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One year of war between Russia and Ukraine - wh...
After a year of horrific attacks, is there an end in sight?
39 min
The FTC wants to ban non-compete clauses. How m...
A new proposal would mean employers can’t stop their workers from taking a job at a competing company.
22 min
Why ‘Dry January’ might not do as much good as ...
'Dry January' has become a big thing in recent years. Public health expert Dr. Mariana Lazo isn't sold on it, though.
13 min
To tip or not to tip, and other questions about...
When it comes to the service industry, how much of the cost burden should fall to consumers? Travel and tourism expert Dr. Benjamin Altschuler weighs in.
19 min
Is there any hope for a broken immigration system?
Between bureaucracy, special interest groups, and complicated history, the United States finds itself dealing with a multi-layered immigration problem. Immigration expert Sarah Paoletti discusses the causes and possible solutions.
22 min
Problems in the teaching pipeline: how to chang...
Teaching has always been a tough profession. Over the last few years, it's only gotten tougher. Education expert LaTayna Pattillo explores how to better recruit and retain teachers.
20 min
Meta, Crocs, and cream cheese - the fastest gro...
Morning Consult’s annual report shows what brands consumers gained interest in over the year - and some of them might surprise you.
19 min
Recession or revival? Predictions for the 2023 ...
Economist David Fiorenza explains where we are with inflation, the job market, and more to start the new year.
17 min
“Big Brother really is watching today” - New us...
Businesses are tracking consumers based on facial features in ways you might not know about.
24 min
What broke Southwest Airlines?
Holiday travelers were stranded at PHL Airport and across the country when Southwest canceled thousands of flights.
21 min
"I don't think I'll be remembered long": Angelo...
Angelo Cataldi has dominated Philadelphia sports talk radio for 30 years. As he approaches retirement, he discusses his career.
22 min
“I’m here to finish the job”: Philadelphia Mayo...
Jim Kenney's second term is drawing to a turbulent finish. Philadelphia's Mayor defends his record as he heads into his final year.
19 min
Democrats consider shifting primary schedule: w...
For decades, Iowa has been the first stop on the presidential primary tour for both Democrats and Republics. Based on the urging of President Biden, that dynamic could change.
23 min
Diamond, gold, and lasers: the makings of a nuc...
What does a recent nuclear fusion breakthrough mean for clean energy? According to one expert, the discovery comes with both promise and potential pitfalls.
12 min
Is ChatGPT really the end of education?
The pros and cons of AI language technology
20 min
Is it cheating or creativity? Examining the his...
Baseball historian Dan Levitt has co-authored a new book about cheating, "Intentional Balk".
28 min
“We’re losing the battle:” how to combat the de...
Not since the early 1900s has the United States experienced a decline in life expectancy as sharp as it has in recent years. Dr. Joshua Shafstein discusses the findings of a new report that explains why.
14 min
Fear, anger, and revenge: why youth voters were...
Youth turnout was exceptionally strong in the 2022 midterm elections. What factors fired up this demographic? Political science expert Ben Berger weighs in.
26 min
What’s behind the protests in China?
Two tragic events sparked protests against China’s “zero COVID” policies, but how much effect could they have against a strong authoritarian government?
25 min
Where does the FTX disaster leave the cryptocur...
FTX's collapse was swift and dramatic. Finance expert John Sedunov looks at questions now facing the volatile cryptocurrency industry.
24 min
Do margins matter? What a Republican House of R...
Republicans gained the majority in the House, but just barely. What can we tell from such a close margin?
20 min
Dyslexia unpacked: what the common learning dis...
How to identify early signs of dyslexia and help students live and learn with it.
24 min
Do we still need affirmative action?
The U.S. Supreme Court debates whether race neutral admissions would hurt diversity on college campuses.
26 min
Something better than "thank you for your servi...
The saying "thank you for your service" gets mixed reviews from American veterans. Military history expert Dr. Robert Kodosky says it's time we rethink how we treat vets.
21 min
Where is the planet losing most of its wildlife?
Planet Earth is losing a substantial chunk of its wildlife. WWF Chief Global Scientist Rebecca Shaw looks at how close we are to a tipping point.
20 min
Making sense of Brazil's tense general election...
