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Hosted by George Kamel, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek. More at

#254: The Power of Curiosity with Chalene Johnson
If you use social media to market your business (and really, who doesn’t?), lifestyle and business expert Chalene Johnson says the best way to build your tribe is through something she calls “curiosity marketing.” The goal is to first position yours
34 min
#253: 7 Solid Social Media Strategies with Rach...
Rachel Hollis, best-selling author and CEO of Chic Media, hesitates to call herself a social media expert, although the mega brands she's worked with-like Disney, Rubbermaid, and Target-would likely beg to differ. Instead she considers herself a tribe-bui
27 min
#252: Jen Sievertsen-The Top Marketing Trend Now
In the final installment of this special four-part episode, Jen Sievertsen, chief marketing officer of Ramsey Solutions, explains the best way to spend your marketing dollars now. She says the biggest challenge today is breaking through the overabundance
13 min
#251: Rachel Hollis—The Top Marketing Trend Now
In part three of this special four-part episode, Chic Media CEO Rachel Hollis shares her advice on the best way to spend your marketing dollars now. Rachel says it's more important than ever to know the language of your demographic and the lifestyle they
7 min
#250: Ryan Deiss-The Top Marketing Trend Now
In part two of this special four-part episode, Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of, shares the best way to spend your marketing dollars now. Rather than making your product or brand the focus of your marketing efforts, he says you should co
10 min
#249: Pat Flynn—The Top Marketing Trend Now
In this special four-part episode, we ask marketing pros Pat Flynn, Ryan Deiss, Rachel Hollis and Jen Sievertsen to weigh in on the best way to spend your marketing dollars now. Tune in to find out their top 2018 marketing trends so you can decide how to
16 min
#247: Virtual Culture with Bryan and Shannon Miles
Bryan and Shannon Miles, cofounders of the wildly successful virtual support provider BELAY, have done what many would think impossible: create a unified and thriving culture among a team made up entirely of telecommuters. Turns out you don't need to work
40 min
#246: Creating a Culture Like Netflix's with Pa...
When it comes to shaping a healthy and vibrant culture, Patty McCord—co-creator of the now viral (think over 12 million views) Netflix Culture deck—says most companies are doing it all wrong. In fact, she contends that commonly held “best...
43 min
#245: 6 Stages of Self-Discovery with Ken Coleman
A self-proclaimed professional question asker, Ken Coleman—host of the EntreLeadership Podcast and The Ken Coleman Show on Sirius XM—has conducted hundreds of interviews and has concluded that most of us are in pursuit of the same thing: significance.
44 min
#244: The Danger of Complacency with Charles Koch
Ever since taking over his family’s business at age 25, Charles Koch has been guided by one singular mantra: Success is one of the biggest enemies of success. Those powerful words have inspired the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries to keep pushing, ke
43 min
#243: Todd Henry—Be the Leaders Creatives Need
We all know the creative process is unpredictable at best, but if you ask best-selling author Todd Henry, the one thing you can control every single time is the way you are guiding that work as the leader. Not only is your role more influential than you m
56 min
#242: Jan Jones—Want More Time? Here’s How.
