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Abortion and the new Supreme Court: 'It seems l...
The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments about a case that could overturn Roe vs. Wade and fundamentally change abortion rights in this country. So what happened in court, and what did the Justices say about the case?
28 min
Pandemic jobs report: Everything is made up and...
The jobs report massively underperformed expectations, so why were the numbers so off? And will it look so bad when the numbers get revised?
11 min
Trump appointed a lot of judges. What is Biden ...
You haven’t seen nearly as much attention on President Biden’s work filling federal court vacancies, but he has been very active and actually getting nominations confirmed at a rate faster than any of his predecessors over the last several decades.
22 min
Drexel's Dr. Michael Levasseur: The omicron va...
There's not a lot of answers about the omicron variant so far. Can it make you sicker? Is it more transmissible? We asked Drexel's Dr. Michael Levasseur.
13 min
Is your pharmacy understaffed or closed altoget...
Are you seeing long lines at your pharmacy? Reduced hours, or even closed altogether? Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are strained across the country.
21 min
Pandemic mental health crisis in kids and teens...
The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of kids and teenagers. There are signs parents need to look out for, and Dr. Tami Benton from CHOP explains what parents should do to support their kids.
29 min
"All the good feelings:" a school's return to i...
Hear what in-person learning sounds like in the age of COVID.
26 min
Peter Jackson on making The Beatles: Get Back a...
Larry Kane sat down with Peter Jackson to talk about The Beatles: Get Back documentary series and these four special musicians.
23 min
Lessons in leadership, service, and humility: R...
Jim Pasquarette retired in May as a three-star general officer after a 38-year career in the Army. He served in West Germany during the Cold War, in the Pentagon during a global pandemic, and as Commander of the US Army Japan. He learned a few things about leadership, service, and humility along the way.
48 min
'American data for American people:' The case f...
The COVID-19 vaccines have been a big focus of our society for months now. So much work went into developing them, and the work to get them out to people is still ongoing. So is that data being used to help Americans? Is it even being tracked?
24 min
Hamilton's Ta'Rea Campbell on the road that led...
The CAPA grad talks about playing Angelica Schuyler on tour.
19 min
Pandemic economy: Jobs, retail, holiday shoppin...
The jobs numbers revised up quite a bit, and retail sales looked good too. People are spending moot. What should we expeney, inflation and supply chain problems or nct for the holiday season and black Friday?
11 min
How 'race-norming' became part of the NFL's con...
Why did the NFL include race-norming as a factor in concussion settlements? Where did race-norming come from, and where is it still being used today?
13 min
Philadelphia Gay News founder fought for visibi...
Mark Segal talks about the bold actions he took in the 70s and the remarkable changes they ultimately brought.
50 min
Incarceration is going down in Pennsylvania - b...
In Pennsylvania, the number of incarcerated men has gone down, but the number of incarcerated women continues to increase. Episode Summary: There has been a lot of focus on trying to reduce the number of incarcerated people in the US. There's been progress on that front, but that progress is not equal. In Pennsylvania, the numbers for men have gone down, but the number of incarcerated women continues to increase. We wanted to talk about this, find out why and what can be done to address it, so we called Dr. Jill McCorkel, Professor of Sociology and Criminology and Villanova University and the founder and the executive director of the Philadelphia Justice Project for Women and Girls. Episode Pubdate: Now Midroll locations: 21'35"
26 min
What's in the infrastructure deal? Power grid u...
It's finally infrastructure week. So what's in the bipartisan infrastructure bill? Highways, high speed internet, electric vehicle charging networks, and safe drinking water, among a lot of other things.
20 min
'People have a lot of power:' What bosses need ...
Most of the discussion and the hot takes about the worker shortage have focused on the workforce, what individual workers or job seekers want or aren't able to accept anymore. We wanted to take some time to focus on employers. What are bosses doing to adjust to this new normal?
25 min
A sacred journey: How Philadelphia’s USS Olympi...
On her last journey before joining the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, the steel warship USS Olympia carried the Unknown Soldier home to America from France. This is the story of that journey and what it meant for a country reeling from war.
20 min
The real reasons why immigration stays broken, ...
Why is immigration so hard to get right in America? What are the key issues everyone agrees on, and why don't they get fixed? And what can the country do right now to address the biggest problems with our immigration system?
27 min
One in four American Jews was targeted by antis...
One in four American Jews was targeted by antisemitism in the last 12 months. 39% have changed their behavior as a result of antisemitism. Those are just two of the alarming statistics in the 'State of Antisemitism in America' report from the American Jewish Committee.
