This ExtraOrdinary Life

Do you want more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in life than you have right now? Do you long for your life to be extraordinary? We do. Join Kevin Monroe and friends each week for conversations exploring how your life can become more extraordinary. It’s easier than you might imagine.

8 Insights on Your Journey to Purpose
It's the beginning of a new year, and if you're like millions of other people, you've made a resolution to do better this year than last. Or maybe you're looking back at the past year and you realize that you didn't achieve all you set out to, and...
25 min
Living, Working, and Serving on Purpose
At some point in our path of purpose, we've been guilty of navel-gazing. Of finding what we think is our purpose, perfecting the statement, then hanging it on the wall as if we were done with it. That's not how it's supposed to be. Today, Kevin talks...
23 min
Life Lessons from 'It's a Wonderful Life'
With Christmas behind us, it's all too easy to slip back into the old ways of doing things, kind of like when a movie ends and real life goes on. It shouldn't be this way. Today, Kevin talks about life lesson you can take from a beautiful Christmas...
22 min
Profiles of Purpose #1 – Jackie Brewton
This is the first in our Profiles of Purpose series where we talk to people who are doing an amazing job of living, working, and serving on purpose. Jackie Brewton was one of the first people that popped into Kevin's mind. She has made her purpose...
43 min
Being Afraid to Hope with Dr. Rick Rigsby
We have a very special guest today, Dr. Rick Rigsby. He recent had the video of a talk he gave go viral, and unlike many of the internet's viral videos, Rick's message is one of purpose. He and Kevin talk about the hope crisis that is threatening the...
56 min
Best of the Navigating North Summit
This year marked the very first Navigating North Summit, and what an amazing experience it was! Today's episode takes some of the very best clips from our speakers and threads them together in a powerful lesson on finding your own path to purpose....
30 min
Lessons Learned from the Navigating North Summit
Putting on a summit is a challenge. Putting on a summit that eschews trends to an audience who isn't familiar with summits is an even better challenge. But that's exactly what Kevin Monroe and his team did for the Navigating North Summit. There were...
43 min
How to Lead When You're Not in Charge with Clay...
Clay (short for Claytonious) Scroggins is the author of the best-selling book, How to Lead When You're Not in Charge: Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority. It's a long title and a powerful message. Today, Kevin and Clay dig into what it means...
54 min
The Invisible Leader with Zach Mercurio
Zach Mercurio has had four other 'major careers' before he landed where he is. Zach sees his overarching experience as the best teacher of how we all have a purpose, no matter what we do. It can be a zigzag between careers to figure it out, and Zach...
40 min
Social Entrepreneurship with Kari Enge
Kari is editor-in-chief of Rank and File magazine, a digital publication for purpose driven entrepreneurs and a value-based magazine. She loves talking to people about her mission, one to which she has devoted her life, and today, she and Kevin talk...
45 min
Navigating North Summit with Kevin Monroe and A...
Today is a special episode. The tables are turned and Kevin is the one being interviewed by the talented and lovely Amy Robles. The talk through the ins and outs of the Navigating North Summit, and what makes it so very special. The...
42 min
Community is the Key to Success with Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins is the best-selling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don't Starve. Jeff believes we all have a creative gift to share with the world – our art. Today, Jeff and Kevin take a behind-the-scenes look at tribe as...
47 min
The Truth about Gifting with Thom Winninger
Thom is an author and a brilliant mind when it comes to purpose, meaning, gifting, and opportunity. He and Kevin talk about some topics on how to use your gifts, and more importantly, how to FIND your gifts. They also discuss what happens to you and...
42 min
Purpose at Work with Joe Pine
Joe Pine is the author of The Experience Economy and several other books. He and his partner Jim head up an organization that teaches businesses not just to sell, but to be the authentic, experience-based organizations that speak to customers' wants...
48 min
Finding Purpose at Work with Garry Ridge
Garry Ridge is the CEO of the WD40 company and author of Helping People Win at Work, a Business Philosophy Called Don't Mark My Paper, Help Me Get an A. Garry tends to take a contrarian position on business and purpose at work, but he's also very...
39 min
Finding Purpose at Work with Julie Bauke
Julie Bauke doesn't mince words when it comes to having purpose at work. Her book is Stop Peeing on Your Shoes, and in it she talks about the seven mistakes that will screw up your job search. The title sounds like just another career advice book,...
48 min
Finding Purpose at Work, Part 1
You spend a third of your life working. Have you thought about that? What about when you add commute time? How about those times you sit there when you aren’t working, but you’re thinking about it? Are your thoughts darkened on the weekend by the...
35 min
Being the Good Neighbor with Danielle Strickland
Danielle Strickland is an officer in the Salvation Army, an ambassador for Stop the Traffick and Compassion International, and the author of five books. She’s a wonderful speaker, and her depth of faith in insight in the Bible will delight you. ...
40 min
Drifting from Your Why with Dan Miller
Every once in a while, when you scanning your email, there’s a subject line that jumps out at you. Even more so when it’s from someone you know, and goes against what you know about them. Today, Kevin talks with purpose-driven Dan Miller, whose...
46 min
Naming Your Calling with Paul Sohn
Paul Sohn has just released his latest bestseller, Quarter-Life Calling. Today, he joins Kevin as they discuss being driven versus being called. They also discuss what to do when you’ve reached a point in your life where you feel like you should...
35 min
Failing on the Quest for Higher Purpose with Ma...
Our first guest on this podcast is an amazing one. Mark Timm is a serial entrepreneur. But he’s also something else: a purpose driven leader. But he’s most excited about a business he started about 5 years ago. He currently leads Ziglar Family,...
49 min
The Seven People on Your Path to Purpose
Have you ever had one of those conversations where time seemed to freeze? Kevin had one recently, and he realized something very important. There are seven people you’ll meet on your pathway to higher purpose. Each one has a very unique role in your...
33 min
What is the Higher Purpose Podcast?
It’s tempting to jump right into the amazing amounts of content Kevin has in store for you, like the frameworks he’s developed for purpose along with incredible guest interviews, but there’s something we need to look at first. How will this...
26 min
Welcome to the Higher Purpose Podcast
Have you ever felt a disconnect between your work and your values? Or that your pursuits, even the successful ones, aren’t fulfilling you the way you imagined? If so, this podcast is for you. In today’s episode, Kevin Monroe talks about his own...
11 min