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At the intersection of learning, media, and the future of work, join us each week as we sense and discover where the future of education is heading. Join host Mike Palmer, the Founder of Palmer Media, as he engages with thought leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs exploring the cutting edge of learning in these tumultuous times.

Society & Culture
Navigating Higher Ed Benefits with A Chatbot Na...
A Conversation with Folks from Benefits Data Trust (BDT)
26 min
Bias, Noise, and AI in Ed with Tim Dasey
A Conversation with the Author of Wisdom Factories
35 min
Developing New Leaders, AI and Practice with Je...
A Conversation with the CEO of New Leaders
28 min
Psychology and Public Scholarship with Dr. Ken ...
A Conversation with the Founding Director of the Emory Center for Public Scholarship and Engagement
23 min
Can Chatbots Help Fight Absenteeism? with Joann...
A Conversation with the Founder and CEO of AllHere and Our Virtual CoHost
23 min
The Trifecta of Community, Culture, and Collabo...
A Conversation with Dana Gastich-French, Punam Saxena, and Dr. DeShanna Reed
52 min
All Toddlers CAN Read with Spencer Russell
A Conversation with the Founder of Toddlers CAN Read
32 min
SXSW EDU March Madness of Learning Trends LIVE
A Special Episode with Beth Rudden, Melissa Griffith, and Dr. Robin Naughton
56 min
Understanding School Moms with Laura Pappano
A Conversation with the Author and Education Journalist
38 min
Lessons for Education from the Media Industry w...
A Conversation with the Managing Director of Alvarez and Marsal
38 min
Leading EdTech Across the Higher Ed Ecosystem w...
A Conversation with the CEO of Anthology
25 min
Data Science for Social Impact in Education wit...
A Conversation with the Head of Education Practice at DataKind
33 min
Learning Science, Expertise, and the Future of ...
A Conversation with the Founder of LearningForge
43 min
How Do We Build an Apprentice Nation? with Ryan...
A Conversation with the Managing Director at Achieve Partners
30 min
SXSW EDU 2024 Hype Show Featuring Beth Rudden, ...
Getting to Know Our Panelists Heading into March Madness
27 min
Keeping Everyone in the Learning Loop with Matt...
A Conversation with the CEO of Seesaw
35 min
"Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" with Brian Ros...
Resistance to Change in Higher Education
39 min
Conversation Design and AI Literacy with Nicoll...
A Conversation with the Founder of the Boring AI Company
28 min
Cathedral Building in Education with Brandon Bu...
A Conversation with the CEO of BrandEd
46 min
Effective Instructional Communication with Dr. ...
A Conversation with the UCF Communications Professor
34 min
Does AI Belong in Your Classroom with Dr. Whitn...
A Conversation with the Solutions Architect for Kiddom
47 min
Insights for Parents from Learning Science with...
A Conversation with the Founder of Learning Forge
52 min
Building Amazing Kids Learning Pods with Meredi...
A Conversation with the Co-Founder and CEO of Tinkercast
34 min
The Future of Eds and Meds with Geoffrey M. Roche
A Conversation with the Director of Workforce Development at Siemens Healthineers
24 min
A Moonshot Model for Affordable Higher Educatio...
A Conversation with the Founder and Chancellor of Campus EDU
42 min