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A weekly podcast featuring interviews with pilgrims from around the world who have walked the many paths to the remains of Christ's Apostle St James in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Hosted by Sydney broadcaster and producer Dan Mullins, My Camino - the Podcast explores pilgrims' motivation for undertaking their Camino, what they carried, where they stayed, how far they walked each day and many other questions. Dan and his guests also explore the mystical nature of the Camino ~ and what makes it so special to so many pilgrims from around the globe. If you're a pilgrim or are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago, this podcast is for you. Sponsor Dan via or

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Steve Walther's 'Sacred Blisters'
US pilgrim Steve Walther's new book is called "Sacred Blisters"
57 min
Meaningful friends: forming a family on the Ca...
How six friends from around the world became a Camino family
43 min
Gert and Denise: A Camino love story for the ages
A love story on the Camino - is now a family story....!!
49 min
Spirits, history, Estrellas and love. Suzanne ...
Northern Californian pilgrim Suzanne Maggio discovers her spirit on the Camino de Santiago
56 min
Pilgrim Peter Nathaniel Lee - when grief passes...
A journey of healing on the Camino de Santiago
52 min
A re-visit with the British singer/songwriter a...
A chance to reflect on one of my favourite episodes - with the British pilgrim and singer/songwriter Dave Sutherland
62 min
Colleen O'Toole and David Duncan are stride for...
This American/Canadian couple found love in the pandemic and via their shared love of the Camino
50 min
Aussie pilgrim Rosie Jacobs' great walk to find...
An Australian pilgrim gets sober and rewards herself with the journey of a lifetime
55 min
Hymns for her: thoughts from the studio desk
Dan opens his journal and sings four hymns to salute his late mother-in-law
58 min
Brien Crothers found the inspiration for a book...
Finding inspiration for a new book on the Camino
48 min
Flashback!! Irish pilgrim Dermot Breen walked t...
Flashback!! Irish pilgrim Dermot Breen walked to remember his late wife
54 min
Australian pilgrim Murray Walton discovered the...
Walking for love on the Camino de Santiago
48 min
One of my talks from my Canadian tour!!
Our place in the Camino Family: my talk to the Canadian Company of Pilgrims Chapter Leadership meeting last week
38 min
300 episodes!! A surprise for all my Camino fr...
For my 300th episode I celebrate MY Camino. A journey of love and discovery with my family
46 min
Australian pilgrim Louise Sawle's new book is M...
Australian pilgrim Louise Sawle's new book is My Way - Along the road to Santiago
51 min
Dennis Garnhum's new book is 'Toward Beauty: Re...
If your entire life has been creative, a pandemic can feel like there's no future. A Camino can change all that......
59 min
Bill Bennett's new film is called Facing Fear -...
Five-time Camino pilgrim, author and film director Bill Bennett's new movie is called Facing Fear - and it's epic. You need to see this film.
55 min
Today is three years since my brother Leo died....
How does a big brother remember his younger brother? By honouring his music, his humour and his legacy
39 min
Australian pilgrim Jacqueline Donoghue is on th...
Don't miss this episode. Jacque Donoghue is on the Camino Norte - and she's just a breath of fresh sea air.
55 min
Tara Marlow's 'Camino Wandering' teaches us the...
This episode takes us on a journey with Aubrey, a 50+ woman who needs direction in her life - she finds it on the Camino
48 min
Australian pilgrims Grant and Hamez Long walked...
What can a father learn from his son on the Camino and what can a son learn from his father?
48 min
American pilgrim Amy Wiseman walked with Jesus ...
American pilgrim Amy Wiseman walked with Jesus in her heart....she walked to find a solution to her malaise in the midst of Covid. Prayer, dedication, devotion and pilgrimage combined to provide Amy with the blessing of the Camino. A lesson for us all. You can watch Amy's presentation via (this is not a link.... You can sponsor the podcast via (this is not a link)
46 min
American pilgrim Robert Henry hasn't walked the...
