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Take deep dives with Reds broadcaster Jim Day as he interviews current and former Reds players, coaches, broadcasters, celebrities and those that make news in the baseball and sports world. Jim will feature unique and relaxed conversations that will take you in between the lines and away from the field of play or the broadcast booth. Deep dive into what makes these celebrities tick as sports meets pop culture on the Jim Day Podcast. One click subscribes you to every episode.

The Jim Day Podcast- Writers Roundtable Reds Se...
57 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Best of Reds Hall of Famers
Conversations with George Foster, Ron Oester, Barry Larkin, Jose Rijo, and Sean Casey
60 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Dave "Yiddy" Armbruster
For decades, "Marty and Joe" were an institution in Reds country. Along for most of the ride as Producer/Engineer was Dave "Yiddy" Armbruster. "Yid" takes us behind the scenes for some classic "Marty and Joe" stories from the booth and away from the ballpark. Yid takes us into the Reds Radio broadcast booth in 2021 and beyond with his very unique perspective.
63 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Sean Casey
No one can bring it quite like "The Mayor" Sean Casey and his return appearance doesn't disappoint.
49 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Randy Myers
Nasty Boy Randy Myers makes him Jim Day Podcast Debut
36 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Barry Larkin & Jose Rijo
National Baseball Hall of Famer Barry Larkin joins Jim Day in a reflective conversation when the party is crashed by 1990 World Series MVP Jose Rijo! It's Rijo and Larkin audio gold!
58 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Tucker Barnhart
Tucker Barnhart returns to the Jim Day Podcast
39 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Best of The Broadcasters
Tommy Thrall and John Sadak offer up their best moments
55 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Bronson Arroyo
The "Coolness" meter is raised as Bronson Arroyo makes his return to the Pod
50 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Best Of The Newcomers
Jonathan India, Tyler Stephenson, Tyler Naquin and Tejay Antone.
57 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Kyle Farmer
Kyle Farmer returns to The Jim Day Podcast with a behind the scenes venture into the 2021 Reds team including his Granny sliding into Winker's DM's, reviewing the Luke Bryan concert that he and many teammates attended, why Sonny Gray is the quirkiest guy he's ever met, why Tyler Naquin is the goofiest, who are the best dressers on the team, Votto as his future bench coach??!! And more!
54 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Writers Roundtable
The writers roundtable returns to talk all things Cincinnati Reds. Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer, C. Trent Rosecrans of the Athletic and Mark Sheldon of join Jim to discuss the looming trade deadline, will the Reds be active? What is their status to win the Central? Foreign substances, should the shift be banned or regulated? The current environment of player access and are they satisfied? Thoughts on Castellanos, India and current players and much more!
54 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Tyler Naquin
From playing tee ball on a cow pasture, all the way to The Bigs, and now The Jim Day Podcast! Reds center fielder Tyler Naquin joins the Pod to share his heart warming stories about his Mom, Dad, brother and teammates. Tyler also takes us inside "The Riders" group, life in the outfield with Castellanos and Winker, the stories behind his tattoos, the mispronunciation of his name, and more...all while teammate Ryan Hendrix cooks him breakfast!
65 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ron Oester
Reds Hall of Famer Ron Oester brings his grit to the Pod! Ronny-O relives coming up in the Big Red Machine era, rookie hazing from Rose, Bench and Morgan, why he shaved his head during the 1990 World Championship season, how his hard edge leadership led to a few skirmishes, the text he sent to Marty Brennaman upon retirement, life as a grandfather and more!
45 min
The Jim Day Podcast- John Sadak
Bally Sports Ohio's John Sadak joins Jim to talk about his first season in the Reds broadcast booth. What was John's path the Bigs? What was Opening Day like? Is it what he expected? John and Jim also get off the beaten path with old school wresting talk, pop culture, favorite TV shows of all-time, Star Wars, John's love of math and Jim's disdain for it, a history project that led John to sports and much more!
