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A numbers game - Season 2, Ep. 13
What do the numbers 88.2 mph, 327 feet, 94.4 mph and 3.85 seconds have to do with the 2015 season? Statcast host Mike Petriello and national editor Matt Meyers take a look back at each team's most impressive statistic and go around the league to make their prediction for division winners and standouts for 2016.
32 min
Sneaky fast - Season 2, Ep. 12
How can Drew Smyly and Alex Wood help your fantasy team? Statcast host Mike Petriello and national editor Matt Meyers spotlight seven bounceback pitchers worth keeping your eyes on. Director of baseball research and development Daren Willman joins the Statcast podcast to highlight his work studying outfield range and where this data could be used in realtime broadcasts. Plus, hear how Padres pitching coach Darren Balsley focuses on "sneaky fast" pitches and how he's helping transform the San Diego pitching staff.
29 min
Stats, bats and Charlie Blackmon - Season 2, Ep...
Charlie Blackmon was one of three players in 2015 to steal 40 bases. Statcast host Mike Petriello caught up with Blackmon at Spring Training to find out why he finds statistics so compelling and why fantasy owners should pay attention. Plus, national editor Matt Meyers joins Petriello to spotlight the biggest, baddest, Statcast loving bats in the game and how they can affect your fantasy draft.
29 min
Changing the playing field - Season 2, Ep. 10
In 1982, Dan Evans literally changed the playing field in baseball for the White Sox. Statcast host Mike Petriello and national editor Matt Meyers take time to hear how Evans, current director of the Pacific Rim for the Blue Jays, came up with the idea to shorten the field, what it was like to be so far ahead of the analytics world and how he looks at foreign statistics and their translation to American baseball. Plus, Mike and Matt discuss just how instrumental Evans' forward thinking has proven to be to the baseball world today and how Korean hitters are making a major splash in the Major Leagues.
27 min
Byrnes buys into Statcast - Season 2, Ep. 9
As the world of Statcast grows, so do the amazing accomplishments hitters, fielders, and pitchers achieve. MLB Network's Eric Byrnes joins Statcast host Mike Petriello and national editor Matt Meyers to explain why he still might be playing the game if he recognized spin rate and why Rafael Betancourt's four-seamer is so devastating. Plus, the guys take time breaking down a few players who shine brighter because of Statcast and reveal the Statcast stat of the week.
26 min
Donut get confused - Season 2, Ep. 8
What's the difference between useful spin and total spin? Where does the donut hole exist? Dr. Alan Nathan, Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois, joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to explain why measuring useful spin is important, how to find the sweet spot in the field and earn a hit and what Dr. Nathan hopes to see for Statcast in the future. Plus, Matt Meyers, national editor joins Statcast to dissect Dr. Nathan's ideas and spotlight how the Astros have some of the strongest and fastest talent at the Major League level.
29 min
Steamy projections - Season 2, Ep. 7
Projections can't anticipate injuries or life events that occur throughout the baseball season but that doesn't stop anyone from trying to predict wins, losses, and player's performances. Jared Cross, creator of Steamer Projections, joins Statcast host Mike Petriello and's national editor Matt Meyers to explain how Steamer creates projections, to discuss a few players with high and low projections and why you can't live and die by these numbers. Plus, the guys break down the future of projections with improved statistics and why the World Series Champions aren't necessarily the best team in baseball.
30 min
Movin' on up - Season 2, Ep. 6
What's been the key to success for the No. 3 prospect in the Dodgers organization? Right-handed pitcher Jose De Leon joins Statcast host Mike Petriello and's national editor Matt Meyers to give a better insight to how he's changed his approach, discuss his time spent in the Cal League and how the Dodgers organization has changed over the years. Plus, Mike and Matt explain FIP and why pitchers should care about this stat.
20 min
Higher Expectations - Season 2, Ep. 5
Can the Coors Field altitude be the Rockies' greatest weapon? Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich joins Statcast host Mike Petriello and's national editor Matt Meyers to explain why the sooner the Rockies play to their home-field advantage, the more successful they'll be. They also discuss how the game has changed since Bridich joined in 2005 and how their fastball pitchers can thrive in Colorado.
32 min
Talk isn't cheap - Season 2, Ep. 4
What fueled Cubs' outfielder Chris Coghlan to use statistics to help turn his career around? Coghlan joins Statcast's Mike Petriello to explain how talking to the right people and understanding why statistics like slugging, on base percentage and route efficiency could turn him into a more complete, above average player. Plus, the guys discuss how manager Joe Maddon's decision making and confidence helped the Cubs earn 24 more wins in 2015.
20 min
Everything you need to know about Exit Velo - S...
How is it possible that RHP Tyson Ross hits the ball harder than he throws it? Statcast host Mike Petriello and's national editor Matt Meyers uncover this mysterious fact, explain how exit velocity correlates to production and remind Mets fans why everything will be alright without Yoenis Cespedes. Plus,'s Jonathan Mayo joins Statcast to highlight the Top 100 list coming out January 29 and Cuban prospects coming. through the Major League system
34 min
How will the NL West be won? - Season 2, Ep. 2
Are the Dodgers still the team to beat in the NL West?'s national reporter AJ Cassavell joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to explain, despite "winning" the offseason, why the D-backs are still the third best team in the division and how some of the hardest hit balls in baseball are not home runs. (12:00) Plus, newest Dodgers broadcaster Joe Davis joins Statcast to detail his new gig and how he will utilize stats in his broadcast to help viewers see the old-school game in a new way.
