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Honesty is a lost art. Chris Hahn is a progressive political commentator, radio personality and attorney based in NY.  A former aid to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Chris's views are informed from experience. He doesn't mince words and he knows what it takes to defeat the right wing extremism that appears to be on the march. The weekly podcast is informative, entertaining and opinionated.  

News Commentary
Astro Turf...
This week Chris tees off on Trump and his Right Wing Media echo-chamber for encouraging protests of stay at home orders. Plus Dr. Josh Miller who leads one of the largest COVID 19 testing facilities in the US.   
46 min
Presidential Propaganda/ Therapy...
This week Chris rages against Donald Trump's daily briefings that are part propaganda and part personal therapy sessions. Plus a conversation about last weeks viral debate with Congressman Matt Gaetz (R Florida) and a special interview w/ former Senator Barbara Boxer of California... 
48 min
Our New Heroes
This week Chris backs off politics just a bit to get a report from the front lines in the fight against COVID 19 from ER Nurse Alison Rowe, plus an interview wit former NY State Director of Homeland Security Mike Balboni
51 min
This Too Shall Pass...
This week Chris talks w/ Emergency Room Doctor Freya Dittrich about conditions on the front lines in the battle against COVID 19. Plus, Politics in the Pandemic and when this is over font forget the people who got us through this... 
43 min
No Dying for the Dow
In this bonus episode, Chris calls out Texas LG Dan Patrick and others on the Right looking for shortcuts out of this crisis to jump start the economy..
20 min
The 20th Amendment Has No Emergency Clause...
This week Chris talks about how the 20th Amendment will not allow for the postponement of elections if we are still dealing with the impact of COVID 19. Plus Dr. JD Zzipkin of Northwell Health on how th evirus is impacting the jhealthcare system and individuals. 
48 min
Surreal World....
Chris talks about the nationwide shutdown, Moscow Mitch's long weekend and what may be the final day of the Democratic Primary. Plus former Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh longs to get back to a place where he and Chris disagreed about almost everything... 
51 min
Don't Panic...
With bleak news breaking seemingly minute by minute, an ineffective President an economy sliding into recession, Chris urges everyone to take a deep breath.  Former Senator Russ Feingold talks about his new role in restoring law and order to our courts. 
44 min
Super Tuesday Result Special
Chris talks Super Tuesday and what comes next in the Democratic Primary... Is it Michigan or Bust for Bernie? 
18 min
Everything Has Changed...
This week Chris discusses the political fallout from the Corona Virus, Joe Biden V Bernie and what should Obama's role be. Guest Ellis Henican. 
42 min
Winning is the Point...
This week Chris discusses "electability" and how to thwart Conservative's plans to call Democrats "Communists" in the 2020 election. Plus Raw Story's Sarah Burris
48 min
No Pass for Haters...
Chris calls out Rush Limbaugh for his hateful rants against Mayor Pete and discusses the state of the 2020 election with former Congressman Steve Israel  Breaks at 23:53 and 42:33
45 min
Shake it Off
Chris pushes back on what pundits are calling "Trump's Best Week" Plus Dan Squadron of Future Now 
47 min
Iowa Train Wreck
Chris discusses the colossal failure of the Iowa Democratic Party and its impact on this and future campaigns. Should Iowa forfeit its place as 1st in the nation to "vote" for President? Plus MSNBC's Jill Wine-Banks discusses Impeachment. 
37 min
Sheep & Cowards...
Should the Senate even exist anymore? This week we dive into the Impeachment arguments and get ready for Iowa. Guest, CNN's Janet Johnson. 
57 min
Surprise Me
This week Chris is counting down to Impeachment and Iowa and hoping that someone in the GOP heeds the word of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and discovers that " The time is always right to do whats right"  Guest Republican strategist and MSNBC regular Evan Siegfried.  
50 min
This week Chris pushes back on Trump's claim that Democrats love Terrorist and talks 2020 w/ MSNBC regular Basil Smikle 
46 min
A Consequential Year
This week Chris talks about Trump's escalation in Iran and the potential of John Bolton's testimony in a Senate Trial. Plus Mayor of Columbia, SC Steve Benjamin, National Co-Chairman of Bloomberg of Presidents discusses Mayor Bloomberg's Strategy and the prospect of defeating Lindsey Graham...  
47 min
Here We Go...
2020 is finally here. Chris discusses the consequential year ahead. Former Senator Barbara Boxer discusses the many talents of Speaker Pelosi, why she may be holding off the delivery of the Impeachment Articles to the US Senate and gives her thoughts on the Democratic primary fight. 
47 min
Nancy is Better at Politics...
This week Chris talks Impeachment strategy. Chris also suggests we talk about our values with our conservative family and friends this holiday season and not Trump. The always thoughtful Margaret Hoover of PBS's Firing Line is our guest this week. 
44 min
This Week Chris discusses Impeachment and combating the Trump plan to "Go Low" in 2020.  Raw Story's Sarah Burris joins the conversation .  
53 min
Joy Behar
This week Chris talks to Joy Behar of The View. Joy weighs in on politics and talks about what it was like interviewing Don Jr.  Plus her thoughts on the relationship between Kelly Ann and George Conway. Chris also shares his thoughts on the so called "Prosperity Gospel" being preached by many Trump supporting Evangelicals. 
35 min
Back to Work
Chris's self imposed ban on politics is over and its time to get ready to convince our conservative friends that 4 more years of Trump is bad for America.  Plus will there be an open convention... and is that a bad thing? 
43 min
Thanksgiving Me a Break...
This Week Chris discusses the GOP's bonkers Ukrainian conspiracy theory and gives a Thanksgiving message.... Plus CNN's Janet Johnson on Impeachment and more... 
39 min
This week Chris talks impeachment with Watergate Prosecutor, MSNBC Contributor and Author Jill Wine-Banks . Plus the rising fortunes of Mayor Pete and the Fall of the Red Wall in the South... 
46 min