63 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Tommy Thrall
Reds on Radio play-by-play man Tommy Thrall brings his pipes to the Jim Day Podcast. Jim and Tommy take you inside the broadcast booths, how tough is it to follow a Reds legend in the radio booth, his working relationship with Jeff Brantley, being terrified on Opening Day, how Jim and Tommy became food legends in Phoenix, why both are not morning people, the one jinx Tommy believes in, and did a ghost show up mid episode? And more!
46 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Jesse Winker
A revealing conversation with Jesse Winker
44 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Todd Frazier
As he embarks on playing for Team USA, Todd Frazier invades the pod Jersey style! The "Todd Father" becomes the "Pod Father" with a look back at his favorite Reds teammates, what wearing the Red, White and Blue means to him, the self-proclaimed fast food French Fry expert, the famous switch-a-roo play, his favorite Reds moments, Frank Sinatra and more!
27 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Jay Bruce
Future Reds Hall of Famer Jay Bruce talks retirement, Votto, Winker and more
47 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Wade Miley
Fresh off of his no-hitter, Wade Miley joins the podcast to take us into the dugout and behind the scenes of his masterful No-No. Plenty of stories to be told on this one! Including the now famous Hulk tattoo, why the country boy Wade does not mesh with big cities, tough conversations with teammates, and fishing with Votto? and much more!
52 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Lou Piniella
Nothing is sweeter than an interview with Sweet Lou Piniella
54 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Sam LeCure Part 2
He was so good the first time around, we had to have Sam LeCure back for part two! Sam dishes on former teammates from the playoff years from Arroyo to Votto and many in between, and the discussion gets serious when Sam talks about the struggles he went through after his career on the field ended. It's another spirited visit with "Nails."
61 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Sam LeCure
Former Reds pitcher and current broadcaster Sam LeCure joins Jim for a much anticipated and lively conversation. Sam and Jim delve into many topics including reliving great and heartbreaking moments from 2010 and 2012, Sam's famous mustache, the story behind the "Cup" of 2012, how Corky Miller played a vital role in Sam reaching the Bigs, how the nickname "Nails" evolved, how Sam touched Jim's heart, Jonathan Broxton stuffing Billy Hamilton into a trash can and more!
62 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Greg Vaughn
Marty Brennaman calls Greg Vaughn the single greatest leader he ever witnessed in his 46 years in the Reds broadcast booth. 1999 was a memorable year in Reds Country and Greg Vaughn literally willed the Reds to 96 wins. From solely changing the Reds facial hair policy to his Good Cop/Bad Cop with Barry Larkin to the side of Greg Vaughn you perhaps never knew, that and more on the latest episode of The Jim Day Podcast.
50 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Jonathan India
He burst onto the Major League Baseball scene and now he bursts onto The Jim Day Podcast
33 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Tyler Stephenson
Imagine hitting a home run in your first Major League at-bat as Tyler Stephenson did. Tyler relives the incredible moment, his walk off HR later that season and throwing out Billy Hamilton, his relationship with Tucker Barnhart, Corky Miller's influence, how he's a 6'4" Teddy Bear, the unusual way he bought at PS5, one of the few things that can take a Georgia boy our of Georgia, how it was meant to be for him to be a Red and much more!
44 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Tejay Antone
Tejay Antone, on the cusp of greatness, makes his Jim Day Podcast debut
45 min
The Jim Day Podcast- George Foster
Reds Hall of Famer George Foster embarks on the Jim Day Podcast. Once known as a quiet teammate on the Big Red Machine, he is far from that now! George and Jim discuss how the switch of Pete Rose to 3rd base exactly went down that allowed him into the everyday lineup, who did he hang with on the team, memories of Joe Morgan and how Joe became his mentor, thoughts and stories of his other BRM teammates, how Joe Nuxhall helped him develop as a hitter and a man, the incredible MVP season of 1977, how many HR’s would he hit if he played at GABP, who he patterned his swing after, what would his walkup music be if he played today, his coaching of youth baseball in Cincinnati, how he can mentor youth today and much, much more!