For nearly a month, Jair Bolsonaro refused to accept defeat in Brazil's presidential election to his challenger, Lula. Latin America expert Diego Armus explains what happened.
19 min
Phillies' World Series run makes Philadelphia's...
Whether the Phillies win another World Series remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure, according to economic expert Peter Zaleski: Philadelphia's economy will come out on top.
13 min
Getting lost in the joy of a Phillies ride for ...
The Phillies going to the World Series has brought the city of Philadelphia together in a unique and palpable way.
19 min
Could ‘Armageddon’ really happen? NASA’s succes...
NASA's DART mission aimed to change the path of an object in space - and it worked.
16 min
Bonus: How did Liz Truss get it so wrong so fast?
After just six weeks as Britain's Prime Minister, Liz Truss is out. A British politics expert explains what went historically wrong.
14 min
Surprise! The threat of a serious railroad stri...
Thought the threat of a railroad union strike was behind us? Think again. And this time, the looming holiday season underscores the stakes.
22 min
Substance or smoke?: Examining the federal mari...
President Biden is hoping a pardon for federal violations of simple cannabis possession will right a "failed approach to marijuana." Will the decision accomplish its goal?
21 min
Ugly history repeated: politicians take a page ...
A group of asylum seekers were sent to Martha's Vineyard on false promises. A similar thing happened during the Civil Rights Movement.
17 min
Child poverty is down - what have we done right...
How much did the Child Tax Credit do to decrease child poverty, and how do we continue the progress we've made?
13 min
Could Iran's future be in jeopardy? Explaining ...
For several weeks, protests have exploded across Iran in response to the death of a woman in police custody. Political science expert Dr. Sean Yom gives context to the rising between the Iranian people and their government..
24 min
Obesity in America: how it affects health and t...
Just how much of a problem is obesity in America? Health policy expert Dara Lieberman looks at the ripple effects of obesity, from physical health to economic impact.
10 min
'Serial' started the trend of true crime. Was t...
'Serial' may have played a big role in overturning Adnan Syed's conviction, but it spawned a genre that doesn't always have a positive impact.
25 min
Are therapy apps helping or hurting the mental ...
We discuss the pros and cons of mental health apps and how to find the right care for you.
22 min
Fighting inflation: are interest rate hikes the...
The Federal Reserve met this past week and delivered another significant interest rate hike. Local economist David Fiorenza discusses the Fed's strategy.
19 min
Vladimir Putin is scrambling; here's the evidence
Recent developments in Russia's war against Ukraine suggest that Vladimir Putin's position could be weakening. Dr. Melissa Chakars and Dr. Lisa Baglione examine the state of the invasion.
19 min
Can recent legislative achievements help Democr...
The Inflation Reduction Act, the infrastructure bill, gun control legislation, and the American Rescue Plan -- they add up to more legislative wins than most presidents see in their first two years. But is it enough to keep Democrats in power in the midterm elections?
23 min
On the ground in Puerto Rico: Fiona's destruction
Hurricane Fiona has hit Puerto Rico hard. Dr. Michelle Carlo checks in from the island with a first-hand account of the damage.
15 min
Most Americans agree: democracy is in jeopardy....
Now more than ever, the institutional norms of American democracy are being challenged. Political science expert Dr. Susan Liebell examines what's happening.
27 min
What to expect from the Fed's next meeting: Wee...
The Fed is set to hold its September meeting next week. Economist David Fiorenza gives a preview in his weekly update.
9 min
Artemis: NASA's bold mission to establish a per...
NASA wants to go back to the moon. We are still waiting for the launch of Artemis I, which had to be scrubbed a couple of times, but they are going to try again soon. This is a bold and exciting initiative, and we wanted to learn more about it, so we asked Dr. Karen Masters, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Haverford College to come on the podcast and talk about Artemis.
25 min
America was founded on independence from Britis...
From news articles to social media to wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news channels, America is fascinated by the monarchy. When you think about it, isn't that kind of odd?
20 min
Who's to blame when a medical robot misdiagnose...
Artificial intelligence has helped advance medical care, but it creates some complicated legal issues.
24 min
You're being targeted - Digital ads in the 2022...
