesse Itzler joins us to share his story of getting out of a rut and why every business owner needs to do the same. Warning, though: Itzler took it to the extreme. The former rapper and co-founder of Marquis Jet
47 min
#141: Kansas City Royals—Building a Championshi...
We’re talking baseball, business and so much more with two incredible guests this week. First up is Chicago Cubs second baseman Ben Zobrist. This consummate professional became a superstar with the Kansas City Royals—not by showboating but with lots o
67 min
#140: Gary Kelly—How Southwest Airlines Cultiva...
Is it possible to keep your company’s culture intact and offer unbelievable customer service—even when your business is growing fast? Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, believes you can. Even though Southwest employs 50,000 and serve 118 million p
53 min
#139: Donald Miller—Branding Your Story Part 2
Best-selling author Donald Miller returns to share more about what it means for you to tell your story the right way for your brand. He’s getting tactical, so grab a pen and notebook before joining us. Also on tap, digital marketing guru Amy Porterfield
49 min
#138: How to Market Without Everyone Hating You
EntreLeader Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer, joins us for an in-depth conversation on small-business marketing. Ryan discusses how to avoid the trap of wearing out your customers and the balance between branding and selling. Ryan includes great takeaw
54 min
#137: Seth Godin—Dealing With Change
Join marketing guru and best-selling author Seth Godin and Dave for an unprecedented conversation on making a difference in the marketplace, the new economy, and why you need to connect with your customers, plus much more. We’re also going to Main Stree
45 min
#136: The Most Excellent Way to Lead
We are diving deep into the heart of great leadership with Perry Noble, author and founding pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina. Perry’s church has grown from a group of 15 people meeting in a living room to more than 30,000 weekly at
41 min
#135: The Beer That Changed the World
This month’s focus is family-owned business, and no one tells it better than Stephen Mansfield, the best-selling biographer of one of the world’s most famous brands. Stephen shares the story of the Guinness family and the beer that changed the world.
53 min
#134: Inside the Ramsey Family Playbook
We’re sitting down with three future owners of Ramsey Solutions—Rachel Cruze, Winston Cruze and Daniel Ramsey—to discuss the dynamics of family business and the efforts it takes to slowly transition the company to the next generation. They’re disc
41 min
#133: Transitioning Your Business
We’re hitting Main Street this week to talk to someone who’s getting it done in a big way. Kent Lapp, CEO of Wood-Tex Products, joins us to talk about leadership, transitioning a family business, and how to motivate a team. Also on this episode, Dave
42 min
#132: Todd Duncan—The New Rules of Customer Ser...
How can you successfully run a business in today’s ever-changing marketplace? Todd Duncan, sales entrepreneur and best-selling author of The $6,000 Egg, says it’s all about creating emotional connections with your customers. And he joins this week’s
41 min
#131: Daymond John—Lessons From the Shark Tank
Daymond John shares his story and gives great advice to get you going. An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Daymond grew FUBU, a fashionable sportswear line, from his initial $40 budget into a $6 billion brand. He’s the author of a new book, The
37 min
#130: Jim Collins—How to Build an Enduring, Gre...
Want to create a company that’s built to last or take your business from good to great? Then listen in because one of our favorite guests is joining us for a unique conversation about both. Jim Collins, best-selling author, researcher and lifelong teach
39 min
#128: Verne Harnish—What’s Holding Your Busines...
What’s the fundamental weakness that keeps companies from scaling up? Verne Harnish, the best-selling author of one of our favorite books, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, joins us to discuss what’s holding businesses back and how to get them growing
43 min
#127: Our Top Podcasts of 2015
We’re highlighting some of our favorite podcast interviews of the year. Check out these great conversations with Donald Miller, John C. Maxwell, Gretchen Rubin, Patrick Lencioni, Shawn Achor, Austin Kleon, Gary Vaynerchuk
and John O’Leary.
