The Truth to Power Show

Vijay R. Nathan hosts The Truth to Power Show which places a weekly guest on the proverbial meditation cushion to engage in a thoughtful conversation at the intersection of the personal and the political. Tune in for talks with: poets and writers, leaders and teachers, allies and practitioners. The greatest risk we take is to tell our personal truth.

Society & Culture
Ep. 30: Kadampa Buddhist Truth
Two Buddhist meditation teachers within the New Kadampa Tradition discuss the importance of imagi...
59 min
Ep. 29: Project Truth Mayhem
The Mayhem Poets - Scott Raven, Mikumari Caiyhe, and Mason Granger - discuss their process and ho...
58 min
Ep. 28: Between Two Truths
NYC Singer / Songwriter Jessie Kilguss shares her perspectives on her music and lessons from her ...
59 min
Ep. 27: The Healing Poetics
Lyricist and singer, from "Death by Piano", Kalen Lister joins return guests Claire Van Winkle, o...
59 min
Ep. 26: The Power Archetype Key
Artist Seth Friedman talks to host Vijay R. Nathan about how his creative process empowers him to...
59 min
Ep. 25: Doors, Mirrors, Windows
Literary Safari founder Sandhya Nankani talks to host Vijay R. Nathan about how educational apps,...
59 min
Ep. 24: Third Culture Americans
Cambodian American author Sokunthary Svay discusses culture, generations, and creativity as expre...
59 min
Ep. 23: The Speculative Mystery
Sherese Francis, Author of "Lucy's Bone Scrolls: The Black Speculative Mystery School", discusses...
58 min
Ep. 22: Disrupt the Binary!
Vijay R. Nathan talks to Shelby Chestnut of Transgender Law Center to discuss strategies to suppo...
59 min
What is Love: The Divine Erotic
Vijay R. Nathan, acting as guest host to What is Love?, talks LIVE with Authors of "A Return to E...
58 min
Ep. 21: We are Stardust
Host Vijay R. Nathan talks to filmmaker Joel Fendelman about his documentary Man on Fire that foc...
59 min
Ep. 20: Beat by Beat
Host Vijay R. Nathan talks with Greywolf of the band Death by Piano about his musical influences,...
61 min
Ep. 19: An Allegro Testament
W. Lance Hunt, author of the novel "A Perfect Blindness", reveals his creative process and talks ...
59 min
Ep. 18: The Empath's Way
Intuitive empath and practicing tarot reader Hannah Weires talks to host Vijay R. Nathan about he...
59 min
Ep. 16: #GetOutOfYourHead
Matthew Corozine talks with host Vijay R. Nathan about the craft of acting as being truthful unde...
59 min
Ep. 15: No Minotaurs at Supper
Host Vijay R. Nathan talks with Poet Jared Harel about how the personal is political in his colle...
59 min
Ep. 14: The Grammar Poetics
Host Vijay R. Nathan has a conversation with Claire Van Winkle of "Rockaway Writer's Workshop" to...
59 min
Ep. 13: The Hero's Path
Host Vijay R. Nathan converses with scholar and manifestation guide Rick Jarow to explore life's ...
59 min
Ep. 12: Rock Star Poet
Host Vijay R. Nathan interviews Poet Anum Sattar to discuss her vision for poetry and herself. Mu...
59 min
Ep. 11: A Sacred Trust
Poet Diana Marie Delgado on her journey of spiritual trust in poetry. Music: Garden and Villa "Bl...
59 min
What is Love?: Universal Compassion
Vijay R. Nathan guest hosts the Radio Free Brooklyn show "What is Love?" in this cross over episo...
59 min
Ep. 10: The Madame Speaks
Poetry Brothel CEO Stephanie Berger on her journey towards creating impactful and innovative poet...
59 min
Bushwick Junction
Host Asha Saluja LIVE interviews Vijay R. Nathan on the decision points in his life in this cross...
59 min
Ep. 9: The Journeyman
Filmmaker Elka Gould, director of "The Macaroon King", illustrates how film can chart new territo...
59 min
Ep. 8: 'Balls'y Theater
Guest Ianthe Demos discusses views of theater and One Year Lease's production of 'Balls'. Music: ...
59 min
Ep. 7: The Poet's Voice
Guest Micah Zevin on the interdependence of form and content in his poetry and how the personal i...
59 min
Ep. 6: Shaman in the City
Guest Jessica Hinds on her difficult personal journey and the way she became "The Crass Shaman", ...
59 min
Ep. 5: Testify
Guest Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie bears witness to her experiences and those of her generation thro...
59 min
Ep. 4: Being American
Guest: Tejas Desai discusses self publishing and the pressing need for multi-cultural voices, rac...
59 min
Ep. 3: The Holiday Episode
Guest: Allan Avidano, author of The Other Son, discusses writing about religious experience, his ...
59 min
Ep. 2: Libraries Rock!
Guest: Queens Library Guild Union President John Hyslop on the vital role public libraries have i...
59 min
Ep. 1: Poetry of Economics
Guest: Vanessa Jimenez Gabb on the intersection of Poetry and Economics Music: Speakease "Comprom...
59 min