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Parents are optimistic about the future for the...
There was some fascinating research recently released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation about how parents feel about the future for their kids. And overall, they're pretty optimistic -- but they have some big and important concerns.
16 min
What happened to the COVID app? 'They did a lot...
Pennsylvania's app has been out for about six months, but if you didn't know that, you're not alone. About 93% of the state hasn't downloaded it.
19 min
Dr. Paul Offit: J&J vaccine, blood clots, what ...
Dr. Paul Offit is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a member of the FDA vaccine advisory committee, he joins KYW Newsradio in Depth to break down what they think happened, why they're pressing pause on the vaccine, and what's going to happen next.
6 min
The mental health consequences of the coronavir...
Now that it seems like brighter days are ahead, we wanted to try to take inventory of the effect the last year has had on everybody.
22 min
Bad jobs news, why billionaires got richer, and...
David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at Villanova School of Business joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about what happened this week in the economy and what it means for all of us in our daily lives.
10 min
What happened when colleges changed how they lo...
The majority of colleges and universities have temporarily eliminated the standardized testing requirement for admission because of the pandemic. This might look like a small move, but it's having big ripple effects for students.
11 min
Lockdown love stories: 'It's been really discou...
With bars and restaurants in a weird place, society basically turned on its head and most people social distancing for the past year, the dating scene has been kind of depressing for a lot of people.
12 min
The father & son team that tested if groceries ...
Early in the pandemic there were a lot of stories and anecdotes about people wiping down all their groceries before putting them away, because no one really knew how much risk they posed for spreading COVID-19.
11 min
The 'spirit' of our social media posts changed ...
The pandemic changed how we live, where we go, what we do, and it even changed what we post on social media.
13 min
Learning loss, desocialization, and getting bac...
What's it going to take to keep kids safe in school? What are some of the problems that public schools specifically are facing as a result of the pandemic, and what problems were around even before COVID-19 that still need to be addressed?
13 min
Lots of us are asking the internet how to sleep...
Google tech expert Molly Vandenberg joins the podcast to talk about what we're searching the internet for, a year into the pandemic.
9 min
How will we know when the pandemic's beaten back?
Dr. Atul Grover joins the podcast to take a look at where we are right now fighting this pandemic and how we'll know when we're nearing the finish line.
14 min
The pandemic changed what we want from cars, an...
The car buying experience has gone through some major changes during the coronavirus pandemic, and that's not the only thing that changed. What we want from our vehicles has shifted, too.
11 min
All the vaccine news: Q&A with Dr. Paul Offit, ...
If Pfizer's first dose is so effective, do we need both doses? Could kids be vaccinated before school starts in the fall? Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia joins the podcast to answer these questions and more.
19 min
Vaccination equity: "We're doing a better job. ...
Dr. Cedric “Jamie” Rutland, Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician with the American Lung Association joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about where we are right now in the effort to get vaccines to the people who need them, and his ideas about how to improve equitable distribution of vaccines in communities of color.
9 min
Why deepfake videos keep criminologists up at n...
Dr. Robert D'Ovidio, Associate Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies at Drexel University joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to break down the tools people use to make deepfakes, how experts figure out what's real and what isn't, and which ways deepfakes are being used are most alarming for people who study criminology.
29 min
Grading the Philadelphia area's public health e...
We have all learned about the incredible importance of public health preparedness over the past year, but has that translated into readiness for the next emergency?
9 min
Universal basic income in the United States: 'T...
Before the pandemic, the concept of universal basic income in any form was probably a long shot at best to take hold in the US, but after three rounds of government stimulus checks and now soon a monthly stipend as part of expanded child tax credits that are part of the American Rescue Plan, it feels like a good time to continue the conversation.
14 min
Some really positive signs for the economy exce...
David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at Villanova School of Business joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about what happened this week in the economy and what it means for all of us in our daily lives.
9 min
How do stores unwind mandatory masking? And oth...
The shopping experience has changed for everyone and every store in the midst of the pandemic. So which changes will stick around once the pandemic is over?
20 min
The Race to Vaccinate
The Race to Vaccinate is a KYW Newsradio in Depth special presented by Independence Blue Cross.
