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Mets Mania - Season 1, Ep. 13
Can you quantify the impact Yoenis Cespedes has had on the Mets since joining the team?'s Analyst Jim Duquette joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to debate his impact, settle some Matt Harvey drama, and how the Mets integrated stats into their ballclub. Plus, Jeff Zimmerman (12:34) of FanGraphs talks about using advanced data to identify power in amateur ball, how the source of pitcher arm injuries have changed, and how much to worry about Greg Holland.
24 min
Prospect Perspective - Season 1, Ep. 12
The amount of prospects who have been called up this season is not just a coincidence.'s Jim Callis joins's Statcast host Mike Petriello to explain that this season has been a perfect storm for prospects who have made giant impacts with their respective clubs. Plus, Callis makes the case as to why Corey Seager should be suiting up for the Dodgers.
22 min
A Matter of National Concern - Season 1, Ep. 11
How much weight should Major League teams put into amateur players' stats like spin rate, exit velocity and home run distance? Mike Ferrin, host of Power Alley on Sirius XM, joins's Statcast podcast host Mike Petriello to explain why you should read those stats with a grain of salt and to divulge which fan base is in panic mode. Plus, James Wagner from the Washington Post joins the show (12:15) to break down some key players on the Nationals' lineup from head to toe and explain why it's time to get serious.
26 min
Playing Catch-up - Season 1, Ep. 10
What led Cleveland to fall short of expectations this season? Indians reporter Jordan Bastian joins's Mike Petriello on the Statcast podcast to explain why the Tribe hasn't lived up to the hype, how Trevor Bauer's actively trying to get more spin on his pitches and how throwing eight different pitches could be hindering his success. The guys also spotlight Zach McAllister's new-found velocity and impressive strikeout rate since joining the bullpen. Former big league catcher John Baker also joins the show to give his perspective from the backstop position. He explains how Tim Cossins' advice has been clutch and why there's so much more to catching than meets the eye. Baker dishes about the year catchers started to trick umpires while framing pitches and why he wishes he had the analytics that exist today during his playing days. Plus, the guys spotlight Kyle Schwarber and how his confidence shines through his powerful swing.
37 min
Royals and the Pirates have their sights set on... host Mike Petriello takes a look at two of the more fascinating teams in baseball this season, the Royals and the Pirates. Travis Sawchik, recent author and award winning reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, joins Statcast to breakdown how the Pirates have been so successful and why Clint Hurdle's ability to adapt to the ever-changing baseball landscape has been a key to his team's success. Plus, they'll discuss why pitchers are reviving their careers donning the black and yellow. Rany Jazayerli, long time Baseball Prospectus writer and frequent Grantland contributor, joins Statcast to pinpoint exactly why Kansas City brought Johnny Cueto to the midwest, how the Royals' past choices has led them to their current and future success and explain why Lorenzo Cain, Alex Gordon, and Jarrod Dyson are such a dangerous combination in the outfield, covering the most average distance for outfielders, per Statcast.
31 min
Storylines and Trade Deadlines - Season 1, Ep. 8
What's the secret to increasing the Mets' happiness when it comes to their lineup? Will they look to add a defensive weapon in the outfield with Juan Lagares playing at less than 100 percent? Mets reporter Anthony DiComo joins the Statcast podcast to explain what the team needs to make a playoff push. Plus, Dave Cameron, editing manager at Fangraphs, joins Statcast to explain why some of the return trades we see could be disappointing, discuss whether or not Mike Trout could be having his best season yet at the age of 23 and why WAR needs to be more uniform across baseball.
32 min
Change it up and strike 'em out - Season 1, Ep. 7
Zack Greinke can do no wrong in the baseball world or in the Statcast world right now. Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci joins host Mike Petriello to spotlight Greinke's hard-throwing change-up and artistry on the mound, where the ace could end up next season and the future of Statcast in broadcasts and the scouting department. Dr. Ben Baumer also joins Statcast to reflect on how he started the Mets stats department and the advancement of the position, the kind of stats that held value during his time with the Mets and what he would do to help the team's offensive woes in 2015.
24 min
The Price of Winning - Season 1, Ep. 6
Author Molly Knight joins host Mike Petriello to detail her new book "The Best Team Money Can Buy," explain why Don Mattingly is so willing and eager to learn more about analytics and discuss why Zack Greinke is one of the most fascinating players in baseball. Jay Jaffe, Sports Illustrated baseball writer, also joins the Statcast podcast to highlight exit velocity numbers from Miguel Sano and Robinson Cano, look back on the Dee Gordon/Matt Kemp trades and discuss where Cole Hamels, Johnny Cueto and others will land at the Trade Deadline.
25 min
Don't count the Red Sox out yet - Season 1, Ep. 5
Boston Globe writer Alex Speier joins's Mike Petriello to explain how David Ortiz's exit velocity proves he still can be a force. Plus, Speier expands on the idea that you can turn complicated numbers into simplified, useful concepts that enhance the game of baseball. Ted Berg, writer at USA Today's For The Win also joins the show. Berg explains how head-first sliding isn't the quickest way to the base (and has the numbers to prove it) and despite what fans think, explains why Curtis Granderson is having a strong season at the plate.
31 min
Statcast loves Randal Grichuk - Season 1, Ep. 4
How does St. Louis continue to win despite losing key players? host Mike Petriello talks backup plans, Randal Grichuk's power and Michael Wacha's numbers with Sports on Earth's Senior Writer Will Leitch on this week's Statcast Podcast.
24 min
How Broadcasters are Using Statcast - Season 1,...
Statcast is changing the future of the slash line. Cubs broadcaster Len Kasper joins host Mike Petriello to explain how Statcast is changing the way we view the game. Plus, Len and Mike spotlight Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta and the incredible spin rate on his sinker. Don't miss MLB Network's Showcase Game on June 26 that features Arrieta and his dynamic arsenal against the Cardinals.
16 min
Carter Capps is a Statcast Dream - Season 1, Ep. 2
Jeff Passan from Yahoo Sports joins host Mike Petriello to talk about Giancarlo Stanton, defense, common fans and player health. Plus, Ben Lindbergh from Grantland calls in to talk about his recent Statcast articles and why Carter Capps is a Statcast dream.
36 min
It's All in the Numbers - Season 1, Ep. 1 host Mike Petriello debuts a brand new podcast revolving around the numbers. He is joined by's Cory Schwartz to find out the who, what, where, when and why of Statcast and everything in between.
31 min