American pilgrim Robert Henry hasn't walked the Camino - but he's definitely been on a pilgrimage....of love for his two lost sons, Joey and Sammy. Robert walked from Cincinnati to Maria Stein Chapel of Holy Relics. To sponsor the podcast and keep it ad free, go to (this is not a link)
51 min
Father and son duo James and Leo Sage have walk...
James and Leo Sage have walked the Camino twice. The first time was to help Leo cope with the pressures of school and life; the second was Leo's chance to support his father as HE went through mental health challenges in the wake of Covid. This is pure magic....a perfect example of why we love the Camino de Santiago. Make sure you stay for the song at the end.....! You can donate to Leo's fund-raising campaign at James and Leo Sage have walked the Camino twice. The first time was to help Leo cope with the pressures of school and life; the second was Leo's chance to support his father as HE went through mental health challenges in the wake of Covid. This is pure magic....a perfect example of why we love the Camino de Santiago. Make sure you stay for the song at the end.....! You can donate to Leo's fund-raising campaign via You can sponsor the podcast by visiting
59 min
Karin Kiser's new book is 'Unplug Your Robot - ...
Karin is the founder of Radical Simplicity and author of the international bestseller Lighten Your Load and has also written the Camino books - Your Inner Camino - Your Pocket Guide to Inspiration and Transformation Along the Camino de Santiago; and After the Camino - Your Pocket Guide to Integrating the Camino de Santiago into Your Daily Life. Her latest book 'Unplug Your Robot…..The Secret To Lasting Happiness' is available now via Amazon. You can sponsor the podcast via (this is not a link)
47 min
American pilgrim Tom Bull joins us again now he...
Tom Bull appeared on the podcast back in April to do a pre-Camino interview - what were his expectations? What did he hope to find on the Camino. Well, this is the follow-up episode. What DID he learn out there ...did he have any 'aha' moments? This is a wonderful interview full of insight and examples of why we all love the Camino so much. You can find Tom's blog here And you can sponsor My Camino - the Podcast here.... (this is not a link
54 min
British pilgrims Danny Nichols, Michael Geary a...
This is the first time I've interviewed anyone who has run from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. British pilgrims Danny Nichols, Michael Geary and Tom Pilling ran to support their respective charities....and it's to their great credit they managed to finish, in one piece. This is a great story about mateship, endeavour, philanthropy and kindness. Not for the faint-hearted!! You can find the boys' charity website here.... (this is not a link) You can sponsor My Camino - the Podcast here...... (this is not a link)
58 min
Joe Curro and his daughter Savannah walked and ...
Joe Curro is part of the Boston chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino, of whom I am a huge fan. I reached out to Joe to talk about his Camino life....and he suggested we include his daughter Savannah, and boy am I glad we did. This is a wonderful, joyful celebration of life, family, love, Camino, music, faith and discovery. Enjoy it for the pure joy it brings. You can sponsor the podcast here.... (this is not a link)
53 min
Canadian writer, author and poet Brad Batten jo...
Canadian writer and poet Brad Batten joins me to talk about his eight Caminos - and many of them were walked before the Camino exploded in popularity. We talk about WHY we're interested in walking Caminos, and why the Camino in many ways chooses us. Journey is part of our heart. Brad's new book, Pilgrim is out next month via Amazon. You can sponsor me via (this is not a link)
49 min
American pilgrim Leslie Goodland walked the Cam...
A friend of a friend recommended the Camino to Leslie Goodland, they suggested it might be exactly the adventure she needed. And he was right. His name was James!! A chance meeting led to her taking her very first overseas trip and it included the Camino and a new love affair with cathedrals. Join me as a patron via (this is not a link)
37 min
Talking walking and foot care with US pilgrim a...