Political ads are everywhere right now. We find out what goes into the candidates' digital strategies.
26 min
The connection between gas prices and inflation...
Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza explains what lower gas prices, changes to the housing market, and more American Rescue Plan money mean for the economy.
9 min
New British Prime Minister Liz Truss takes over...
Who is Liz Truss? Has her path prepared her to take over as British Prime Minister? Dr. Joshua Weikert provides analysis.
20 min
Quiet quitting: bad mindset, or bad label?
Discussions surrounding 'quiet quitting' have gone viral recently, but in both theory and practice, is it really all that bad? Career development expert Jennifer Rossi Long weighs in on a multi-layered concept.
22 min
Will Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan actu...
A Temple University finance expert explains who this new program helps most, and we ask: is it enough?
17 min
Is the housing market finally course correcting...
For sellers, the housing market has been bountiful. For buyers, it's been a train wreck. But Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza thinks the dynamic could be shifting.
12 min
Mikhail Gorbachev's complicated legacy
Like his tenure leading the U.S.S.R., Mikhail Gorbachev's legacy is complicated. Russian studies expert Mark Schrad reflects on the late Soviet president.
23 min
"It's a shocking number": a look at what's happ...
We've still got about months to go but a lot has happened in 2022. Morning Consult's Lindsey Roeschke looks at the factors effecting the travel and hospitality industry.
24 min
Nursing is a much harder job now. Have schools ...
Nursing is an incredibly hard job in the best of times. For the last few years, nurses have been facing significant stress, burnout, and political opposition on top of their normal jobs.
24 min
'Just the clothing they were wearing.' What ref...
Many had to leave in the middle of the night, possibly with a bag, some just the clothes they were wearing. We wanted to talk about what the last year has been like for the people who resettled here in America. What kind of challenges have Afghan families faced in a new country? What kind of support do they need?
10 min
Positive inflation news for once? Weekly econom...
More big news about the Federal Reserve tackling inflation came down, is the worst over or will there be more to come?
10 min
Monkeypox Q&A: Updates on the virus, vaccine, a...
The US response to the monkeypox outbreak continues to hit snags, as access to vaccines, ability to find treatments, and even getting appropriate care in the doctor's office can be anything but a sure thing. So where are we in the timeline of this outbreak? Have we learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic that should have helped us respond to Monkeypox? And why is there still so much red tape around TPOXX, a treatment we know works?
22 min
Vaccines, boosters, and back to school COVID ri...
In back-to-school season, what should you know about COVID vaccines for kids?
13 min
'I've never seen big pharma lose.' Big deal hea...
The Inflation Reduction Act, the big package passed by Democrats in Congress and signed into law by President Biden addresses a lot of issues, and that includes healthcare. This law is going to have a noticeable effect on a lot of Americans' healthcare costs, and we wanted to know exactly what that will mean, so we asked Dr. Robert Field, Professor of Law and Professor of Health Management and Policy at Drexel University.
24 min
Inside the case of India Spellman and the Phill...
Right now, McCorkel and the Philly Justice Project are fighting to free a woman named India Spellman. Spellman was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2013, for a crime McCorkel says she clearly didn't commit. So how does something like this happen? How often does it happen? And why has McCorkel made it her mission to fight for women and girls behind bars?
25 min
Could supply chain issues really be going away?...
Supply chain issues have been a major problem in the economy. But Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza seems to think companies have started to make smart adjustments.
9 min
Liz Cheney loses, Mar-a-Lago raid, and a Januar...
Since the last time we talked about the January 6th hearings, the FBI raided President Trump's Palm Beach golf club, and Wyoming Republicans rejected Liz Cheney. Wild. Let's talk about that.
33 min
What are the ‘transformational’ climate change ...
Some of the biggest and most impactful items in the Inflation Reduction Act deal with the environment, sustainability, and trying to mitigate climate change. So what are they? Is it going to work? Do we have enough time to stop the acceleration of climate change before it's too late? We asked Dr. Samantha Chapman, Professor of Biology at Villanova University and Co-Director of the Center for Bio-Diversity and Ecosystem Stewardship.
25 min
What is in the Inflation Reduction Act, and wha...
