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At the intersection of learning, media, and the future of work, join us each week as we sense and discover where the future of education is heading. Join host Mike Palmer, the Founder of Palmer Media, as he engages with thought leaders, pioneers, and entrepreneurs exploring the cutting edge of learning in these tumultuous times.

Society & Culture
"Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" with Brian Ros...
Resistance to Change in Higher Education
39 min
Conversation Design and AI Literacy with Nicoll...
A Conversation with the Founder of the Boring AI Company
28 min
Cathedral Building in Education with Brandon Bu...
A Conversation with the CEO of BrandEd
46 min
Effective Instructional Communication with Dr. ...
A Conversation with the UCF Communications Professor
34 min
Does AI Belong in Your Classroom with Dr. Whitn...
A Conversation with the Solutions Architect for Kiddom
47 min
Insights for Parents from Learning Science with...
A Conversation with the Founder of Learning Forge
52 min
Building Amazing Kids Learning Pods with Meredi...
A Conversation with the Co-Founder and CEO of Tinkercast
34 min
The Future of Eds and Meds with Geoffrey M. Roche
A Conversation with the Director of Workforce Development at Siemens Healthineers
24 min
A Moonshot Model for Affordable Higher Educatio...
A Conversation with the Founder and Chancellor of Campus EDU
42 min
Global Takes on UDL and Special Education with ...
A Conversation with the Faculty and Program Coordinator at The School of Professional Advancement at Tulane University
27 min
Designing Learning Spaces with Melissa Turnbaugh
A Conversation with the National Education and Innovation Leader at PBK
34 min
Don't Be A Turkey, Learn to Be Grateful 2023
Neuroscience, Family, and More
22 min
Can Schools Save Democracy? with Michael J. Feuer
A Conversation with the Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University
44 min
Lex Luthor, Prince, and Solving Higher Ed Housi...
A Free-Wheeling Conversation with the Founder and CEO of EDUrain
34 min
Escalating the Rise for Frontline Workers with ...
A Conversation with the Co-Founders of Escalate
40 min
AI Executive Orders, Learning Pits, and Fun wit...
Exploring How to Blend AI into Human Learning
25 min
Counterbalancing the AI Megatrend
The Extended Mind and Deliberate Play
22 min
Nancy's Back! The Year in AI with Our Virtual C...
The Triumphant Return of Our Virtual Human
24 min
Entrepreneurship and EdTech Innovation with Dr....
A Conversation with the Founder and CEO of Plabook Education
33 min
Trending in Ed OG Reunion with Brandon Jones an...
A Special "Just Us Humans" Talking AI Edition
35 min
Crisis-Proofing Today's Learners with Jean Eddy
A Conversation with the President and CEO of American Student Assistance (ASA)
35 min
Launching an AI Academy with Sean Michael Morris
A Conversation with the VP of Academics for Course Hero
34 min
Sensory Learning in the Digital Age with Dr. Na...
A Conversation with the Researcher and Ed Tech Thought Leader
28 min
The AI Education Project with Alex Kotran
A Conversation with the Founder and CEO of aiEDU
44 min
Leading The Balanced Business with Dr. Andrew T...
A Conversation with the Author and Executive
27 min