57 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn Makes his Jim Day Podcast debut
52 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Joey Votto
The always fascinating Joey Votto returns to the Jim Day Podcast to tackle many subjects as only Votto can do…his brutally honest assessment of last season’s disappointments, the humbling experience of being benched, Ken Griffey Jr. talk, the battle with Father Time and how much he has left in the tank, why he says he has to ween himself off of YouTube! Why playing chess in a park is a dream, Joey Votto working in a front office? Why his relationship with Barry Larkin was challenging at first and much, much more!
63 min
The Best Of The Broadcasters
The Reds broadcasters have provided many laughs and poignant moments on the Pod as we bring you "The Best Of" The Broadcasters. Enjoy our visits with Marty Brennaman, George Grande, Jeff Brantley, Chris Welsh and Danny Graves!
32 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 56- Playoffs Roundtable
The writers are back! C Trent Rosecrans, Mark Sheldon and Bobby Nightengale join Jim to look back at the unusual 2020 season, the Reds incredible run down the stretch and a look ahead to the playoff matchup with the Braves. It's a regular season wrap Jim Day Podcast style.
69 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep. 55- The Best Of Reds H...
4 Reds Hall of Famers in one quality listen! It's another "Best Of" edition with the Best of interviews with Joe Morgan, Jim Maloney, Tom Browning and Tommy Helms.
53 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 54- Aaron Harang
Does Aaron Harang blame Dusty Baker? It's a question that has lingered for years and it's answered in our visit with the former Red that made five Opening Day starts. Story time includes the infamous day that Sean Casey jumped off the bus to challenge an entire Cubs bar from Aaron's perspective, the day Ryan Freel was stuffed into an overhead compartment on takeoff, "surfing" on the team plane and much more!
49 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 53- Tom Seaver Tribute
Johnny Bench, Marty Brennaman and George Grande join Jim to pay tribute to Tom Seaver. Upon the passing of a legend, 3 of Tom's friends reflect on the greatness of the player and the man on a special episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
68 min
The Jim Day- Ep 52- Best of 1990
Bringing together the "Best Of" from our interviews with Rob Dibble, Tom Browning, Joe Oliver, Glenn Braggs and Marty Brennaman, we look back at the 1990 World Champion Reds with stories, legends and laughs.
46 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 51- Bob Trumpy
He's known as one of the Godfather's of Sports Talk radio, but Bob Trumpy's broadcasting career took him much farther than Cincinnati. From Super Bowls to The Olympics to professional golf, Jim walks down memory lane with Bob including his first-hand admiration of the Reds in the 70's, Burt Reynold on a milk crate? Sneaking away for a smoke with Jesse Owens or golfing with Neil Armstrong! And Jim reveals what kickstarted his television career in a very unique story that's never been told on this podcast.
69 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 50- Sonny Gray
He's the ace of the Reds pitching staff and known for a bulldog mentality on the mound, but what is underneath the exterior? Jim peels back a few layers of the All-Star pitcher on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
22 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 49- Glenn Braggs
He made one of the biggest plays in Reds history and now 30 years removed he's on the Jim Day Podcast. Glenn Braggs looks back on the magical 1990 World Championship season. Would the crucial play he made on Carmelo Martinez been a home run had he not caught the ball? His legendary muscles and brute strength led to breaking bats on his follow-through swing including the World Series. And what it's like to be married to such a famous person? And much more!
49 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 48- Mike Moustakas
Upon the week of making his real Reds debut, it's time to get to know Mike Moustakas a bit! "Moose" joins the show to talk the current state of the Reds, chances of winning it all in 2020, playing without fans in the stands, being the new guy on the block, teammates and much more! There's a Moose on the Loose!
