The Truth to Power Show

Vijay R. Nathan hosts The Truth to Power Show which places a weekly guest on the proverbial meditation cushion to engage in a thoughtful conversation at the intersection of the personal and the political. Tune in for talks with: poets and writers, leaders and teachers, allies and practitioners. The greatest risk we take is to tell our personal truth.

Society & Culture
Ep. 7: The Poet's Voice
Guest Micah Zevin on the interdependence of form and content in his poetry and how the personal i...
59 min
Ep. 6: Shaman in the City
Guest Jessica Hinds on her difficult personal journey and the way she became "The Crass Shaman", ...
59 min
Ep. 5: Testify
Guest Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie bears witness to her experiences and those of her generation thro...
59 min
Ep. 4: Being American
Guest: Tejas Desai discusses self publishing and the pressing need for multi-cultural voices, rac...
59 min
Ep. 3: The Holiday Episode
Guest: Allan Avidano, author of The Other Son, discusses writing about religious experience, his ...
59 min
Ep. 2: Libraries Rock!
Guest: Queens Library Guild Union President John Hyslop on the vital role public libraries have i...
59 min
Ep. 1: Poetry of Economics
Guest: Vanessa Jimenez Gabb on the intersection of Poetry and Economics Music: Speakease "Comprom...
59 min