Keith Smith and his wife Aimee walked the Camino and noticed too many people's journey was being impacted by blisters. So Keith reached out to ask if I'd like to do an episode about foot care.....and I jumped at the chance!! Talking walking, orthotics, blisters, shin splints and more in this fantastic episode to make your pilgrimage even MORE enjoyable. If you're interested in sponsoring the podcast go to (this is not a link) and Keith is in Missouri. (this is not a link)
65 min
Danish pilgrim Marianne Sommer has compiled a f...
Marianne Sommer quit her job back in 2019 to become a lifetime volunteer...and that decision led her to the Camino where she met dozens of pilgrims who inspired her with their stories of hope and transformation. Marianne decided to invite ten pilgrims to tell their stories, and so began Marianne's journey and her new book "10 Paths to Santiago". You can buy the book via Amazon or You'll love our chat about Marianne's journey ....on the Camino....and in life. If you're interested in sponsoring me go to (this is not a link)
50 min
Canadian pilgrim Mark Petersen has been a phila...
Mark Petersen is CEO of what’s called Stronger Philanthropy, an organisation based in New Brunswick, Canada…..and it was created to serve major donors as a granting hub….providing funds from donors to high-impact charitable projects. He knows all about giving. Mark’s new book is called Love Giving Well….the pilgrimage of philanthropy. It’s a book about the similarities between pilgrimage and philanthropy. Mark walked the Camino Norte and the Camino Porto….and came home with a full heart…..and a plan to write a book about it. Sponsor me via (this is not a link)
54 min
Intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Angela Mo...
I'm dreadfully sorry....I have been unwell. A re-visit to one of my favourite podcasts.... Angela (now Angela Morelli Foisy) walked the Camino in October 2018. Two things I learned from this podcast.... Angela says: “Those things you desire, but are too scared to reach for? That’s your spirit trying to guide your soul." And “....there’s something bigger there, there’s something bigger for us to realise…. we are so much more than the roles we have chosen to play.” Enjoy this insightful podcast about learning why we're here. Sponsor me via
51 min
US pilgrim Christina Kent walked the Camino and...
Christina Kent is a San Francisco-based artist who was drawn to the Camino to "fill the well," helping replenish her creativity through the beauty of nature and the medicine of walking. This is a wonderful chat about the beauty of art...of life...and of adventure. You can find Christina at (not a link) If you'd like to sponsor the podcast go to (not a link)
41 min
Australian pilgrims Annie and Andrew Thomas hav...
I first saw Annie and Andrew Thomas in a social media post....standing outside the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela shining like new diamonds. They were just so happy. This is their second Camino....they have walked the Frances before....but wanted to return to the glory of the Camino....and this time it was the Camino Ingles. Enjoy their journey....they don't skip over the important stuff!! And a treat at the end as always You can sponsor me via (this is not a link)
56 min
Australian pilgrim Shane Oldfield talks about s...
Shane Oldfield has written his Camino memoir - of sorts - but is yet to publish it. He sent it to me to pre-read and I LOVED it!! It's full of amazing insight and quotes from gurus and philosophers.....and pilgrims (and you know how much I love a quote!!!). This is just a wonderful discussion with one half of a pilgrim duo with Shane's wife Zabe, and their journey of discovery together. If you're interested in sponsoring me go to
48 min
Canadian pilgrim Jordon Ozero talks about trans...
Jordon Ozero hails from Vancouver Island, and after 20 years in the cruise industry coming to a close due to Covid, found himself looking for answers. He's now studying transformative tourism. He's seeking answers to the questions pilgrims and travellers have posed for centuries. How and why we seek a journey of discovery. This is a magic chat - with lots of insight about winter Caminos, too. You can find Jordon's blog here.... And you can sponsor the podcast here....
52 min
Mi Buen Camino: Jack Kirnan's Camino doco 'Mi B...
Dr Jack Kirnan set off on the Camino hoping to shed light on some of the emotions and regrets he's carried with him his entire life. He found redemption for himself....and ultimately the gift of forever for his family and community. Jack's documentary is called Mi Buen Camino: The place where everyone becomes your brother and your sister. You can sponsor My Camino - The Podcast at
58 min
Tom Bull is YET to walk the Camino. This is a ...
