It's Always Sunny in Chiefs Kingdom

Chiefs super fans Austin and Taylor talk all things related to your multi-Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, preview and recap all the games, make tons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia references, roast opposing team fans and players past and present, and answer Twitter questions. On Twitter @RealBirdLawyer and @Taylor_Witt. KAKAW!!

The Gang Puts The Titans In Harm's Way
Austin and Taylor are joined by film analyst and friend of the pod Dan Harms to talk about the first half of the Chiefs season.
103 min
It's Always Toney In Chiefs Kingdom
Austin and Taylor talk about the Chiefs trading for WR Kadarius Toney, and recap the win over the 49ers heading into the bye week.
86 min
The Gang Breaks Some News
Austin and Taylor recap the Bills loss and then preview the suddenly-interesting 49ers with their trade for star RB Christian McCaffrey
69 min
The Gang Previews The Bills In 13 Seconds
Austin and Taylor recap a wild Monday Night Football over the Las Vegas Raiders, and then preview the upcoming game of the year between the Chiefs and the Buffao Bills
81 min
The Gang Watches A Horse Massacre
Austin and Taylor recap the Chiefs thrashing of Brady's Bucs, preview the Monday Night massacre against the Raiders, and make fun of the Broncos for being awful
74 min
Let's Move Past It
Austin and Taylor try to put the horrible Chiefs loss to the Colts behind them and preview Tom Brady and the Bucs
77 min
The C.H.I.E.F.S. System
Austin and Taylor recap the Chiefs thrilling Thursday Night Football victory over the Chargers and preview the week 3 game against the Colts
67 min
The Gang Presents The 9th Best Podcast Of The Week
Austin and Taylor recap the dominant Chiefs week 1 win over the Cardinals and preview the upcoming Thursday showdown with the Chargers
91 min
It's Sometimes Gameday On IASICK
Austin and Taylor are so excited to preview the first Chiefs game of the 2022 NFL season against the Arizona Cardinals
70 min
The Gang Whips Out Their Crystal Balls
Austin and Taylor review the Chiefs 53-man roster and then are joined by PFF's Sam Hays to preview the 2022 season
107 min
The Gang's Reunited
Austin and Taylor are back at it to talk the final days of the Chiefs offseason
57 min
Yo Harms, No Fowl
Austin is away on vacation this week so Taylor is joined by RGR Football's Dan Harms to talk Chiefs preseason action and the 53-man roster
85 min
The Gang's Doing A Giveaway
Austin and Taylor preview the first Chiefs preseason game, chat with The Athletic's Seth Keysor about how much John Elway sucks, and announce a jersey giveaway!
60 min
The Gang's Good As Goldman
Austin and Taylor were joined by Chiefs Wire and KCSN's Charles Goldman to discuss Chiefs training camp
69 min
The Gang Spies Like U.S.
Austin and Taylor discuss training camp news and talk to Kevin Bryant, author of Spies on the Sidelines: The High-Stakes World of NFL Espionage
88 min
The Gang Has Feathers, But The Muscles Of Men
Austin and Taylor tackle training training camp battles before camp gets under way
76 min
It's Sometimes Sunday on IASICK
Austin and Taylor talk about the Orlando Brown Jr. contract situation
70 min
The Gang Roasts John Elway - Part 2
Austin and Taylor leave no stone unturned in the sequel episode to the decimation of the John Elway myth
114 min
The Gang States Their Business
Austin and Taylor don't have much going on this week
81 min
The Gang Gets Blasted In The Ass By Work
Austin and Taylor are back after needing some time off due to the day jobs.
76 min
The Gang's Back In Business
Austin and Taylor discuss the week's news and answer some mailbag questions
85 min
Austin and Taylor answer more mailbag questions, including a lot of concern about the direction of the Royals
68 min
The Gang Dusts Off The Mailbag
Austin and Taylor dusted off some old mailbag questions that had been sitting around for a while.
94 min
The Gang Harms A Troll
Austin and Taylor are joined by film analyst and friend of the pod Dan Harms to discuss the 2022 Chiefs draft class
75 min
The Gang Pays Tribute
Austin and Taylor mourn the loss of their work from the previous evening, and record a tribute episode in its honor.
91 min