It's Always Sunny in Chiefs Kingdom

Chiefs super fans Austin and Taylor talk all things related to your multi-Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, preview and recap all the games, make tons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, roast opposing team fans and players past and present, and answer Twitter questions. On Twitter @RealBirdLawyer and @Taylor_Witt. KAKAW!!

The Gang Splits The Baby
Austin and Taylor recap the continued domination of the Broncos and prepare for another beatdown of the Raiders
91 min
The Gang Remembers The Fallen
Austin and Taylor talk about all the things that have happened since the last time the Broncos beat the Chiefs
87 min
Sundays Are For The Chiefs
Austin and Taylor recap the big win against Big D
89 min
The Gang Got Their Swagger Back
Austin and Taylor are fired up!
94 min
At Least The Gang Isn't The Raiders
Austin and Taylor prep for Raiders week after a hard-fought win over the Packers
75 min
It's Always Toxic In Chiefs Kingdom
Austin and Taylor return from their mental health break to talk about Chiefs vs Giants and preview the Packers sans Aaron Rodgers.
100 min
The Gang Returns
Austin and Taylor are back in the sunshine where they belong
107 min
Dead Dove: Do Not Eat
Austin and Taylor made a huge mistake and are now trying to take a Forget-Me-Now to wipe the bad memories away.
90 min
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Austin and Taylor recap a very sunny Chiefs win in Philadelphia and preview the big game against the Bills
88 min
🚨EMERGENCY POD 🚨 The Chiefs Won A Football Game
Austin and Taylor instant-react to the Chiefs snapping their 2-game losing streak by defeating the Eagles
16 min
The Gang Is Living In A World Of Darkness
Austin and Taylor process another tough Chiefs loss
73 min
The Gang Moves On
Austin and Taylor move on from the last-second loss to the Baltimore Ravens and preview the Los Angeles Chargers
95 min
The Gang Misses The Badger
Austin and Taylor recap the opening week victory against the Browns
114 min
The Gang Is The Gang
Austin and Taylor preview the week one matchup against the Cleveland Browns
80 min
The Gang Previews 2021 (part 2)
Austin and Taylor are joined by SI's Sam Hays for a massive 2021 preview show
69 min
The Gang Previews 2021 (part 1)
Austin and Taylor are joined by SI's Sam Hays for a massive 2021 preview show
98 min
The Gang Picks The Right 53
Austin and Taylor predict the opening week 53-man roster for the Chiefs
79 min
The Gang Means You No Harm
Austin and Taylor are joined by film analyst Dan Harms to break down Preseason Game 1
79 min
The Gang Is On Island Time
Austin and Taylor go over the first unofficial Chiefs depth chart and then recap some news from around the NFL
50 min
John Elway: A Public Relations Nightmare
Austin and Taylor get into the Chiefs training camp storylines, talk about what's happening around the NFL, and answer mailbag questions.
89 min
The Gang Likes Art
Austin and Taylor are joined by The Artist Chief himself, Corey Jones
112 min
The Gang Tries Desperately To Be Nominated For ...
Austin and Taylor try desperately to be nominated for The Pitch KC's best local podcast award
66 min
The Gang Shows Off Their Dad Bods
Austin and Taylor announce their partnership with DadBodTees and then answer a bunch of mailbag questions
99 min
The Gang Beats Schefter
Austin and Taylor answered some mailbag questions, asked themselves a couple questions, and then were joined by Katie Camlin
76 min
The Gang Has A Nice Show
64 min