Tom Bull wrote to me to say he was walking the Camino in May this year. He is a small business owner in New Jersey in the US. He heard about the Camino and wondered if it might be the perfect segue into the next stage of his life. This is the first episode of a two-parter. We'll speak to Tom on his return.....when he's ready. You'll love his energy and insight, hopes and dreams.
40 min
Philippine-born US pilgrim Vince Bacalan discov...
Philippine-born US pilgrim Vince Bacalan discovered during lockdown that he had extra time on his hands to research and discover the Camino, and he did it with gusto. As soon as he could travel....he was on his way to Spain, via walk the Camino Frances. This is a wonderful chat about life and learning.....delving and discovering. Enjoy dm
57 min
This chat is magic: Beebe Bahrami's new book i...
Beebe's new book is called "The Way of the Wild Goose: Three Pilgrimages Following Geese, Stars, and Hunches on the Camino de Santiago in France and Spain." It's an exploration of an ancient game, Tablero del Juego de La Oca - or the Game of the Goose Board. Beebe searches to define divinity in ancient symbols and journeys, guided by the stars, hunches.....and geese. It's a wonderful book. It comes out mid-May. You can pre-order it now.
59 min
Fr Pius Muehlbacher: one of the wonderful Bened...
This wonderful opportunity to speak with Father Pius was something I really cherished. I have seen the monks singing vespers at Rabanel del Camino on two occasions, and it is pure magic. The Benedictine monks sing Gregorian of the true blessings of el Camino de Santiago....what a blessing to have the monks in our lives and on our Camino. You will thoroughly enjoy this chat.
39 min
American pilgrim and writer Stephen Drew's book...
Stephen Drew overcame addiction, the suicide of his son, his step-daughter's chronic illness and the loss of his beloved mentor and father-in-law, Pop. When you hear his description of the moment he decided to walk the Camino, it will send shivers up your spine. You can find Stephen's book where all good books are sold AND via his website
62 min
I'm taking a week off to visit family for the f...
I spoke to Rocco last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy this re-visit with Rocco, - I'll be back again next week. Buen Camino - Dan
58 min
Kelli and Jeff Field-Darragh dreamed big! Amer...
Kelli and Jeff Field-Darragh were recommended to me by Johnnie Walker Santiago. They're American pilgrims who dreamed big...!! Real big!! They're now living on the Camino at the 59km mark - between Palais del Rei and Melide, about to open The Happiness Cafe.
45 min
Karla Males struck up the courage to answer the...
Karla Males wrote about the Camino Primitivo in a blog to say "shit's not that real guys". It's a good point. We all need a reminder, that the world is small...and loving...and caring....and wonderful. You can find Karla's blog here....
39 min
Johnnie Walker Santiago tells us the Camino is ...
Johnnie Walker Santiago has appeared on the podcast four times. He is a guiding light for pilgrims....a true joy in all of our lives. I was wondering what 2022 has in store for the Camino....IT'S ALL GOOD NEWS!!!!! The Camino is alive and well!!
33 min
Thomas Duane is a proud dad, a lucky husband, a...
Thomas and his wife Diane have walked three Caminos, two with their daughters. We talk about finding purpose after a career, and how the Camino can give light to show the Way ahead. Wait until you hear Tom's incredible Camino family story.
43 min
Ines Jewell walked an abuelita Camino with her ...
Ines Jewell has walked the Camino since an extraordinary first Camino in 1999, which changed her life forever. Twenty years later she returned with her seven-year-old grandson Lucas. This is a magic story encompassing the love of a grandmother with her love of adventure, and a desire to impart that wanderlust in her young grandson.
54 min
Tell us a Camino story: Five years of My Camino...
