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Hour 1: The Youth In Week 1
Freddie Coleman, Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams discuss which division has the best quarterbacks
39 min
Hour 4: More On New England
Mel Kiper and Matt Cassel joins the show
40 min
Hour 3: Why Now?
Former Patriots Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weiss joins the show to talk about why Bill Belichick decided to go with Mac now and the comparisons between Mac & Tom Brady.
40 min
Hour 2: Tell Us How You Really Feel
Callers rip Keyshawn for his views on Mac Jones and more
42 min
Hour 1: Cam Is Out
Key, Jay and Shae discuss the Patriots releasing Cam Newton and why Jay believes Cam not being vaccinated might be at least PART of the reason why
40 min
Hour 4: The Cam Factor
Bill Belichick spoke today and was asked about Cam Newton and his preseason.
43 min
Hour 3: Make Or Break Season For NY Giants
Are the Giants and Daniel Jones ready to make a run in the league?
42 min
Hour 2: Intriguing Divisions In The NFL
What division is the most intriguing not named the NFC West?
42 min
Hour 1: A Whole City Behind You?
Could Jameis rally the city of New Orleans much like Drew Brees after Hurricane Katrina?
42 min
Hour 4: Controversy In New England?
Shae, Keyshawn and Jay continue to talk about the QB controversy in New England.
41 min
Hour 3: Thumbs Down
Keyshawn and Jay tell you why they have no issue with Javier Baez giving the Mets fans the thumbs down
40 min
Hour 2: Cowboys Expectations
Will Dak Prescott be ready for opening night against the Buccs?
42 min
Hour 1: Heating Up In New England
Shae, Keyshawn and Jay open the show talking about Cam Newton and Mac Jones and react to Bill Belichick's comments about the situation
43 min
Hour 4: Jameis Winston Is The Guy
The guys discuss the breaking news that Jameis Winston has been named the Saints starter.
42 min
Hour 3: Giant Frustration
The crew discussed Louis Riddick talking about the frustration that John Mara must be feeling about the Giants
40 min
Hour 2: COVID Conversations In The NFL
ESPN Football Analyst Sam Acho weighs in on how vaccine conversations have been going in the off-season
39 min
Hour 1: It's All A Set Up
Conspiracy Alan thinks that the Patriots were playing their music loud on purpose for Mac Jones
40 min
Hour 4: QB1 In New England
Cam Newton is set to return to practice today. Alan, Bart and Sam wonder who will get the first team reps.
43 min
Hour 3: It's A Trap?
Zach Wilson is going to be the starter but Alan Hahn feels like he's being set up
43 min
Hour 2 : What's Next For Dak?
What is more concerning the shoulder or ankle injury for Dak?
43 min
Hour 1: Padres-Dodgers Battle All Night
Alan Hahn, Bart Scott and Sam Acho react to the 16-inning baseball game between the Padres and Dodgers
43 min
Hour 4: NFL And The Vaccine
Jerry Jones had some explanation on what he thinks should happen with the vaccine and the NFL.
41 min
Hour 3: Could Zach Wilson Be A Household Face?
Zach Wilson is turning into the darling of the preseason. NFL Twitter is having a field day, but could he turn into a “face” of something?
43 min
Hour 2 : Jerry Jones Being Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones came out with some big statements about the vaccine.
43 min
Hour 1: Hard Knock Life
Alan Hahn has a conspiracy theory on what is going on with Cam Newton
43 min