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Vin and Mike Episode 22
Vin and Mike discuss Aaron Donald's contract, the money golfers are making in LIV, NBA Finals, reflections of 94 Rangers and Knicks, plus is Mike a Justin Bieber fan.
64 min
Vin and Mike Episode 21
Vin and Mike welcome special guest John Codman to talk Packers football. We also talk New York Rangers, NBA playoffs, French Open, and the fantasy football fight between Pham and Pederson.
63 min
Vin and Mike Episode 20
Vin and Mike discuss NBA playoffs, Mets, Yankees, Preakness bets, and some 1980's NBA and much more.
61 min
Vin and Mike Episode 19
Vin welcomed special guest co-host Brandon Wirth, while Mike is on vacation. Brandon brought his Michigan flare on sports. Vin and Bradon talked NBA playoffs, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, as always Yankees and Over/Under for the Jets.
69 min
Vin and Mike Episode 18
Vin and Mike welcome to the show Ron Flatter from Horse Racing Nation and Host of Ron Flatter Racing Pod. We recap the amazing Kentucky Derby win by Rich Strike, a little preview of the Preakness and some feelings on Bob Baffert. We also talk about...
59 min
Vin and Mike Kentucky Derby Episode
Vin and Mike with their first special edition episode as they preview the Kentucky Derby and give you their best bets. They also give you insight on how to make exotic bets.
27 min
Vin and Mike Episode 17
Vin and Mike welcome a special guest, former 7-time Pro-Bowler NFL Tackle Richmond Webb. We discuss Richmond's time with the Dolphins, his matchup with Bruce Smith, his memories of playing the Jets and why isn't he in the Hall of Fame.
51 min
Vin and Mike Episode 16
Vin and Mike welcome guest former NFL Quarterback Gus Frerotte to the show. Gus talks about his time in the NFL, being drafted, his time at Tulsa, his 99-yard TD pass, the headbutt incident, today's NFL and so much more.
59 min
Vin and Mike Episode 15
Vin and Mike discuss #NBA playoffs, #NFL Draft, #Nets, #Jets, #Yankees and our favorite number 15
70 min
Vin and Mike Episode 14
Vin and Mike discuss the NBA playoffs, their misery with the Yankees, how the Mets are looking good early and more potential wide receiver trades in the NFL.
61 min
Vin and Mike Episode 13
Vin and Mike bring back returning guest host ViggyBets own Andrew Vigliotti to discuss MLB bets. This week ViggyBets is offering a discount on his VIP service to our listeners. We also give some of our feelings on who to take in the NBA playoffs.
61 min
Vin and Mike Episode 12
Vin and Mike welcome golf guru Anthony Peluso to discuss the best bets for The Masters. We also discuss some over/unders on MLB and NFL and March Madness.
58 min
Vin and Mike Episode 11
Vin and Mike are joined by guest host Chris Mangano as we discuss March Madness, NFL QB free agents and some picks on the final four. We also talk to Chris about the Packers and NY Rangers hockey.
75 min
Vin and Mike Episode 10
Vin and Mike are joined by special guest host Dan Hernandez, as we discussed March Madness, NFL, MLB, NBA history and dive deeper into the Britney Griner situation. 
73 min
Vin and Mike Episode 9
Vin and Mike welcomed special guest host Shane Miller, as they talked about a variety of topics. From Tom Brady, DeShaun Watson, March Madness, MLB, NFL and Shane's specialty Minor League Baseball.
83 min
Vin and Mike Episode 8
Vin and Mike have special guest Evan Schlossberg as we talk about our favorite movies and Cleveland sports. We also give our perspective on Calvin Ridley, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.
82 min
Vin and Mike Episode 7
Vin and Mike have their first guest free episode and discuss MLB lockout, 90's Knicks, Derek Jeter, Kyler Murray, and lots of NBA talk.
60 min
Vin and Mike Episode 6
Vin and Mike were joined by Antwan Staley from the Register-Guard to discuss Oregon Ducks Sports, as well their take on Juwan Howard, NBA Top 75 on how they are ranked, and Brian Flores.
62 min
Vin and Mike Episode 5
Vin and Mike recap Superbowl LVI with special guest host Scott DelleFave a #BillsMafia member. They also spoke about the bad luck bets and how some Bills legends are overlooked for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
65 min
Vin and Mike Episode 4
Vin and Mike have on special guest host Artie L and they discuss Superbowl prop bets, Superbowl game bets, card collecting and coaching changes in the NFL.
75 min
Vin and Mike Episode 3
Vin and Mike were joined by Kyle Manske as we discussed the NFL Championship games, Baseball Hall of Fame, Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Bucks basketball and why Kyle Shanahan hasn't learned anything.
75 min
Vin and Mike Episode 2
Vin and Mike have on ViggyBets, Andrew Vigliotti to talk sports betting and his VIP service for bettors. The guys also went into analysis on the Chiefs and Bills.
77 min
Vin and Mike Episode 1
Vin and Mike episode 1 with special guest Jeff Mazpule to speak NY Giants football. The guys went over the Dallas and 49ers game, previewed the upcoming NFL division games and who impressed this past Wild Card weekend. 
74 min