13 min
How climate change affects the colors of fall l...
For leaf peepers, fall is a precious time of year. Green trees explode into vibrant colors, and many people even take road trips to watch it happen in places like the Poconos or upstate New York. So what makes the leaves change colors? And how does inclement or unseasonal weather, or even bigger and broader catalysts like climate change show themselves in the colors of the fall leaves?
10 min
Temple Pharmacy wants to solve a $500 billion m...
There is a $500+ billion problem in America called non-optimized medication use, and the Temple University pharmacy school is one of the institutions working to fix it.
26 min
Pandemic economy: more jobs, higher wages
Our weekly check-in with economist David Fiorenza gets into tapering, the housing market, and taxes.
12 min
A Second Amendment case you need to hear about
With the battle over abortion rights in the spotlight, another Supreme Court case is flying under the radar, and it could impact the interpretation of the Second Amendment for about 80 million Americans. Oral arguments in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen got underway Thursday.
20 min
Does the U.S. Constitution still hold up?
Why both conservatives and progressives are 'scared to death' of changing the Constitution with a convention, and why it's so hard to pass a constitutional amendment.
18 min
'Support your local veterans:' the Flyers Warri...
'Support your local veterans:' the Flyers Warriors are disabled veterans who play hockey together, and they're representing Philadelphia at the Warrior Classic
15 min
How well does the national media cover politics...
So much of the national discussion these days is rooted in what is happening in Washington DC. The coverage of what is happening with the White House and Congress is really important. So, are the media organizations that focus on the Beltway doing a good job in giving the American people the proper reporting and context of what is going on?
26 min
How Drexel will spend $14.4 million examining d...
How do you tackle disparities in public health? Drexel University is going to try to find out with a new grant from the National Institutes of Health.
23 min
American workers are having a moment, but how l...
Are American workers powerful again? We are seeing much more action on the organized labor front than we have in many years, but what does that mean? Are labor unions regaining some of the power that has been lost over decades? How has the pandemic played a role in shifting labor power dynamics? And what does the worker shortage mean for organized labor?
27 min
Ask an economist: Is 2% GDP growth underwhelmi...
GDP grew by 2% -- is that a good number or a bad number? Supply chain issues and childcare shortages continue to haunt the economy, but economists are dreaming of a green Christmas nonetheless. And what's going to happen with housing prices?
11 min
Meet the candidate: Republican Jack Ciattarelli...
Jack Ciattarelli says it needs to be more affordable to live in New Jersey. Mike Dougherty interviewed the Republican running for New Jersey Governor about COVID-19, property taxes, recreational marijuana, and police reform.
15 min
A new report rates America’s mental health, and...
There's a mental health crisis in America, people are not always getting the help they need, and then the world got plunged into a global pandemic. So how bad is the problem? Which states are doing better to get resources out to people? And what can we do as individuals and across our society to address a problem that really affects everyone?
12 min
Tracking childhood obesity changes during the p...
How much worse did childhood obesity get during the coronavirus pandemic? And what does the data show about who is most at risk for developing childhood obesity?
17 min
Delta variant financial hardship: Who is strugg...
38% of households in the US say they've struggled financially in the past few months. And families that make less than $50,000 a year say they're in really bad shape.
13 min
He's no longer an Eagle, but Zach Ertz wants to...
Zach Ertz might not be an Eagle anymore, but behind the scenes Zach and the Ertz Family Foundation are still doing important work in Philadelphia.
10 min
'This needs to be spoken about:' Morgan McCaffe...
Morgan McCaffery had recently graduated high school when she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in the Meadowbrook Train Station parking lot in July 2020. Her mom Kathy talked with KYW Newsradio In Depth about her family's work to shine a light on toxic relationships with 'Morgan's Light', the foundation in her daughter's name.
25 min
Pandemic economy: Workers taking back the power
10 min
Should student athletes be considered employees...
Efforts by the National Labor Relations Board could change college sports as we know them.
17 min
The Long Haul: New COVID treatments and the 'en...
Independence Blue Cross presents The Long Haul: Learning to Live in a Lasting Pandemic, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. In the third and final part of our series presented by Independence Blue Cross, we talk with Dr. Brian McDonough, KYW Newsradio's Medical Editor.
27 min
The Long Haul: Vaccine safety for children and ...
Independence Blue Cross presents The Long Haul: Learning to Live in a Lasting Pandemic, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. In the first episode this series we talk with Dr. Paul Offit, the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
19 min
The Long Haul: Holiday dinner vaccination conve...