Author Jan Jones, who is also the founder and president of Jan Jones Worldwide Speakers Bureau, has found a way to save what no one can ever get enough of: time. Her solution—a can-do-it assistant—may seem like an unnecessary or even a too-expensive l
52 min
#241: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith—4 Ways to Win Now
After years spent traveling the globe working with top CEOs, world-renowned leadership coach and best-selling author Dr. Marshall Goldsmith has discovered a universal truth: We all make mistakes. And oftentimes, even the seemingly inconsequential ones (fo
58 min
#240: Clay Scroggins—How to Build Your Influence
One of the most common misconceptions we all have about leadership is that it’s the same thing as authority, according to lead pastor of North Point Community Church, Clay Scroggins. During his 10-year tenure at the Alpharetta, GA-based megachurch, Clay
52 min
#239: Top 10 EntreLeadership Podcasts of 2017
If you could only use one word to describe 2017, it would have to be transformation. From politics to technology to the job market, there have been a lot changes this year. Here at the EntreLeadership Podcast headquarters, that’s incredible news. We LO
103 min
#238: Kristen Hadeed—Learning to Lead
After accidentally starting a business (tune in for the whole story!) as a college undergrad, Student Maid founder and CEO Kristen Hadeed has learned a lot about leadership from her mistakes along the way—and you can too. But one of the most important t
55 min
#237: Dr. Michael Gervais—The Mental Game, Part 2
In part two of our interview, Dr. Michael Gervais dives deeper into the fascinating connection between our mental state and our performance—or as he calls it, “our thinking and our doing.” While it is possible to transform an anxious, unorganized mi
34 min
#236: Dr. Michael Gervais—The Mental Game, Part 1
You could say that high-performance psychologist Dr. Michael Gervais is in the business of being the best—or at least his clients are. Everyone from the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks to Olympic gold medalist Carli Lloyd and Fortune 100 CEOs has w
40 min
#235: Andy Cunningham—6 C's of Positioning a Brand
When it comes to crushing your competition, marketing strategist Andy Cunningham says that, above all else, you need to be one thing: authentic. That advice is as true today as it was when she helped Steve Jobs launch the original Macintosh once upon a ti
40 min
#234: Mark Miller—Building Leaders Like Chick-f...
According to Chick-fil-A Vice President of High Performance Leadership and best-selling author Mark Miller, less is definitely not more when it comes to the number of leaders in your organization. In order to effectively manage ever-changing opportunities
59 min
#233: Ryan Levesque—Better Questions, More Sales
In working with businesses across 23 different industries, Ryan Levesque—CEO of The ASK Method Company and best-selling author—has discovered what a big (think $100-million- dollars big) difference the smallest subtleties in language can make. Turns o
61 min
#232 Clate Mask—How to Grow Over $1 Million
When New York Times best-selling author Clate Mask talks about scaling a small business, he has plenty of personal experience to draw upon. Infusionsoft, the start-up he co-founded in 2001 and now runs as CEO, is one of the fastest growing private compani
82 min
#231: Renée Mauborgne—Move Beyond Competing
World-renowned professor and best-selling author Renée Mauborgne has spent the last decade proving to businesses around the world that they have the power to shape their industry—in spite of the competition. In fact, making decisions based on what your
54 min
#230: Live From Our 1-Day Leadership Event
We are so excited to share some of the highlights from last Friday’s EntreLeadership 1-Day event! Over 1,000 small-business owners and leaders from around the country gathered in Nashville to learn all about building a championship team, and it was a po
59 min
#229: Dina Dwyer Owens—Why Values Matter
During her tenure at Dwyer Group, Co-Chair Dina Dwyer-Owens has helped grow the company into a billion-dollar international business. She credits much of that financial success to the company’s rock-solid system of core values. While many companies have
51 min
#228: Donald Miller—How to Double Your Revenue
Donald Miller, best-selling author and CEO of StoryBrand, knows your most powerful marketing tool has nothing to do with a big budget. The most effective marketing comes down to one simple thing: the right words. Note: cute or clever ones never work. And
81 min
#227: Christy Wright—Communicating With Intention
Our own Christy Wright knows that the lifeblood of any business—big or small—is straightforward, intentional communication. And she shares that advice daily with women all across the country who are taking the leap into starting their own businesses.
