We the People

A weekly show of constitutional debate hosted by National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen where listeners can hear the best arguments on all sides of the constitutional issues at the center of American life.

News Commentary
2018: A Constitutional Year in Review
Emily Bazelon and Josh Blackman review the biggest constitutional debates of 2018.
63 min
Cohen, Trump, and Campaign Finance Law
Campaign finance law experts Rick Hasen and Brad Smith join host Jeffrey Rosen to break down Michael Cohen's crimes and the campaign finance laws at issue.
36 min
Is the Act Protecting the Special Counsel Uncon...
Is the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act unconstitutional? Offering the arguments on both sides, Josh Geltzer and Eric Posner join Jeffrey Rosen.
54 min
LIVE AT AMERICA’S TOWN HALL: Senator Chris Coon...
Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) sits down with Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the future of the Senate and why senators don’t debate anymore.
34 min
The Bladensburg Peace Cross Case
Lawyers on both sides of the Bladensburg Peace Cross case join Jeffrey Rosen.
56 min
Free Speech and Press Cases in the Courts
David French of National Review and Katie Fallow of the Knight First Amendment Institute join Jeffrey Rosen to discuss First Amendment cases in the courts today.
58 min
The Attorney General, the President, and Congre...
Breaking down the constitutional, legal, and political repercussions of Jeff Sessions’ departure, Jeffrey Rosen is joined by Steve Vladeck and Greg Weiner.
54 min
Does the Constitution Require Birthright Citize...
Akhil Amar and Edward Erler debate the President’s proposal to revoke birthright citizenship, diving into the history of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Citizenship Clause with host Jeffrey Rosen.
64 min
Voting Rights, Election Law, and the Midterms
A partnership with Ballotpedia, this episode surveys the election law and voting rights issues most relevant to this year’s midterms.
48 min
Key Congressional Elections in History
What can the elections that realigned and redefined our nation teach us about the upcoming midterms? Jeffrey Rosen explores this question with Matthew Green and Thomas Mann.
56 min
Is There a Supreme Court Legitimacy Crisis?
Exploring the debates over the Court's legitimacy and its future, Jeffrey Rosen is joined by Professors Jennifer Mascott and Melissa Murray.
57 min
Libel, the Media, and Constitutional Legitimacy
Adam Liptak and Richard Epstein join Jeffrey Rosen to explain what libel is and how laws against it fit within First Amendment protections.
46 min
Senators Flake and Coons: The Future of the Sen...
Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons join Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the future of the Senate and the Supreme Court.
43 min
Supreme Court Term Preview
Exploring the cases coming before the Court in the October 2018 term, Jeffrey Rosen is joined by Brianne Gorod and Ilya Shapiro.
53 min
Should Chevron Be Overturned?
This debate over the resolution “Should Chevron be overturned?” was recorded live in New York City at the Federal Bar Association’s 2018 annual convention.
51 min
Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Recap
How he might shape the Court if confirmed
52 min
The History of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
We explore the constitutional basis and history of the Supreme Court confirmation process.
57 min
What Constitutes an Impeachable Offense?
A look at an enduring debate with two leading experts
49 min
Robert Smalls: Escaping Slavery and Fighting In...
A slave who sailed his way to freedom
55 min
Harriet Scott: The Woman Behind Dred Scott v. S...
Exploring the case's personal consequences
54 min
Callie House: Reparations Advocate and Trailbla...
The extraordinary leadership of a reparations advocate
42 min
John Bingham: Father of the 14th Amendment
Looking at a little-known visionary of equal rights
52 min
The life and legacy of Frederick Douglass
About one of America’s most influential abolitionists
63 min
What is Treason?
Experts discuss the Constitution's Treason clause
69 min
The New Supreme Court
Experts debate Supreme Court
64 min
Happy 150th Birthday, 14th Amendment
Scholars discuss its history and meaning
65 min
The Legacy of Justice Anthony Kennedy
His former clerks join our podcast
63 min
The Supreme Court now: Decisions, deciders and ...
Discussing a momentous term
51 min
The Golden State Killer and Genetic Privacy
Case could have wide implications
54 min
Jeffrey Rosen Answers Questions about Self-Pard...
Popular questions posed by our listeners
49 min
The Supreme Court’s current term
Reviewing big decisions expected this month
51 min
Ken Burns: Telling Constitutional Stories
Flmmaker discusses Civil War, Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment
43 min
George Will on Madisonian Government
A conversation on federalism and the 17th Amendment
53 min
The Iran nuclear deal under Trump
Constitutional issues involved in that process
49 min
Social Media and Digital Disinformation
A discussion on social media and democracy
84 min
Eric Holder on the 14th Amendment today
Remarks on the amendment's 100th anniversary
61 min
The Supreme Court considers the travel ban case
The constitutional issues involved
44 min
Facebook and the Future of Democracy
The impact of social media on free speech
58 min
Justice Breyer on the First Amendment
A discussion about free speech cases
49 min
President Trump and the Federal Judiciary
A review of recent judicial appointments
54 min
Hamilton: The Constitutional clashes that shape...
Exploring the constitutional and political arguments
73 min
William Howard Taft and the Constitution
Experts debate timely topic
86 min
Trump, Tariffs, and Trade
Experts debate timely topic
48 min
Workplace discrimination based on sexual orient...
Is it a Title VII violation?
43 min
The United States v. Microsoft
Consumer privacy, security concerns debated
54 min
Mandatory union fees and the First Amendment
Supreme Court considers potential landmark case
51 min
A conversation with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
A wide-ranging conversation on the 25th anniversary of her appointment
76 min
Jeffrey Rosen answers your constitutional quest...
