The Radiate Wellness Podcast

What you radiate reflects the best aspects of who you are. Join host Christi Clemons Hoffman, international bestselling author, Reiki Master, Level 3 QHHT practitioner, and owner of Radiate Wellness, as she talks with thought leaders, authors, practitioners, and other inspirational guests about what they bring to the world—radiating health, clarity, hope, and more. Change your life by changing what you radiate. Learn about Radiate Wellness, our other practitioners, and our services at

Health & Fitness
Alternative Health
Radiate Empowerment with Jamie Inglett
32 min
Radiate Calm with Christi
Christi Clemons Hoffman is the former meditation teacher at Hallmark headquarters and TVH North America headquarters.
33 min
Radiate Mythology with LeTao Wang
Astrologer, spiritual counselor, tarot reader, and numerologist Letao Wang invites us to dance in the astrological echoes of the planets, asteroids, and constellations for a deeper understanding into our lives.
38 min
Radiate the Subconscious with QHHT
Christi is on the move again and this time she's in Sedona at a huge QHHT retreat in the mountains and mesas of Vortex Central
51 min
Radiate Spirituality with Alison Grey
Alison Grey is a natural psychic medium who is passionate about teaching and healing.
34 min
Radiate Renewal with Kristin Kirkpatrick
Kristin Kirkpatrick is a best-selling author, an experienced presenter, and an award-winning dietitian.
38 min
Radiate Bliss with N.T. Hettigei
N. T. Hettigei is a spiritual teacher, writer, and self-publisher who has shared his true happiness experience with others for the last three decades.
34 min
Radiate Purpose with Jim Willis
Join in the discussion with Jim Willis, author of Near-Death Experiences: Afterlife Journeys and Revelations
52 min
Radiate Connection to Technology with Mathieu F...
Ad Anima Founder Mathieu François spent years discovering holistic approaches to combat digital fatigue, as well as screen addiction.
44 min
Radiate Expansion with Stephanie Red Feather
The Empath Revolution, led by Shaman Stephanie Red Feather May 6-10, is a 5-day global conversation. Find out more!
35 min
Radiate Telepathy with Jez Kerzen
Jes Kerzen is a passionate advocate for neurodiverse students, particularly those with autism spectrum challenges.
43 min
Radiate Joy with Corinne Puget
Radiate Joy with fellow Level 3 QHHT practitioner and dear friend Corinne Puget
32 min
Radiate Connection with the Universe with Dr. F...
Dr. Fredrick Woodard sees clients sharing their problems as a cherished opportunity to help
29 min
Radiate Mutual Understanding with Jill Carr
Jill first started studying astrology seriously, after buying The Modern Text Book of Astrology by Margaret Hone
42 min
Radiate Self Discovery with Peter Canova
Peter Canova is a businessman, award-winning author, and national speaker.
35 min
Radiate Eroticism with Ian Ferguson
Ian Ferguson is a Master Trainer of the Erotic BlueprintTM Methodology and co-founder with his partner Jaiya of Jaiya, Inc
61 min
Radiate Lovingkindness with Douglas Hodgson
In this episode we welcome Douglas Hodgson, author of Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil: What Humanity Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience
45 min
Radiate Freedom with LaShonda Janae
LaShonda Janae has attained certification in Equus Coaching, Body Talk, Reiki, Iridology, Access Bars, and more.
39 min
Radiate Divine Language with Karen Goodson
See what is divine about numbers–and the fortuitous year 2024–with renowned numerologist Karen Goodson of Numbers by Karen.
47 min
Radiate Romance with Kristen Thomas
Christi talks with Certified Sex Coach Kristen Thomas
41 min
Radiate 2024 with Vincent Genna and Carole Obley
What's in store for 2024? Join our panel of return guests, psychics Vincent Genna and Carole Obley
47 min
Radiate the New Year with Mary Jane Staudenmann
Join Christi and Radiate Wellness' resident astrologer, Mary Jane Staudemann, for a look at the New Year's astrology forecast
46 min
Radiate Consciousness with QHHT
Christi talks with two QHHT clients who share their amazing experience
48 min
Radiate Wanderlust with Jill Dutton
Returning guest Jill Dutton, editor of Evolving Magazine, was fortunate to be bitten by the travel bug at a very early age
47 min
Radiate Cellular Health with Amber Matthias
Amber Matthias is the CEO and Founder of SeaTox, a company focused on human wellness.
39 min