Love Thy Neighborhood

True stories to help you follow Jesus in modern culture. “Amazing and authentic.” - Christianity Today Like a movie for your ears, every episode we choose a compelling topic to wrestle with and put together interwoven stories to explore that topic. It’s not a Bible study or a sermon. It’s a series of gripping, funny, sad and intimate stories of people grappling with what it means to follow Jesus amidst the cultural issues of our time – set to a soundtrack to immerse you. Come along with us as we take a nuanced dive into what it looks like to be a person of Christian faith living in the modern world. Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and produced by Anna Tran.

Religion & Spirituality
#23: Where the Gospel Meets Student Loan Debt
Christians say people should be educated and equi…
48 min
#16: Where the Gospel Meets Sexual Abuse
The recent SBC report on sexual abuse is national…
45 min
#58: Proving God
How do you prove something you can't see or measu…
45 min
#57: Rich Mullins: The Shoeless Saint
He wrote some of the biggest hits in Christian mu…
40 min
#56: Where the Gospel Meets Cancel Culture
Christians say we should be held accountable, but…
51 min
#6: Where the Gospel Meets Refugees + Update
Christians say we should take the gospel to all n…
44 min
#55: Adventures in Neighboring
Surveys show Americans don’t want neighbors invol…
41 min
#54: Where the Gospel Meets Disability
Christians say that God heals our brokenness, but…
54 min
#29: Where The Gospel Meets Social Media
Christians say we were made for community, but wh…
46 min
#53: Where the Gospel Meets Nationalism
Christians believe God places us where we are for…
58 min
#52: When God Makes No Sense
A man begins having dreams of God telling him to …
42 min
#4: Where the Gospel Meets Abortion
Christians say there is sanctity in unborn life, …
39 min
#21: Where the Gospel Meets Pornography
Christians say lust is sinful, but what happens w…
49 min
A New Vision: Saying Goodbye to the Old LTN
We are excited to announce a big change happening…
42 min
#51: Snapshots of Joy
During times of division and anxiety - we bring y…
35 min
#50: Where the Gospel Meets Fake News
Christians say they believe in pursuing the truth…
45 min
#13: Where the Gospel Meets Burnout + Update
Christians say faith without works is dead, but w…
55 min
#49: The True Origins of the Religious Right
Conservative Evangelicals are known for voting on…
54 min
#48: The LTN Hotline
Jesse and Rachel take your calls and answer your …
51 min
#47: Where the Gospel Meets Geek Culture
Christians say we should be in the world and not …
51 min
#10: Where the Gospel Meets Gentrification + Up...
Christians say we should love the poor, but what …
45 min
#46: Where the Gospel Meets Chronic Illness
Christians say God is our Great Physician, but wh…
38 min
#45: The Converted Gambler
He was a swindler, a drunkard and a murderer. His…
32 min
#44: Where the Gospel Meets Human Trafficking
Christians say we should care for the vulnerable,…
50 min
#22: Where the Gospel Meets Immigration + Update
Christians say God cares for the foreigner, but w…
49 min