52 min
#125: Leading Within Limits
Is it possible to successfully lead when you’re faced with many limitations? Yes you can, says this week’s featured guest, Mike Hamilton. The former athletic director at The University of Tennessee and executive director of Show Hope stops by to discu
42 min
#124: Seth Godin—It's Always Your Turn
Do you ever wonder what’s holding you back? Marketing guru and best-selling author Seth Godin joins the show to answer this important question, plus discuss the power of being childlike and leaping into places that feel uncomfortable. EntreLeadership Co
32 min
#123: The Secret to Setting Goals That Work
Want to create goals that last? Then listen in because we’re featuring Dave explaining the five components you need to make your goals more than just “maybe someday” dreams. On the same theme, EntreLeader Jim Cavale, president of Iron Tribe Fitness,
25 min
#122: Col. Littleton—The Art of Craftsmanship
This designer and small-business owner is known for his upscale, hand-crafted leather goods sold all over the world. He’s also an EntreLeader who truly believes in following the Golden Rule. We’re also featuring a lesson from Dave on g
35 min
#121: Shawn Achor—How Happiness Fuels Your Success
Positive psychology expert Shawn Achor joins for a fascinating conversation on happiness and how it can change your world and your organization. Through his years of research, this former Harvard professor has found that a positive mindset can lead to inc
39 min
#120: Robert Kiyosaki—Persevering Through Fear
How do you fight through panic when everything seems to be going wrong? Millionaire entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, joins us to share his story on conquering fear and how you can do the same. We’re also featuring
38 min
#119: John O'Leary—Living an Inspired Life
If you are ready to overcome your challenges and celebrate the joy of today and the possibility of tomorrow, you have found the right place. On this week’s podcast, John O’Leary shows you how to take life’s toughest tests and turn them into incredib
48 min
#118: Finding Your Greatness
Mega marketing expert Lewis Howes joins the podcast to share the tips and habits he’s gathered from interviewing “the greats.” It’s not about avoiding or neutralizing traumatic life experiences, he says. Instead, it’s applying specific habits an
43 min
#117: Les Parrott—How Conflict Can Help You Win
Can conflict be a healthy thing? Absolutely. And Les Parrott, renowned author and psychologist, tells how to deal with disagreements in a healthy way, so everyone wins. Dave Ramsey also stops by to share his tips on casting your vision—telling your team
40 min
#116: Building the Best Place to Work
Create an extraordinary workplace with the help of psychologist Ron Friedman, who joins us this week to discuss how to inspire and engage your team as well as how to get people more passionate about their jobs.
44 min
#115: Creating Leadership Magic the Disney Way
Learn how to lead and build an amazing culture from Walt Disney World Resort’s former Executive Vice President of Operations Lee Cockerell. One of Lee's major and lasting legacies was the creation of Disney Great Leader Strategies, which is used to trai
41 min
#114: Scott Harrison—Building a Culture of Inno...
Want to change the world or simply make your business better? Don’t miss this conversation with Scott Harrison, CEO and founder of Charity: Water. Scott understands what it takes to start, sustain and keep growing a foundation through innovation and pas
47 min
#113: Michael Hyatt—The Power of One Conversation
Leadership and personal growth expert Michael Hyatt returns to the podcast for a great conversation on conversation. Plus he shares tips on improving yourself, failing forward, and why you need to take a nap every day.
46 min
#112: Mari Smith—Supercharging Your Facebook Ma...
We’re talking with one of the world’s leading experts on Facebook marketing, Mari Smith. She’ll discuss how to easily create content and build relationships with customers on the world’s largest platform. You’re going to like it!
43 min
#111: Common Leadership Mistakes and How to Avo...
We’re talking with three extraordinary business people who are sharing their best tips. We start with Dave’s EVP Jack Galloway, who talks leadership. He is followed by Bryan and Shannon Miles of eaHELP, who focus on delegation.
34 min
#110: Dan Miller—How to Live a Life of Meaning
Best-selling author Dan Miller joins us to discuss the two most important questions you can ask yourself: Why are you here and how can you integrate that dream into work? Plus, we’re featuring a really special talk from Dave about work-life balance.
44 min
#109: Tom Rath—3 Secrets to Energize Your Work ...
Called one of the greatest thinkers and nonfiction writers of his generation, author and researcher Tom Rath returns to our podcast to reveal the three keys that matter most for your daily health, well-being, and engagement in your work
37 min
#108: Gary Vaynerchuk–What You Need to Succeed
We’re talking with one of our favorite guests: social-media genius Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary’s discussing the character qualities every person needs to win, and how you balance them with success. It’s an amazing conversation—one you don’t want to mi
37 min
#107: Christy Wright–Make Money Doing What You ...
If you ever dreamed of owning your own side business, then listen in. This week’s podcast features Ramsey Personality Christy Wright. A business coach, speaker and blogger, Christy helps moms across the nation turn their talents and gifts into income.
28 min
#106: Darren Hardy–Surviving the Wild Ride of E...
Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine, mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs, and best-selling author, joins the program this week to discuss the emotional roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship and how to survive it.
37 min
#105: Dale Partridge–Why People Matter More Tha...
Can you run a company that cares and still make money? Absolutely, and this week’s guests share how to make it happen. Dave starts by discussing why people matter most. And entrepreneur Dale Partridge shares his story of people over profit.
39 min
#104: Paul Angone–The Keys to Leading Millennials
Millennial expert and best-selling author Paul Angone joins us to discuss how to hire, lead, and connect with Generation Y. Also on the episode, EntreLeadership Coach John Felkins continues the conversation by discussing the pros and cons of working with
38 min
#103: Donald Miller–Branding Your Story
When it comes to talking about their companies, most small business owners don’t know where to start—until now. We’re talking with best-selling author Donald Miller about why you need to tell your company’s story and how to do it well so that you
38 min
#102: Travis Boersma–How to Avoid the Hiring Grind
We’re talking hiring with Travis Boersma, co-founder of one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.—Dutch Bros. Coffee. Travis employs more than 4,500 team members, all who are crazy passionate about his company. Listen in for his top tips.
