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Cardinals Insider grants comprehensive access to the 11-time world champions. Guests include current players, alumni, broadcasters, and club officials. Episodes release on the final weekday of each month during the baseball season.

Ozzie and Arenado Grounders Breakdown | April 2024
Listen in as Ozzie Smith and Nolan Arenado take ground balls together, and the hosts of the show interject behind the scenes experiences from the full interview.
21 min
Ozzie Smith | September 2023
Ozzie Smith joins the show to discuss his career and baseball at-large. Topics include other Hall of Famers, the responsibility of being a Cardinals great, what makes Coopertown, N.Y. special, and what it takes to play into your forties.
39 min
Brad Thompson | August 2023
World Champion Brad Thompson debuted with the Cardinals as a right-handed sinker baller in 2005. During his five season in St. Louis he shared the field with a handful of Cardinals legends. Since retiring, he’s become a fixture on the St. Louis broadcast scene, including as the primary analyst on Bally Sports Midwest. Thompson joins the show to tell stories about his time in uniform, and his experiences behind the mic.
40 min
Hall of Fame: Behind the Scenes | July 2023
This episode is dedicated to sharing what goes on behind the scenes in Cooperstown for Hall of Fame weekend. Hear what Scott Rolen can expect, and take in stories from past induction weekends
18 min
Mike Matheny | June 2023
Mike Matheny returned to Busch Stadium in an alumni capacity for the 2013 National League championship reunion. He sat down with the Cardinals Insider Podcast to discuss leadership in baseball, Cardinals legends who helped shape him, and his upcoming second book.
28 min
David Eckstein | May 2023
David Eckstein sits down for a wide-ranging conversation about his career. Topics include playing next to Scott Rolen, being managed by Tony La Russa, and the surprising message his dad had for him after the 2006 World Series. Eckstein also discusses raising awareness for organ donation, and supporting his wife Ashley Eckstein in her work as an actress.
48 min
Ozzie & Waino | April 2023
Ozzie Smith and Adam Wainwright discuss Waino’s career and final season as a Cardinal. They also talk through life away from baseball and what comes next for Wainwright.
16 min
Bonus: Contreras Press Conference
Listen to the full press conference with new Cardinals catcher Willson Contreras.
19 min
Dan McLaughlin | September 2022
Cardinals TV broadcaster Dan McLaughlin joins the program to discuss the careers of Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols.
48 min
Jordan Walker | August 2022
Cardinals prospect Jordan Walker joins the show to discuss his pro career so far.
13 min
Brendan Ryan | July 2022
Brendan Ryan joins the program to discuss his career. Topics include the influence of Albert Pujols on a clubhouse, the famous "Chris Carpenter incident" in Cincinnati, how George Kissell and Jose Oquendo shaped him in the minors, and much more.
41 min
Rick Horton | June 2022
Former Cardinals pitcher, and current radio broadcaster, Rick Horton joins the show to discuss his relationship with Whitey Herzog, how the Buck family got him going in broadcastings, and his front seat to Albert Pujols’ storied career.
30 min
Kyle McClellan | May 2022
Kyle McClellan | May 2022
48 min
4/1/22 | Al Hrabosky
Al Hrabosky drops by to discuss his early years in pro ball, meeting Stan Musial and more from his career.
52 min
10/25/21 | Marmol Named Manager
Oliver Marmol has been named the 51st manager in Cardinals franchise history. Oli, John Mozeliak, and Bill DeWitt Jr. discuss his new role with the media during this episode.
45 min
10/14/21 | Shildt’s Departure
Bill DeWitt Jr. and John Mozeliak discuss the departure of Mike Shildt.
29 min
10/7/21 | Wildcard Postgame & Reaction
17 min
10/5/21 | Wild Card Preview
Head inside the media room at Dodger Stadium as Adam Wainwright, Nolan Arenado, and Mike Shildt discuss the winner-take-all Wild Card match-up.
47 min
9/30/21 | Ozzie and Simmons
Ted Simmons sits-down with Ozzie Smith to talk about his Cooperstown experience and the fraternity of being a Baseball Hall of Famer.
14 min
9/18/21 | Lance Berkman
Lance Berkman played just two season in St. Louis, but became a fan favorite with his outgoing personality and clutch hitting in the postseason. He sits down to discuss joining the redbirds after battling the Cards for many years as a division rival
49 min
8/31/21 | David Freese
World Series hero and St. Louis native David Freese joins the show to discuss his career with the Cardinals. Learn why he didn’t sleep in his own bed during the 2011 postseason, and the first question he asked John Mozeliak upon learning he had been traded to the Cardinals.
14 min
8/17/21 | David Eckstein: Flashback Friday
David Eckstein joins team historian Brian Finch to talk about his 2006 World Series MVP, overcoming his size to excel as a Major Leaguer, and how he is spending his time in retirement.
44 min
7/30/21 | John O’Leary
St. Louis native John O’Leary was given slim odds of survival after being burned on 100-percent of his body as a little boy. Enter Jack Buck, who rallied the Cardinals around John giving him a reason to fight.
36 min
7/2/21 | Dan McLaughlin: Flashback Friday
Danny Mac discusses capturing big moments, working with different analysts and his road to the big league booth.
46 min
6/30/21 | Tom and Matt Pagnozzi
Tom and Matt Pagnozzi join the program to discuss their relationship and what it meant to each of them to represent their family and the city of St. Louis as Cardinals catchers.
33 min