Love Thy Neighborhood

True stories to help you follow Jesus in modern culture. “Amazing and authentic.” - Christianity Today Like a movie for your ears, every episode we choose a compelling topic to wrestle with and put together interwoven stories to explore that topic. It’s not a Bible study or a sermon. It’s a series of gripping, funny, sad and intimate stories of people grappling with what it means to follow Jesus amidst the cultural issues of our time – set to a soundtrack to immerse you. Come along with us as we take a nuanced dive into what it looks like to be a person of Christian faith living in the modern world. Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and produced by Anna Tran.

Religion & Spirituality
#78: Fundamentalism on Trial
In the United States today, the word “Evangelical” is nearly synonymous with political beliefs...
49 min
#77: Scrolling Alone
In 2009, about a quarter of American high school …
51 min
#76: Where the Gospel Meets Church Hurt
Christians say that being part of the church is a…
64 min
Things We Couldn’t Say (About the Enneagram)
This month, we’re launching a brand new podcast c…
69 min
#75: A New Sound in Africa
In an undisclosed city in Central Africa, Islam h…
37 min
#30: Where the Gospel Meets Politics
Christians say our true citizenship is in heaven,…
43 min
#74: The Truth About the Enneagram
Some claim the enneagram comes from ancient Chris…
66 min
#73: Let's Be Friends
In our age of loneliness and distraction, what do…
43 min
#19: Where the Gospel Meets Special Needs
Link to the 1 minute survey:https://www.surveymo…
40 min
#72: Where the Gospel Meets Artificial Intellig...
Christians believe we should be people of truth b…
56 min
#32: Where the Gospel Meets Evangelism
Christians say we want the whole world to know Je…
43 min
#71: The Word Moved Into the Neighborhood
What happens when conviction leads to action? Sto…
52 min
#70: The Origin and Outpouring of The Asbury Re...
In February 2023, claims of a spiritual revival d…
57 min
#69: Discernment: The Fog, the Face, and the Fork
Stories about people who have to make a difficult…
62 min
#20: Where the Gospel Meets Social Justice
Christians say God’s justice will transform socie…
51 min
#17: Where the Gospel Meets Wealth
Christians say money is the root of all kinds of …
40 min
#39: Where the Gospel Meets the Evangelical Ind...
Christians say you can’t love both God and money,…
49 min
A New Era: Discipleship & Missions For Modern T...
Join Jesse Eubanks and the Love Thy Neighborhood …
53 min
#68: Reality Christmas
A show filled with stories of people wrestling wi…
46 min
#67: Where the Gospel Meets Dating
Christians say it’s not good for man to be alone …
54 min
#66: Different Together
What if our differences are actually good for us?…
38 min
#33: Where the Gospel Meets Emerging Adulthood
Christians say we should grow in maturity, but to…
43 min
#65: Multilevel Marketing and The Church
How is the culture of MLM’s influencing the Churc…
36 min
#64: Where the Gospel Meets Sex
Christians say that sex is a gift from God but wh…
47 min
#18: Where the Gospel Meets Singleness
Christians say singleness is a gift, but what hap…
43 min