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A weekly podcast featuring interviews with pilgrims from around the world who have walked the many paths to the remains of Christ's Apostle St James in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Hosted by Sydney broadcaster and producer Dan Mullins, My Camino - the Podcast explores pilgrims' motivation for undertaking their Camino, what they carried, where they stayed, how far they walked each day and many other questions. Dan and his guests also explore the mystical nature of the Camino ~ and what makes it so special to so many pilgrims from around the globe. If you're a pilgrim or are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago, this podcast is for you. Sponsor Dan via or

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Camino YouTuber Dr Jeremiah Gibbs explains his ...
Dr Jeremiah Gibbs is Chaplain at the University of Indianapolis. He started creating YouTube videos to help pilgrims learn the ropes of pilgrimage, not only on the Camino....but right across the world. This is a great discussion about what it's like to pursue a Christian vocation as your life's work. A wonderful chat about devotion....and discovery. You can find Jeremiah on YouTube at Camino Guide... and his website and writing at
44 min
Being here is everything - a Camino reflection
My little brother Leo's album is called "Being Here is Everything". You can find it at
53 min
Molly Lord is a spirited educator, speaker, mus...
Molly Lord wrote to me about my podcast opening cans of worms in her world. Well, it was Molly who opened the worm cans in our spirited and delightful discussion. We talk about her work in the world of music, the Camino and Molly's story, and then Molly taps into the musician in me to reveal what motivates ME. I was both fascinated and humbled. Enjoy, dm.
62 min
Spanish pilgrim and teacher Maria Seco tells us...
Maria teaches Spanish to Camino pilgrims. She urges us all to learn key phrases, key instructions...and to embrace and indulge in the wonders of the Camino. Why not learn some Spanish to enhance your journey, your experience, your Camino. Some snippets of music from my previous Caminos, too. You can find Maria at
39 min
US pilgrim Amy Weiser was surprised by what she...
The Camino is full of surprises. What if we're surprised by what life becomes on our return home? What if we found our best life on the Camino and can't find it again when we get home? Well, it might just be part of the whole journey....the journey of life....
52 min
British pilgrim Jonathan Fletcher found a spiri...
Jonathan Fletcher's been through the worst of times AND the best of times. He opens up in this discussion to share his perspective on family, the future....and allowing yourself to be WHO YOU ARE. This is a fantastic story; a story of hope and joy.
45 min
American pilgrim Jason Searle has just returned...
I first interviewed Jason Searl in December 2019 about his parish's wonderful work in honouring the US Army captain and hero Fr Emil Kapaun. Jason and his daughters have just returned from the Camino, having walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. This week, we find out what's happening on the Camino right now....and should you head over to the Way.
57 min
Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner wrot...
This is week one of a two-part podcast detailing the journey of the Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner, whose book "The Way of the Gardener" is pure joy. You're going to love this interview. It's magic. You can find Lyndon's book "The Way of the Gardener - getting lost in the weeds along the Camino de Santiago" via Amazon
46 min
Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner wrot...
This is week one of a two-part podcast detailing the journey of the Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner, whose book "The Way of the Gardener" is pure joy. You're going to love this interview. It's magic. You can find Lyndon's book "The Way of the Gardener - getting lost in the weeds along the Camino de Santiago" via Amazon
42 min
American author Brian Lucky Skillen has written...
Brian is a dancer. He found himself in Spain while on an international tour. The Camino called and he was changed forever. The story of his commitment to the scholarship of writing, is reason enough to listen to this podcast. PLUS the pure joy of what the Camino has brought to Brian is just so inspiring. You can find the book at
57 min
Your host Dan Mullins presents 'The Gift That K...
This is an edited version of my address to the American Pilgrims on the Camino annual gathering in South Bend Indiana on St James Day weekend 2021. I also invited my friend Claudette Clausen to join us to talk through her experience and to share her wonderful pilgrim insights.
38 min
Steve Wilson wrote a one-man show after walking...
Steve Wilson is an Australian pilgrim who, like many of us, walked a Camino when he found himself at a crossroad in his life. His renewed energy and feeling of self-worth encouraged him to write a show: Camino Man. His story of his letter to Jesus who assaulted him, is worth this episode alone.
