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Do we still need affirmative action?
The U.S. Supreme Court debates whether race neutral admissions would hurt diversity on college campuses.
26 min
Something better than "thank you for your servi...
The saying "thank you for your service" gets mixed reviews from American veterans. Military history expert Dr. Robert Kodosky says it's time we rethink how we treat vets.
21 min
Where is the planet losing most of its wildlife?
Planet Earth is losing a substantial chunk of its wildlife. WWF Chief Global Scientist Rebecca Shaw looks at how close we are to a tipping point.
20 min
Making sense of Brazil's tense general election...
For nearly a month, Jair Bolsonaro refused to accept defeat in Brazil's presidential election to his challenger, Lula. Latin America expert Diego Armus explains what happened.
19 min
Phillies' World Series run makes Philadelphia's...
Whether the Phillies win another World Series remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure, according to economic expert Peter Zaleski: Philadelphia's economy will come out on top.
13 min
Getting lost in the joy of a Phillies ride for ...
The Phillies going to the World Series has brought the city of Philadelphia together in a unique and palpable way.
19 min
Could ‘Armageddon’ really happen? NASA’s succes...
NASA's DART mission aimed to change the path of an object in space - and it worked.
16 min
Bonus: How did Liz Truss get it so wrong so fast?
After just six weeks as Britain's Prime Minister, Liz Truss is out. A British politics expert explains what went historically wrong.
14 min
Surprise! The threat of a serious railroad stri...
Thought the threat of a railroad union strike was behind us? Think again. And this time, the looming holiday season underscores the stakes.
22 min
Substance or smoke?: Examining the federal mari...
President Biden is hoping a pardon for federal violations of simple cannabis possession will right a "failed approach to marijuana." Will the decision accomplish its goal?
21 min
Ugly history repeated: politicians take a page ...
A group of asylum seekers were sent to Martha's Vineyard on false promises. A similar thing happened during the Civil Rights Movement.
17 min
Child poverty is down - what have we done right...
How much did the Child Tax Credit do to decrease child poverty, and how do we continue the progress we've made?
13 min
Could Iran's future be in jeopardy? Explaining ...
For several weeks, protests have exploded across Iran in response to the death of a woman in police custody. Political science expert Dr. Sean Yom gives context to the rising between the Iranian people and their government..
24 min
Obesity in America: how it affects health and t...
Just how much of a problem is obesity in America? Health policy expert Dara Lieberman looks at the ripple effects of obesity, from physical health to economic impact.
10 min
'Serial' started the trend of true crime. Was t...
'Serial' may have played a big role in overturning Adnan Syed's conviction, but it spawned a genre that doesn't always have a positive impact.
25 min
Are therapy apps helping or hurting the mental ...
We discuss the pros and cons of mental health apps and how to find the right care for you.
22 min
Fighting inflation: are interest rate hikes the...
The Federal Reserve met this past week and delivered another significant interest rate hike. Local economist David Fiorenza discusses the Fed's strategy.
19 min
Vladimir Putin is scrambling; here's the evidence
Recent developments in Russia's war against Ukraine suggest that Vladimir Putin's position could be weakening. Dr. Melissa Chakars and Dr. Lisa Baglione examine the state of the invasion.
19 min
Can recent legislative achievements help Democr...
The Inflation Reduction Act, the infrastructure bill, gun control legislation, and the American Rescue Plan -- they add up to more legislative wins than most presidents see in their first two years. But is it enough to keep Democrats in power in the midterm elections?
23 min
On the ground in Puerto Rico: Fiona's destruction
Hurricane Fiona has hit Puerto Rico hard. Dr. Michelle Carlo checks in from the island with a first-hand account of the damage.
15 min
Most Americans agree: democracy is in jeopardy....
Now more than ever, the institutional norms of American democracy are being challenged. Political science expert Dr. Susan Liebell examines what's happening.
27 min
What to expect from the Fed's next meeting: Wee...
The Fed is set to hold its September meeting next week. Economist David Fiorenza gives a preview in his weekly update.
9 min
Artemis: NASA's bold mission to establish a per...
NASA wants to go back to the moon. We are still waiting for the launch of Artemis I, which had to be scrubbed a couple of times, but they are going to try again soon. This is a bold and exciting initiative, and we wanted to learn more about it, so we asked Dr. Karen Masters, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Haverford College to come on the podcast and talk about Artemis.
25 min
America was founded on independence from Britis...
From news articles to social media to wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news channels, America is fascinated by the monarchy. When you think about it, isn't that kind of odd?
20 min
Who's to blame when a medical robot misdiagnose...
Artificial intelligence has helped advance medical care, but it creates some complicated legal issues.
24 min