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Take deep dives with Reds broadcaster Jim Day as he interviews current and former Reds players, coaches, broadcasters, celebrities and those that make news in the baseball and sports world. Jim will feature unique and relaxed conversations that will take you in between the lines and away from the field of play or the broadcast booth. Deep dive into what makes these celebrities tick as sports meets pop culture on the Jim Day Podcast. One click subscribes you to every episode.

Group Chat- India, Farmer, Senzel
The boys are back and they brought a friend! It's a group chat with Jonathan India, Kyle Farmer and Nick Senzel. A multitude of topics are covered in this one, enjoy the ride!
39 min
Tyler Stephenson
Tyler Stephenson returns to give us a post-surgery update. But with all the extra time on his hands, Tyler talks about his new BFF and rehab partner Joey Votto including a trip to the zoo, dinner with Votto, a Mama Votto cooked meal, watching Anchorman together and much more! Also, how and why did Kyle Farmer play an awesome practical joke on him?
55 min
The Jim Day Podcast- India & Farmer
Jonathan India and Kyle Farmer
46 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Graham Ashcraft
Reds rookie starting pitcher Graham Ashcraft joins the Pod to tell us about living the Major League dream, his filthy pitching arsenal,
46 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Nick Krall
Reds Vice President and General Manager Nick Krall joins the Pod to let us into the complicated world of running an MLB baseball operation.
38 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Nick Lodolo
Nick Lodolo makes his Podcast Debut
56 min
Jim Callis analyzes the Castillo Trade & Reds D...
Jim Callis is the Senior Writer for MLB Pipeline and He joins the Pod to completely break down the Luis Castillo Trade and The Reds recent 2022 MLB Draft.
46 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Annie Sabo
Annie Sabo is a Bally Sports Ohio broadcaster and the daughter of Reds Hall of Famer Chris Sabo. Jim talks to Annie about growing up in Cincinnati, working on Reds broadcasts, and of course what it's like being the daughter of such a unique character in Reds lore! And much more!
50 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Classic Sean Casey
During this All-Star week, it's time to bring back an All-Star episode with "The Mayor" Sean Casey in this Jim Day Podcast Classic edition. No one has lit up the Pod more than Sean in what is Jim's favorite podcast.
83 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Kyle Farmer Returns
The man keeps his word! Reds shortstop Kyle Farmer vowed to make a quick return to the Pod and he delivers per usual. You never know where the conversation will lead with Farmer, but there will be guaranteed laughs along the way.
57 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Kent Mercker
18 year Big Leaguer, World Series Champion, No Hitter-artist and now Pickleball extraordinaire Kent Mercker brings the laughs to the Jim Day Podcast.
69 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Brent Suter
The Jim Day Podcast- Brent Suter
36 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Sam LeCure & Brian Giesens...
Go behind the scenes of Reds Live as Jim welcomes in the dynamic duo of Sam LeCure and Brian Giesenschlag. Go inside the game of broadcasting with on-the-air and off-the-air situations. They have coordinated their wardrobes and are ready for the Pod!
49 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Derek Johnson
One of the game's premier pitching coaches, Derek Johnson takes us deep inside the game pitching in the Bigs. The Reds Pitching Director/Coach gives us a hardcore baseball edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
41 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Boog Sciambi
ESPN and Marquee Sports Jon "Boog" Sciambi joins Jim for an in-depth conversation taking you behind the scenes in the sports broadcast world, life in baseball, stories from the gig, the status and future of MLB, and much, much more.
56 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Kyle Farmer
The always hilarious Kyle Farmer returns to the Jim Day Podcast
57 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Jeff Brantley & Tommy Thrall
The dynamic duo on The Reds Radio Network Jeff Brantley and Tommy Thrall return to the podcast, but this time together
73 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Greg Rhodes
Reds Historian and author Greg Rhodes joins the Pod
51 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Jonathan India
Reigning National League Rookie of the Year Jonathan India makes his return to the Jim Day Podcast. From flowers to hair, from baseball to tattoos, it's another wide-ranging conversation with one of baseball's most interesting personalities.
35 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Nick Senzel
Nick Senzel has another deeply personal and open conversation with Jim. Nick talks in-depth about his personal and mental battles. This is a hold nothing back, revealing, inspirational visit to The Jim Day Podcast.
48 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Tyler Stephenson
Life as a starting Big League catcher! The job is now Tyler Stephenson's and he joins Jim to talk about life as the man! With a special impromptu appearance by Mom and Dad!
46 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Hunter Greene
Hunter Greene returns to the Jim Day Podcast
68 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Joey Votto
In another revealing and personal interview, Joey Votto returns to the Jim Day Podcast for his annual pilgrimage. Prepare for the mind of Votto as this conversation spans many emotions and many topics as we've grown to expect from Joey.
81 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Season Debut
It's the Season Debut! Jim returns to talk Joey Votto and sets the stage with season previews with Sam LeCure and John Sadak.
55 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Tucker Barnhart
Tucker Barnhart returns to the Jim Day Podcast
39 min