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At the intersection of learning, media, and the future of work, join us each week as we sense and discover where the future of education is heading. Join host Mike Palmer, the Founder of Palmer Media, as he engages with thought leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs exploring the cutting edge of learning in these tumultuous times.

Society & Culture
Breaking Down Mary Meeker's AI & Higher Educati...
16 min
Crossing the Post-Secondary Canyon with Coleen ...
A Conversation About Ethnographic Research from TFA's Reinvention Lab
45 min
Why Mindset Matters and How Higher Ed Helps Dev...
A Conversation with the President and CEO of the Aspen Institute
37 min
Stepping Up Summer 2024
A Special Edition of Trending in Ed
24 min
Teaching Writing in the Age of AI with Dr. Jenn...
A Conversation with the Director of Writing at New College of Florida
34 min
Bror Saxberg | Learner-Centered AI and the Rede...
A Conversation with the Founder of Learning Forge
48 min
AI Architects and the Future of Learning Conten...
A Conversation with the VP of Consulting, Curriculum, and Product Strategy at Magic EdTech
29 min
Beyond Bootcamps: A New Model for Tech Readines...
A Conversation with Xhesika Malecaj, Jason Paulino, and Ruben Ogbanna
25 min
Education Engineering in the Age of AI
A Conversation with the Founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign
35 min
Making College Possible for Everyone with Dr. S...
A Conversation with the CEO of College Possible
32 min
An Eagle's Eye View of AI, Stranded Brilliance,...
A Conversation with the Founder of TomorrowNow Learning Labs
36 min
The Power of Arts Education and Mentorship with...
A Conversation with the Host of Arts Educators Save the World
35 min
Creating a New Marketplace for Work Experience ...
A Conversation with the Founder and CEO of Extern
42 min
Helping Folks Finish Up Higher Education with T...
A Conversation with the CEO of ReUp Education
35 min
Teaching with AI with Author Eddie Watson
A Conversation with the Vice President for Digital Innovation at AAC&U
37 min
EdTech and AI for Early Learning with Diana Hug...
A Conversation with Folks from Age of Learning
22 min
Building a Mobile-First Platform for the Future...
A Conversation with the CEO of Honor Education
27 min
Building a Podcast Network for Academics with M...
A Conversation with the Founder and Publisher of the New Books Network
38 min
ASU+GSV Recap PLUS Dana Bryson from a...
AI, the Power of Teachers, and Getting into Our 2024 Conference Flow
31 min
Navigating Higher Ed Benefits with A Chatbot Na...
A Conversation with Folks from Benefits Data Trust (BDT)
26 min
Bias, Noise, and AI in Ed with Tim Dasey
A Conversation with the Author of Wisdom Factories
35 min
Developing New Leaders, AI and Practice with Je...
A Conversation with the CEO of New Leaders
28 min
Psychology and Public Scholarship with Dr. Ken ...
A Conversation with the Founding Director of the Emory Center for Public Scholarship and Engagement
23 min
Can Chatbots Help Fight Absenteeism? with Joann...
A Conversation with the Founder and CEO of AllHere and Our Virtual CoHost
23 min
The Trifecta of Community, Culture, and Collabo...
A Conversation with Dana Gastich-French, Punam Saxena, and Dr. DeShanna Reed
52 min