I decided to mark five years of interviews and reflections with some of MY Camino stories. A song or two to keep you company as an unsure world slowly returns to normal
52 min
British pilgrim Danielle Marie Hurren walked to...
I'm back!! Danielle Marie Hurren came to my attention via her stunning Camino photographs. Danielle walked the Camino Portuguese late last year.....and spent Christmas in Portugal, a long way from home. I don't know why, but during the course of my interview with Danielle, I wrote at the bottom of my notes 'Some days are diamonds'. You can find Danielle's photographs and prose via @daniellemariehurren. Yes, some days are diamonds.
53 min
The joy of couplets. American pilgrims, Amy H...
I’m having a few weeks off to re-boot before a very busy 2022. Amy Horton is one of the co-ordinators of the St Louis chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino - we met in Nevada in March 2020 - days before Covid hit. Amy and her husband Ben are the quintessential thinkers. They felt the lure of the Camino and it now plays a big part in their lives....and the lives of their chickens.
60 min
Irish pilgrim Natasha Murtagh has walked the Ca...
I'm taking two weeks off from hosting as I try to re-boot ahead of a very busy year. You are going to love Natasha's passion for the Camino and a similar passion for family. This is a story about love...pure and simple. You can find Natasha and Peter's book everywhere. It's called "Buen Camino". Enjoy dm
61 min
American pilgrim, author and world adventurer B...
American pilgrim, author and world adventurer Brien Crothers has written numerous books about the Camino, he also writes a blog and regular articles via various Facebook groups. Brien and I have exchanged emails for years.....I was desperate to know if his world-travelling life was an adventurous spirit or a restless spirit. You're going to love his Camino story. Brien's books are available via Amazon and you can find his blog via
39 min
American pilgrim Dave Newlin. This is pure Cam...
Dave Newlin was unhappy, unfit and unable to make change. Then he heard about el Camino de Santiago.....and his world, and the world of those around him, changed. This is a wonderful interview - full of insights, discoveries, delights and dreams. Wait until the end for a surprise for all of us.
52 min
Canadian pilgrim and hospitalera Angela Hemming...
I met Angela Hemming when she was working as a hospitalera in Rabanal del Camino in 2016. We sang songs in the reading room ....and pilgrims from all over the world came to sing along. Such joy can be found on the Camino....and such clarity. It was clarity Angela sought when she walked the Camino a few years before I met her. It provided answers to questions, suggestions to clues, and energy to thoughts. For Angela, the Camino was a new beginning.
51 min
John H Clark walked the Camino despite his fear...
John H Clark wrote Camino: Laughter and Tears along Spain's 500-mile Camino De Santiago. He was someone who NEVER travelled; never took risks; and never moved outside his comfort zone. The Camino changed all that!! His is a story of discovery - both personal and spiritual
51 min
Nick Henricks walked the Camino to raise funds ...
Nick Henrick's autistic son William turns 30 on Christmas Day. He walked the Camino to raise money for the centre where William lives, Misericordia, Heart of Mercy in Chicago. Misericordia provides a continuum of care for 600 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities many of whom are physically challenged as well. The Camino changed Nick's life - and he hopes to change many lives by walking the Camino.
47 min
Scottish pilgrim and musician Amanda Chisolm wr...
I saw a picture of Amanda on the Camino and she was shining. I knew I had to interview her. And then, as our worlds collided, Amanda sent me a wonderful Camino song she'd written. It's wonderful....and she's an amazing human being, trying to make the world a better place via pilgrimage....kindness, love and light
57 min
Cici Edwards-Jensen and Mike Jensen walked the ...
Cici Edwards-Jensen and Mike Jensen walked the Camino via de la Plata - and returned home with a book. Happiness Is THAT Way. They write alternating chapters in the book....and tell their vision and version of their journey together and alone.
54 min
Saul Valdez walked the Camino to place his life...