Independence Blue Cross presents The Long Haul: Learning to Live in a Lasting Pandemic, a special pandemic mini-series from KYW Newsradio In Depth. In the second episode of this series, we talk with Dr. Yesenia Marroquin, a clinical psychologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
24 min
'They're not robots.' Lane Johnson’s battle wit...
Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson missed three games because of a "personal matter," which the 31-year-old All-Pro right tackle later revealed had to do with his struggles with depression and anxiety.
19 min
Anti-vax professional athletes: how the choices...
A huge majority of professional athletes are vaccinated against COVID-19, but the select few who aren't continue to dominate headlines
9 min
Phil Murphy vs. Jack Ciattarelli: Is the New Je...
We look at both candidates and what this race could say about national politics.
16 min
'One word? Horrible.' The pre-pandemic causes o...
Child care is in crisis in the US. There's not enough of it, it's incredibly expensive, and the ripple effects of this crisis are significant. So how bad is the problem really? And how do we start to address and fix the situation?
37 min
Pandemic economy: Unemployment claims hit a COV...
There's a lot to be excited about in the jobs report. The retail sales numbers shows that Americans are spending money. And Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza helps us break down the inflation indicators, supply chain pain points, holiday shopping forecast and all the economic news of the week that matters to you in your daily life.
9 min
Debunking myths around COVID vaccines and preg...
Why do some people think it's unsafe to get vaccinated while pregnant? We look into the origins of that misinformation.
14 min
Why the pandemic supply chain issues haven't go...
Many of the supply chain issues disrupting businesses and causing headaches for shoppers are still here, nearly two years into the pandemic. What's going on?
28 min
Uncomfortable questions about Facebook after wh...
Facebook has been in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons. A whistleblower named Frances Haugen says the tech giant hides what it knows about the damage it does with regards to division and hate, and prioritizes its own interests over what’s good for the public and Facebook users.
17 min
In the booth with Lou Nolan: 50 years of Philad...
Lou Nolan is beginning his 50th year as the Flyers’ public address announcer.
12 min
How Sam Hinkie and William Penn both learned to...
For the last several years Frank McKee has been teaching a course at La Salle University about William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and Sam Hinkie, the former GM of the 76ers and the architect of what became known as The Process.
28 min
Pandemic economy: Overshooting jobs numbers, ho...
Economist David Fiorenza joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to break down the economic news of the week and how it applies to your life.
10 min
Tensions on the rise: China, Taiwan aim to avoi...
Tension between China and Taiwan is nothing new, but with their relationship increasingly at odds, their complicated dynamic is once again in the headlines. Could conflict be imminent?
23 min
War update: Humans vs. the spotted lanternfly s...
How are humans doing in the fight against the spotted lanternfly? Are the squish-on-sight marching orders still the same? And just what is it that makes their presence so concerning?
17 min
Un-president-ed: Trump's grip on GOP remains st...
Donald Trump still holds a mighty grip over factions of the Republican party nearly a year after his defeat. Whether his ability to engage a portion of the GOP proves to be advantageous or divisive remains to be seen.
14 min
How Gabby Petito brought attention to our fasci...
The Gabby Petito homicide and the investigation into who is responsible for her death is the latest example of a tragic crime story that has captured the attention of the country.
34 min
'Pretty dramatic:' Everything you need to know ...
New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. says a recent study shows they have an experimental pill that reduced hospitalizations and deaths by half in people who are newly infected with COVID-19. They are planning to ask for emergency use authorization for the treatment.
14 min
Ford, Chrysler, Uber: The most and least truste...
The pandemic caused serious disruption in travel, from the hospitality and tourism industry down to finding a used car to buy. As a result, it really upended and solidified which brands Americans trust in the transportation sector.
16 min
How funding fights in Washington move the pande...
What's going on with the unemployment numbers and the GDP revisions? Inflation is up, but what does that mean to an economist? And what does the debt ceiling and funding fights in Washington mean for the economy?
10 min
The evolution of homecoming
How did the tradition of homecoming start? And how has its meaning and value changed over the years? Temple professor Bryant Simon gives us the history of homecoming.
15 min
The most pointlessly destructive political fig...
The threat of a government default because Republicans and Democrats are arguing over the debt ceiling is a seemingly frequent occurrence. We're going through the drama right now. And it might be the most pointless and needlessly destructive fight in Washington.
20 min
Kids and COVID-19: how coronavirus affects kids...