50 min
The US House of Representatives could be a lot ...
Since the number of Representatives in the US House was set at 435 a century ago, the average member of Congress now represents more than 700,000 people.
15 min
One of these NCAA Tournaments is not like the o...
We are waist deep in the best time of year for college basketball fans: the NCAA Tournament. But this year, along with the games, the headlines have been focused on some pretty big disparities when it comes to what is available for the players taking part in the men’s tournament and the players in the women’s tournament -- things like the size and quality of the weight room.
13 min
Popular financial questions people asked during...
Some people worked from home and cut expenses and were able to save a lot of money. Other people had to spend their savings and visit food banks and take out loans. Both groups are now in this situation where it's not crazy to think about life after the pandemic and what that means for their finances.
15 min
The Conversation Between Us, About Us: 'Too man...
Dr. Rhea Boyd is a pediatrician, a public health advocate, and the co-developer of the video series called "The Conversation: Between Us, About Us,” featuring black doctors, nurses, and researchers answering questions and providing information with the goal of getting more and more members of the black community vaccinated.
10 min
The stimulus is hitting bank accounts, but when...
Stimulus checks are hitting bank accounts, and if history is any indication the next 30 days or so are gearing up to be a great month for retail sales. But why does it feel like, a year out, we've just hit stasis on unemployment numbers?
11 min
The pandemic put small private colleges under i...
Enrollment is down, and small colleges rely on room and board revenue more than large universities.
12 min
A year of extreme need: Food Bank of South Jers...
Food banks saw unprecedented demand for months on months, and the last time we checked in with the Food Bank of South Jersey, the demand was as strong as ever
25 min
Basketball analytics for your NCAA bracket
Villanova University Business student Ethan Carpenter has done some impressive work with basketball, specifically looking at recent NCAA Tournaments and breaking down what players have the most impact.
13 min
The vaccine matchmaker: Dr. Christine Meyer has...
It started on a snow day. Dr. Christine Meyer posted on Facebook for people to email her office if they needed help finding a vaccine. She got 1200 emails in 2 hours and the email server crashed.
18 min
Name, image, likeness: the best way to pay stud...
College athletes generate a tremendous amount of value for their schools. How should they be compensated for that?
25 min
Teachers and students are working through a 'ma...
Teachers have always had the challenge of dealing with a classroom of students who are all in different places when it comes to emotional and intellectual development -- but now after a year where the country has been rocked by a pandemic, the emotional needs for students will be all over the map.
18 min
The American Rescue Plan explained
The $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill called the American Rescue Plan is now law, and there is a lot inside it -- including anti poverty initiatives that have some serious teeth.
23 min
The real household economy just got a massive b...
The American Rescue Plan is now law and just like that a lot of help is headed to some very desperate people.
9 min
Neil deGrasse Tyson on moon rockets, why COVID ...
The famed astrophysicist joins the podcast to talk about the secrets of the cosmos and what he learned from the coronavirus pandemic.
20 min
The Drexel Dragons are going to the NCAA tourna...
The Dragons are dancing. Drexel won the Colonial Athletic Association title on Tuesday night, punching their ticket into the NCAA tournament. This will be their first appearance in the tourney since 1996.
10 min
Doctors worried about a flu and COVID 'twindemi...
Before we got to flu season, there was a lot of concern in the medical community about the repercussions of combining a roaring pandemic with even a normal flu season. Fast forward to March, and flu cases are down dramatically across the board.
20 min
A powerful military prevents war. 'Public healt...
Is our public health infrastructure in a better state than it was a year ago?
23 min
The Doomsday Clock is inching closer to midnigh...
Is there a unit of measurement of 'existential threat to humanity?'
24 min
Vaccines are just part of the battle. Good ther...
Dr. Mark DiNubile from New Jersey's BioAegis Therapeutics joins the podcast to talk about gelsolin therapy and the field of therapeutics research and development during the coronavirus pandemic.
52 min
The calm before the stimulus and a jobs report ...
A good jobs report just came out, and we're all waiting to see if $2 trillion in stimulus money is actually going to make it into the economy. What a week!