Saul Valdez lives in Hawaii and works in Los Angeles. He's a busy guy. He thought he was ready for retirement, so he headed to the Camino for an adventure. What he found was....himself. He placed a stone at the Cruz de Ferro he hoped would lighten what has weighed him down his whole life. It's an amazing story. You'll love Saul and his journey.
60 min
American pilgrim Trinity Om walked a 'spiritual...
Trinity Om came onto my radar when I saw a picture of her on social media reenacting the closing scenes of The Way in Morocco. I knew I had to talk to this pilgrim!! And what a joy it was to have this conversation from different sides of the world. We are all pilgrims.....for life.
45 min
250 episodes!! A look back at just a handful ...
Thank you for your support and kindness over the last five are some inspirational clips to celebrate 250 podcasts.
36 min
Liz Thomson walked the Camino to honour 240 vic...
This is one of my favourite podcasts - and considering we're just about to hit 150 episodes, that's saying something!!!! Liz ran the Alberquerque Police Dept's Homicide Unit for almost five years. 240 people were murdered on her watch, so she decided to honour them.....and how she did so is one of the best stories you're ever going to hear. You can find Liz, and the video of her Camino, at
53 min
Northern Irish pilgrim Paul Murray has written ...
From the Gaeltacht to Galicia: A Son's Tale is a love story, a story about journeys of love and spirit....and incredible bravery and endeavour. You're going to love Paul's tales of Northern Ireland and beyond as he tells us all about his father, a widely respected and admired World War II doctor. You can buy Paul's book, From the Gaeltacht to Galicia: A Son's Tale via
62 min
Peter Schloss is a former mediator and judge wh...
Peter Schloss is compiling his Camino journals for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They'll come to know and love the spirit of adventure with which Peter and his wife Christine have lived their lives. You can find Peter's blog under "feed your soul" at You're going to love this episode.
52 min
Douglas and Laurie Challenger are about to rele...
Douglas Challenger is a professor of sociology & documentary studies at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. He and his wife Laurie take college students to walk the 500-mile Camino de Santiago for a semester abroad. Their film, released this month, features a group of students on an inspiring personal journey of transformation. Doug and Laurie's journey is just as inspiring. The video will be available for download from November 1, after it premieres at the Monadnock Film Festival via
49 min
Camino YouTuber Dr Jeremiah Gibbs explains his ...
Dr Jeremiah Gibbs is Chaplain at the University of Indianapolis. He started creating YouTube videos to help pilgrims learn the ropes of pilgrimage, not only on the Camino....but right across the world. This is a great discussion about what it's like to pursue a Christian vocation as your life's work. A wonderful chat about devotion....and discovery. You can find Jeremiah on YouTube at Camino Guide... and his website and writing at
44 min
Being here is everything - a Camino reflection
My little brother Leo's album is called "Being Here is Everything". You can find it at
53 min
Molly Lord is a spirited educator, speaker, mus...
Molly Lord wrote to me about my podcast opening cans of worms in her world. Well, it was Molly who opened the worm cans in our spirited and delightful discussion. We talk about her work in the world of music, the Camino and Molly's story, and then Molly taps into the musician in me to reveal what motivates ME. I was both fascinated and humbled. Enjoy, dm.
62 min
Spanish pilgrim and teacher Maria Seco tells us...
Maria teaches Spanish to Camino pilgrims. She urges us all to learn key phrases, key instructions...and to embrace and indulge in the wonders of the Camino. Why not learn some Spanish to enhance your journey, your experience, your Camino. Some snippets of music from my previous Caminos, too. You can find Maria at
39 min
US pilgrim Amy Weiser was surprised by what she...
The Camino is full of surprises. What if we're surprised by what life becomes on our return home? What if we found our best life on the Camino and can't find it again when we get home? Well, it might just be part of the whole journey....the journey of life....
52 min
British pilgrim Jonathan Fletcher found a spiri...
Jonathan Fletcher's been through the worst of times AND the best of times. He opens up in this discussion to share his perspective on family, the future....and allowing yourself to be WHO YOU ARE. This is a fantastic story; a story of hope and joy.
