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What you radiate reflects the best aspects of who you are. Join host Christi Clemons Hoffman, international bestselling author, Reiki Master, Level 3 QHHT practitioner, and owner of Radiate Wellness, as she talks with thought leaders, authors, practitioners, and other inspirational guests about what they bring to the world—radiating health, clarity, hope, and more. Change your life by changing what you radiate. Learn about Radiate Wellness, our other practitioners, and our services at

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Alternative Health
Radiate Nonjudgment with Greg Hammer, MD
Return guest Greg Hammer, MD, returns to discuss nonjudgment.
54 min
Radiate Ascendency with Alfonso Colasuonno
Alfonso Colasuonno is the co-author of The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn.
59 min
Radiate Empowerment with Anthony Picco
Christi talks to Anthony S. Picco, who started on his metaphysical path in the 1960’s when he stumbled upon Hans Holzer’s “ghost hunting” books in the local public library.
54 min
Radiate Good Health with Mark Anthony
Radiate Good Health with Mark Anthony on the Radiate Wellness Podcast.
60 min
Radiate Ancient Wisdom with Pablo Vazquez
Radiate Ancient Wisdom with Pablo Vazquez on the Radiate Wellness Podcast.
45 min
Radiate Healing with Adam Scott Campbell
Adam Scott Campbell is a 39-year-old survivor of a recurring brain tumor and an author of poetry and fiction. And he has an Angel with him. Walking With My Angel is his second book of poems. Learn more at
45 min
Radiate Integrity with Vanessa Codorniu
Vanessa Codorniu is an acclaimed bilingual Latina wellbeing activist and teacher of clinical hypnosis, intuition forbusiness and international healing practices with over 20 years of experience and more than 12,000 sessions.
42 min
Radiate Angels with Christi Clemons Hoffman
This special episode is a replay of episode 40 of Real Life Angel Encounters with Christi Clemons Hoffman, and the last episode (at least for a while) of this podcast.
29 min
Radiate Mind Mastery with Dr. John Demartini
Dr. John Demartini, a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert with over 4 decades of research across multiple disciplines, strives to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become a master of your own life and destiny.
22 min
Radiate the Twelfth House with Carmen Turner-Sc...
Carmen Turner-Schott is a practicing licensed clinical social worker, astrologer, writer, and teacher with a national and international clientele. She recently published The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House: Fallen Angels.
43 min
Radiate Comfort with Louise Hamlin
Former lawyer Louise Hamlin wrote WhatsApps from Heaven to share her personal experience with bereavement and how extraordinary messages from her deceased husband has shfited her understanding of life and death.
49 min
Radiate Hope with Delphi Ellis
Radiate Hope with Delphi Ellis, well-being trainer and mindfulness practitioner who has worked in a therapeutic setting since 2002.She offers practical insights aimed at helping you find your mojo and getting your sparkle back.
45 min
Radiate Resilience with Alessandra Sagredo
Radiate Resilience with Alessandra Sagredo who has lived a dichotomy of two worlds: one of business (as a high level corporate consultant and successful business owner), and one of spiritual explorer, mystic and teacher.
34 min
Radiate Healing with Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer/Psychic Lawyer, world renowned psychic medium, Oxford educated attorney, near-death experience researcher, paranormal expert and legal analyst appears internationally on TV & radio and headlines at conferences & expos.
70 min
Radiate Color with Jules Standish
Jules Standish, one of the UK’s leading Color Analysis experts, is a color consultant and personal stylist, presenter, and author with her most recent published book being A Colourful Dose of Optimism.
53 min
Radiate Every Moment with Rabbi Daniel Cohen
Rabbi Cohen is a mentor, guide, and motivator. He authored What Will They Say About You When you are Gone: Creating a Life of Legacy and co-hosts the radio show and podcast, The Rabbi and the Reverend which airs weekly on Sunday nights.
39 min
Radiate Art with Christi and Mary Jane
"Depicting the Divine" and "Astrology and Self" are talks given by Christi and by Mary Jane Staudenmann June 1 & 3, 2022, as part of the 3-day opening of the Great Gossamer 2022 Exhibition at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.
50 min
Radiate Happiness with Stephani Grace
Join us as we Radiate Happiness with Stephanie Grace. Stephanie is a an author, motivational speaker, therapist and mindfulness expert who uses a unique blend of psychology and spirituality to treat clients with various struggles.
30 min
Radiate Mary’s Divine Love with Marguerite Rigo...
Sacred server, teacher, author, friend, Marguerite Rigoglioso, joins the Radiate Wellness Podcast to talk about Seven Sisters Mystery School and her new book: The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Con-ception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births.
51 min
Radiate Compassion with Vincent Genna
Vincent Genna is known as the “tell-it-like-it-is” Psychic Therapist. His book The Secret that's Holding You Back, out June 21, explains the mechanisms and processes at work that block and even sabotage your efforts to create a meaningful life.
61 min
Radiate Oneness with Ren Koi
Ren Koi, author of All Is One: The Science & Spirituality of Consciousness, is a writer and host of the Life in Recovery Podcast. An ex-DJ and music producer, Ren spent over ten years using alcohol and drugs before joining Twelve Step fellowships in 2010.
46 min
Radiate Passion with Judy Wilkins-Smith
Judy Wilkins-Smith is in the business of changing lives. Actually, she teaches others how to change their own lives! Radiate Passion on the Radiate Wellness Podcast to learn about transforming old habits from the patterns expert herself.
52 min
Radiate Belief with Laura Saltman
Our guest today on the Radiate Wellness podcast, Laura Saltman, found purpose and connection in the struggle of life's hardships. If you're interested in metaphysical and spiritual healing, tune in as Laura shares her wisdom as a conscious channel.
49 min
Radiate Love with Amber J Lawson
Radiate Love with KC native Amber J. Lawson, who acted with John Hamm at MU, is a philanthropist, cofounder of the Emmy-nominated Comedy Gives Back, CEO of Goddess Process, and committed to women in her emotional intelligence mastermind Woman On Fire.
52 min
Radiate Answers with Debz Shakti
If you've ever had an unexplainable experience, our guest on the Radiate Wellness Podcast might have answers you seek. Radiate Answers with globally renowned, professional Quantum Hypnotherapist, Debz Shakti.
59 min