The Truth to Power Show

This is soapbox therapy where we unearth our creative process with the intention of revealing the truths that underlie our own empowerment with poetry cohosts and conversations with community members. We go where mainstream media is unable or unwilling to go. We explore our own psyches as much as the collective psyche. We're here to dig deeper into the collective soul.

Society & Culture
Ep. 118: Psychoanalyze This!
Author Daniel Jose Gaztambide discuss the field of psychoanalysis
58 min
Ep. 117: A Poet's Home
Poet Meher Manda discusses creative process
58 min
Ep. 116: Small Talk
Poet Devanshi Khetarpal discusses her poetry and process
58 min
Ep. 115: The Legal Mind
Ritu Goswamy discusses self care among lawyers and beyond
59 min
Ep. 114: The Fertile Truth
Filmmaker Mandy Schmieder discusses her film Unnatural and feminism
58 min
Ep. 113: Our Power Song
Singer Samantha Echo discusses performance and the power of song
58 min
Ep. 112: The Truth Mirror
Writer L.S. Quinn discusses her writing and the truths they reflect
59 min
Ep. 111: The Power Teacher
NYC teacher Melissa Goodrum discusses poetry and being a mentor
58 min
Ep. 110: The Concrete Jungle
Matthew Baker discusses NYC and his personal journey
58 min
Ep. 109: Broken Altars
Writer Rae Printy discusses her work "Broken Altars" and the dialogue between self / other
59 min
Ep. 108: Staten Island Mala Episode
In our 108th (mala) episode Musician Grove Rune discusses music, humor, and the Staten Island, NYC Community
59 min
Ep. 107: Poetry Slam it Down!
Poet Thomas Fulcaloro talks about Poetry as a healing art
58 min
Ep. 106: Jazz It Up!
Jazz Improvisational Musician Elinor Speirs talks about the heart of jazz
58 min
Ep. 105: One Monk's Truth For All
Theravada monk Clyde Brannan reveals aspects of the way and how it can help others on their path
59 min
Ep. 104: The Woman on the Moon
Feminist sci fi writer Marleen S. Barr talks about her vision for literature
59 min
EP. 103: Meow Meow Pow Pow
Poet and editor of Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit Jane-Rebecca Cannarealla talks about the writing life
58 min
Ep. 102: Power Tea and Cake with Demons
Author of Tea and Cake with Demons Andreanna Limbach discusses her book and philosophy
58 min
Ep. 100: Valiant Power Scribe
Poet Debra Ayis talks about discovering your power in writing
59 min
Ep. 99: By Virtue of Our Stars
Courtney O’Reilly, astrologer, founder of Vibrant Soul Astrology, author of the book Zodiac Signs: Taurus
59 min
Ep. 101: The Accidental Mystic
Accidental mystic and Energy Physicist Ken Ferlic talks about unleashing your creative spirit
59 min
Ep 98: In the Zen Garden
Zen monk and advisor Koshin Paley Ellison discuss how to deal
58 min
Ep. 97: Lay Your Cards Out
Tarot and spiritual advisor Paola Guerrero discusses the tarot and life's meaning
59 min
EP. 96: Speak Your Power
Musicians from the band Speakease Adrienne Gobert and Daniel Erik discuss music
58 min
Ep. 95: Butterfly Eater
Experimental VHS filmmaker and writer Erica Schreiner discusses her art
58 min
Ep. 94: Cat Pursues Truth
Singer composer Comfort Cat discuss songwriting and her life journey
59 min