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Episode 88: Cade, the Rookie of the Year Race, ...
This episode, featuring Bryce of Motor City Hoops and The Pistons Pulse, discusses Cade Cunningham's continued impressive play, where he stands in the Rookie of the Year race, Jerami Grant's return to form, and Isaiah Livers' promising start. Thanks to B...
67 min
Episode 87: Winning While Tanking, Kelly Olynyk...
This episode discusses how to enjoy wins while still hoping for a proper tank, Saddiq Bey's ever-continuing improvement, Kelly Olynyk's assets versus those of Isaiah Stewart, how to fix Killian Hayes, the current frontrunners for NBA MVP, and more. 
68 min
Episode 86: The Stretch Run, the Draft, and the...
This episode, featuring special guest James Edwards---Pistons writer for The Athletic---discusses with James what he expects from the remainder of the season, the draft, free agency, and more. Many thanks to James for joining us on the show!  
58 min
Episode 85: Bagley First Impressions, Saddiq Be...
This episode shares impressions on Marvin Bagley's debut, discusses Saddiq Bey's continued progress, explores some oddities about Cade Cunningham's common lineups, and says yet more nice things about Hamidou Diallo. 
65 min
Episode 84: Trade Deadline Special - Bagley, Gr...
This episode recaps the trade deadline: the Marvin Bagley trade, Jerami Grant remaining in Detroit, and major moves elsewhere in the league. 
76 min
Episode 83: Rising (and Falling) Stars
This episode discusses the three Pistons named to the Rising Stars Game---Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey, and Isaiah Stewart---Killian Hayes' move to the bench, and the early consequences of Jerami Grant's return to the lineup. 
58 min
Episode 82: Cade is ready to compete - but is t...
This episode discusses the organization's prospective timeline in building around Cade Cunningham and revisits the Jerami Grant situation. (Recorded prior to Cade's big game against the Nuggets.)
63 min
Episode 81: Where Things Stand Halfway Through ...
This episode discusses the performances of Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey, Hamidou Diallo, and Isaiah Stewart at the halfway mark of the season, with some miscellaneous discussion besides. 
62 min
Episode 80: Is the Season Going as Planned?
This episode discusses Inside the NBA's shots at the Pistons, debates whether or not the season is going according to plan in any capacity, talks Killian Hayes's struggles and the recent successes of Saddiq Bey and Hamidou Diallo, and briefly recaps the ...
79 min
Episode 78: Early NBA Draft Preview
This episode changes course to review some of the current top prospects for the 2022 NBA Draft: Paolo Banchero, Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren, Jaden Ivey, Jaden Hardy, and Jalen Duren. 
68 min
Episode 77: Jerami Grant Trade Scenarios
This episode picks up where the last left off, exploring more potential Jerami Grant trade scenarios. 
51 min
Episode 76: Nobody Hands These Pistons a 15th S...
This episode discusses the team's streak-breaking win against the Heat, the resurgence of Saddiq Bey, and the manner in which the team has functioned differently without the recently-injured Jerami Grant, and gets started on hypothetical Grant trade scen...
51 min
Episode 75: On Various Pistons-Related Subjects
This episode meanders through such topics as potential adjustments to the starting lineup, projections on the ceiling of the Cunningham-Hayes pairing, favorite things about Cade so far, feelings about the course of the season thus far (just how bad was t...
66 min
Episode 74: Pain.
This episode features an exasperated discussion about the manner in which the team has been coached thus far in the season, talks Jerami Grant's future with the team, and praises Cade Cunningham. 
69 min
Episode 73: Big Trouble at Little Caesars: Maki...
This episode, the second of two parts, continues to break down the Pistons' persistent struggles to date---from players to coaching to happenstance. 
56 min
Episode 72: Big Trouble at Little Caesars: Maki...
This episode, the first of two parts, breaks down the Pistons' persistent struggles to date---from players to coaching to happenstance. 
46 min
Episode 71: Are the Pistons Developing? Cade an...
This episode speaks more on Cade Cunningham's continued success, explores Hamidou Diallo's emergence in the rotation, and discusses Frank Jackson's improvements. We also touch on the ongoing struggles of Saddiq Bey and Killian Hayes (and what's to be don...
62 min
Episode 70: The Good, the bad, and the Casey
This episode covers a wide range of topics: Cade Cunningham's breakout, Saddiq Bey's (hopeful) return to form, Killian Hayes' outlook, and Dwane Casey's perpetual troubles at coaching an offense. 
69 min
Episode 69: The emergence of Cade Cunningham & ...
This episode discusses the emergence of Cade Cunningham, Jerami Grant's rough start to the season, and Saddiq Bey's ongoing new role on offense. 
64 min
Episode 68: How can the Pistons give Cade Cunni...
This episode recaps Cade Cunningham's first game, explores his fit with Killian, discusses the best lineup to field around him, analyzes the team's offensive struggles, and looks at the situation at the center position. 
59 min
Episode 67: Season opener - analysis & takeaways
This episode discusses the season opener: takeaways, analysis, and so on. 
44 min
Episode 66: Final preseason observations & regu...
This episode explores some further preseason observations, explores player storylines for the regular season, and discusses preferences on the ultimate outcome of the season. 
59 min
Episode 65: Early preseason takeaways
This episode discusses takeaways from the first preseason game: the Canadian trio, Saddiq Bey's progression, and so on. 
58 min
Episode 64: Pistons ad-libs and prop bets, part...
This episode features Mike and Tommy calling more overs/unders. Topics include the likeliest number of trades made in the upcoming season, Killian Hayes' scoring numbers, Saddiq Bey's three-point percentage, Cade's chances at winning Rookie of the Year, ...
45 min
Episode 63: Pistons ad-libs and prop bets, part...
This episode features Mike and Tommy answering a series of ad-libs and calling some overs/unders. Topics include the Pistons' placement in the standings, Cade Cunningham's likeliest eventual backcourt partner for the season, the team's likeliest second-l...
55 min