9 min
#226: Jocko Willink—The Discipline Advantage
Once upon a time, Jocko Willink—a retired and highly decorated Navy SEAL (he’s both a Silver and Bronze Star recipient)—traveled the world on military missions. These days, as a best-selling author and leadership coach, his work still takes him arou
55 min
#224: Brian Buffini—The Emigrant Edge
Did you know that a high percentage of small business are started by immigrants? How about Fortune 100 and 500 companies? Ditto. So, what gives them such an advantage? Best-selling author Brian Buffini returns to the podcast to discuss the immigrant edge
68 min
#223: Mike Erwin—The Power of Solitude
An Intelligence Officer in three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mike Erwin has had to weigh in on the heaviest of all decisions—the ones that involve life and death. Of course, military intel and his years of training were invaluable in those sit
63 min
#222 Patrick Lencioni—Getting Hiring Right
Best-selling author and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni has high standards when it comes to hiring, but the qualities he looks for might not be at all what you think. Join us to find out his three non-negotiable characteristics—and why the combinatio
45 min
#221: Dave Ramsey—A 25 Year Celebration
From local radio to national syndication, Dave Ramsey and longtime producer Blake Thompson have been on quite a journey together. While the scope and reach of The Dave Ramsey Show have grown immensely, the focus still remains on one singular thing: provid
53 min
#220: Anthony Iannarino—Conquering the Close
Even if you’re offering up the most groundbreaking, one-in-a-million product, actually sealing the deal—the close—can be tricky. But best-selling author, sales leader and entrepreneur Anthony Iannarino insists it doesn’t have to be. In fact, in th
55 min
#219: Jon Gordon—Leading with Positivity
Best-selling author and leadership consultant Jon Gordon has coached an impressive roster of powerhouse leaders from many organizations—the Clemson Tigers football team, the U.S. Military Academy and Dell to name a few. And they all have one thing in co
55 min
#218: Stephen Mansfield — Avoiding the Fall
New York Times best-selling author and leadership guru Stephen Mansfield has seen his share of powerful leaders crash and burn—and the fallout is pretty brutal (think reputations destroyed, careers ruined, billions of dollars lost). Find out what destru
46 min
#217: Dr. Robert Cialdini — Why People Say Yes
Psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent over 30 years studying the science of influence—and everyone from Google and Microsoft to the United States Department of Justice has sought his expert advice. In this episode, Dr. Ciald
52 min
#216: Jon Taffer — Rescue Your Business
When it comes to a struggling business, we’ve heard pretty much every excuse in the book: a terrible economy, a bad location, an overcrowded marketplace. But this week’s guest, Jon Taffer, isn’t buying it. The no-holds-barred star of Spike TV’s hi
42 min
#215: Dr. Tim Elmore — Meet Generation Z
One of our most popular guests, Dr. Tim Elmore, returns to discuss the next generation entering the workforce—Generation Z. This group is definitely different, and leadership styles will need to change. Also on tap, host Ken Coleman interviews one of ou
49 min
#214: Ken Blanchard — Cross-Generational Mentoring
We’re all familiar with mentoring. But this week’s guest, leadership guru Ken Blanchard, puts a new spin on it. It’s not always about the older, wiser, seasoned business vet giving advice to a newbie just starting their career. Each has their own gi
50 min
#213: Dr. Arthur Laffer —A Return to Prosperity
Dr. Arthur Laffer, world-renowned economist, father of supply-side economics, and advisor to President Ronald Reagan, joins us for a unique conversation on what makes an economy thrive and what makes it dive. He also shares his memories of the late presid
56 min
#212: Jeff Rosenblum—A New Approach to Branding
The days of traditional advertising are quickly disappearing, so how do you get your name out there? Digital marketing expert Jeff Rosenblum joins us to share his secrets for making people passionate about your brand. Jeff is the founding partner of Quest
62 min
#211: John Tabis—Turning Rejection Into Opportu...
Imagine getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catapult your business to the stratosphere by pitching it on the hit TV show Shark Tank . . . but you blow it. What do you do? If you are today’s guest, John Tabis, CEO and founder of The Bouqs Company
56 min
#210: Seth Godin—Change Your Mind, Change Your ...
