The Truth to Power Show

Vijay R. Nathan hosts The Truth to Power Show which places a weekly guest on the proverbial meditation cushion to engage in a thoughtful conversation at the intersection of the personal and the political. Tune in for talks with: poets and writers, leaders and teachers, allies and practitioners. The greatest risk we take is to tell our personal truth.

Society & Culture
Ep. 176: Rise Up!
Poet Roberto Carlos Garcia discusses smashing the patriarchy and capitalism and poetics of being human
58 min
Ep. 175: Tidal Wave
Kofi Antwi discusses his book Tidal Wave and his artistic process
57 min
Ep. 174: The Healing Hand
Sue Knight Deutsch discusses important conversations to have with loved ones before it's too late
58 min
Ep. 173: Preach On!
Preacher Boy discusses his music and discovering the truth in his voice
59 min
Ep. 172: The Poet's Hunger
Nadia Q. Ahmad discusses her craft, fasting, and empowerment
56 min
Ep. 171: Journeys In Faith
Andrew Barfield speaks on faith and his journey in the military and beyond
58 min
Ep. 170: Bibliotherapy for All
Bibliotherapist Bijal Shah discusses mental health and reading
58 min
Ep. 169: The Art of the Possible
Artist and poet Aleksandra Miljanic discusses politics and her art
59 min
Ep. 168: Systems At Work
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speaker Dr. Taharee Jackson discusses systemic racial oppression and how to combat this
58 min
Ep. 167: Field of Blessings
Author of Field of Blessings Ji Hyang Padma discusses Buddhist healing practices
59 min
Ep. 166: Emerald City
Author of Emerald City Joseph Grosso talks about the history of NYC
58 min
Ep. 165: Tide Girl
Author Mary Lannon discusses her manuscript Tide Girl and empowerment themes
58 min
Ep. 164: Feminism For Men
Author of the book Feminism for Men talks about the themes of his book
58 min
Ep. 163: GOODW.Y.N
Nicole Goodwin, aka GOODW.Y.N discusses her book WarCries and performance art
58 min
Ep. 162: Colt Mallison Speaks
Writer Colt Mallison speaks on mental wellness, creativity and 2020
56 min
Ep. 161: Systems At Play
Scholar and creative practitioner Elae Moss discusses various sociological systems at play in today's world
58 min
Ep. 160: Free Your Mind
Artist and mental health worker Noah Phillips discusses 2020 and mental health
59 min
Ep. 159: The Power Land
Writer Melissa Hunter Gurney discusses black land ownership, creative process, and community empowerment
58 min
Ep. 158: Be Water, My Friend
Artist Simone Johnson discusses her water art and philosophy
55 min
Ep. 157: Checkmate!
CEO of Premiere Chess Evan Rabin talks about his passion for the game
58 min
Ep. 156: Go Liberate Yourself
1st generation American writer, actor, director, and Hebrew priestess-in-training Simha Toledano
58 min
Ep. 155: Now Is The Thyme
Fellow RFB Host of City Thyme Maddy Enlow talks about mental wellness and gardens
58 min
Ep. 154: Positively Positive
Spoken word artist and community advocate Positively Positive discusses their truth
58 min
Ep. 153: A Parent's Truth
Poet Pichchenda Bao discusses her poetry, her past, and becoming a mother
58 min
Ep. 152: The Orange Power
Mr. Orange Live discusses poetry and discovering his power
59 min
Ep. 151: Our Truth Companions
Author of "Companions in the Darkness" Diana Gruver discusses depression and faith
58 min
Ep. 150: The Gratitude Abundance
Professor Francisco Delgado discusses indigenous literature, Thanksgiving, and the word's power
58 min
Ep. 149: Philosophize This!
Philosophy teacher Michael Matejka discusses "Philosophy For Living"
58 min
Ep. 148: Wings of Power
Consumer advocate and writer William J. McGee discusses his work "Half the Child"
58 min
Ep. 147: The Truth Arrow
Poet Sumita Chakraborty discusses her new work Arrow
58 min
Ep. 146: Empower Your Mind
Poet Richard Jeffrey Newman discusses his views on the path
58 min
Ep 144: Nourish Our Truth
Susanna McDonald discusses spiritual paths and yoga
58 min
Ep. 143: Empower Us Now!
