We the People

A weekly show of constitutional debate hosted by National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen where listeners can hear the best arguments on all sides of the constitutional issues at the center of American life.

News Commentary
Free Speech, Same-Sex Marriage, and Anti-Discri...
Discussing the oral arguments in 303 Creative v. Elenis
54 min
Justice William O. Douglas: Public Advocate and...
Discussing the constitutional legacy of U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
54 min
The Indian Child Welfare Act and the 14th Amend...
Discussing the arguments in a Supreme Court case about the Indian Child Welfare Act
60 min
The Battle for the American West
Discussing U.S. westward expansion, manifest destiny, and the impact on native peoples and tribes
58 min
Thomas Jefferson: The Reader and Writer
Exploring Thomas Jefferson's education and the impact it had on the American idea
59 min
Affirmative Action and the 14th Amendment – Part 2
Recapping the oral arguments in a pair of Supreme Court cases about affirmative action
55 min
Affirmative Action and the 14th Amendment – Part 1
Examining the original text, meaning, and understanding of the 14th Amendment in arguments for and against affirmative action
56 min
Pork, the Dormant Commerce Clause, and Legislat...
Recapping the Supreme Court’s oral arguments in National Pork Producers v. Ross
44 min
Redistricting in Alabama and the Voting Rights ...
Recapping the Supreme Court’s oral arguments in Merrill v. Milligan
53 min
Justice Stephen Breyer on the Importance of Civ...
Hearing from the recently retired justice on the importance of civic engagement and civil disagreement
55 min
Supreme Court 2022-23 Term Preview
Looking ahead at some of the high-profile cases SCOTUS will consider in the upcoming term
63 min
The NCC’s Constitutional Convention Reports: Th...
Discussing five constitutional amendments proposed by conservative, libertarian, and progressive scholars
64 min
Originalism: A Matter of Interpretation
Discussing whether and how the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted according to its original meaning
61 min
The Intellectual Inspirations Behind the Consti...
Examining key texts that inspired the founders before and during the Constitutional Convention
75 min
The Legality of the Biden Administration’s Stud...
Debating whether the President can forgive certain student loans without Congressional action
63 min
Is the First Amendment Enough Today?
Discussing whether First Amendment standards are enough when regulating online speech
58 min
Constitutional Questions After the Raid on Mar-...
Dissecting the implications of the FBI seizing classified documents from President Trump’s home in Florida
54 min
A Constitutional Conversation at Crystal Bridges
Celebrating the opening of a new exhibition at Crystal Bridges with a discussion exploring the importance of the Constitution and free speech to democracy
73 min
The Case for Reforming the Electoral Count Act ...
Analyzing a proposed Senate bill to reform the Electoral Count Act
61 min
Abortion Law in the U.S. and Abroad After Roe
Exploring how U.S. abortion law after Roe compares to that of other countries
58 min
What is the “Independent State Legislature Doct...
Examining the arguments for and against a theory that could remake US election law
54 min
Restoring the Guardrails of Democracy
Identifying institutional, legal, and technological reforms that might address current threats to American democracy
56 min
The EPA, Federal Power, and the Future of Clima...
Discussing the Supreme Court’s opinion in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency
62 min
Vouchers, Prayers, and Religion in American Sch...
Understanding the Supreme Court’s opinions in two recent First Amendment cases
52 min
The Dobbs v. Jackson Case – Part 4
Unpacking the opinion and dissent from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade
58 min
What the Supreme Court’s Opinion in NYSRPA v. B...
Breaking down the opinion in the landmark case expanding the right to carry arms outside the home
56 min
The History of LGBTQ Rights in America
Commemorating Pride Month by surveying changes in gay rights throughout American history
61 min
How to Prevent Another January 6
Considering ways to strengthen American constitutional and democratic institutions against current and future threats
38 min
Free Speech Throughout World History
Examining the concept of and limits on free speech throughout world history
59 min
Social Media and Public Health: A Conversation ...
Exploring the role of states in addressing the potential dangers of various social media platforms to public health, privacy, and competition
57 min
Three Election Law Cases and What They Mean for...
Discussing the issues at stake in a campaign finance case, a redistricting case, and a case involving the independent state legislature doctrine
54 min
Five Expert Takes on Two Big Issues This Term
Discussing the Supreme Court cases about abortion and guns
37 min
The Dobbs v. Jackson Case – Part 3
Unpacking the arguments within Justice Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade
55 min
Why the First Amendment Matters Today
Celebrating the installation of the First Amendment tablet at the National Constitution Center
86 min
Masks, Planes, and the CDC Mandate
Discussing the legal issues at stake in Health Freedom Defense Fund v. Biden, a case about the CDC’s power to mandate masks on public transportation
56 min
Football, Faith, and the First Amendment – Part 2
Discussing the issues in the Supreme Court case Kennedy v. Bremerton School District
54 min
The Constitutionality of Florida’s Education Bill
Discussing the issues and impact of the legislation critics have dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill
56 min
Putin's War and International Law
Discussing whether Putin can be tried for war crimes under international law
54 min
Death Row, Religious Freedom, Legislative Censu...