56 min
Sue and Angus Faillettaz take us on a magical j...
Sue and Angus found themselves living in Switzerland and decided to call it home. They've found themselves falling in love with the Jakobsweb, or St James' Way, in Switzerland, a series of ancient trails that crisscross one of the most majestic landscapes in the world. Learn about walking the Swiss mountains as a couple....and as pilgrims.
50 min
Canadian author Phil Riggs walked the Camino an...
Phil Riggs has written a guidebook for the Camino - "Hiking the Spanish, Portuguese, and French Caminos: A Soulful Journey". He says hiking the Camino leads to "Santiago Syndrome", an addiction. Our collective intention walking hand in hand.
45 min
American pilgrim James Geier walked the Camino ...
San Diegan James Geier decided to walk the Camino to find a chance to get away from it all. Instead, he found a journey of discovery he hadn't imagined. It was everything he hoped for and more. This Camino life surprises us and enlightens us if we are brave enough to let it.
62 min
Northern Irish pilgrim Catherine Davey walked t...
You're going to love Catherine's story. It's about a surprise tradition created by a mother who wanted to treat her children to a future she never had. It's a wonderful story about vision, the future, and love.
56 min
Karin Kiser is author of the international best...
Karin is the founder of Radical Simplicity and author of the international bestseller Lighten Your Load. She tells us how to clear a path for our best selves to shine through. Karin has also written the Camino books - Your Inner Camino - Your Pocket Guide to Inspiration and Transformation Along the Camino de Santiago; and After the Camino - Your Pocket Guide to Integrating the Camino de Santiago into Your Daily Life
51 min
Identical twin pilgrims, Kylie Fisher and Jacki...
Kylie Fisher lives in remote outback Australia; her identical twin Jacki James, lives 1000km away, on the east coast of the country. After getting a sense they're drifted apart, they decided to walk the Camino together to celebrate their 50th birthday. Their story is like their lives....intertwined....and inseparable. I know you're going to love this interview as much as I did.
61 min
British pilgrim Deborah Wilson is a perfect exa...
Deborah Wilson wrote to me to say she'd enjoyed my episode with Jennifer Cluff. I invited her to be interviewed, and she said she didn't really have much of a story to tell. Nothing could be further from the truth. ***Warning: host gets blown away during interview...!!! ***
65 min
Monica and Bob Wiley walked a Camino together a...
I met Bob and Monica in San Diego in March 2020. We talked about the joys of the Camino and our collective yearning to return. Covid put a stop to all that. We talk about Monica's writing at - and our dreams for the future. You'll LOVE their Camino stories.
49 min
British pilgrim Simon Donlevy discovered a new ...
Simon had never heard of the Camino, until his friend Neil decided to walk after learning he had Parkinson's. Simon was walking to keep Neil company. Three days later, he was a pilgrim for life....!! He wrote a book about his experience on his return Camino.....There's Something Going On. Find him at
52 min
German pilgrim and blogger Melanie Schaedlich j...
Melanie and I are regular correspondents; we share ideas and views and reminisce about our Camino journey. I love her enthusiasm and passion for pilgrimage. Her blog is a snapshot of her depth of thinking in terms of her journey. You are invited to share her Camino at The village on the Calzada Romana is called "Calzadillas de los Hermanillos"
56 min
Johannes Aschauer is founder and initiator of T...
Imagine walking the longest pilgrimage in the world - the Jerusalem Way - from Finisterre to the Holy Land. Johannes Aschauer has mapped the pilgrimage and invites us all to walk with him in harmony and peace.
49 min
YouTuber from the North West of England, and pi...
Sean Gallagher began walking Caminos in 1999. He never stopped. He's recently launched a YouTube series offering advice for existing pilgrims and people wanting the best advice before stepping onto the trail. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and know you will too. Just Google 'Sean Gallagher Camino' and you'll find him. Buen Camino, Dan
45 min
Podcaster, yogi, pilgrim and friend Leigh Brenn...
I just love this interview. Leigh is everything I like to think the Camino can provide; inspiration, company, friendship, trust and love. Enjoy this wonderful journey via this wonderful pilgrim.
55 min