The Truth to Power Show

This is soapbox therapy where we unearth our creative process with the intention of revealing the truths that underlie our own empowerment with poetry cohosts and conversations with community members. We go where mainstream media is unable or unwilling to go. We explore our own psyches as much as the collective psyche. We're here to dig deeper into the collective soul.

Society & Culture
Ep. 93: The Power Nucleus
Poet Rosebud Ben Oni discusses her views on the science-poetry nexus
59 min
Ep. 92: Our Discovery Heart
Poet Julia Knobloch discusses her heart discoveries in her poetry and life journey
58 min
Ep. 91: How to Perform Truth
Performance artist Lisa Levy discusses her views on art and life
59 min
Ep. 90: Can't You See?
Writer and editor Nina D Irizarry discusses how her process helps her understand global narratives
59 min
Ep. 89: Wake Up Now
Poet Uche Nduka engages in a rousing discussion unveiling our reality
58 min
Ep. 88: The Poet's Struggle
Poet KC Trommer discusses the poet's struggle
58 min
Ep. 87: Ocean of Power
Meditation teacher and actor Jimena Luna Deschamps reveals powerful truth currents
58 min
Ep. 86: Awake in the World
Poets Tori Ashley Matos and Paolo Javier reveal their views on cultural identity and society
58 min
Ep. 85: The Human Truth
Poet Christine Sloan Stoddard discusses her human truth and poetic process
59 min
Ep. 84: Reality Shows Power
Poet-editor Clairette Durand Gasselin discusses her poetic process and life journey
59 min
Ep. 83: The Truth Investigates
Lawyer and poet Malcolm Change investigates his past and poetic process
59 min
Ep. 82: The Truth Alchemy
Writer Nana Brew Hammond discusses how she transforms her writing into a vehicle for truth telling
58 min
Ep. 81: The Power of Color
Featuring Jyoti Gupta, media literacy educator and creative director of Colo(u)ism Project
58 min
Ep. 79: The Power Strings
From 2Birds Band, Tony Bird and Jason Lee discuss music theory and their creative process
58 min
Ep. 80: The Inward Journey
Singer-Songwriter Anna May discusses her introspective journey in music
59 min
Ep. 78: The Truth Garden
Writer / Editor Linda Kleinbub discusses her life journey and relationship with nature
59 min
Ep. 77: An Inclusive Power
Director Jaye Hunt discusses her play "Perfect for Me" and her advocacy views with host Vijay R. Nathan and cohost Jessica Hinds. Music from Comfort Cat.
59 min
Ep. 76: The Truth Smiles
Artist Meagan Meehan discusses her art and process with host Vijay R. Nathan with music from Vitamin C
59 min
Ep. 75: Roadmaps to Power
Poet Tess Congo maps out her journey with poetry with host Vijay R. Nathan and cohost Jessica Hinds with music from Coeur de Pirate.
58 min
Ep. 74: The Healing Mind
Buddhist writer Ji Hyang Padma discusses consciousness and healing with host Vijay R. Nathan and cohost Jessica Hinds
58 min
Ep. 73: We Are All Made of Stars
Singer-Songwriter Nedelka Sotelo engages in guided self-inquiry and discusses creativity
59 min
EP. 72: The Mobius Power Strip
Poet Bianca Stone discusses her poetry and personal journey
59 min
Ep. 70: The Truth Struggles
Playwright Anthony Piccione reveals his struggles to find his truth in his new play
59 min
Ep. 71: The Poet's Truth
Poet Olena Jennings discusses writing poetry and translation to discover truth
59 min
Ep. 61: The Soft-Attention School
Guest Poet Frank LaRue Owen
58 min