Enough with Coach Laurie

In my 20 plus years as a life coach, I learned from my clients that most of us believe we are not enough, making it tough to purse our dreams . My goal is to encourage people to discover their purpose and make an impact, leave a legacy, even start a movement. Enough with Coach Laurie gives you action steps to making a difference not only in your life but of those around you. Are you ready to make an impact?

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Alternative Health
Enough About Being a Single Parent
Being a single parent is tough but during the holidays even tougher.
2 min
Enough About Complex Shame
If you struggle with shame even after doing all the work and being vulnerable.
2 min
Enough About Complex Shame
Complex shame is not your average everyday shame.
5 min
Enough About Being More Productive
An extensive study in the U.S.A found that the most productive age in human life is between 60-70 years of age.
2 min
Enough About Being Enough
As we age it is easy to feel like we didn't do enough, have enough, become enough and now we are out of time.
4 min
Enough About Gratitude
Gratitude can boost neurotransmitter serotonin and activate the brain stem to produce dopamine.
4 min
Enough About Homeless
Sometimes sharing something you went through, even if it was hard, could be the answer to someone's prayer.
4 min
Enough About Fixing
No one wants to be fixed!!!
3 min
Enough About Bravado
It is admirable to be outraged about childhood abuse. But think about the message your "Bravado" is giving your children.
4 min
Enough About Being Perfect
I hope I mess this up!!
2 min
Enough About Invite Him In
If you are like me, when you are having a rough day, bad thoughts or frustrations, you work hard to get out of that state.
3 min
Enough About Your Comfort Zone
What if staying in your comfort zone not only hurts you, but others?
3 min
Enough About Entrepreneur
You deserve a big blue ribbon for sticking with it!!!
3 min
Enough About Anticipation
What if we could turn anxiety into anticipation?
4 min
220|Enough About Curious
What are we missing when we are not curious?
4 min
Enough About I'm Too Old
3 min
Enough About That Voice in Your Head
You know that voice that says "who are you too...?"
5 min
Enough About Push Record
Will your stories outlive you?
4 min
Enough About Self Loathing
Do you know someone who is full of self loathing?
3 min
Enough About Manifesting
If bad things are happening to me is it because I am manifesting them?
4 min
Enough About Care Taking
Are you caring for a loved one? Are you also taking care of yourself?
4 min
Enough About Your Story Matters
Your story matters!! Have you ever had to write a bio? An edification, for being introduced?
4 min
Enough About I Can't
"I can't" is the death of a dream
5 min
Enough About Self Love
I am seeing a theme among women who have re created their life after being interrupted!!
3 min
Enough About You Guys
There's a little secret that can make a world of difference in your podcast or zoom calls.
4 min