Brew with the Bennetts

Stand up Comedian Scott Bennett ( and Jemma Bennett, are a married couple with two children, who rarely get time to chat. They have started this podcast in an effort to have at least one decent conversation per week. Pour yourself a brew, kick back and join them every Sunday for chat, comedy and a review of the weeks biggest talking points!

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Comedy Interviews
Episode #5 - Cows Vs Sharks, Cake Decoys, Valen...
Cake decoys, Cows vs Sharks, Getting caught short, Valentines Day, Horror films, Expanding Beds and my parents window emergency
86 min
Episode #4 - Love Letters, Celeb Encounters, Po...
Love letters from the past, celebrity encounters, Poo Passes, Cactus facts, Dying on stage, Dancing eyebrows
85 min
Episode #3 - Fast Food Shame, Coffee Culture, F...
Fast Food Shame, family walks, coffee culture, coils and contraceptives, Adverts, male identity, crisis jeans!
93 min
Episode #2 - Anxiety dreams, Grinding teeth, Pa...
Anxiety Dreams, Eczema, Grinding teeth. The W Games pitch, Packham Rack em' and Strachan!
68 min
Episode #1 - Influencers, Kids Parties, Swimmin...
Influencers, Fame, Kids Parties, Swimming pool rules, Social Media, Classism
72 min