10 min
The fine line between caution and vaccine alarm...
Are we in danger of pushing people away from getting vaccinated because some may feel like... what’s the point?
24 min
Smartmatic, Dominion, and the lawsuits taking a...
What are the odds that the lawsuits succeed in a court of law, and what would victory look like?
23 min
How vaccines are made and why we can’t just mak...
The two first coronavirus vaccines, the ones made by Pfizer and Moderna have been out for months now. But the process of making them, shipping them, and getting them to people has been much choppier than most of us hoped.
19 min
Sustainability is 'a long term play'
11 min
How big tobacco targeted Black communities
For decades, tobacco companies targeted Black communities and young people with menthol cigarettes. That's the headline of a new report from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, who are trying to document the destructive impact cigarettes have and call for the banning of flavored tobacco products.
7 min
How to make a third political party work in Ame...
What would it take to have a real, functional, impactful third political party in America that actually has a meaningful chance of being competitive in elections? Episode Summary: What would it take to have a real, functional, impactful third political party in America that actually has a meaningful chance of being competitive in elections? It's something we talk about just about every national election cycle -- but is it something that could actually happen in American politics? Dr. Joshua Weikert, Assistant Professor at Immaculata University in the Department of Civil Engagement joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about if it could happen, what party organizers would need to do to be competitive, and if we could see something like a Patriot Party or Trump Party split off from the GOP.
25 min
“You approach people where they are.” Using kno...
“You approach people where they are.” Using knowledge and compassion to overcome vaccine hesitancy Clean title: “You approach people where they are.” Using knowledge and compassion to overcome vaccine hesitancy Episode subtitle: While a lot of us would do just about anything to get vaccinated, there are a significant number of people who are hesitant, if not outright hostile, about the vaccine. Episode Summary: The COVID-19 vaccines are here and becoming more accessible every day. And while much of the population would do just about anything to get vaccinated, there are a significant number of people who are hesitant, if not outright hostile, about the vaccine. So the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative are launching a new COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative to try and meet people where they are to try and answer the questions people have and get them to a point where vaccine hesitancy turns into confidence. Dr. Georges Benjamin, American Public Health Association Executive Director, and Michelle Hillman, Ad Council Chief Campaign Development Officer joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about how they're trying to get answers to people who have questions about vaccines.
10 min
Is that a sign of economic recovery or are you...
As vaccinations keep ramping up and coronavirus cases keep dropping, what’s a realistic timeline for our economy to finally start building momentum again?
13 min
FDR's radio and Trump's Tweets: Presidents and ...
It's hard to imagine Donald Trump the President, or even Donald Trump the candidate, without Twitter. Have we ever seen anything like President Trump's use of Twitter before?
17 min
The 51st state of the United States of America
There's been momentum building behind the idea of adding states to the USA, with most of the buzz around Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. It's an interesting idea, but could it ever happen?
23 min
Does Joe Biden's presidency change the future o...
The Affordable Care Act was stress tested by a pandemic and a presidential administration that actively worked to dismantle it -- so what is the current state of the healthcare law? What could we see from the Biden administration to strengthen it?
15 min
Police departments are using the BolaWrap to ta...
The city of Philadelphia is looking at getting police officers a new tool for taking down suspects. It's called the BolaWrap, it's nonlethal, and it's a device a little bigger than a smartphone that shoots a Kevlar cord with weighted hooks on both ends.
16 min
You are always being watched: "Most people, if ...
To say the field has changed would be a complete understatement -- the tools of surveillance in place today would look like farfetched science fiction to all but the most inventive mystery writers of the previous generations.
29 min
How the Perseverance rover will look for extinc...
Big space news this week, as NASA landed the rover Perseverance on Mars.
16 min
Trickle-up economics: When you send people mone...
The bad news: jobless claims were astronomically high this week. The good news: it’s looking like whatever the opposite of trickle down economics is might be the greatest economic policy ever, after emergency stimulus checks caused retail sales to go bonkers.
10 min
The pandemic habits Americans say they're keepi...
Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that people are counting down the minutes until they can take off their masks and throw the hand sanitizer into the garbage fire. But a new national survey shows that's not the case.
11 min
Who won the US-China trade war?
One of the most visible and contentious footprints left by the Trump presidency was the trade war with China. So now that the Trump presidency is over and with the benefit of hindsight, what did the trade war accomplish?
21 min
The rise of clean energy is all about the money
It's become pretty clear that the clean energy 'revolution' is not only here, it has eclipsed its activist roots and is now firmly being propelled by economics.
28 min
57 senators vs. ‘a very high bar’: Breaking dow...
President Trump was not convicted of inciting the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol, which wasn't a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention to the state of American politics recently. But it was perhaps a little surprising that 57 senators, including seven Republicans, thought he should be held responsible by the Senate.
26 min
What good is a vaccination program without a di...
When the vaccines were first announced and started to get distributed, it felt like the end was finally in sight. But it hasn't really gone the way we thought, just like everything else in this pandemic.
24 min
Have you been cheated on financially? You're no...
According to a new survey from US News & World Report, there's a whole lot of people who say they've either been a victim of financial infidelity or committed it.
28 min
Student loan debt: a big problem and an America...
Young adults are leaving college with staggering amounts of debt in student loans. And it seems like that college degree means a lot less today than it meant a few decades ago when it comes to job prospects and projected income.
19 min
The first computer is turning 75 in Philadelphi...
The first computer was built at the University of Pennsylvania. It's called the ENIAC. And it's about to celebrate its 75th birthday.
27 min
Is this COVID-19 stimulus package too big or no...
And is it time to talk about inflation, or is that something to worry about after the average American recovers economically?
11 min
The Pennsylvania vaccine deep dive episode
In Pennsylvania, frustrations are mounting at just about every level over the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, from individuals and families to communities and politicians. So why can't we seem to get this right?
40 min
The inequality virus: "Half of humanity was rig...
We broke the wrong kind of record in 2020 -- a new report from the group Oxfam shows that for the first time, inequality has grown everywhere during the pandemic.
19 min
The deepening housing crisis: "$60 billion in b...
Ever since the start of the pandemic, the people on the wrong side of the K-shaped recovery have taken it on the chin. So many people have lost income and savings, and the number of people falling behind on the rent or the mortgage is truly hard to fathom.
11 min
Kill the filibuster: the shaky future of "The S...
How did the filibuster evolve to become the tool of obstruction it's used as today, and what are the consequences of getting rid of it all together?
24 min
The case for $15 an hour and why it's not about...
There's already a lot of people talking about the minimum wage and arguing whether we should or shouldn't bump it up -- so we wanted to sort of bypass the "should we or shouldn't we" of it all and talk about the issue from the math side.
18 min
"As many people incarcerated as possible." How ...
Why we use prisons that turn profits in the United States and what it says that the government wants out.
23 min
Big hopes for big stimulus, and why you should ...
It's been a busy week -- jobs numbers, new unemployment figures, stimulus development, questions about student debt forgiveness, and why you should care about the treasury yield curve.
12 min
Super Bowl advertising, pandemic style
How are advertisers thinking differently this year, and how have the messages they're sending changed?
10 min
Was the 9-to-5 work day even a good idea?
If you've been working from home at all for the past year you've probably benefited from having a little more flexibility in your schedule.
21 min
Amazon after Bezos, and Bezos after Amazon. "Wh...
What's next for Bezos, and for Amazon, after the CEO of one of the most important companies ever decided to step down?
12 min
Former Montco DA Bruce Castor: "I'm a lawyer, a...
KYW Newsradio's Jim Melwert asked Castor about the historic nature of the task ahead of him and why he thinks that the former President shouldn't be held responsible for the riot at the Capitol on January 6.
14 min
Serious questions about the long-term health co...
More and more people are dealing with long term symptoms and problems as a result of COVID-19.
14 min
Immigration reform: Joe Biden's top priorities ...
How much different is the Biden White House's immigration agenda from that of former President Trump?
20 min
Pandemic GDP and the wildest week on stonks int...
If this week was any indication, 2021 is going head to head with 2020 for how wild a single year can get.