26 min
Statistics and Scouting - Season 2, Ep. 1
How big of a role do statistics play in a pro scout's job? Statcast host Mike Petriello checks in with Astros Director of Pro Scouting Kevin Goldstein to take a look into his day-to-day operations and why statistics play a role in his decisions. Plus,'s Pirates reporter Adam Berry joins Statcast to forecast Andrew McCutchen's production in 2016 and why Arquimedes Caminero's statistics are a team's dream.
26 min
Statcast is Growing Up - Season 1, Ep. 22
Statcast's reach is growing wider and higher heading into its second season.'s Daren Willman joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to discuss how he got his start in Statcast and where the future lies for data-driven information. (10:30) Plus, former big league pitcher Brian Bannister talks shop with Petriello about his new gig as the director of pitching analysis and development for the Boston Red Sox, Dave Dombrowski's view of statistics and how he'll help his pitchers grow through numbers.
25 min
AL Contenders - Season 1, Ep. 21
Plenty of questions surround two AL Central teams looking to contend in 2016. Statcast host Mike Petriello chats with Aaron Gleeman, author at HardballTalk, to learn how the Twins' offense gets a major boost with recently acquired Byung Ho Park and how Miguel Sano is so successful at the dish. (16:30) Plus,'s Jordan Bastian joins Statcast to demystify why Carlos Carrasco is one of the most underrated pitchers in the game.
32 min
It's all in the rotation - Season 1, Ep. 20
Can spin rate revive a pitcher's career? Statcast host Mike Petriello dives into this idea with Tigers reporter Jason Beck as they explore how Justin Verlander finished 2015 stronger than he started. (19:32) Plus, Angels reporter Alden Gonzalez joins Statcast to evaluate how Garrett Richards' out of this world spin rate could help him be the ace he's meant to be on the mound.
39 min
Spin Doctors - Season 1, Ep. 19
Does high spin rate correlate with a higher number of injuries? How does Driveline Baseball find success in their slogan, "throw harder and reduce your injury risk"? Kyle Boddy, President and Founder of Driveline Baseball, joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to answer these questions and more. (15:35) Plus, Padres beat reporter Corey Brock joins Statcast to discuss San Diego's offseason plan and how the Friars front office is utilizing statistics like spin rate to find success in their starting rotation.
35 min
Statcast Season Wrap Up - Season 1, Ep. 18
In its first year, Statcast forever changed the way we watch the game of baseball.'s vice president of stats Cory Schwartz joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to wrap up the season, look ahead to the future and breakdown this strong offseason class of free agents.
16 min
Speaking the Language - Season 1, Ep. 17
Are athletes starting to warm up to statistical-based questions? Fangraphs' Eno Sarris joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to take us inside his stat-driven interviews and which player's interest in statistics most surprised him. (14:00) Plus, former Rockies outfielder Ryan Spilborghs joins Statcast to breakdown what it's actually like to hit in high altitude and how he'll use new metrics in the broadcast booth.
33 min
Strength in Numbers - Season 1, Ep. 16
How are statistics playing a role in the World Series? Sports on Earth columnist Anthony Castrovince joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to breakdown the cost of the Mets' weak defense and the natural evolution of statistics in baseball. (14:37) Plus, ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball host Jon Sciambi joins Mike to explain why the Mets' 'runs per game' statistic could be deceiving, how stats fit into his broadcast and why anyone has dared to throw a first pitch strike against Alcides Escobar.
32 min
WAR, what is it good for? - Season 1, Ep. 15
New York Times National writer Tyler Kepner keeps it simple when it comes to covering all 30 Major League teams. Statcast host Mike Petriello picks Kepner's brain to find out why a college-ruled notebook keeps him organized and how he's utilized WAR in his own writing. (14:55) Plus, Aaron Gordon, Staff writer at Vice, shares his adventure inside a Statcast truck and why, although cautious, broadcasters find statistics relatable and easy to adopt into their show.
26 min
The Road to the Postseason - Season 1, Ep. 14
Despite countless injuries to star players, St. Louis has flourished heading into the Postseason, clinching yet another playoff berth.'s Cardinals beat reporter Jenifer Langosch joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to try and quantify how the Cardinals' depth has allowed them to dominate for another season with major contributions from Matt Carpenter and Randal Grichuk. (15:10) Plus, Mike and Orange County Register's Pedro Moura discuss the Angels starting pitching woes and why Garrett Richards has to step up and be the ace his team needs.
31 min
Mets Mania - Season 1, Ep. 13
Can you quantify the impact Yoenis Cespedes has had on the Mets since joining the team?'s Analyst Jim Duquette joins Statcast host Mike Petriello to debate his impact, settle some Matt Harvey drama, and how the Mets integrated stats into their ballclub. Plus, Jeff Zimmerman (12:34) of FanGraphs talks about using advanced data to identify power in amateur ball, how the source of pitcher arm injuries have changed, and how much to worry about Greg Holland.
24 min
Prospect Perspective - Season 1, Ep. 12
The amount of prospects who have been called up this season is not just a coincidence.'s Jim Callis joins's Statcast host Mike Petriello to explain that this season has been a perfect storm for prospects who have made giant impacts with their respective clubs. Plus, Callis makes the case as to why Corey Seager should be suiting up for the Dodgers.
22 min
A Matter of National Concern - Season 1, Ep. 11
How much weight should Major League teams put into amateur players' stats like spin rate, exit velocity and home run distance? Mike Ferrin, host of Power Alley on Sirius XM, joins's Statcast podcast host Mike Petriello to explain why you should read those stats with a grain of salt and to divulge which fan base is in panic mode. Plus, James Wagner from the Washington Post joins the show (12:15) to break down some key players on the Nationals' lineup from head to toe and explain why it's time to get serious.
26 min