Discussing the SCOTUS decisions in Ramirez v. Collier and Houston Community College v. Wilson
59 min
The Confirmation Hearings of Judge Ketanji Brow...
Recapping what we learned about the Supreme Court nominee during four days of hearings
57 min
What is the “Independent State Legislature Doct...
Discussing the authority state legislatures have to create laws around elections
65 min
Russia, Ukraine, Constitutionalism, and the Rul...
Examining what the Russian invasion of Ukraine means for the core principles of constitutionalism
54 min
The EPA, Federal Power, and the Future of Clima...
Discussing the authority of federal agencies, as presented in West Virginia v. EPA
63 min
Early Presidents on Happiness, Government, and ...
Exploring key writings and speeches from Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison on various topics
52 min
Redistricting in Alabama and the Voting Rights Act
Examining the issues at play in Merrill v. Milligan, a case about drawing new voting districts in Alabama
51 min
How Free Speech Under the First Amendment Devel...
Exploring key Supreme Court cases involving free speech and the First Amendment, as well as the philosophical inspirations behind it
59 min
Justice Breyer’s Constitutional Legacy
Reflecting on Justice Stephen Breyer’s career upon his decision to retire from the Supreme Court
68 min
Congress, the Filibuster, and the Constitution
Shedding light on the history, constitutionality, and calls for reform of the filibuster
64 min
MLK, the Declaration, and the Constitution
Discussing some of King’s most significant speeches and writings and his reflections on America’s founding documents.
64 min
The Case for Reforming the Electoral Count Act
Examining the proposals for improving the law that dictates congressional certification of president election results
55 min
Will the Supreme Court Strike Down Biden’s Vacc...
Unpacking the issues in cases that challenge the legality of the Biden administration’s covid vaccine mandates
55 min
Live at the NCC: Poetry and the Constitution
Exploring the ways poetry has intersected with the Constitution and constitutional ideas throughout American history
54 min
2021: A Constitutional Year in Review
Reflecting on the January 6 insurrection, significant Supreme Court cases, the future of Court reform, and the ongoing pandemic
65 min
Should the Supreme Court Be Reformed?
Examining the recommendations for judicial reform from the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States
53 min
Student Aid, Religious Education, and the First...
Examining the Supreme Court case Carson v. Makin and what it might mean for public funding and religious education
59 min
The Dobbs v. Jackson Case — Part 2
Unpacking the oral arguments in the Supreme Court case challenging Mississippi’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks
48 min
The Dobbs v. Jackson Case — Part 1
Previewing the issues before the Supreme Court in the upcoming case about abortion, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization
62 min
The Gettysburg Address
Celebrating the anniversary of Lincoln’s landmark address and its influence on constitutional and American history.
67 min
Puerto Rican Rights at SCOTUS and Throughout Hi...
Recapping the oral argument in United States v. Vaello-Madero.
52 min
Supreme Court Hears Texas Abortion Case
Experts recap the argument and explain the cases.
60 min
Is There a Constitutional Right to Concealed Ca...
Previewing a key Second Amendment case of this Supreme Court term.
64 min
The Biden Supreme Court Commission
Recapping the public meeting and discussion materials released by President Biden’s Commission on the Supreme Court.
53 min
Should Congress Regulate Facebook?
Cyberlaw experts weigh in.
56 min
The Supreme Court’s “Shadow Docket”
What is the Supreme Court’s “shadow docket”—or “orders docket”—and why has it drawn increased scrutiny lately?
57 min
Supreme Court 2021-22 Term Preview
Previewing this term’s biggest cases on abortion, religion, guns, and more.
63 min
Federal Judges on Blockbuster Supreme Court Cases
Judges from the Third Circuit discuss their decisions that later became blockbuster Supreme Court cases.
56 min
James Madison, Ratification, and the Federalist...
Scholars shed light on the Federalist papers, which argued that the Constitution should be approved, and the Framers who wrote them.
59 min
The Texas Abortion Law and the Future of Roe
We unpack a new Texas law that effectively bans most abortions in the state.
59 min
Can Governors Ban School Mask Mandates?
Exploring the legal and constitutional issues surrounding who has the power to enact or ban mask mandates.
