Aggressive Progressive

Honesty is a lost art. Chris Hahn is a progressive political commentator, radio personality and attorney based in NY.  A former aid to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Chris's views are informed from experience. He doesn't mince words and he knows what it takes to defeat the right wing extremism that appears to be on the march. The weekly podcast is informative, entertaining and opinionated.  

News Commentary
Come Again
This week Chris welcomes former Howard Stern Show Staffer KC Armstrong who discusses why he left the show and reveals for the fist time why he hasn't been back on the show the past few years. Chris also discusses the Alabama Anti-Choice bill. 
54 min
Jerry Falwell Jr. Has Some Explaining to Do...G...
Chris discusses his belief that Jerry Falwell Jr. was blackmailed by Michael Cohen into endorsing Donald Trump in 2016. Or maybe he's just a fraud. Chris discusses Libertarian in the age of Trump with special guest Matt Welch from Reason Magazine. 
38 min
Katie Barr the Door...
In this weeks episode, Chris blasts AG Bill Barr for his failure to honor Congressional requests and has choice words for the pathetic display Congressional Democrats put on in response. Chris urges Congressional Dems to understand the game has changed and they need to play by the new rules. He has some good things to say about Senator and Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris and how she handled the hostile witness Bill Barr was.  Also Chris discuses his awkward dinner with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost...  @christopherhahn on twitter  Breaks at 22:41 and 32:17
34 min
And They’re Off...
This week Chris discusses Joe Biden's entry into the race and assesses the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He also calls out TV Evangelical Franklin Graham for his hypocrisies and criticism of Bttigieg's sexuality while all the while brushing off all of the president's personal failings.  
31 min
Mueller Mania
On this episode Chris reacts to the release of the redacted Mueller Report and slams conservatives for taking a victory lap in the face of clear criminal activity on the part of the administration. He discusses the impact impeachment could have on the 2020 election.  Guest Scott Dworkin, founder of the Democratic Coalition who shares his view of the report and what comes next.  Social Media: Twitter @ChristopherHahn   Instagram @ChristopherHahnNY   Guest twitter @Funder 
46 min
Humanity Isn’t Just for Citizens
In the inaugural episode of The Aggressive Progressive w/ Chris Hahn,, Chris implores progressives to talk to their conservative friends about Trump's inhumanity toward migrants. Chris also talks with columnist Amy Holmes about the election of Lori Lightfoot as Chicago's first African American and openly gay mayor 
45 min