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Notes from the RNC, Senator Menendez found guil...
Plus, the tooth fairy visits sharks at the Adventure Aquarium!
34 min
What's next for Johnny Doc, the Phillies' pheno...
Plus, previewing the Republican National Convention with a Pennsylvania perspective, and a couple stories tied to America’s 250th birthday.
33 min
Kensington cleanup progress, the 76ers sign Pau...
Plus, Philly continues planning for America's 250th birthday in 2026, and King of Prussia gets ready for Netflix project.
32 min
Police officer shot, return-to-office drama, a ...
Plus, National HIV Testing Day and Philadelphia City Hall gets a glow-up.
34 min
Making sense of gun violence data, OG trolleys ...
KYW Newsradio’s Matt Leon also looks at the legal woes of a local political powerbroker, and Juneteenth celebrations.
34 min
Suspected terrorist arrests, stadium worker pro...
Plus, teen lawlessness on the Jersey Shore and looking back at the I-95 collapse one year later.
33 min
UArts closes, drama at the Free Library, Dawn S...
Plus, honoring Holocaust survivors, and the results of New Jersey's primary election.
35 min
Could ranked choice voting help strengthen demo...
We look at how ranked choice voting works, plus the pros and cons.
28 min
Why do we focus so much on standardized tests i...
The role of standardized tests seems to have expanded in recent years. Is that a problem?
15 min
Why can't we make school funding equitable?
The schools that are most underfunded are often in communities of color. A new book investigates why.
24 min
Are bees making a comeback?
America’s honeybee population is at an all-time high, after years of news that bees were under threat.
18 min
Staying safe from violence and recognizing red ...
Millions of women are the victims of violence every year - we have tips on how to stay safe and vigilant.
13 min
Mental health check-in - when, why, and how to ...
Talking about mental health has become much more common, but many people still hesitate to seek help.
18 min
“Judge shopping” - how our court system gets ma...
In some federal cases that affect government policy, plaintiffs have been able to pick their judge.
19 min
It could be the end of “the line” on NJ ballots
A lawsuit has changed how New Jersey's Democratic primary ballot will be designed this year. Could the change be permanent?
18 min
A push to change solitary confinement in Pennsy...
Solitary confinement can have terrible effects on mental health. A new lawsuit is trying to address that.
26 min
The new rules for real estate
A settlement in a series of class-action lawsuits could cost home buyers more.
20 min
Get ready for the April 8th eclipse!
An astronomy expert shares her fascination with eclipses, and what to expect on April 8th when North American experiences a once-in-a-generation event.
22 min
The billion dollar deadline: clock ticking on e...
Billions of dollars were earmarked for education funding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but time's running out to spend it. What happens if a key deadline passes?
19 min
Are we prepared for the next big emergency?
A new report details states’ emergency preparedness. Find out where PA and NJ rank.
14 min
How can we fix the teacher shortage?
We’ve seen a drop in people pursuing teaching and lower levels of training in the last decade.
26 min
Presidential elections in the media should be m...
Polls, policy, or personality? What should the press focus on in election coverage?
35 min
Who’s in control on social media? Two SCOTUS ca...
Two landmark cases will determine whether the government can dictate how social media content is moderated.
11 min
The global impacts of Sweden joining NATO
What does this addition to NATO mean for Russia, and for Sweden, which has been historically neutral?
23 min
The increased risk of Alzheimer’s in the Black ...
African Americans are more at risk for developing Alzheimer’s and are less likely to be screened for it.
11 min