35 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 47- David Weathers
Always a funny teammate, former Red David Weathers joins the show. There's plenty for "Stormy" to talk about including stories about his favorite Reds teammates, life in the Bigs through 17 years of service time, and resurrecting what David calls the greatest TV commercial ever created, "Together Again," featuring the incomparable Bronson Arroyo and Chris Welsh. Also, his son Ryan was once a mainstay in the Reds clubhouse as a kid, now he's a 1st Round Draft Choice in pro ball and it's a roller coaster ride as a dad! That and much more!
66 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 46- Tucker Barnhart
Tackling protocols and tough questions, Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart returns to the show upon the return of Major League Baseball. We go in-depth with Tucker about the current challenges of playing baseball including detailed protocols. As the Reds Players Rep, Tucker gives us heartfelt and honest answers about the most difficult of situations, the negotiations. And, oh yes, how will those Reds fare this season!
76 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 45- Writers Roundtable
Baseball is back! Jim gathers the beat writers that cover the Reds for a roundtable discussion. Joining Jim to discuss the many stories surrounding the return of baseball are Mark Sheldon of, C Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic, and John Fay and Bobby Nightengale from the Cincinnati Enquirer.
71 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 44- Dan Hoard
Look out, the band is back together! He's the voice of The Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Bearcats, as well as Jim's former partner for Reds baseball. Dan Hoard joins the show as Jim and Dan look back in time when they were partners, broadcasting stories, Reds stories, Dan the storyteller, childish humor and more!
76 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 43- Jeff Brantley
It's a "Yellahhammer" of a podcast. Jim catches up with "The Cowboy" Jeff Brantley to see how he's been managing the down time, the state of the game of baseball, the state of the Reds, broadcasting games in 2020 and all things Cowboy!
51 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 42- Hal Morris
Not many could rake like Hal Morris and now the 1990 World Champion rakes verbally with a look back at his career, his teammates, the "Wire-to-Wire" Reds, Lou Piniella stories, being college roommates with Barry Larkin and much, much more!
52 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 41- Tommy Helms
Reds Hall of Famer Tommy Helms joins the show to relive the days from Crosley Field to Riverfront Stadium, from Dave Bristol to Sparky Anderson, from Rose to Perez and other great Reds teammates.
40 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 40- Rob Dibble
"Nasty Boy" Rob Dibble joins the show on the 30th Anniversary year of the 1990 Wire-to-Wire World Championship Reds. Rob looks back with an honest self-reflection of mistakes made along the path to greatness. A look back at a magical season, the fight with Lou Piniella, throwing the ball into the stands striking a fan, throwing intentionally at a baserunner, reflections of the "Nasty Boys," teammates and more!
68 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 39- Jim Maloney
He's one of the best pitchers to ever wear a Reds uniform and one of the game's greatest story. Reds Hall of Famer Jim Maloney joins the show to take us back to old school baseball with stories sure to delight baseball fans of any age. How a young and cocky Johnny Bench was put in his place via a broken cup (not the kind you drink out of!). Using foreign substances on the baseball including his "K-Y Jelly ball," how umpires let the players police themselves and let them get away with a lot! And no Jim Maloney interview is complete without the greatest fake snake gag of all-time!
64 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 38- Kirk Herbstreit
He's a preeminent analyst of college football broadcasting and he's also a diehard Reds fan. Kirk Herbstreit joins Jim as they reminisce about taking their hardcore Reds fandom to the next level growing up. The lively talk includes fond memories of Riverfront Stadium and the great players that played there, Marty and Joe memories, mid-game texts from Herbie, Kirk's favorite Reds players of all-time and even talk of Joe Burrow and Jim covering Kirk in college.
75 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 37- Around the Horn
Jim is back with another round of "Around the Horn." On this episode, we learn from a call to Amir Garrett that he wants to run for President and train to be an MMA fighter. Jesse Winker and Kyle Farmer join in a surprise group call and Jim sits back and gives up control of the show! The banter is similar to that in the clubhouse. Jim also calls The Zen Den to check in with Michael Lorenzen and more importantly his muscles!
