The Truth to Power Show

This is soapbox therapy where we unearth our creative process with the intention of revealing the truths that underlie our own empowerment with poetry cohosts and conversations with community members. We go where mainstream media is unable or unwilling to go. We explore our own psyches as much as the collective psyche. We're here to dig deeper into the collective soul.

Society & Culture
Ep.. 247: Keep it Weird. Keep it Real
Kenny Gordon, a screamer, a dreamer, and a hardcore believer in the power of words
58 min
Ep. 246: This Ain't Tarot, So Lay Your Fortune ...
Emily Cordes, NYC-based stage, film, and new media actress and poet discusses the Tarot and its influence on her work.
58 min
Ep. 245: Om Shanti Quazzy
Author and musician Nicolas "Quazzy" Herd discusses his philosophy and life path
58 min
Ep. 244: Taekwondo Katana Poet
Poet Caroline Reddy, born in Shiraz, Iran, is a Reiki master, a Zen practitioner and a student of Taekwondo
59 min
Ep. 243: Infinite Possibilites Portal
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner Katia Loizou discusses her training and journey
59 min
Ep. 242: Skin in the Game
Mary B. Safrit Writer. Podcaster. Purveyor of Cheeky Merch. discusses her podcast "Found Family"
59 min
Ep. 241: The Silence of the Warplanes
Poet Olena Boryshpolets and translator Olek Frazé-Frazénko discuss Orpheus and Eurydice in NY
58 min
Ep. 240: Imagine Dream Sharks
Poet and Jung-enthusiast Rachel Sun Endoso discusses dreams, tarot and her poetry
59 min
Ep. 239: Friendly Neighborhood Bodhisattva
Columnist Anne Kadet of Cafe Anne discusses her meditation life
58 min
Ep. 238: Truth Align Power
Harmony Kwiker discusses her book Align a Self-Help Gestalt Book
59 min
Ep. 237: Father Poetry
Father Jared Harel talks about how his family inspired him in his writing
59 min
Ep. 236: Back to the Past/Present
Robert Kaplan, author or Past/Present, discusses his journey in poetry
58 min
Ep. 235: Yesterday, Nexterday
Jyoti Gupta unifes children and adults to define culture and reconnect with shared values
58 min
Ep. 234: The Satori Gauntlet
Douglas G. Cala discuss life goals and obstacles to his path to The Snap
59 min
Ep. 233: The Samadhi Countdown
Dr. Jessica Doe Mehta discusses her culture and academic focus
59 min
Ep. 232: Moon Hawk Art
Artist Marybeth Timothy and John Timothy discuss indigenous art and community
59 min
Ep. 231: Karma Chameleon
Buddhist teacher and former lawyer Sumit Som discusses his journey in life
59 min
Ep. 230: Heart Speaks Poetry
Poet Amelia Diaz Ettinger speaks to Vijay R. Nathan and Dr. Jessica Mehta
59 min
Ep. 229: Wild Orchard Meditation
BACKWOODS ANIMIST Braden talks to Vijay Rx. Nathan and Doug Cala
58 min
Ep. 228: Witchy Power
Poet-Witch Kate Belew discusses empowerment and her poetry with Vijay R. Nathan
59 min
Ep. 227: The Stars Align
Astrologer Katy Mumford discusses her astrology career with Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 226: Oneness Truth
Artist Tattfoo Tan discusses nonduality and his art with host Vijay R. Nathan
58 min
Ep. 225: Transpersonal Truth
Dr. Ian Wickramasekera discusses the transpersonal with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 224: Experience with Truth
Poet Thad Rutkowski discusses his craft and life with Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min
Ep. 223: Our Collective Truth
Mario Jose Pagan Morales talks to Vijay R. Nathan and Scottt Raven
58 min