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Vin and Mike Episode 72
Vin and Mike discuss the Knicks return to the playoffs, some historical 1990 Knicks, who is better Jordan or Lebron and much more.
65 min
Vin and Mike Episode 71 - Special Guest Joy Taylor
Vin and Mike talk to Fox Sports host of Speak Joy Taylor. Joy discusses her trip to Panama, Angel Reese, Aaron Rodgers to the Jets, her love of Michael Jordan and the Joy Taylor Foundation.
58 min
Vin and Mike Episode 70
55 min
Vin and Mike Episode 69
Vin and Mike discuss the success of the NY Knicks, the greatness of Jon Jones, the impact of Derek Carr going to the Saints and what is next for the NY Jets.
65 min
Vin and Mike - Episode 68 - UFC 285 Preview
Vin and Mike talk with special guest David Kim to preview UFC 285. The guys chat Knicks basketball, MLB pitch clock rules and the excitement of NY sports.
75 min
Vin and Mike Episode 67
Vin and Mike discuss the NBA dunk contest, the NBA all-star game, Derek Carr's Jets visit, what if Daniel Jones doesn't sign with the Giants and a lot more.
63 min
Vin and Mike Episode 66
Vin and Mike recap Superbowl 57, we also discuss potential quarterbacks for the Jets, pending NFL free agents and NBA basketball.
67 min
Vin and Mike Episode 65 - Superbowl Preview
Vin and Mike give you their Superbowl 57 picks. They also give you some interesting prop bets.
47 min
Vin and Mike Episode 64 - Kevin Bryant - Spies ...
Vin and Mike welcome back Kevin Bryant author of Spies on the Sidelines. Kevin details some of the historical spying of the Championship games throughout the NFL. Vin and Mike also review AFC and NFC Championship games and discuss the hirings of Sean Payton and Demeco Ryans.
68 min
Vin and Mike Episode 63
64 min
Vin and Mike - One Year Anniversary
Vin and Mike celebrate the one-year anniversary of the show with NFL Wildcard review, picks for the NFL divisional round and some anniversary moments.
67 min
Vin and Mike Episode 61
Vin and Mike give an update on Damar Hamlin, make picks for this weekend's wildcard matchups, review the importance of the NFL coach, give opinions on the MLB HOF voting and much more.
65 min
Vin and Mike Episode 60
75 min
Vin and Mike Episode 59
Vin and Mike discuss the NFL playoffs, the historic Luka Doncic game against the Knicks, and a year in review of the podcast.
65 min
Vin and Mike Episode 58
Vin and Mike discuss Giants, Jets, Raiders and the great NFL games this past weekend. We announce our giveaway winners. Vin and Mike give their thoughts on the World Cup and so much more.
64 min
Vin and Mike Episode 57
63 min
Vin and Mike Episode 56
Vin and Mike discuss Giants, Jets, Raiders and lots of NFL talk. They speak about deGrom and Verlander and did the Mets make the right move.
67 min
Vin and Mike Episode 55
We discuss Jets and Giants pathway to the playoffs. The teams to beat in the NFL. Go USA Soccer and listen in for our great giveaway and check out our merchandise store.
66 min
Vin and Mike Episode 54
57 min
Vin and Mike Episode 53 - NFL Picks Week 11
Vin and Mike give you our week 11 NFL picks and a little talk about Aaron Judge.
22 min
Vin and Mike Episode 52 - NFL Week 10 recap
Vin and Mike review NFL week 10, Giants, Raiders, Bills, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Jets preview and much more.
65 min
Vin and Mike Episode 51 - NFL Week 10 Picks
Vin and Mike bring you their week 10 NFL Picks.
26 min
Vin and Mike 50th Episode
Vin and Mike celebrate the 50th episode with interviews of each other as they talk Yankees, Jets, Knicks, Raiders, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing and so much more.
79 min
Vin and Mike Episode 49 - Yankees Recap and Jet...
Vin and Mike talk the Yankees season, Knicks preview, Jets talk with New York Daily News Reporter Antwan Staley, and review the outlook for the Jets, Giants and Raiders.
70 min
Vin and Mike Episode 48 - Green Bay Packers Gro...
Vin and Mike welcome the Packers Group of John Codman, Chris Mangano and Kyle Manske to give you their thoughts on the Packers season.
65 min