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Hour 3: Houston, We STILL Have A Problem
Shae and Jordan share their thoughts on Deshaun Watson, who has reported to camp amid problems and requests of trades
42 min
Hour 2: Who Dey?
Jordan has a deep love for the Bengals. Mike Daniels compared his beloved Joe Burrow to Aaron Rodgers and it has Jordan hyped
42 min
Hour 1: The Last Dance in Green Bay?
Shae and Jordan Cornette fill in for the crew and discuss Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adam's IG
42 min
Hour 4: Who Has The Advantage?
Bart and Jason talk about the importance of training camp
40 min
Hour 3: More NFL Policy Discussion
ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum discusses what concerns he has about the new NFL policy
40 min
Hour 2: NFL's New Policy
ESPN NFL Senior Reporter Jeremy Fowler joins to talk about the NFL's new COVID-19 policy
42 min
Hour 1: No Excuses
Jason & Bart on the NFL memo about teams having to forfeit games if there are any Covid outbreaks due to unvaccinated players
40 min
Hour 4: Training Camp (Cowboys)
ESPN Cowboys Reporter Todd Archer on the latest at Cowboy training camp
42 min
Hour 3: Training Camp (Steelers)
Steelers and Cowboys Training camps are starting up
42 min
Hour 2: CFP Expansion?
The latest on CFP expansion, as well as Name Image Likeness updates
42 min
Hour 1: Jerry Jones Is Making Statements
Jason and Bart look at what the realistic expectations are this season for “America’s Team”.
40 min
Hour 4: What to Expect
ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins joins to talk about the NBA offseason and more
40 min
Hour 3: Run It Back?
Shae and Bart weigh in on why the Bucks aren't the favorite next year to repeat
43 min
Hour 2: 50 Burger
Shae and Bart continue to speak about how Giannis showed up and showed out to win his first Championship
42 min
Hour 1: Milwaukee Wins It All
Shae and Bart kick off the show with the Bucks capturing the NBA Finals Championship
39 min
Hour 4: No Deal...
Rodgers declined Packers extension offers and more
39 min
Hour 3 : Olympic Halt?
Tokyo Olympics could still be cancelled if the amount of covid cases continues to rise
43 min
Hour 2: Stepping It Up
Shae & Bart discuss what Chris Paul needs to do in Game 6.
42 min
Hour 1: All Comes Down to One
Shae & Bart fill in for KJZ and discuss Game 6 of the NBA Finals
42 min
Hour 4: Not According To Plan
Bart Scott & Shae Peppler-Cornette weigh in on the Packers/Aaron Rodgers saga
41 min
Hour 3: Could The Knicks Get Dame?
Do the Knicks have a chance to land Dame if he decides he wants to move on from the Blazers?
40 min
Hour 2: Better Than Expected?
Cassidy Hubbarth and Dan Graziano join the show
42 min
Hour 1: Same Old Song?
Bart Scott and Shae Peppler-Cornette fill in today on KJZ
40 min
Hour 4: In Case You Missed It
KJZ shares a replay of Thursday's interview with Cam Newton weighing in on his second season with the Patriots
42 min
Hour 3: Warren Moon Joins
ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon joins the show
42 min