Dr. Lee Savio Beers, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics joins the podcast to talk about kids, the COVID-19 vaccines, the dangers of the Delta variant, and how the playing field has changed for kids over the course of a very long pandemic.
10 min
Food bank prepares for a 'tidal wave' of need ...
The Food Bank of South Jersey is still experiencing substantial need among the people they serve, and with the expiration of benefits and rent to moratoriums changing, a lot of factors could make the problem worse.
17 min
What Halloween, home sales, and supply chains w...
It looks like the housing market is seeing a bit of a resurgence, but what does that mean for people trying to buy or sell or renovate their homes? Halloween season is in full swing, and it could have major implications for the economy. There's a showdown looming over the debt ceiling. Why are politicians fighting over money that's already been spent during a pandemic? And why are we still having serious supply chain issues?
9 min
How to prepare for extreme weather disasters
We've seen an unprecedented amount of extreme weather recently. Since September is National Preparedness Month, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with Paul Huang, FEMA's Acting Associate Administrator of Resilience, and learn about what we all can do to be prepared.
8 min
"A wake of confusion": The effects of the new T...
Texas's new, highly restrictive abortion law has been in effect for a few weeks now. What has it meant for Texas, U.S. courts, and the future of Roe v. Wade?
25 min
The "shadow docket" explained: should the Supre...
On this episode of KYW Newsradio In Depth, Temple University law professor Laura E. Little explains why the relatively new and previously under-the-radar concept of the "shadow docket" is all of a sudden drawing so much attention, and how it could affect the perception of the United States Supreme Court.
22 min
'See your doctor:' the pandemic's secondary rip...
For nearly 20 months, COVID-19 has been top of mind. The pandemic, however, has created another troubling development. People are now putting off addressing general health concerns that could be better managed by routine check ups or general well visits.
16 min
Pandemic economy update: The new employment nor...
The weekly jobless claims showed a slight increase, but they still represent a pandemic low that seems like it's stabilized a bit. Continuous claims, however, continue to go down. There was good news with retail sales which rose in August instead of dipping -- and there's a lot to talk about auto sales and the ongoing chip shortage.
9 min
'Impossible to ignore:' The impact of climate c...
Destruction caused by extreme weather events is fresh in the Philadelphia area. Tropical Depression Ida tore through the region earlier this month, leaving behind a heartbreaking trail that pointed to a harsh truth: the Delaware Valley's infrastructure wasn't prepared for the storm.
29 min
Some politicians blame the worker shortage on A...
Is there a pandemic worker shortage because workers would rather stay at home and collect unemployment, or is there more to the story?
18 min
Belligerent passengers, mask fights: Flying is ...
You don’t have to look real hard to find a viral video of a passenger on an airline having a meltdown over being asked to wear a mask or because of some minor grievance. Since January 1st of this year, the FAA has received around 4000 reports of unruly behavior of passengers and handed out more than a million dollars worth of civil penalties.
16 min
"They don't eat. They don't sleep. They go hom...
Nurses are incredibly important in our society and they are chronically underappreciated. And as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, they are being pushed to their limits and then some.
16 min
If you are fully vaccinated, what is your risk ...
How bad can breakthrough infections get? How contagious are you, if you get the virus and you're vaccinated? What are the concerns of long COVID in fully vaccinated people?
18 min
"It's been a year." Housing, finding vaccines, ...
APM of Philadelphia is a non-profit organization that helps provide all kinds of services with a focus on the city's Latino community.
27 min
First responders look back on how 9/11 changed ...
When the country needed them, these three men dropped everything. Hear what they saw and how it changed them.
26 min
Pandemic economy update: Wall Street's rough w...
The third quarter of 2021 is winding down, and there are plenty of economic questions to answer, especially in light of recent vaccine and mask mandates. Some stimulus benefits are beginning to expire, and year-end job trends are starting to emerge. Plus, in a twist, Wall Street endured a difficult week. David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business, joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about what happened this week in the economy and what it means for all of us in our daily lives.
10 min
Picking Up the Pieces: After 9/11 loss, a mothe...
Twenty years have passed since Judi Reiss lost her 23-year old Son, Josh, in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Despite bearing an heartbreaking burden, the Lower Makefield resident spoke with KYW Newsradio's Hadas Kuznits about finding strength and peace in Josh's memory, all while keeping her family together and serving her community.
51 min
Finding hope, love, and life after a 9/11 loss
Tara Bane lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks. This is her story of how she turned towards hope and channeled her grief to help others.
33 min
Can my employer make me get a COVID-19 vaccine?...
Many employers are starting to mandate vaccines for their staff, but how far does their power reach?
