This ExtraOrdinary Life

Do you want more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in life than you have right now? Do you long for your life to be extraordinary? We do. Join Kevin Monroe and friends each week for conversations exploring how your life can become more extraordinary. It’s easier than you might imagine.

Reflections and Revelations
Kevin Monroe goes solo in this end-of-year episode of This Extraordinary Life. He reflects on the past 90 days of the podcast and 150 days of the This Extraordinary Life community.
32 min
Belonging at Work with Paul Haury
Self-proclaimed Belonging Coach and found of Heart Based Leading, Paul Haury, joins Kevin Monroe to talk about how belonging in the workplace improves your quality of life.
49 min
The Joy of Synchronicity with Theo Prodromitis
Keynote speaker, Amazon Entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist, and the Author of The Balance Between Hustle and Flow, Theo Prodromitis, joins Kevin to talk about the different ways energy shows up in our lives and how to balance the different kinds we experience to be happier and more fulfilled, and ultimately able to do more for others.
56 min
Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Marc Brac...
This week’s theme explores emotions. Emotions carry over into every aspect of our lives, from decision-making to relationships and our mental and physical health. Emotions also fuel the creative process.
60 min
The Hospitable Leader with Terry Smith
Terry Smith, pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC), joins Kevin Monroe to talk about incorporating hospitality into leadership.
47 min
The Power of Intention with Lorin Beller
Business and life strategist, Lorin Beller, joins Kevin Monroe to discuss the theme of intention, a concept that is often misunderstood.
53 min
Making Ripples with Kindness with Emma Lloyd an...
Emma Lloyd and Joanna Suvarna join Kevin Monroe to discuss this week's theme of kindness and why we need it.
67 min
The Benefits of Belonging with Nilofer Merchant
Nilofer Merchant, a speaker at Speaker’s Spotlight and a former writer for Harvard Business Review, joins Kevin Monroe to discuss belonging, and how it impacts your life both personally and professionally.
53 min
Building Constructive Communities with Technolo...
Co-founder and CEO of Mighty Networks, Gina Bianchini, joins Kevin Monroe to talk about the intersection of modern technology and social networks.
51 min
A Conversation About Conversations with Jeff Durso
Serial entrepreneur, Jeff Durso, joins Kevin to discuss how his experience with entrepreneurship enables him to help visionaries turn big ideas into high-growth opportunities.
63 min
The Art of Listening with Jane Adshead-Grant an...
Authors and coaches, Jane Adshead-Grant and Oscar Trimboli, join Kevin to explore the concept of active listening with the intent to understand and act, not just to respond.
71 min
Close Encounters of the Extraordinary Kind
Kevin Monroe talks to listeners about the transformative power of conversations and community in this second episode of This Extraordinary Life.
48 min
The Power of Gratitude with Steve Foran and Lil...
Being extraordinary and living an extraordinary life is a matter of choice and not chance. You already have everything you need to live this extraordinary life.
56 min
The Final Episode
In this final episode - a replay of Episode 3 - Kevin thanks listeners for tuning in to the Higher Purpose Podcast as he wraps up the series.
39 min
The Power of Self-Compassion with Laurie Cameron
During our rebranding, we are replaying some of the episodes that have resonated deeply with Kevin and you, the audience, including this interview with PurposeBlue Founder, Laurie Cameron from Episode 134.
47 min
Are You Listening? with Jane Adshead-Grant
We are re-playing some of the episodes that have resonated deeply with Kevin and you, the audience, including Episode 117 with Jane Adshead-Grant, author of Are You Listening or Just Waiting to Speak.
56 min
The Power of Onlyness with Nilofer Merchant
This week we are revisiting Episode 142 with Nilofer Merchant, a conversation Kevin describes as one of the most pivotal in his journey.
58 min
What Will it Take to Go All-In on this Extraord...
In this solo episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast, Kevin Monroe speaks to listeners about his journey during the past 5 years.
30 min
The Extraordinary You with Emily Elrod
Emily Elrod, President of Workzbe, joins Kevin Monroe to discuss what makes people extraordinary, as well as how our thoughts influence our behaviors.
49 min
Choose Love with Lucas Skrobot
Lucas Skrobot, author, podcaster, business owner, and founder and host of The Lucas Skrobot Show, joins the Higher Purpose Podcast to discuss moments, opportunities, love, and fear.
55 min
An Infusion of Gratitude with Kerry Wekelo
Kerry Wekelo is an author and the Chief Operating Officer of the Culture Infusion program for Actualize Consulting. Her most recent book, Gratitude Infusion: Workplace Strategies for a Thriving Organizational Culture, is a practical guide to implementing action plans that improve the work climate. She joins Kevin Monroe to discuss her book and how its principles apply.
44 min
This Extraordinary Life
Kevin Monroe continues to discuss living an extraordinary life in this solo episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast.
30 min
Living an Extraordinary Life (featuring Debbie ...
Kevin Monroe discusses how to live an extraordinary life in this semi-solo episode of the Higher Purpose Podcast.
32 min
No Time For Silence with Rick Rigsby
Dr. Rick Rigsby, President and CEO of Rick Rigsby Communications, a motivational speaker, pastor, and best-selling author, returns to the Higher Purpose Podcast to share his views on the current civil unrest across the US.
52 min
Cracking the Leadership Code with Alain Hunkins
Alain Junkins, Managing Director of Hunkins Leadership Group, chats with Kevin Monroe about his bestselling book, Cracking the Leadership Code: Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders, and shares insights about becoming great stewards in the workplace in light of current events.
50 min