45 min
American pilgrim Jason Searle has just returned...
I first interviewed Jason Searl in December 2019 about his parish's wonderful work in honouring the US Army captain and hero Fr Emil Kapaun. Jason and his daughters have just returned from the Camino, having walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. This week, we find out what's happening on the Camino right now....and should you head over to the Way.
57 min
Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner wrot...
This is week one of a two-part podcast detailing the journey of the Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner, whose book "The Way of the Gardener" is pure joy. You're going to love this interview. It's magic. You can find Lyndon's book "The Way of the Gardener - getting lost in the weeds along the Camino de Santiago" via Amazon
46 min
Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner wrot...
This is week one of a two-part podcast detailing the journey of the Canadian gardener and author Lyndon Penner, whose book "The Way of the Gardener" is pure joy. You're going to love this interview. It's magic. You can find Lyndon's book "The Way of the Gardener - getting lost in the weeds along the Camino de Santiago" via Amazon
42 min
American author Brian Lucky Skillen has written...
Brian is a dancer. He found himself in Spain while on an international tour. The Camino called and he was changed forever. The story of his commitment to the scholarship of writing, is reason enough to listen to this podcast. PLUS the pure joy of what the Camino has brought to Brian is just so inspiring. You can find the book at
57 min
Your host Dan Mullins presents 'The Gift That K...
This is an edited version of my address to the American Pilgrims on the Camino annual gathering in South Bend Indiana on St James Day weekend 2021. I also invited my friend Claudette Clausen to join us to talk through her experience and to share her wonderful pilgrim insights.
38 min
Steve Wilson wrote a one-man show after walking...
Steve Wilson is an Australian pilgrim who, like many of us, walked a Camino when he found himself at a crossroad in his life. His renewed energy and feeling of self-worth encouraged him to write a show: Camino Man. His story of his letter to Jesus who assaulted him, is worth this episode alone.
56 min
Sue and Angus Faillettaz take us on a magical j...
Sue and Angus found themselves living in Switzerland and decided to call it home. They've found themselves falling in love with the Jakobsweb, or St James' Way, in Switzerland, a series of ancient trails that crisscross one of the most majestic landscapes in the world. Learn about walking the Swiss mountains as a couple....and as pilgrims.
50 min
Canadian author Phil Riggs walked the Camino an...
Phil Riggs has written a guidebook for the Camino - "Hiking the Spanish, Portuguese, and French Caminos: A Soulful Journey". He says hiking the Camino leads to "Santiago Syndrome", an addiction. Our collective intention walking hand in hand.
45 min
American pilgrim James Geier walked the Camino ...
San Diegan James Geier decided to walk the Camino to find a chance to get away from it all. Instead, he found a journey of discovery he hadn't imagined. It was everything he hoped for and more. This Camino life surprises us and enlightens us if we are brave enough to let it.
62 min
Northern Irish pilgrim Catherine Davey walked t...
You're going to love Catherine's story. It's about a surprise tradition created by a mother who wanted to treat her children to a future she never had. It's a wonderful story about vision, the future, and love.
56 min
Karin Kiser is author of the international best...
Karin is the founder of Radical Simplicity and author of the international bestseller Lighten Your Load. She tells us how to clear a path for our best selves to shine through. Karin has also written the Camino books - Your Inner Camino - Your Pocket Guide to Inspiration and Transformation Along the Camino de Santiago; and After the Camino - Your Pocket Guide to Integrating the Camino de Santiago into Your Daily Life
51 min
Identical twin pilgrims, Kylie Fisher and Jacki...
Kylie Fisher lives in remote outback Australia; her identical twin Jacki James, lives 1000km away, on the east coast of the country. After getting a sense they're drifted apart, they decided to walk the Camino together to celebrate their 50th birthday. Their story is like their lives....intertwined....and inseparable. I know you're going to love this interview as much as I did.