Micah Hales discusses her middle school reader Howl
58 min
Ep. 142: The Truth Poetics
Poet Zach Linge talks about poetry with Vijay R. Nathan and cohost Bruce Whitacre
58 min
Ep. 141: Our Power Lineage
Performer DS Will discusses his connections to power within the body and his past
58 min
Ep. 140: The Wild Truth
Poet Audrey Dimola discusses mental wellness and ecotherapy
58 min
Ep. 139: Liberating Poetry
Author of Liberating the Astronauts Christina M. Rau discusses her poetic inspirations
58 min
Ep. 138: Ignite Our Creativity
Dr. Nahid Mokhtari discusses how to ignite our creativity through compassion
58 min
Ep. 137: The Power Seance
Poet Jacob Moses discusses his book Seance and living in his truth
58 min
Ep. 136: The Artist's Way
Artist and art curator David Chatowsky discusses his path
58 min
Ep. 135: Ways to Power
Poet John W Leys discusses how he discovered his poetic voice
58 min
Ep. 134: The Truth Reflections
Performer Michelle Levy tells about her journeys in performance art
58 min
Ep. 133: Ways of Seeing
Visual artist and poet Rachel Eliza Griffins discusses her craft as a way of seeing
58 min
Ep. 132: Truth Be Told
Dr. Christine Gardiner discusses her work in poetry and education
58 min
Ep. 131: Cinnamon Power
Holly Cinnamon discusses creative process and meditative arts
58 min
Ep. 130: Shiva Self Inquiry
Jill Forger discusses the Shiva self inquiry process and her journey in meditation
58 min
Ep. 129: Hypnosis Healing
Shauna Cummins discusses hypnosis as a form of healing
58 min
Ep. 128: Medicine Spirit Dancer
April Eve talks about the Stolen Sisters and Brothers Awareness project
58 min
Ep. 127: Jazz Illustrated
Dave Chisholm is a jazz musician and comic book creator
58 min
Ep. 126: World Unity Week
World Unity Week special episode with Ben Bowler
58 min
Ep. 125: The Power Theater
Poet, Tibetan Buddhist practitioner and activist Bruce E. Whitacre is featured
58 min
Ep. 124: Step Into Your Power
Health and Wellness Advocate Julia Asenso discusses her life journey
58 min
Ep. 123: Love's Executive Order
Poet Matthew Lippman discuss his projects, teaching, and life under COVID
58 min
Ep. 122: The Artist's Truth
Visual Artist and Kadampa Buddhist Arantxa X. Rodriguez discusses her art and meditation practice
58 min
Ep. 121: The Truth Power
Poet Starr Davis discusses the power of telling the truth in poetry and beyond
58 min
Ep. 120: The Power Hook
Author and Poet Randall Horton discuss writing, prison, and education
58 min
Ep. 119: Power to the Poets!
Poet MA Dennis discuss the "Many Attitudes of Dennis"
58 min
Ep. 118: Psychoanalyze This!
Author Daniel Jose Gaztambide discuss the field of psychoanalysis
58 min
Ep. 117: A Poet's Home
Poet Meher Manda discusses creative process
58 min
Ep. 116: Small Talk
Poet Devanshi Khetarpal discusses her poetry and process
58 min
Ep. 115: The Legal Mind
Ritu Goswamy discusses self care among lawyers and beyond
59 min
Ep. 114: The Fertile Truth
Filmmaker Mandy Schmieder discusses her film Unnatural and feminism
58 min
Ep. 113: Our Power Song
Singer Samantha Echo discusses performance and the power of song
58 min
Ep. 112: The Truth Mirror
Writer L.S. Quinn discusses her writing and the truths they reflect
59 min
Ep. 111: The Power Teacher
NYC teacher Melissa Goodrum discusses poetry and being a mentor
58 min
Ep. 110: The Concrete Jungle
Matthew Baker discusses NYC and his personal journey
58 min
Ep. 109: Broken Altars
Writer Rae Printy discusses her work "Broken Altars" and the dialogue between self / other
59 min
Ep. 108: Staten Island Mala Episode
In our 108th (mala) episode Musician Grove Rune discusses music, humor, and the Staten Island, NYC Community
59 min
Ep. 107: Poetry Slam it Down!