Marketing master Seth Godin returns to the podcast for an in-depth conversation on change, from why we avoid it to how you can make it the number-one weapon in your arsenal. We’re also sharing another EntreLeader story. Small-business owner Mike Langsto
60 min
#209: Jeff Goins—Capitalizing on Your Creative ...
Entrepreneur and best-selling author Jeff Goins stops by the studio to discuss thriving in today’s creative age, whether you’re the next Michelangelo or a business person looking to launch that next great idea. Also on the show is social media expert
66 min
#208: Mel Robbins—5 Seconds to a Better Life an...
What if you could become more confident, stop procrastinating, beat fear and uncertainty, story worrying, and feel happier? This week’s featured guest, Mel Robbins, says you can change in five seconds, and she’s sharing the tools you need to get start
72 min
#207: Zoro the Drummer—Why the World Needs Your...
As business owners and leaders, we have a deep desire to do work that matters. World-class musician, entrepreneur and author Zoro shares his keys for unlocking your limitless potential. Hear how attitude, learning, practicing and the power of proximity ca
59 min
#206: EntreLeadership Summit Bonus 3—Q&A With P...
We wind up our EntreLeadership Summit podcast series with a fascinating conversation featuring Dave and best-selling business author Patrick Lencioni. The pair discuss the three qualities you need to look for when trying to hire ideal team members—and w
68 min
#204: EntreLeadership Summit Bonus 1—Simon Sinek 
On today’s bonus episode from EntreLeadership Summit, we’re featuring a Q&A session with one of our favorite leadership experts—Simon Sinek. In addition to his lesson, Simon took the time to answer queries from our attendees. Once off the stage, Sim
26 min
#203: EntreLeadership Summit Day 3—John C. Maxwell
He may be known for teaching leadership and writing international best sellers, but John C. Maxwell says what he’s most passionate about is personal growth. On the final day of EntreLeadership Summit, he takes the stage to share his tips on bringing out
40 min
#202: EntreLeadership Summit Day 2—Coach Lou Holtz
We start the second day of our special EntreLeadership Summit podcast series with an excerpt from today’s talk by one of the winningest college football coaches of all time—Lou Holtz. Lou shares his simple rule to success, which works for life or busi
43 min
#201: EntreLeadership Summit Day 1—Dave Ramsey
We’re broadcasting live from EntreLeadership Summit in Orlando, Florida, this week. We start
33 min
#200: Danielle Ontiveros—The Power of Patience ...
If there are two qualities every small-business owner needs, it’s perseverance and the willingness to grow slowly. And this week’s featured guest could be a poster child for both. EntreLeader Danielle Ontiveros, CEO of Grab the Gold, joins us to discu
51 min
#199: Adam Braun—Why You Need to Value Competen...
If you’re struggling to recruit talent, listen in. Because according to this week’s guest, Adam Braun, your traditional candidate pool is about to get a lot deeper. The founder of Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit that builds elementary schools in third
57 min
#198: Ian Morgan Cron—How Self-Awareness Makes ...
In a recent study of CEOs, it was found that the highest predictor of success is knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. And on this week’s episode, we have the perfect person to help you become more self-aware. Best-selling author and psychologist I
59 min
#197: Mike Michalowicz—Become Permanently Profi...
Author and serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz joins us to discuss his principles for turning businesses from cash-eating monsters to money-making machines. Mike offers a simple cash-management solution that helps companies become permanently profitable
54 min
#196: Christy Wright—Creating More Balance in Y...
When it comes to your business, you get things done—no matter what it takes. It’s just part of your DNA. But there is a cost to pay when you work nonstop, and it’s usually your family and health. So how do you win at work without losing at home? Ram
46 min
#195: Ryan Deiss—How to Create Loyalty in Mille...
