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Emergency Max Scherzer Podcast
After today’s introductory press conference with Mad Max, Josh breaks down the Mets signing of Max Scherzer and much more in this special podcast.
18 min
Mets In The Morning: 11/29/21
The new signings are profiled courtesy of the announcers who called their games in 2021
22 min
Mets In The Morning: 11/22/21
Josh goes one on one with new GM Billy Eppler and has all the latest news and notes.
27 min
Mets In The Morning: 11/14/21
Josh has the latest on the GM search and an in-depth interview with RHP-prospect Brian Metoyer.
24 min
Mets In The Morning: 11/8/21
Josh has the latest on Mets free agents, the search for front office closure, and a one-on-one with Mets prospect Brett Baty.
26 min
Mets In The Morning: 11/1/21
Josh has all the latest off-field news and an idea of what the 2021 Season Time Capsule would look like if buried somewhere underground in Queens. Questions are answered by an expert about Mets top prospects.
20 min
Mets in the Morning: 10/25/21
Josh dives into the Mets recent NLCS history and has a theory on why the Braves just won one. Front office, managerial and roster thoughts included at no extra cost.
20 min
Mets in the Morning: 10/11/21
The 2021 Mets Awards Show, as promised (threatened) by Josh.
18 min
Mets In The Morning: 10/5/21
Luis Rojas is out as Mets' manager; Josh Lewin gives some context, wonders what's next, and summarizes the biggest tasks ahead for whoever's going to be in charge.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 10/4/21
The Mets lose 2 of 3 in ATL to finish the season; Josh has the details and a breakdown of what an 77-85 record means.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 10/1/21
A big win in home finale, and a requiem for Michael Conforto just in case that's it for him as a Met.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/30/21
The Mets lose with Jerry Seinfeld in the house, but of more importance: Sandy Alderson weighs in on the future of Luis Rojas
24 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/29/21
The Mets sweep a doubleheader. Baez stays hot. Lindor, too. Syndergaard returns. Both Noah and Marcus Stroman weigh in on their impending free agency (one being more coy than the other.) Josh has the highlights and reaction from Luis Rojas as well.
22 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/27/21
Mets In The Morning: 9/27/21 - A quick review of a lost weekend in Wisconsin. Tylor Megill speaks, but mostly, Josh wonders about the rotation and the closer for '22 and has plenty to say about some Milwaukee classics, from Ryan Bruan to Bob Uecker.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/23/21
Josh Lewin pays little attention to the 12-5 loss. Rather, there's talk about Noah Syndergaard's future, memories of '86 (as always vs BOS) and an embarrasing note on Kyle Schwarber to mitigate his 2-HR night at the Mets' expense.
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 9/22/21
Lots of Bahhh-ston talk, but also a full recap of the Mets' 6-3 loss at Fenway. Josh Lewin has highlights and sound from Marcus Stroman and Luis Rojas.
21 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/21/21
Sandy Alderson joins Josh Lewin to discuss "big picture" baseball stuff and how to improve lines of communication in the Mets' organization. Doc Gooden, Jeff McNeil, Aaron Loup and the Red Sox are among other topics.
21 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/20/21
The Mets win the Sunday night game but having lost 2 of 3 over the weekend puts their post season chances in major peril. Josh recaps, has sound from Brandon Nimmo and Luis Rojas, previews the Red Sox, and ponders "what's next."
21 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/17/21
With the Mets off last night, Josh has a longform interview with Luis Rojas and weighs in on his dad, Felipe Alou, as a potential HOF'er (as well as Gil Hodges.) Phillies series previewed, dad jokes told.
21 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/16/21
Cheer up from the-7 run loss to the surging Cardinals by revisiting some of '86 and hearing Josh talk about everything but what happened at Citi Field Wednesday night.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/15/21
Welp. Another day, another heartbreaking 1-run loss. A lot of other contending teams lost too, and Josh will update what it all means, plus get you highlights and post-game reaction from Marcus Stroman and Luis Rojas.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/14/21
Hangovers hurt. After the fireworks of the weekend, a rainy dud vs the Cardinals leaves the Mets 3.5 games out of the playoffs. Josh recaps the game, dives deep on Mets-Cards history, and Luis Rojas meets the media.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/13/21
Mister Smile makes it a memorable weekend as the Mets take the Subway Series from the Yanks.
28 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/10/21
The Mets lose again in Miami; Josh has the recap and (literally) all that Jazz. Lots about (and from) Javy Baez; some 2001 memories; and a preview of the huge Yankees series set to start tonight.
22 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/9/21
The Mets lose, but so does everyone else. Josh recaps the game and has lots to say about the coming 9/11 tributes and memories; Luis Rojas explains his decision to pitch to Bryan de la Cruz.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/8/21
The Mets are NL East-bound and down, and we have the recap from the 9-4 win in Miami. Hear the highlights including Pete Alonso's 100th career HR and from Pete himself. Josh does a very deep dive on the very few star Mets first basemen in team history.
21 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/7/21
The Mets let one get away in DC. Josh has the exhaustive game summary and highlights, some plaudits for Lindor/Baez/Pillar, audio from Edwian Diaz and Luis Rojas.
19 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/6/21
The Mets have taken 3 of 4 in DC (so far.)
23 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/3/21
Seven runs, seven errors in an odd one at Citi Field, but the Mets prevail and stay in the race. Josh has the recap, the latest on the off-field moves, plus highlights and interviews.
18 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/2/21
Mets rained out; it's "movie day." Josh chats with filmmaker Nick Davis about the upcoming '86 Mets 30for30 doc, and also assesses what it'll take for the '21 Mets to sneak into the playoffs, after all.
