Brew with the Bennetts

Stand up Comedian Scott Bennett ( and Jemma Bennett, are a married couple with two children, who rarely get time to chat. They have started this podcast in an effort to have at least one decent conversation per week. Pour yourself a brew, kick back and join them every Sunday for chat, comedy and a review of the weeks biggest talking points!

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Comedy Interviews
Episode #51 - The roll neck years, Worlds stron...
The roll neck years, Worlds strongest man, Christmas dinner, resolutions, Detectorists, Nanna Songs, Jemma's Almanac
92 min
Episode #50 - Christmas Special, Both Ends, Pan...
Christmas Special, Both Ends, Panettone, Driving home for Christmas
76 min
Episode #49 - Vomitgate, Harry and Megs, Big lu...
Vomitgate, Harry and Megs, Big lungs and much much more!
97 min
Episode #48 - Die Hard Brie, Edmonds, What does...
Die Hard Brie, Edmonds, What does Scott do? Spillage, Broken Glass and Brick dust!
96 min
Episode #47 - Christmas redemption, cookie cour...
Christmas redemption, cookie courier, CCTV, Rock paper justice and more!
94 min
Episode #46 - South African president gig, 45 q...
South African president gig, 45 quid Dave, Ball of glass, Eye bag update, Chatsworth, Glove foot, Dinkle facts, Have you ever?
92 min
Episode #45 - Twitchy Noses, I'm a celeb, Qatar...
Twitchy Noses, I'm a celeb, Qatar, I'm seeing things, Wasps on Parade, Jemma tries Stand up
92 min
Episode #44 - Halloween review, Chimp eyes, Chi...
Halloween review, Chimp eyes, Childhood hiding, Berkoff Pizza, Imaginary caravan, RSPB and much more!
92 min
Episode #43 - Halloween prep, Pumpkin carving, ...
Halloween prep, Pumpkin carving, Gran-ade, Bike Rack fails, Columbine glasses? Dirty man, Pope porn, fiesta siesta!
92 min
Episode #42 - Bridders, Meat man, Far Grange ga...
Bridders, Meat man, Far Grange gang, conspiracy cuts, save the arms, Rack of boobs, Jemmas facts, Clothes shopping, Dating in 2022
92 min
Episode #41 - Budgens, Big Beef, Strictly sob s...
Budgens, Big Beef, Stricly sob stories? Kindergarten cop out, lip fillers and much more!
89 min
Episode #40 - Jemma's mum chat, Glusamine, Unac...
Jemma's mum chat, Glusamine, Unacceptable, Tight car parks, Singing Doctor
90 min
Episode #39 - Aberyswyth, Smell memories, Mad D...
Aberyswyth, Smell memories, Mad Dog 20/20, menopause chat, Roys ashes, Cat chat, fairground doctor
90 min
Episode #38 - Pathologist Liv, Bad ankles, Stu...
Pathologist Liv, Bad ankles, Student gigs, cough sweets, 80's night, Big in Barny
86 min
Episode #37 - Fancy a juice? Slap me off, Wordl...
Fancy a juice? Slap me off, Wordle argument, Queen funeral, Ice swimming, Flyered funeral, senior citizen stripper
80 min
Episode #36 - Ear juice, Jemma's boring dreams,...
Ear juice, Jemma's boring dreams, Scott's neck vein, Falling wind, The Queen, School toilets
92 min
Episode #35 - The Wrap up, Jemma's Chick Lit!, ...
The Wrap up, Jemma's Chick Lit!. Chiswick, Dad meet up group, Tinitus and palpy, Performer pecadillos, Alpaca stroll
92 min
Episode #34 - Edinburgh post mortum, back to sc...
Edinburgh post mortum, back to school, Ball huggers, Scotts key calamity, Cost of living, Dave, tw*t tan
95 min
Episode #33 - Jerry Sadowitz, Changing rooms, g...
Jerry Sadowitz, Changing rooms, garage cleaning, water fights, erections
82 min
Episode #32 - Shipping forcast, Slipknot parent...
Shipping forcast, Slipknot parents, Cruising, Storm chasing Jemma, Jemma warmfront, Comet farts
75 min
Episode #31 - Homes under the hammer, Tweenager...
Homes under the hammer, Tweenagers, Couples, Podcast Peril, I regret your life, Broadband Che Guevara
83 min
Episode #30 - Soap dogs, Thatcher Cushions, Nei...
Soap dogs, Thatcher Cushions, Neighbours finale, Holiday clubs, Lionesses, Environment, Where's it all going?!
92 min
Episode #29 - Latitude, Noise, Jemma hates ligh...
Latitude, Noise, Jemma hates lights, New hair, Scotts phone panic, Jemma's toilet dream, Pizza toppings, Scotts OCD, Silent funeral
98 min
Episode #28 - Brain fuddle, hot room, Solo top ...
Brain fuddle, hot room, Solo top gun, pillion pensioners
80 min
Episode #27 - Hot hot hot, trains, brain freeze...
Hot hot hot, trains, brain freeze, cat attack, Listeners impressions, getting the giggles, testicle talk
73 min