In today’s business world, where job hopping is as common as beards on hipsters, how do you keep your workforce from leaving? Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, stops by the studio to share how he builds loyalty and keeps turnover low. The
37 min
#194: Patrick Bet-David—How to Scale Your Business
As the CEO of one of the fastest growing financial firms in America, Patrick Bet-David knows business, especially when it comes to rapid growth. This entrepreneur joins us this week to share his tips on expanding a company, plus his own story of escaping
52 min
#193: Ryan Holiday—Battling Ego
It’s an enemy we all face—wrecking careers, impeding learning, and running companies into the ground. This week’s guest, entrepreneur and best-selling author Ryan Holiday, joins us to discuss how to keep your ego in check in this age of “It’s al
63 min
#192: Scott Belsky—Making Ideas Happen
Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen and co-founder of Behance Inc., reveals his top tips for prioritizing your energy and keeping your team fired up while you’re in the trenches, fighting to make your dream a reality. Also on this episode, Brian
55 min
#191: Adam Grant—Championing Creative Ideas
Ideas are easy. But getting people to support them? That’s a whole different ballgame according to this week’s guest, Adam Grant. The awarding-winning Wharton professor, best-selling author and organizational psychologist joins the show to discuss how
51 min
#190: Robert Herjavec—Creating Your Own Success
Dynamic entrepreneur and co-host of ABC’s Shark Tank Robert Herjavec knows what it takes to not only survive but also win. From escaping communism to delivering newspapers and waiting tables to building one of North America’s fastest growing technolog
51 min
#189: Andy Andrews—How Small Changes Help You Win
What does Napoleon’s defeat, Michael Phelps’ Olympic victories and the discovery of atoms all have in common? Best-selling author Andy Andrews says they were all made (or broken) by the little things. He stops by the studio to discuss the impact of sm
51 min
#188: David Novak—Why Recognition Matters
Want to make your team happier, more productive and ready to take on every day? Acclaimed CEO David Novak joins us to discuss a simple but powerful tool that can help you achieve that goal: recognition. Whether you’re just starting a company or have hun
52 min
#187: Marie Forleo—The Value of Investing in Yo...
Marketing and lifestyle expert Marie Forleo joins us for a fascinating conversation on how to fight fear, be more productive, and make the most of your life. Also on tap, we’re sharing a special audio clip from best-selling business author Patrick Lenci
55 min
#186: Bob Beaudine—The Power of Relationships
Remember the days of going to local events, handing out cards, and hoping to grab some new business? This week’s guest, Bob Beaudine, believes this kind of networking is not viable anymore because you already know everyone you need to—and it starts wi
71 min
#185: Don Yaeger—Creating a Championship Team
Whether in business or sports, teams that are winning all have one thing in common: a sense of purpose. Best-selling author Don Yaeger joins us to discuss how you can create one for your employees. Also on tap, we’re sharing one of the most-talked about
43 min
#184: David Allen—Getting Strategic With Perso...
If “overwhelmed” seems like the best way to describe your day, listen in. Because the leading authority on personal organization, David Allen, joins us to discuss how to get things done. This best-selling author shares new insights on personal product
53 min
#183: John Venhuizen—Differentiating Yourself F...
Ace Hardware’s CEO and President John Venhuizen joins this week’s episode to share his company’s story of successfully reinventing itself to fight against ever-increasing competition from big box stores. With more than 4,800 stores locally owned and
59 min
#182: Cal Newport—Focused Success in a Distract...
In today’s world with all of its diversions, it’s harder than ever to concentrate. But don’t give up! It’s still possible to focus intensely on cognitively demanding tasks, says this week’s featured guest, Cal Newport. The author and professor j
47 min
#181: Chris Baréz-Brown—Escaping a Life on Auto...
It’s been estimated that more than 80% of our time awake is spent on autopilot, leading to a life of missed moments and even less enjoyment at home and at work. This week’s guest, Chris Baréz-Brown, is on a mission to help us escape that routine. The
52 min
#180: Chris Voss—Negotiating as if Your Life De...