23 min
Mets In The Morning: 9/1/21
One of the craziest days in recent memory ends happily for the Mets, who take two from Miami and clear the air with the fans. Josh has all the on-fied and off-field latest, with game highlights and sound from Baez, Nimmo, Conforto and more.
22 min
Mets In The Morning: 8/30/21
Yes, Josh will touch on the "thumbs down" controversy, but there's also a lot to like from the 2-out-of-3 win weekend vs the Nationals and the Koosman number retirement ceremony
22 min
Mets In The Morning: 8/26/21
Double plays and an early hook conspire against the Mets. Josh gives you the latest, has highlights and post-game reaction, plus insight on Jerry Koosman from old friend Ron Swoboda.
20 min
Mets In The Morning: 8/25/21
The season series with the Giants can't end soon enough. Josh goes full nerd mode trying to explain the ups and downs of the 2021 season while also providing audio of acting GM Zack Scott and manager Luis Rojas.
20 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/23/21
The Mets West Coast trip ends happily.
23 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/20/21
The Mets West Coast win streak ends at 1. The Dodgers bullpen outpitches the Mets starter... Josh has the details, Luis Rojas has the reasons, and the Countdown to Koosman begins
17 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/19/21
Win of the year? Maybe. Inspired by a tweet? Possibly. No matter what, it was an amazing extra inning victory keyed by Kevin Pillar against his old mates.
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/18/21
The losing streak hits five games and Josh Lewin has the recap, featuring sound from home-run hitter Pete Alonso and frustrated manager Luis Rojas.
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/17/21
The Mets losing streak reaches four despite putting five runs on the board. Josh Lewin recaps it, details it, plays you some sound and waxes nostalgiac about both Candlestick Park and triples (the Mets finally hit one!).
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/16/21
The Los Angeles/San Francisco gauntlet begins with two close calls and a crushing loss. The Mets' weekend series vs. the Dodgers is recapped and reviewed with plenty of sound bytes and highlights; Josh Lewin also has a preview of the upcoming Giants' series.
23 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/13/21
The Mets get ready for the Los Angeles/San Francisco part of their schedule with a huge sweep of the Nationals. Josh Lewin has highlights, interviews and an in-depth look at the upcoming Dodger series at Citi Field.
21 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/12/21
Let's play one! Rain washed out the second half of a DH, but the Mets stuck the landing in the game that was played. Hear from Luis Rojas and find out which former Mets prospect has a tie-in to Field of Dreams.
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/11/21
No win, but also no loss Tuesday. The Mets' game was suspended and Josh brings you up to speed on what's been going wrong on the field, what's been going right, and why what Larry Bowa recently said simply can't be right.
18 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/10/21
The Mets get ready for Washington, but first Josh Lewin walks you through the current team slump, the one guy he picks to light a fire, and explores the Ya Gotta Believe Mets of '73.
20 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/9/21
The road trip ends with a whimper in Philly and the Mets find themselves out of first place
21 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/6/21
The Mets slide continues with a loss in Miami. Josh Lewin reviews the Thursday game and does a deep dive on the Phillies in advance of this crucial weekend series. Hear from Michael Conforto and Luis Rojas as well.
17 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/5/21
The Mets finally win in Miami, and Josh Lewin has the recap. Plenty on Javy Baez (cool slide, clutch home run), some ATL and Philly talk, along with the usual pop culture nonsense.
18 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/4/21
The Mets have now lost five of six. Josh Lewin takes you through the issues, peeks in the rear view mirror at Philly and tells you more than you'd ever want to know about the pitching matchup. Javy Baez's skills are examined; Luis Rojas meets the media.
19 min
Mets in The Morning: 8/3/21
The Mets' four-game series in Miami gets off on the wrong foot.
17 min
Mets in the Morning: 8/2/21
A jam-packed weekend sees the Mets welcome Javier Báez
22 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/30/21
At the dawn of the Trade Deadline, Josh ponders what the Mets will do and reviews the 6-3 Thursday loss, including comments from Luis Rojas. There's also a preview of Joey Votto and the Reds, and a deep dive into the Mets HOF Class.
21 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/29/21
Epic 2-1 win vs ATL recapped; rest of the homestand previewed. Plenty of fun WCBS highlights and post-game comments from cannon-armed Michael Conforto and manager Luis Rojas.
18 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/28/21
The Mets get drilled by the Braves; Josh Lewin recaps, ponders trade deadline strategy and does a deep dive on Michael Conforto, who may be ready to turn things around after all.
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/27/21
Someday we'll all look back and laugh about the time the Mets scored one run in two games but lost no ground in the standings.
19 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/26/21
The Blue Jays get knocked down in two of three as the Mets now get ready for Atlanta. Josh Lewin recaps the weekend, introduces you to new Met Rich Hill, and there are highlights and postgame reaction as well.
21 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/23/21
The Mets prepare for the Blue Jays and Josh Lewin scouts Toronto, wondering what would have happened if the Jays (and not the Royals) had been the 2015 World Series opponent.
21 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/22/21
Marcus Stroman does the superhero thing in Cincy and Josh Lewin has the highlights, reaction and more.
20 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/21/21
The ever-thinning roster hangs tough and almost rallies again, but comes up short in Cincy. Josh Lewin reviews the game and flashes back to an '86 memory as well.
20 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/20/21
The Mets daily podcast does its best to sum up a bizarre but satisfying 15-11 extra-inning win in Cincinnati. Hear from Kevin Pillar and acting manager Dave Jauss as Josh Lewin recaps the explosive night.
25 min
Mets in the Morning: 7/19/21
The Mets daily podcast debuts with Josh Lewin recapping a wild weekend in Pittsburgh, complete with highlights, sound from (ejected) manager Luis Rojas, starting pitcher Taijuan Walker and a big picture look at the ballclub.
25 min
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