60 min
The Story of the 26th Amendment
The history and importance of the amendment that lowered the voting age to 18.
68 min
The Revolutionary Life of Mercy Otis Warren
We profile a trailblazing female writer who inspired the framers and helped to shape the Constitution.
60 min
The “Eviction Moratorium” and the Constitution
Experts debate the legality and constitutionality of the pause on eviction proceedings.
45 min
Are Vaccine Mandates Constitutional?
Can the federal government, states, or universities require people to get the coronavirus vaccine? Experts debate.
40 min
Will President Biden Transform Antitrust?
Former FTC chair William Kovacic and antitrust scholar Barry Lynn evaluate a new executive order that aims to promote competition.
68 min
Should the Supreme Court Reconsider NYT v. Sull...
Experts debate calls to revisit the landmark libel case from 1964, New York Times v. Sullivan.
59 min
Benjamin Franklin and the Constitution
Biographers detail his fascinating life and key role in creating the Constitution.
70 min
Brnovich v. DNC, The Supreme Court, and Voting ...
Experts discuss the recent major Supreme Court ruling about Arizona’s voting laws.
64 min
A Constitutional Commemoration of Independence Day
Akhil Amar and Steve Calabresi join Jeffrey Rosen to discuss the Declaration of Independence and the ideals Americans should celebrate on the Fourth of July.
64 min
The Latest Big Decisions from the Supreme Court
Supreme Court correspondents Jess Bravin and Marcia Coyle join host Jeffrey Rosen to recap recent key decisions from the 2020-21 term.
66 min
Juneteenth and the Constitution
Why do we celebrate Juneteenth? Martha Jones and Lucas Morel explain and shed light on the history of emancipation and equality in America.
57 min
The Home Stretch of the 2020–21 Supreme Court Term
Kate Shaw and Jonathan Adler recap the Supreme Court’s decisions from this term so far.
66 min
Live at the NCC: Justice Breyer
Justice Stephen G. Breyer joins National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen for conversation on precedent, pragmatism, and the Court today..
62 min
Will Roe v. Wade Be Overturned?
Experts debate the constitutional arguments on both sides of the landmark decision in light of the Court’s decision to review a new abortion case.
40 min
Constitutional Issues in Voting Rights Today
Two election law experts explore various voting laws proposed in the wake of the 2020 election.
74 min
The Second Amendment and Concealed Carry
Looking ahead to a Supreme Court case on New York’s concealed carry gun law, experts on both sides join Jeffrey Rosen.
58 min
Trump and the Facebook Oversight Board
President Trump's ban from Facebook was upheld; experts on the Facebook Oversight Board explain why.
52 min
Snapchat and the Schoolhouse Gate
Can schools punish students for online speech? Experts discuss a pending Supreme Court case with Jeffrey Rosen.
42 min
Are Nonprofit Donor Disclosure Laws Constitutio...
Cindy Lott of Columbia Law School and Brian Hauss of the ACLU join to discuss a key Supreme Court case about donor disclosure laws and the First Amendment.
51 min
President Trump, Justice Thomas, and the Future...
Exploring Biden v. Knight Institute, Katie Fallow of the Knight Institute and Professor Eugene Volokh of UCLA join Jeffrey Rosen.
71 min
The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen
Linda Colley discusses her new book on constitutions and warfare along with David Armitage, author of The Declaration of Independence: A Global History.
57 min
Should College Athletes Be Paid?
We explore NCAA v. Alston, an antitrust challenge to the NCAA’s rules on compensation for athletes.
52 min
Labor Rights and Property Rights at SCOTUS
Experts recap a recent high-profile Supreme Court argument.
51 min
Women Constitutional Visionaries
This week, we highlight women who shaped the Constitution throughout American history.
49 min
One Year of COVID-19 and the Constitution
Recapping one year of constitutional debates surrounding the coronavirus—Joshua Matz and Adam White join host Jeffrey Rosen.
58 min
When Can Police Enter Suspects' Homes?
We explore the Supreme Court case Lange v. California, with Jeffrey Fisher and Donald Dripps.
54 min
Arizona Election Rules at SCOTUS
Lawyers on each side preview a key Supreme Court case about voting rights.
55 min
African American Constitutional Visionaries
We highlight how courageous African American heroes shaped the Constitution.
52 min
Impeachment, Incitement, and the First Amendment
Should President Trump be convicted of or impeached for committing incitement? Experts debate.
49 min
President Biden’s Executive Orders
Reflecting on President Biden’s executive actions thus far, and presidential power more broadly, Michael McConnell and Cristina Rodriguez join Jeffrey Rosen.
36 min
Mobs in America's Past and Present
After a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, experts explore what mobs—both in person and online—have meant throughout American history.
56 min