72 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 36- Around The Horn
Jim breaks his "no phone interviews" edict during the pandemic when he goes around the horn with Reds teammates. Jim employs the help of Kyle Farmer to surprise call Derick Dietrich, Sonny Gray and Josh VanMeter to see how they're holding up during this unprecedented time. It's Dietrich's long-promised appearance despite coming through the side door to get it! Some much needed laughs are shared by all!
58 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep 35 - Sean Casey
We hope everyone is well! To commemorate what would have been Opening Day Week, but more importantly, to provide some much needed laughs, The Mayor Sean Casey is back with his hilarious storytelling. Sit back and enjoy a much needed distraction!
63 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 34- Hunter Greene
Mature beyond his years, Jim sits down with Reds super-prospect Hunter Greene in a wide-ranging conversation. Labeled as a can't miss high school phenom on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Hunter Greene fends off all adversities, including rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. From inspiring young African-Americans to a star-filled childhood, join us for an uplifting conversation that you can't help but come away impressed.
62 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 33- Nick Senzel
What is it like to not have a relationship with your Mom for 4-5 years? And then suddenly her sobriety prompts not only a reconciliation, but a complete arm tattoo in her honor. This and other serious subjects are revisited as Nick Senzel returns to the show to further share his struggle of a journey that is not over yet. What is like to deal with constant trade rumors? And of course there are many laughs along the way including an impromptu and unexpected call-in from Derek Dietrich mid-podcast. How Nick was steered away the hard way from poker, and we introduce, "Dr Nick" on the latest edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
70 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 32- Joey Votto
The often misunderstood yet immensely popular Joey Votto joins Jim in a wide-ranging and thoughtful conversation. Have a few laughs while also tackling serious topics from one of the best Reds players of all-time. With Joey, you never know what you're going to get but guaranteed to be entertaining. It's Votto being Votto on a special edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
94 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 31- Corky Miller
One of the most popular Reds players ever! Corky Miller and his mustache joins the show to discuss life as it exists now for the Corkster. Who is his "pet project" in the Reds organization? The future, past teammates and yes, where did Corky come from? That and more on the lastest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
26 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 30- Jack Billingham
Another Reds legend joins the show as "Cactus" Jack Billingham sits down with Jim. The always entertaining Billingham talks "Big Red Machine," the sometimes rocky relationship between starting pitcher and Manager Sparky Anderson, and is Jack responsible for Marty Brennaman's on-air demeanor? Say what? That and much more on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
20 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 29- Joe Oliver
The Jim Day Podcast returns with a visit with 1990 World Champion Joe Oliver. Relive the memories of the "Wire to Wire" World Championship team and what it was like to be the catcher under the demanding manager Lou Piniella, catching the outstanding pitching staff of 1990 and life on a daily basis with "The Nasty Boys." And can you imagine the 1990 team in the social media age? All this and more on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
24 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep. 28 - Barnhart, Casali...
It's an all-catchers edition as Tucker Barnhart, Curt Casali and Kyle Farmer do a roundtable discussion as only catchers can do and only this trio can do! Filled with of insight, laughs and even singing, this unique episode will even take you to an unexpected ending!
55 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 27- Marty Brennaman
As promised, Marty's back! As the Hall of Famer is about to broadcast his final games, has he thought about what he will say the final time he signs off the air? How emotional has the retirement tour season been? And as usual, Marty and Jim share plenty of laughs and new stories on the latest episode of The Jim Day Podcast.
62 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 26- Chris Welsh
The former Major League pitcher and for 27 years a Reds broadcaster, Chris Welsh shares stories of the past and present. From his days with the Yankees to the Padres to the Reds, "The Crafty Left-hander" has a few laughs with Jim about their lives in baseball.