The Inflation Reduction Act was passed by Democrats without a single Republican vote in the House and Senate and signed into law by President Biden. It deals with climate change, healthcare, taxes and more -- and it's such a large and wide ranging piece of legislation that we needed some help to really understand of what this law does and what it doesn't do.
25 min
'This case is rotten all around:' Unexpected de...
The police killing of Breonna Taylor was thrust back in the headlines recently when federal charges were announced against the four current and former Louisville, Kentucky police officers that were involved in the botched raid that led to this tragedy back in March of 2020. So why is this important? What does it mean for police departments, and police accountability?
21 min
A new round of the American Rescue Plan is comi...
Inflation and gas prices are down, and economist David Fiorenza is optimistic for the coming months.
8 min
Americans are still spending money, even with r...
These are strange economic times, but in the midst of surging inflation and recession fears, Americans are still spending money. D. Meghan Pierce helps us understand why.
19 min
Hidden in plain sight: the insidious spread of ...
Raise your hand if you know someone who was radicalized online during COVID-19. A lot of people have gone down an online video rabbit hole and emerged with some pretty wild beliefs and worldviews. Some situations strain families. Other times, the outcomes can be a lot worse.
21 min
How bad was pandemic learning loss? We have an ...
Kids in the US have had a couple of rough years at school because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout it all, there has been a lot of concern for how much learning for kids was interrupted, and the impact that has. So is this something we can measure?
16 min
Behind China's 'unprecedented' reaction to Nanc...
Political leaders take trips to other countries and areas all the time, and usually they don’t draw a lot of attention. But that was not the case with a recent trip that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made. The Speaker traveled to Taiwan on a recent trip through Asia, and that did not sit well with China, which responded with fiery rhetoric and alarming military drills. So what’s the big deal? Why did this strike such a nerve? We asked Dr. Edward Wang, Professor of History and Coordinator of Asian Studies at Rowan University.
26 min
Update: Did COVID make the US weaker than other...
A few months ago we asked Sigal Atzmon to come on the podcast to talk about her concern that the US would emerge from the pandemic weaker than other countries. A lot has happened since then.
17 min
Al-Qaeda: the rise and deterioration of a world...
What does the death of Ayman al-Zawahiri mean for Al-Qaeda? Is the world any safer today than it was a week ago? What does the terror landscape even look like now?
20 min
Jobs numbers that would make an economist blush...
The most optimistic economists wouldn't have believed these jobs numbers. Are we finally back to pre-pandemic employment figures?
12 min
"I worry about this every day": nurses look at ...
In the new, post-Roe world, Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses CEO Terri Brinkley discusses a rapidly-changing landscape for nurses and health care practitioners.
21 min
New public health funding report is eye-opening...
Public health has been front and center the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its importance, it still doesn't get the respect it deserves and funding is a consistent problem.
20 min
What if there was an NBA arena in Center City, ...
What would 76 Place look like? How would it change Center City? How would it impact the neighborhood?
15 min
'It's not necessary to stay at threat level re...
What do you need to know about the new Omicron subvariant? At this stage of the pandemic, should you be worried at all, especially if you are already vaccinated, boosted, and generally doing what the public health officials and doctors say you should be doing?
21 min
An extremely strange recession: weekly economy ...
GDP estimates are in and it looks like we could be headed towards the textbook definition of a recession, albeit a very strange one. Have we seen anything like this before, a recession when the labor market and jobs numbers are this hot?
8 min
What a 2005 Supreme Court case could mean for U...
The tragic school shooting in Uvalde was made more enraging when more and more information come out about how many law enforcement agencies and officers were on site -- and yet no one acted. Police have a responsibility to act in a situation like that, right?
33 min
A case of polio was found in New York state. Sh...
A new case of polio was reported in Rockland County, New York. Should we be worried about yet another infectious disease spreading, particularly one that is almost eradicated?
16 min
What we can -- and can't -- expect from NASA's ...
Already, astronomers and scientists have gotten a tremendous amount of new information to analyze. What could we learn next about the universe?
23 min
‘I suffered and no one else needs to:’ Feds rel...