24 min
We Need Black Teachers: The campaign to recruit...
In the Philadelphia School District, most of the students are Black or Brown -- yet few students see teachers that look like them at the front of the classroom. So why aren't there more Black teachers?
14 min
Concerts, live sports, and entertainment can co...
If you haven't gotten a vaccine yet, would needing to show proof of vaccination to go see your favorite band convince you to get the shot?
9 min
The delta variant is dragging down the economic...
First time jobless claims released Thursday were low but the jobs report showed nearly half a million fewer jobs were created than expected. The culprit? All fingers are pointed to the delta variant.
10 min
Prison gerrymandering, explained
Up until now in Pennsylvania, people have been counted as residing where they are incarcerated, but now when it comes to state legislative districts they will be counted as a resident of where they live when not incarcerated.
17 min
Texas' new abortion law: Why the Supreme Court ...
Opponents of the law say it could spell the beginning of the end for abortion access in the US. So what does the law mean? How will it be enforced? And why did the Supreme Court choose not to act at the last moment?
12 min
Need help with student loans? Take advantage of...
The department called this a final extension and the Secretary of Education says these extra four months are here to give borrowers the time they need to prepare for the resumption of payments.
27 min
"Why not just quit your job?" This woman made ...
We have heard an awful lot about people quitting their job in the midst of the pandemic and pivoting towards a new career. We wanted to talk to someone who has done it and find out the why, the how and how it is going.
13 min
Back to school economy update, childcare questi...
We're getting ready for fall and back to school, but not enough people are talking about the role of childcare in the economic recovery. And what is the Supreme Court's eviction moratorium decision going to mean for the economic recovery as the delta variant continues spreading?
11 min
Sick and tired of 'the customer is always right...
Is it possible that some people who would usually make up part of this work force are tired of catering to customers' demands -- especially the unreasonable demands from disagreeable customers in the midst of a global pandemic?
18 min
The Philadelphia flower show moved to FDR Park...
One of the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was that the Philadelphia Flower Show this year was held in June. And it was outside at FDR Park, instead of its usual home in the Pennsylvania Convention Center. When the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society moved the flowers, they built sustainability into the framework of the new flower show.
17 min
Forensic pathologist on the rise of fentanyl an...
The coronavirus pandemic has been the focus for just about everyone over the past year and a half. But the opioid epidemic hasn't gone anywhere. In fact, it's gotten worse.
16 min
Full FDA approval for the Pfizer COVID-19 vacci...
The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID19 vaccine has been given full approval by the FDA. What went into the decision? What does it mean for the approval process for other vaccines?
13 min
Pandemic economy: Good jobs news, Delta variant...
Jobless claims were even better than estimates and continuing claims hit a pandemic-era low -- pretty good news even as things feel a little uncertain during the Delta variant's rise in the United States. But even as jobless claims improve, this worker shortage is real and you can see the evidence in restaurant windows everywhere.
9 min
The Taliban takeover and sudden collapse of Afg...
The collapse of Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban was sudden. But were there warning signs along the way? Is this the same Taliban of 20 years ago, or are there differences? And what is going to happen next?
28 min
How to ask if someone is vaccinated - and what ...
When is it okay to actually ask someone if they have gotten the COVID vaccine? How should you handle it if the answer makes you uncomfortable? Does the appropriateness of the question depend on the situation and the person?
21 min
Basic policy ideas to get people healthier for ...
What kind of things can America do to help people get healthier, for less money, with better access for everyone? It's a massive question that Trust for America's Health wanted to tackle.
9 min
'The drop-off was severe.' Cancer screenings de...
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people getting screened for cancer fell off a cliff. Even as things have opened up those numbers have not returned to close to the levels they had been at.
10 min
'Dream big': Upper Providence team is going to...
When the Upper Providence Little League team was just a group of seven-year-olds, they made a pact that five years later they were going to do something special. And in 2021, they've punched their ticket to Williamsport and the Little League World Series.
25 min
The most trusted retail brands / top mistakes b...
What retail brands do you trust the most? Have any brands lost your trust over the past year and a half? The data intelligence company Morning Consult has released a new report about trust in retail brands and how people’s shopping habits have changed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.
14 min
This Philly nonprofit deconstructs blighted hom...
The Philadelphia Community Corps deconstructs abandoned homes, blighted buildings, and other properties, saving valuable and sometimes irreplaceable building materials from the landfill. The property owner gets a tax deduction, and the PCC resells the salvaged materials to fund its other core mission -- a job training program.
34 min