47 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 25- Amir Garrett
It was one of the craziest scenes in baseball as Amir Garrett charged off the mound toward the Pirates dugout. Get Amir's thoughts on the incident, the subsequent suspension and the lessons learned, as well as the normal get-to-know banter you've grown to expect from the Jim Day Podcast. Amir opens up about life, baseball, basketball and teammates.
53 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep 24- Tucker Barnhart
Go behind the scenes with one of the unquestioned leaders on the Reds team Tucker Barnhart. Find out the intricacies behind the catcher position is today's modern baseball as well as life off the field with one of the most engaging players in all of MLB. It's catcher, team leader, chef, wine enthusiast, and meteorologist all wrapped in one episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
80 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep 23 - Senzel & VanMeter
What is it like to be a rookie in Major League Baseball in 2019? And to be able to experience it all with your best friend alongside? Nick Senzel and Josh VanMeter, the best of friends, join Jim to discuss life in the bigs and everything in between. We get to know Nick and Josh, and their teammates, on the latest episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
66 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 22- Bob Uecker & Marty ...
There is only one Bob Uecker! "Mr. Baseball" spans a career as a player, a Hall of Fame broadcaster, actor and comedian. Relive some of the funniest moments as Jim sits down with not one, but two Hall of Famers at once with Marty Brennaman joining the conversation. Scooter Gennett also weighs in on Uecker on a unique episode of the Jim Day Podcast.
40 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 21- Doug Flynn
What was it like to be a young rookie from Kentucky on perhaps the greatest team to ever play Major League Baseball? Known as “The Glue” of the Big Red Machine, Doug Flynn came out of nowhere and made a life in baseball full of countless memories. From his best friend Johnny Bench, to Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez and the Great 8…walk down memory lane and hear how the rest of the 75-76 Reds team became known as the “Turds!”
55 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 20- Kyle Farmer
He was in the movie "Blind Side," called up on stage by Brad Paisley to sing, and on national TV at age 6, all before becoming the newest Reds funny man. Not afraid to dish on teammates, let Kyle Farmer take you inside the Reds clubhouse as the latest guest on the Jim Day Podcast.
54 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep 19 - George Grande
From being a pioneer as the first-ever host of Sportscenter, to the host of the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, to 27 years in the Reds TV booth, George Grande's career has reached heights that few in the business can claim. Join us in a conversation that touches on his countless relationships in the sports world and stories that only George can tell.
72 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 18- Danny Graves
It’s the incredible transformation of Danny Graves. From Major League All-Star pitcher, to the depths of depression, mental illness, and blowing a fortune of money…to a proud, happy, content man today! It’s an incredible journey that we hope will lead to helping others overcome on this very special edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
45 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 17- Marty Brennaman
What is Marty Brennaman's favorite call that he's made in his 46-year Hall of Fame career? What are his top 3 calls? Find out in a very special edition of the Jim Day Podcast, as Jim has Marty listen to some of his greatest calls and gets his reaction to them all.
45 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 16- Nick Senzel
Jim has a surprising and revealing interview with Nick Senzel. Nick opens up about his personal struggles along the path of becoming the 2nd overall pick in the draft to the Reds top prospect and now everyday center fielder.
40 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep. 15 - Jeff Brantley
Reds broadcaster "The Cowboy" Jeff Brantley joins the show to talk about life alongside Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman in the broadcast booth, his outstanding MLB career and his former teammates. Learn about the personal side of one of the most beloved figures in Reds Country.
97 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep. 14 - Joe Morgan
Hall of Famer Joe Morgan brings his unending baseball intellect to the show. From his recent health battle to his Big Red Machine teammates, to things you may not have heard about Pete Rose, the conversation is open and candid and at times emotional on a very special edition of the Jim Day Podcast.
65 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep. 13 - John Fay & Mark ...