For three days, Luke Brown was in the most severe pain he’s ever experienced. He had contracted monkeypox, which is now a global health emergency. He tried everything to help ease the pain, and nothing worked. He eventually found out about a drug called TPOXX, normally used to treat smallpox, that can also be effective against monkeypox symptoms.
15 min
How low could gas prices go? Weekly economy che...
Gas prices keep going down pretty consistently, how low could they go? How much do gas prices impact how Americans feel about inflation? And how many more tools does the Fed have to cool down the economy? Philadelphia economist David Fiorenza is back on the podcast to break down the most important economic stories of the week and why they should matter to you.
10 min
How are the pandemic pets doing now? Plus tips ...
23 million American households got a dog or cat in the pandemic, but life looks a little different now. How are they doing?
23 min
You have the right to remain silent, but you ca...
What did the court decide in Vega v. Tekoh, and why is it important? We asked David Rudovsky, Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.
19 min
An 'extraordinarily fringe doctrine' gets the S...
In North Carolina, the state Supreme Court threw out an electoral map it says was so partisan, it violated the state's constitution. North Carolina Republican lawmakers say it shouldn't matter if the map breaks state law or not, because the courts shouldn't have any oversight of the legislature when it comes to electoral matters. And now the Supreme Court wants to weigh in.
24 min
Cracking the wall between church and state
A recent Supreme Court ruling caught our attention because of what it could mean for the 'wall of separation' between church and state in America.
9 min
Most baby boomers want to age in place at home....
What would it take to make your home fit for aging in place, and what can home care services offer? If you haven’t thought about the kind of care you or your older loved ones will want, you need to start.
15 min
A dangerous mix: the pandemic is putting the lo...
Alcohol disorders spiked during the pandemic, and the long-term health implications are concerning. Eric Gremminger, who has battled substance abuse himself, believes he has solutions to get people the help they need.
21 min
What Gen-Z thinks about education, entitlement,...
'They DoorDashed from a ghost kitchen endorsed by a YouTube influencer.' If you don't understand that sentence, you need to learn about Gen-Z.
27 min
Lessons from a pandemic about preventive medicine
Preventive medicine means a lot of things, like getting vaccine shots and going to your doctor regularly. It's incredibly important, and that has been crystalized by the COVID-19 pandemic in a couple of key ways. We asked Dr. M. Tonette Krousel-Wood, President of the American College of Preventive Medicine to come on the podcast to talk about the challenges the pandemic brought to the field of preventive medicine and what we've learned over the last two very tough years.
16 min
Freedom of speech or coerced prayer? SCOTUS rul...
The Supreme Court ended its term with a string of key decisions. Law expert Kermit Roosevelt examines a case that blurs the lines between church and state.
14 min
Shakeup across the pond: why (and how) Boris Jo...
Boris Johnson's tenure as prime minister is coming to an end. Politics expert Dr. Joshua Weikert explores the implications of Johnson's resignation.
23 min
More than a teahouse: exploring the origins and...
Despite a recent act of vandalism, Shofuso Japanese House and Garden continues to remain open for discovery and exploration. With its distinct design and many gardens, the Fairmount Park landmark is both a site and experience to behold. It also boasts a compelling origin story. But for as rich as the history is at Shofuso, Associate Director of Organizational Culture Rob Buscher also believes it holds particular relevance in today’s world, serving as symbol of unity among various members of the West Philadelphia community.
18 min
Flying the unfriendly skies: how "revenge touri...
If you've tried flying recently, odds are you've run into trouble - from ticket prices to cancelled flights. Travel and tourism expert Dr. Benjamin Altschuler weighs in on the factors fueling the problems.
20 min
"This is not an echo chamber of Democrats": cou...
Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony at the January 6th hearings was compelling. Political science expert Ben Berger wonders if it will be enough to move the GOP further away from former President Donald Trump.
21 min
Economy update: the textbook definition of a re...
We're getting hints about GDP numbers from the second quarter, and so far estimates have us looking at the textbook definition of a recession... but is there a silver lining? Are some recessions not like the others?
9 min
Covering an out-of-control crisis: looking at h...
Between a surge in mass shootings and everyday violence, America continues to grapple with guns. Criminal justice expert Dr. Jason Gravel examines how the media is covering the crisis.
19 min