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Episode 14: Back in Business
The podcast returns after a three-month hiatus. This episode discusses the recent hiring of Troy Weaver as the organization's new general manager, and meanders through further commentary upon the rebuild---the first stages of which we'll not see until Au...
52 min
Episode 13: Doumbouya, Wood, and more on the re...
This episode discusses Christian Wood's present and future, the organization's opportunity to finally catch up to the evolution of the NBA, and the status of Sekou Doumbouya. Dante (also known as ChefCurrySauce on /r/DetroitPistons) joins us as our first...
58 min
Episode 12: Looking Backwards and Forwards
This episode includes a final rant on Andre Drummond, reflects on what the old roster was missing, and talks about what the future roster will require for success. 
62 min
Episode 11: Trade Deadline Talk
This episode discusses the trade deadline (and all that subject encompasses), and speaks a bit on what may come next.
53 min
Episode 10: Train to Rebuildtown
This episode discusses the prospect of a roster rebuild, and why it probably won't be taken far enough. 
50 min
Episode 9: Grading the roster at the season's o...
Detroit's season is already more than one-quarter past. This episode grades each member of the roster on his performance thus far. Recorded just prior to the 12/6 contest against the Indiana Pacers. 
72 min
Episode 8: Odds and Ends
This potpourri episode discusses the match against Orlando; the remainder of the critical upcoming stretch; the performances of a few key players; and a bit on why the Pistons can't fill the arena. 
46 min
Episode 7: What's wrong with the Pistons and wh...
This episode introduces the podcast's new name and co-host, and discusses the issues that ail the struggling Pistons. 
57 min
Episode 6: Preseason Takeaways
This shorter-than-usual episode examines takeaways from the preseason. 
32 min
Episode 5: Summer League Recap (Reupload)
This episode recaps Detroit's Summer League, specifically with respect to player performances.   (Reuploaded due to a minor error.) 
42 min
Episode 4B: The Trade, the Draft, and More Free...
In this episode, we visit the Tony Snell trade, Detroit's draft-night decisions, and some further free agency content. 
58 min
Episode 3: Free agency, trades, and what to exp...
This episode previews free agency, including possible targets and the potential for trades. The latter subject includes an in-depth segment about Andre Drummond. 
49 min
Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo
This episode deals with topics including the team's recent offensive woes, the CBA, and the upcoming offseason. 
46 min
Episode 1: Getting Started
This episode introduces the podcast and answers some listener-submitted questions. 
42 min