The Truth to Power Show

This is soapbox therapy where we unearth our creative process with the intention of revealing the truths that underlie our own empowerment with poetry cohosts and conversations with community members. We go where mainstream media is unable or unwilling to go. We explore our own psyches as much as the collective psyche. We're here to dig deeper into the collective soul.

Society & Culture
Ep. 141: Our Power Lineage
Performer DS Will discusses his connections to power within the body and his past
58 min
Ep. 140: The Wild Truth
Poet Audrey Dimola discusses mental wellness and ecotherapy
58 min
Ep. 139: Liberating Poetry
Author of Liberating the Astronauts Christina M. Rau discusses her poetic inspirations
58 min
Ep. 138: Ignite Our Creativity
Dr. Nahid Mokhtari discusses how to ignite our creativity through compassion
58 min
Ep. 137: The Power Seance
Poet Jacob Moses discusses his book Seance and living in his truth
58 min
Ep. 136: The Artist's Way
Artist and art curator David Chatowsky discusses his path
58 min
Ep. 135: Ways to Power
Poet John W Leys discusses how he discovered his poetic voice
58 min
Ep. 134: The Truth Reflections
Performer Michelle Levy tells about her journeys in performance art
58 min
Ep. 133: Ways of Seeing
Visual artist and poet Rachel Eliza Griffiths discusses her craft as a way of seeing
58 min
Ep. 132: Truth Be Told
Dr. Christine Gardiner discusses her work in poetry and education
58 min
Ep. 131: Cinnamon Power
Holly Cinnamon discusses creative process and meditative arts
58 min
Ep. 130: Shiva Self Inquiry
Jill Forger discusses the Shiva self inquiry process and her journey in meditation
58 min
Ep. 129: Hypnosis Healing
Shauna Cummins discusses hypnosis as a form of healing
58 min
Ep. 128: Medicine Spirit Dancer
April Eve talks about the Stolen Sisters and Brothers Awareness project
58 min
Ep. 127: Jazz Illustrated
Dave Chisholm is a jazz musician and comic book creator
58 min
Ep. 126: World Unity Week
World Unity Week special episode with Ben Bowler
58 min
Ep. 125: The Power Theater
Poet, Tibetan Buddhist practitioner and activist Bruce E. Whitacre is featured
58 min
Ep. 124: Step Into Your Power
Health and Wellness Advocate Julia Asenso discusses her life journey
58 min
Ep. 123: Love's Executive Order
Poet Matthew Lippman discuss his projects, teaching, and life under COVID
58 min
Ep. 122: The Artist's Truth
Visual Artist and Kadampa Buddhist Arantxa X. Rodriguez discusses her art and meditation practice
58 min
Ep. 121: The Truth Power
Poet Starr Davis discusses the power of telling the truth in poetry and beyond
58 min
Ep. 120: The Power Hook
Author and Poet Randall Horton discuss writing, prison, and education
58 min
Ep. 119: Power to the Poets!
Poet MA Dennis discuss the "Many Attitudes of Dennis"
58 min
Ep. 118: Psychoanalyze This!
Author Daniel Jose Gaztambide discuss the field of psychoanalysis
58 min
Ep. 117: A Poet's Home
Poet Meher Manda discusses creative process
58 min