9 min
Why the bleep haven't we solved robocalls yet?
Every day, unsolicited calls and voice mails and text messages for fake car warranties and lawsuits and spam links get delivered to people everywhere, and it feels like there's basically nothing we can do about it. Episode Summary: Robocalls are a massive annoyance. Every day, unsolicited calls and voice mails and text messages for fake car warranties and lawsuits and spam links get delivered to people everywhere, and it feels like there's basically nothing we can do about it. What's actually happening here? Why did robocalling start in the first place? And is anyone working on the problem? Dr. Brian Stuart, Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science at Drexel University joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about why robocalls are so pervasive and why they're probably not going anywhere anytime soon.
25 min
Eat the rich: How Redditors squeezed hedge fund...
The video game and electronics retail company GameStop has been going bonkers on the stock market after a group of Redditors decided to declare war on hedge funds and other institutional investors who were betting that the stock was overvalued.
19 min
Can your employer make you get the COVID-19 vac...
What happens if a worker can't get it because of a health concern? Or just won't get it, because of a Facebook meme?
15 min
Fighting the next pandemic: Tom Ridge, Joe Lieb...
How can we prepare for the next pandemic? Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman are part of a team working to make sure our failures in addressing COVID-19 don't happen again.
11 min
The NRA, bankruptcy, and the future of the most...
What does bankruptcy do for the National Rifle Association?
23 min
How the SolarWinds breach became "one of the wo...
When the IT software company SolarWinds was breached in a cyber hack, cybersecurity firewalls across the United States were effectively slashed open.
19 min
Why impeach a former President?
What kind of precedent is there for impeaching a public official who is no longer in office? What would conviction mean for the former president?
17 min
So how do you convince Congress to send help to...
Ambitious relief plans have already been unveiled by the new presidential administration, but at the end of the day the American people need help kind of desperately to make it through this pandemic and the responsibility falls to Congress to act on a relief bill.
12 min
Presents: The parks and rec NBA 2K21 tournament...
In Depth presents The Rundown from KYW Newsradio, a round table conversation with a group of KYW Newsradio reporters about Philadelphia area news.
21 min
Who did Trump pardon and why?
Were there any surprises, or was his list pretty consistent with previous administrations?
13 min
The year of At Home was complicated for real es...
21 min
A historically unique transfer of power
Joe Biden will be inaugurated as President of the United States on Wednesday. He will take power in the midst of a pandemic, and two weeks after a mob stormed the US Capitol.
25 min
A lot of Americans have trouble believing race ...
What's behind the inequality, who's getting hit the hardest, and how does a country that has trouble getting on the same page about anything work together to level the playing field?
10 min
Past the pandemic, how will Biden change health...
And why exactly is the healthcare system in the United States so expensive and convoluted compared with similar countries?
18 min
The future of health services in the workplace ...
As more people get vaccinated, employers will have to start making decisions about bringing their employees back to the physical office space -- the first of an almost endless list of health related workplace decisions that are going to be front of mind after the coronavirus pandemic.
10 min
Why we believe conspiracy theories
A growing number of Americans believe some pretty wild things, and it’s nearly impossible for a conspiracy theorist to change their mind about their beliefs. Why is that?
8 min
What's in Biden's $2 trillion COVID-19 recovery...
How critical is funding for state and local governments, and what exactly do direct payments do for the economy?
11 min
Vaccine rollouts and the bones under the playgr...
We got some updates to vaccine rollout plans in the Philadelphia area, and the city of Philadelphia is working to commemorate 5,000 people buried in an old, nearly forgotten cemetery under a playground.
27 min
What do the signs of a stock market bubble look...
The stock market continues to hit high numbers despite the overall economy being uneven, at best. Is this normal?
19 min
100 years later: What people in 1921 predicted ...
What did people 100 years ago imagine today's world would look like? Jason Feifer from Entrepreneur Magazine wanted to find out.
22 min
Corporations are shutting off the political don...
One ripple effect of the violence at the Capitol has been that many corporations are now suspending financial donations to politicians who objected to the counting of the Electoral College votes that day. That seems like a big deal. Is it?
16 min