61 min
British pilgrim Deborah Wilson is a perfect exa...
Deborah Wilson wrote to me to say she'd enjoyed my episode with Jennifer Cluff. I invited her to be interviewed, and she said she didn't really have much of a story to tell. Nothing could be further from the truth. ***Warning: host gets blown away during interview...!!! ***
65 min
Monica and Bob Wiley walked a Camino together a...
I met Bob and Monica in San Diego in March 2020. We talked about the joys of the Camino and our collective yearning to return. Covid put a stop to all that. We talk about Monica's writing at - and our dreams for the future. You'll LOVE their Camino stories.
49 min
British pilgrim Simon Donlevy discovered a new ...
Simon had never heard of the Camino, until his friend Neil decided to walk after learning he had Parkinson's. Simon was walking to keep Neil company. Three days later, he was a pilgrim for life....!! He wrote a book about his experience on his return Camino.....There's Something Going On. Find him at
52 min
German pilgrim and blogger Melanie Schaedlich j...
Melanie and I are regular correspondents; we share ideas and views and reminisce about our Camino journey. I love her enthusiasm and passion for pilgrimage. Her blog is a snapshot of her depth of thinking in terms of her journey. You are invited to share her Camino at The village on the Calzada Romana is called "Calzadillas de los Hermanillos"
56 min
Johannes Aschauer is founder and initiator of T...
Imagine walking the longest pilgrimage in the world - the Jerusalem Way - from Finisterre to the Holy Land. Johannes Aschauer has mapped the pilgrimage and invites us all to walk with him in harmony and peace.
49 min
YouTuber from the North West of England, and pi...
Sean Gallagher began walking Caminos in 1999. He never stopped. He's recently launched a YouTube series offering advice for existing pilgrims and people wanting the best advice before stepping onto the trail. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and know you will too. Just Google 'Sean Gallagher Camino' and you'll find him. Buen Camino, Dan
45 min
Podcaster, yogi, pilgrim and friend Leigh Brenn...
I just love this interview. Leigh is everything I like to think the Camino can provide; inspiration, company, friendship, trust and love. Enjoy this wonderful journey via this wonderful pilgrim.
55 min
A re-visit from one of my favourite episodes. ...
I'm re-posting this wonderful episode. I hope you love it as much as I do
62 min
Camino For Good co-founder Lindsay Teychenne jo...
Camino For Good is an app to help pilgrims navigate the Camino - and their daily lives. It's also making a difference to the lives of people living ON the Camino. You can find all the details at
52 min
Susi and Fermin from Casa Susi join me to talk ...
My friends, Susi and Fermin run Casa Susi at Trabadello just outside Villafranca del Bierzo. It's a small albergue of 12 beds, surrounded by flowers and vegetables planted by the hosts. They trade in summer and love. They welcome everyone....and open their hearts to all. This is not just a story about the Camino, it's a story about life....and love.
48 min
Bob, David and Josh Makela. Two brothers and a...
This is a wonderful story about walking with the ones you love. Josh Makela asked the two most important men in his life, his dad and uncle, to walk the Camino with him. They discovered themselves and each other - a gift for the generations.
61 min
American writer and blogger Cathay Reta walked ...
Loving yourself ought to be easy, but so often we find it difficult in this modern world. Cathay Reta walked the Camino and came home with a book in her heart - Keep Walking, Your Heart Will Catch Up
43 min
Bryan Steward, who has Becker muscular dystroph...
Don't let disability define you. Be as strong as YOU can. You can achieve what you want, in your time, by doing things at your pace. In YOUR time.
40 min
YouTube vlogger and pilgrim Kate Paine joins us...
Let me introduce you to the wanderlusting lawyer!!!!! Kate Paine hosts a series of YouTube videos talking about issues like 'what if I only have two weeks to walk the Camino?' and 'what does a typical day look like on the Camino?'. I love the videos. I also love Kate's energy.
55 min