The Ninth Amendment, church and state, and more!
48 min
History of Impeachment: From Andrew Johnson to ...
Understanding the Constitution's Impeachment Clause
51 min
The Constitution in Year One of the Trump admin...
A review of the legal cases
42 min
Federalism under President Trump
Federal, state conflicts on gambling, marijuana
47 min
Undocumented teens and abortion
Can the federal government can deny access?
48 min
Gerrymandering and American democracy
Its impact on polarization and competitive elections
47 min
The existential threat of big tech
Privacy, autonomy, and individuality in a modern world
69 min
Sexual Harassment Law Under the Constitution
Constitutional dimensions to sexual harassment law
56 min
The Constitution and the Mueller investigation
Legal experts looks at obstruction, presidentia powers issues
42 min
Net neutrality at a legal crossroads
A potential repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules
57 min
The Masterpiece Cakeshop case
The First Amendment evaluated by the Supreme Court
37 min
The future of digital privacy
The Supreme Court considers cellphone location data
69 min
Tax reform and the Constitution
What constitutional issues are under debate at Congress?
51 min
Is the fight against ISIS legal?
Army captain claims President lacks authority
44 min
Deconstructing the administrative state
The Trump administration’s efforts to roll back government
52 min
The Emoluments Clause in court
Group sues Trump over gifts
39 min
The evolution of voting rights
Constitutional challenges to the Voting Rights Act and election law
62 min
The state of the Second Amendment
Experts discuss after Las Vegas shootings
55 min
The future of gerrymandering
Supreme Court argues a landmark case
53 min
The First Amendment and hate speech
Can the courts meaningfully decide what hate speech is?
57 min
The Supreme Court’s next term
A preview of blockbuster cases
60 min
What would Madison think today?
A look at Madisonian values today
65 min
Presidential pardons and the rule of law
A debate over separation of powers and our Constitution
54 min
Charlottesville and free assembly
Discussing the right to protest in our country
50 min
War powers and national security
A debate on presidential war powers and Congress’ role in national security.
52 min
Trump, Twitter and the First Amendment
Can President Trump block citizens from following his own Twitter feed?
53 min
Civil Rights And Constitutional Change
A special event remembering the Birmingham bombing
63 min
George Washington’s warning to future generations
Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beast discusses newest book
73 min
Jeffrey Rosen at the Chautauqua Institution
A look at two big cases at the Supreme Court next term
76 min
The debate over President Trump's election comm...
Deborah Archer and Derek Muller on the commission's agenda and challenges to it.
48 min
Should the 17th Amendment be repealed?
David Schleicher and Todd Zywicki on the text, history, and future of this contested amendment.
47 min
The future of digital free speech
Cindy Cohn, Judge Alex Kozinski, and Eugene Volokh on current debates about speech online.
54 min
What just happened at the Supreme Court?
Brianne Gorod and Ilya Shapiro on the busy final weeks of the 2016-2017 term.
48 min
EXTRA: A celebration of Lyle Denniston
"The dean of the Supreme Court press corps" reflects on the Court, the Constitution, and his long career.
63 min
Government leaks and the Espionage Act at 100
Paul Rosenzweig and Stephen Vladeck on the constitutional debate over leaks and their publication.
56 min
Loving v. Virginia at 50
Steve Calabresi and Sheryll Cashin on the landmark case and its constitutional legacy.
57 min
The soul of the First Amendment
Floyd Abrams on why America protects free speech more than any other country in the world.
62 min
EXTRA: Trump, Comey and obstruction of justice
Alan Dershowitz and Laura Donohue join our Jeffrey Rosen
35 min
Your constitutional questions, answered
National Constitution Center president and CEO Jeffrey Rosen on the Preamble, judicial power, and more.
52 min
The life and legacy of John Marshall
Michael Gerhardt and Kevin Walsh on the influential career of the nation's longest-serving chief justice.
51 min
Will the President's travel ban hold up in court?
Leah Litman and Earl Maltz on the latest legal developments and the ban's chances at the Supreme Court.
53 min
Exploring the debate over 'sanctuary cities'
Elizabeth Price Foley and Cristina Rodriguez on the President's executive order and Congress's options going forward.
51 min
EXTRA: Is the firing of James Comey a constitut...
Josh Blackman and David Cole on what constitutes a constitutional crisis and what should happen going forward.
22 min
James Wilson and the creation of the Constitution
Christopher Yoo and Tom Donnelly on the Pennsylvania Federalist and America's greatest proponent of popular sovereignty.
56 min
The Madisonian Constitution and the future of f...
Excerpts from Freedom Day 2017 explore what James Madison would think of American democracy today.
71 min
Religious liberty at the Supreme Court
Marci Hamilton and Hannah Smith on the issues and best arguments in Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer.
56 min
Article I and the role of Congress
David Pozen and Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz on restoring the separation of powers.
66 min
The history and constitutionality of the filibu...
Richard Arenberg and Josh Chafetz on the fate of the Senate's most famous rule.
65 min
Privacy, equality, and transgender students
Alexandra Brodsky and Gary McCaleb on gender identity and the law.
58 min
The Gorsuch hearings and the future of the Cons...
Michael Ramsey and Eric Segall on Neil Gorsuch's potential impact on the Supreme Court and constitutional law.
58 min
Property rights at the Supreme Court
David Breemer and John Echeverria on a big case about the Fifth Amendment's Takings Clause.
55 min
The constitutional legacy of Prohibition
Lisa Andersen and Josh Zeitz on the history and politics of America's most colorful, complex constitutional hiccup.
63 min
The future of federalism
Josh Blackman and Peter Edelman on states' rights in the Trump era.
64 min