Life is a series of negotiations. And in this week’s episode, we’re going to show how to be the best at it with the help of a former FBI international hostage negotiator. Chris Voss joins us to share effective tactics and strategies you can use to bec
57 min
#179: The Top 10 EntreLeadership Podcasts of 2016
We’re taking a look back at 2016 by sharing clips from our favorite podcast episodes of the year based on the number of downloads and feedback from our listeners. We’re also featuring our top five EntreLeadership tools.
80 min
#178: Steve Graves—7 Key Strategies for 2017
Want to make 2017 the best year yet? Then listen in, because organizational strategist, social innovator and executive coach Steve Graves joins us to share his practical steps for winning next year. Whether you are a start-up, a growing enterprise, or rea
66 min
#177: Tim Ferriss—Making the Most of Our Lives
If the word innovation had a poster boy, it would be this week’s guest, Tim Ferriss. This entrepreneur, self-improvement guru, podcast host and best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek joins us to share his story. Tim discusses how to handle rejection
71 min
#176: Mike Abrashoff—Taking Command of Leadership
Imagine trying to lead a team without the power to hire, fire or promote. Even tougher? That team was the worst-performing one in its entire division. So what do you do? If you are former Naval Captain Mike Abrashoff, you focus on your leadership—not th
43 min
#175: Jonah Berger–The 6 Secrets of Making Your...
Jonah Berger, author of Contagious, explains the science behind why some products go viral while others don’t. Learn steps to take that will spread your brand like wildfire without breaking your budget. Also, podcast listener and EntreLeadership Master
39 min
#174: Kat Cole—The Value of Messy, Gritty Exper...
Imagine trying to launch a brand with a different team, different country, different culture and different language every week. Impossible, right? Not if you’re this week’s special guest, Kat Cole. The Group President of Focus Brands, parent company t
57 min
#173: Lt. Gen. George Flynn—Developing Trust Wi...
When it comes to leadership, no one plays a more critical role than a military officer. The decisions they make can mean life or death. On this week’s episode, we’re featuring one of the best. Lt. Gen. George Flynn, USMC (Ret.) spent 38 years in the M
41 min
#172: John Rich and Dr. Henry Cloud—EntreLeader...
Country music legend and The Celebrity Apprentice winner John Rich joins us for our first live podcast straight from EntreLeadership Master Series. Hear John’s thoughts on taking risks, overcoming intimidating situations, and breaking through difficult
57 min
#171: Lisa Solomon—The Secrets of Innovation
If you want to build a Steve Jobs-like environment, where innovation and creativity reign, cookie-cutter won’t cut it. Learn from management consulting expert Lisa Kay Solomon as she discusses how to design strategic conversations that accelerate change
46 min
#170: Dr. John Townsend—Fighting Entitlement at...
If the attitude of entitlement is a disease, this week’s featured guest has the cure. Psychologist, leadership expert and best-selling author Dr. John Townsend joins us to share steps for leading those with an I-deserve-special-treatment mindset, whethe
45 min
#169: Dr. Travis Bradberry—Magnifying Your Pote...
Emotions are the primary drivers of our behavior, and we’re all hard-wired to let them get the upper hand. So how do you deal with them? This week’s guest, Dr. Travis Bradberry, discusses how understanding and increasing your emotional intelligence ca
37 min
#168: Kelly Leonard—Reversing “No, But" Thinking
Kelly Leonard, Executive Vice President of The Second City—the world’s premier comedy theater and school of improvisation—joins us to discuss how the skills used in improv can easily transfer to leadership and business. He shares techniques that can
53 min
#167: Marcus Buckingham—Capitalizing on Your Pe...
Researcher and business consultant Marcus Buckingham returns to talk about making the most of your God-given talents and how you can use them to contribute to others. The former senior researcher at the Gallup Organization and best-selling author shares p
57 min
#166: Charles Duhigg—New Ways of Thinking About...
Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and author Charles Duhigg returns to the podcast for a cutting-edge look at the science of productivity. He explains how we can improve at the things we do how and how to get more done without sacrificing what we care abo
69 min
#165: Robbie Kellman Baxter—Getting Your Custom...
In today’ economy, businesses that are winning create connections and community. And this week’s guest is going to share how to do exactly that. Robbie Kellman Baxter joins us to discuss the membership economy and how to find your super users. Because
42 min
#164: Carrie Wilkerson—Maximize Your Profits an...
Entrepreneur extraordinaire and best-selling author Carrie Wilkerson joins us to talk some personal-growth gold, including how to be successful without leaving those you love behind and how to handle difficult conversations with one of your toughest emplo
51 min
#163: Lou Holtz—Game Plan for Success
You’re in for a special treat this week because legendary college football coach Lou Holtz joins us to talk football and so much more! One of the most celebrated and accomplished coaches in sports history, Lou has made a career of inspiring his players
44 min
#162: Amanda Holmes—Grow Faster, Better, Smarter
What would you do if you were only 24 years old, had no experience in business, and were asked to take the helm of your legendary father’s multi-million-dollar company? If you’re Amanda Holmes, you ask a lot of questions, say yes, and double business
49 min
#161: Jon Gordon—Become a Better Version of You
What makes some people prosper while others struggle simply trying to get through the day? Jon Gordon, multi-best-selling author, joins us to discuss the keys to long-term sustainable growth at business and home. He discusses the simple factors of success
53 min
#160: Greg McKeown—Do Less and Accomplish More
If you find yourself stretched too thin, losing momentum, or working yourself to death without a lot of traction, listen in. Greg McKeown, best-selling author of Essentialism, teaches leaders of the most innovative companies around the world how to achiev
44 min
#159: Dr. Jackie Freiberg—Be the CEO of Your Fu...
As a leader, it’s your job to bring out the best in others. But how do you become a person of positive influence? This week’s guest, best-selling author and leadership expert Dr. Jackie Freiberg, lays out some practical, easy-to-implement ideas to get
50 min
#158: Simon Sinek—The #1 Question for Success
What’s the one question you need to ask that will propel you, your business and your team to greater heights? Leadership expert and best-selling author Simon Sinek stops by to give the answer, plus he shares lots of additional leadership and business ti
50 min
#157: Brian Buffini—Mindset Over Matter
Can small changes in your mindset, motivation or methodology double your business? Absolutely, says this week’s featured guest, Brian Buffini. And this guy knows. Brian immigrated to San Diego, California, in 1986 with basically nothing. After becoming
44 min
#156: Sydney Finkelstein—Finding and Developing...
What makes a super leader? After 10 years of research and more than 200 interviews, best-selling author Professor Sydney Finkelstein says they share a common goal—finding, nurturing, leading and even letting go of great people. Sydney shares what he’s
46 min
#155: Patrick Lencioni—The Ideal Team Player
What are the top virtues of a great team player? Best-selling author Patrick Lencioni joins us to talk about the three qualities that every awesome team member exhibits and how to identify, hire, and develop ideal team players in any kind of organization.
50 min
#154: Jocko Willink—Lead and Win the Navy SEAL Way
We’re going extreme this week with a special conversation with ultimate leader Jocko Willink. The retired Navy SEAL, recipient of the Silver and Bronze Stars, and best-selling author shares the mind-set and principles that enable SEAL units to accomplis
56 min
#153: Qualities to Look For in Leaders
Go to lunch with one of our top leaders at Ramsey Solutions. Suzanne Simms, Executive Vice President of the Business to Consumer Division, joins host Ken Coleman for a special noontime discussion on leadership and how you can influence and lead. Also on b
44 min
#152: Suzy Welch—Are You Ready to Grow Your Bus...
Suzy Welch, co-author of the best-selling The Real-Life MBA, former editor of the Harvard Business Review, and wife of the legendary Jack Welch, joins us to talk all things business. She’s covering everything from why you need an overall strategy to bes
44 min