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At the intersection of learning, media, and the future of work, join us each week as we sense and discover where the future of education is heading. Join host Mike Palmer, the Founder of Palmer Media, as he engages with thought leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs exploring the cutting edge of learning in these tumultuous times.

Society & Culture
The Non-Obvious and the Future of Video
Rohit Bhargava and Trends to Watch For in 2017
33 min
Super AI, The Inevitable, and Teachers
March Madness Winner, The Myth of Super AI, Centaurs and More
23 min
ASU+GSV 2017
Hot Trends in Education, Technology, and Venture Capital
30 min
The Inevitable
A Breakdown of Kevin Kelly's Influential Take on the Future of Technology
28 min
Elon Musk and Learning Transfer
Mike and Crew Talk about Elon Musk's Learning Habits
20 min
Social Emotional Learning
SEL, EdTech, and A Quiz!
24 min
21st Century Skills - World Economic Forum
A look back at 2016 World Economic Forum Report on 21st Skills needed
22 min
Behind the Scenes with Dr. Bror Saxberg
Bror's Takes on Instructional Design, Podcasting, Storytelling, and Growth Mindset.
21 min
The Future of Work with Dr. Bror Saxberg
Bror Saxberg, Kaplan's Chief Learning Officer, Talks Future of Work, Automation, and AI
27 min
Learning Engineering with Dr. Bror Saxberg
Dr. Bror Saxberg Talks Learning Engineering
43 min
Brandon recaps his trip to SXSW EDU. What was trending in Austin during Brandon's four day visit?
28 min
2017 March Madness Matchups Part 2
Dan, Mike, and Brandon are back to break down the bottom of the Trending In Education bracket. The last four matchups have some great match ups. Mike and Brandon break down each side of the debate. Who wins? Who Loses? Vote this week for your favorites t...
19 min
2017 March Madness Matchups Part 1
Mike, Dan, & Brandon do some bracket breakdowns around their 16 team March Madness tournament. Mike & Brandon debate each match-up in the top half of the bracket. Which overdog has the easiest run through the first round? Which lower seed has a chance to...
23 min