48 min
#101: Gretchen Rubin–Breaking Bad Habits
Want to transform your life and accomplish more? Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin joins the podcast this week to show you how to break bad habits and create good ones that will last. This is a life changer. Don’t miss it.
41 min
100th Episode Celebration With Dave Ramsey
Dave stops by for a special conversation for our podcast’s 100th episode. And we’re highlighting the top answers from our favorite guests of the past year.
48 min
#99: Austin Kleon—Steal Like an Artist
Business requires creativity, best-selling author Austin Kleon shows you how to develop it on this week's podcast. You'll discover your own path, get directly in touch with your artistic side, and let that creativity flow to better your efforts and win.
39 min
#98: Ali Brown—Secrets of a Multimillionaire
One of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her generation, Ali Brown joins this week's podcast to share her story of success. Plus, EntreLeadership Coach John Felkins stops by the studio to answer your business questions.
42 min
#97: Jack Welch—Winning the Game
This week's podcast is a slam dunk with two legends joining us to talk leadership. First up is business titan Jack Welch. Then you'll meet Kevin Eastman, VP, basketball operations, L.A. Clippers. Two amazing conversations, one great place. Listen in.
45 min
#96: Tom Ziglar—The Keys to Top Performance
How do you know if you and your team members are doing an awesome job? Tom Ziglar, son of the legendary Zig Ziglar, shares his company's performance formula so you can easily find out. Plus, he's a Ziglar, so you know you're going to be inspired!
35 min
#95: Living Powerfully and Saving Time
Need advice from those winning every day? We're featuring real estate moguls Jason and David Benham on facing the tough times, as well as time and productivity expert Laura Vanderkam.
36 min
#94: NBA's Brendan Suhr—Coaching to Win
We're celebrating March Madness with a bonus podcast featuring former NBA coach and leadership expert Brendan Suhr. Stay tuned for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to the EntreLeadership Summit!
39 min
#93: Jon Gordon and Bob Burg—Developing Culture
We're about creating company culture, and we're talking with two leading experts for their top tips. Jon Gordon is the author of The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy and, Bob Burg is the author of The Go-Giver.
35 min
#92: John C. Maxwell—Why Good Leaders Ask Great...
Internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell joins the podcast to discuss one of the single most important traits every great leader possesses—curiosity—and how it can help you win.
34 min
#91: Dr. Henry Cloud— 10 Things You'll Never Do...
Psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Henry Cloud joins us to outline 10 common life patterns that sabotage success and the concrete steps you can take to overcome them. And John G. Miller, author of QBQ, stops by to talk about personal accountability.
37 min
#90: Rabbi Daniel Lapin—Business Secrets From t...
Best-selling author Rabbi Daniel Lapin discusses a new way to approach success with simple strategies based on key concepts from the Bible. Plus, we're talking with Rory Vaden on procrastination. So don't delay—listen to this podcast now.
39 min
#89: Patrick Lencioni— How to Make Your Company...
Is it possible to have a company where politics are minimized, clarity is king, and team members are passionate about what they do? Absolutely. And this episode’s guest, best-selling business author Patrick Lencioni, tells us how.
39 min
#88: Clate Mask—How to Grow a Business Without ...
How to Grow a Business Without Chaos — Clate Mask
29 min
#87: Liz Wiseman—Why You Need to Get Rookie Sma...
Why You Need to Get Rookie Smarts With Liz Wiseman
31 min
#86: Barrett Ward—Social Entrepreneur on Changi...
Social Entrepreneur Barrett Ward on Changing the World
31 min
#85: Richard Sheridan—Building a Workplace Peop...
Building a Workplace People Love With Richard Sheridan
32 min
#84: Mike Rowe—Somebody's Gotta Do It
Somebody's Gotta Do It - Mike Rowe
31 min
#83: Carmine Gallo—How to Talk Like TED
How to Talk Like TED With Carmine Gallo
33 min
#82: Sebastian Bailey—Achieve More by Thinking ...
Achieve More by Thinking Differently With Sebastian Bailey
41 min
#81: Jay Baer—Why Smart Marketing Is About Help...
Why Smart Marketing Is About Help not Hype with Jay Baer
43 min
#79: Charles Duhigg—The Power of Habit
The Power of Habit With Charles Duhigg
43 min
#78: Seth Godin—Go Make Something Happen
Go Make Something Happen With Seth Godin
43 min
#77: Sally Hogshead—How to Fascinate and Win
How to Fascinate and Win with Sally Hogshead
39 min
#76: Bob Buford and Jim Collins —Why You Need ...
Why You Need a Mentor with Bob Buford and Jim Collins
34 min
#75: Simon Sinek—Why Leaders Eat Last
Why Leaders Eat Last with Simon Sinek
42 min
Mark Cuban's Secrets to Success
Mark Cuban's Secrets to Success
43 min