Poet Thomas Fulcaloro talks about Poetry as a healing art
58 min
Ep. 106: Jazz It Up!
Jazz Improvisational Musician Elinor Speirs talks about the heart of jazz
58 min
Ep. 105: One Monk's Truth For All
Theravada monk Clyde Brannan reveals aspects of the way and how it can help others on their path
59 min
Ep. 104: The Woman on the Moon
Feminist sci fi writer Marleen S. Barr talks about her vision for literature
59 min
EP. 103: Meow Meow Pow Pow
Poet and editor of Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit Jane-Rebecca Cannarealla talks about the writing life
58 min
Ep. 102: Power Tea and Cake with Demons
Author of Tea and Cake with Demons Andreanna Limbach discusses her book and philosophy
58 min
Ep. 100: Valiant Power Scribe
Poet Debra Ayis talks about discovering your power in writing
59 min
Ep. 99: By Virtue of Our Stars
Courtney O’Reilly, astrologer, founder of Vibrant Soul Astrology, author of the book Zodiac Signs: Taurus
59 min
Ep. 101: The Accidental Mystic
Accident mystic and Energy Physicist Ken Ferlic talks about unleashing your creative spirit
59 min
Ep 98: In the Zen Garden
Zen monk and advisor Koshin Paley Ellison discuss how to deal
58 min
Ep. 97: Lay Your Cards Out
Tarot and spiritual advisor Paola Guerrero discusses the tarot and life's meaning
59 min
EP. 96: Speak Your Power
Musicians from the band Speakease Adrienne Gobert and Daniel Erik discuss music
58 min
Ep. 95: Butterfly Eater
Experimental VHS filmmaker and writer Erica Schreiner discusses her art
58 min
Ep. 94: Cat Pursues Truth
Singer composer Comfort Cat discuss songwriting and her life journey
59 min
Ep. 93: The Power Nucleus
Poet Rosebud Ben Oni discusses her views on the science-poetry nexus
59 min
Ep. 92: Our Discovery Heart
Poet Julia Knobloch discusses her heart discoveries in her poetry and life journey
58 min
Ep. 91: How to Perform Truth
Performance artist Lisa Levy discusses her views on art and life
59 min
Ep. 90: Can't You See?
Writer and editor Nina D Irizarry discusses how her process helps her understand global narratives
59 min
Ep. 89: Wake Up Now
Poet Uche Nduka engages in a rousing discussion unveiling our reality
58 min
Ep. 88: The Poet's Struggle
Poet KC Trommer discusses the poet's struggle
58 min
Ep. 87: Ocean of Power
Meditation teacher and actor Jimena Luna Deschamps reveals powerful truth currents
58 min
Ep. 86: Awake in the World
Poets Tori Ashley Matos and Paolo Javier reveal their views on cultural identity and society
58 min
Ep. 85: The Human Truth
Poet Christine Sloan Stoddard discusses her human truth and poetic process
59 min
Ep. 84: Reality Shows Power
Poet-editor Clairette Durand Gasselin discusses her poetic process and life journey
59 min
Ep. 83: The Truth Investigates
Lawyer and poet Malcolm Change investigates his past and poetic process
59 min
Ep. 82: The Truth Alchemy
Writer Nana Brew Hammond discusses how she transforms her writing into a vehicle for truth telling
58 min
Ep. 81: The Power of Color
Featuring Jyoti Gupta, media literacy educator and creative director of Colo(u)ism Project
58 min
Ep. 79: The Power Strings
From 2Birds Band, Tony Bird and Jason Lee discuss music theory and their creative process
58 min
Ep. 80: The Inward Journey
Singer-Songwriter Anna May discusses her introspective journey in music
59 min
Ep. 78: The Truth Garden
Writer / Editor Linda Kleinbub discusses her life journey and relationship with nature
59 min
Ep. 77: An Inclusive Power
Director Jaye Hunt discusses her play "Perfect for Me" and her advocacy views with host Vijay R. Nathan and cohost Jessica Hinds. Music from Comfort Cat.
59 min
Ep. 76: The Truth Smiles
Artist Meagan Meehan discusses her art and process with host Vijay R. Nathan with music from Vitamin C
59 min