This ExtraOrdinary Life

Do you want more joy, fulfillment, and abundance in life than you have right now? Do you long for your life to be extraordinary? We do. Join Kevin Monroe and friends each week for conversations exploring how your life can become more extraordinary. It’s easier than you might imagine.

A Legacy of Purpose
38 min
The Definition of Success with Al Lopez
54 min
Higher Purpose and Self Worth with Traci Fenton
63 min
The Employee Experience with Ben Whitter
45 min
Waves and Ripples with Kevin Monroe and Jason M...
39 min
Employee Experience and Engagement with Santiag...
37 min
Bringing HumansFirst Back to the Workplace with...
48 min
Psychological Safety at Work with Adair Cates
46 min
The Pulse of Your Organization with David Niu
52 min
The Higher Purpose Journey with Kevin Monroe
47 min
Allowing Humans to be Human with Mark LeBusque
Joining us for another session on what it means to live, love, work, and lead in a humans first kind of way is Mark LeBusque. He describes his work as allowing humans to be human, whether that’s in the workplace, outside of the workplace, or in...
41 min
Everybody Matters with Bob Chapman
Adding to this series of conversations we’re having about what it means to approach business from a people first focus is today’s episode with Bob Chapman. Bob is the author of Everybody Matters, and today we’re talking about creating work...
54 min
The 7 Laws of Employee Loyalty with Heather You...
With more and more people switching jobs every few years, how can you as a leader cultivate loyalty in a humans first kind of way? Join us on this episode with Heather Younger, the host of the podcast Leadership with Heart, the author of The 7...
45 min
Being a Brave Leader with Kimberly Davis
What does it mean to be a brave leader? This is our 10th installment in our HumansFirst series of heart-to-heart discussions on what it means to live, love, lead, and work in a humans first way. Today we’re joined by Kimberly Davis, the author of...
45 min
How Leadership is Evolving with Sesil Pir
Is there a magic pill to make your team and organization work? Welcome to another installment in what it means to live, love, lead, and work in a humans first way. Today we have Sesil Pir, an organizational psychologist and a leading researcher on...
50 min
Finding Real Happiness at Work with Brooke Erol
There’s job satisfaction, and then there’s the real happiness that comes from working at a company whose purpose aligns with yours AND where your job has meaning. We continue our HumansFirst series with Brooke Erol, the founder of Purposeful...
51 min
The 7 Simple Superpowers of the HumansFirst Heroes
Today, we’re talking superpowers. We’re midstream in a series of conversations on what it means to live, love, and lead in a HumansFirst kind of way, and for this special solo episode, I want to talk to you about some important simple skills. Now,...
32 min
Being a Chief Heart Officer with Claude Silver
What is it like to mentor almost 800 people? Claude Silver is the Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia, a global digital advertising agency. She was previously the company’s Senior Vice President, and was handpicked for the role three years ago by the...
44 min
The Future of Work with Dr. Heather Hanson Wickman
What does the future of work look like? According to our guest, the future of work is ‘Love in Action.’ Heather Hanson Wickman is the co-founder of Untethered Consulting and the author of “The Evolved Executive,” and today we’re talking...
46 min
Making Work More Human with Renée Smith
What does it look like when we make work more human? Renée Smith serves as the Director of Workplace Transformation for Washington State as part of the Governor’s Results Washington Office. She leads the ‘Make Work More Human’ project, and...
45 min
Life Through the Lens of Purpose
I want to invite you to a different kind of episode today: a thinking-out-loud session on seeing the world differently when looking at it through the lens of purpose. Please join the conversation! I'll share more about how you can provide your...
36 min
Creating a 'Humans First' Workplace with Marcel...
What goes into creating a 'humans first' workplace? Marcel Schwantes is a keynote speaker and the and Founder and Chief Human Officer of Leadership from the core. Today we’re talking about that four-letter word: love. What does leading with love...
42 min
Putting Humans First with Mike Vacanti
We’re at an inflection point and it’s time for a business culture shift. Today we have Mike Vacanti, the founder of the HumansFirst Club, here to share about the movement, the community, and what happens when you bring like-minded and like-hearted...
44 min
Unwrapping Your Purpose Package
We’re kicking off the new year with another solo episode. For many, this is a time of New Year’s resolutions, transitions, or taking those next steps. For this episode, we’re exploring the idea of purpose and using new language to frame it: What...
37 min
7 Hopes for You in the New Year
This is the first episode of 2019, and it comes with a disclaimer. This one might be a little weird. In fact, it could be the weirdest episode we’ve done yet! While the actual New Year only comes, well, once a year, these seven hopes should be with...
34 min