The Jim Day Podcast goes baseball roundtable with Reds beat writers Mark Sheldon of and John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Go behind the scenes of the ever-changing and always interesting life of covering Major League Baseball on a daily basis.
55 min
The Jim Day Podcast - Ep. 12 - Michael Lorenzen
Hear the inspirational story of Michael Lorenzen. While going down the wrong path, relive the moment that changed his life forever, the obstacles he's had to overcome, his unrelenting faith and the incredible night he hit a home run in the first game after his father passed away. He's one of the best athletes to ever wear a Reds uniform and he's now on the Jim Day Podcast.
43 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 11- Jesse Winker & Amir...
The best of friends, Reds outfielder Jesse Winker and Reds pitcher Amir Garrett join the show for a spirited conversation about life as roommates and beyond. Winker, the hype man, and Garrett the big brother figure, dish on teammates and each other!
47 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 10- Marty Brennaman
He's back! He was the first ever guest and now Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman returns for episode 10. Who are his favorite players? What life event is he most proud of? Marty hypnotized? Booth visits by the "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Jonathan Winters, the legendary Banana Phone and much more on the latest drop of the Jim Day Podcast.
86 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 9- Tom Browning
70 min
The Jim Day Podcast- Ep 8- Jared Hughes
The delightful Jared Hughes joins Jim to discuss becoming one of the best relievers in baseball after actually being on the verge of quitting professional baseball, the amazing story of how his sprints to the mound started, ordering milk at fine restaurants, how he can fall asleep to speed metal music as if its classical music, why Scooter Gennett has become his favorite player in all of baseball, heckling stories from the bullpen and more!
67 min
Ep. 7: Bronson Arroyo Pt. 2
We're back with round two with Bronson Arroyo who dishes on his love for Cincinnati, a love affair that came out of nowhere. We go deep into his friendship with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and being called up on stage to perform not once, but twice! And how "an otherwise fairly ordinary writing utensil" given to him by Vedder turned into the greatest gift he's ever received. And more!
53 min
Ep. 6: Bronson Arroyo, Part 1
Find out what retirement has been like for former big league pitcher Bronson Arroyo and go down memory lane with one of the game's good guys. Subjects like: being one of the last people on earth to use a flip phone, how he ended up in a trunk of a car with a horse saddle, Johnny Damon running around naked 5 minutes before games, Kevin Millar in hazmat gear trying to avoid Curt Schilling's underwear, the Arroyo Hot Takes Radio Show on the Reds' team bus, asking his financial guy to give him his burn rate, and pitching 8 games with a torn UCL and torn shoulder. That and more is on Part 1 of our conversation with Bronson on Episode 6 of the Jim Day Podcast.
58 min
Ep 5: Bob Kevoian joins the show
National Radio Hall of Famer Bob Kevoian joins the show to discuss his years on one of the most successful national morning radio shows ever, "The Bob and Tom Show." Bob will dish on his love of baseball, his favorite guests and much more!...With a guest appearance from his friend Marty Brennaman.
62 min
Ep 4: Sean Casey joins the show
No one tells a story quite like MLB Network Analyst and former All-Star Sean Casey. The Mayor will have you rolling with the day he thought he killed Bob Feller to borrowing Ken Griffey Jr's clippers for a body shave to taking a painful chop from John Cena and many more!
96 min
Ep 3: Scooter Gennett joins the show
All-star second baseman Scooter Gennett is one of the true characters of MLB...from how he got his name, his love of Dale Earnhardt, staring down WWE wrestlers, his love and skill with pottery and raising alligators and more! Join in on a lively conversation on Episode 3 of the Jim Day Podcast.
69 min
Ep 2: Continuing the conversation with Hall of ...
Jim Day welcomes Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman for Part 2 of their conversation.
52 min
Ep 1: An offbeat conversation with Hall of Fame...
The inaugural edition of the Jim Day Podcast features an offbeat conversation with Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman. Hold on tight, you never know where an interview with Marty will go!
56 min