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Why we believe conspiracy theories
A growing number of Americans believe some pretty wild things, and it’s nearly impossible for a conspiracy theorist to change their mind about their beliefs. Why is that?
8 min
What's in Biden's $2 trillion COVID-19 recovery...
How critical is funding for state and local governments, and what exactly do direct payments do for the economy?
11 min
Vaccine rollouts and the bones under the playgr...
We got some updates to vaccine rollout plans in the Philadelphia area, and the city of Philadelphia is working to commemorate 5,000 people buried in an old, nearly forgotten cemetery under a playground.
27 min
What do the signs of a stock market bubble look...
The stock market continues to hit high numbers despite the overall economy being uneven, at best. Is this normal?
19 min
100 years later: What people in 1921 predicted ...
What did people 100 years ago imagine today's world would look like? Jason Feifer from Entrepreneur Magazine wanted to find out.
22 min
Corporations are shutting off the political don...
One ripple effect of the violence at the Capitol has been that many corporations are now suspending financial donations to politicians who objected to the counting of the Electoral College votes that day. That seems like a big deal. Is it?
16 min
What's different now that Brexit is official?
What happens when a country goes through a massive divorce like this? And what does it mean for the UK, for the EU, and the rest of the world? Episode Summary: After years of political turmoil, the United Kingdom has finally left the European Union. So now that Brexit is official, what exactly has changed? What happens when a country goes through a massive divorce like this? And what does it mean for the UK, for the EU, and the rest of the world? Dr. R. Daniel Kelemen, Professor of Political Science and Law and Chair in European Union Politics at Rutgers University joins KYW Newsradio in Depth to talk about what Brexit means and why it matters. Episode Pubdate: Now Midroll locations: 12'11"
24 min
2020 is finally over, but the top risks of 2021...
The coronavirus pandemic, American political unrest, inequality, cyber warfare, climate change. Are we equipped to meet the challenges we're going to face in 2021?
20 min
Life after COVID: it's going to be harder for s...
21 min
The star of the 2020 economy was widening inequ...
Call it a K-shape, or maybe it's more of a straight line -- the wealthy did very well in 2020 and everyone else did not. So what's in store for 2021?
10 min
The fallout after the US Capitol was overrun
We’re still learning about the extent of what happened, and how it was able to happen, but we wanted to talk about putting this moment in context and where we go from here.
23 min
"Sending a strong signal." Merrick Garland and ...
He's widely known as President Obama's Supreme Court pick who never got a vote before Congress. But what else should you know about Merrick Garland?
12 min
Mutant coronavirus strains are emerging around ...
One mutation was found in South Africa, another highly contagious strain of the virus emerged in the UK and now is being found all over. So how concerned should we be? And are the vaccines we have now still effective against these mutations?
18 min
The attack on the US Capitol: news coverage fro...
KYW Newsradio covered the storming of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, as it happened. Here's how it sounded.
18 min
America's roads, rails, and bridges are in bad ...
Republicans and Democrats alike agree that bridges should get fixed, potholes should get filled, water should flow through pipes with above average structural integrity. So why can't we agree to fix the one thing we agree needs fixing?
20 min
The good, the bad, and the surprising: What's i...
What's inside the bill, who is it going to help, and is it going to be enough to get America through the coronavirus crisis?
20 min
What we know about lung disease, COVID-19, and ...
What can COVID-19 mean for you if you smoke or vape? And if you're looking to quit, what steps should you take?
9 min
"Not survived- withstood." Zooming Out on 2020 ...
28 min
The cannabis industry is booming, and universit...
Marijuana is legal in more places than ever, business is booming, and there's a huge market demand for bright young minds to advance the industry. We wanted to find out how colleges and trade schools are responding to that demand.
7 min
"What do I want to be popular for?" Zooming Out...
28 min
Some states are 'woefully unprepared' for clima...
A new report developed by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and the non-profit Trust for America’s Health looks at the health impacts of climate change, including which states are at the highest risk and which states are the most prepared.
8 min
What did we Google the most in 2020?
Toilet paper near me. Election results. Why were chainsaws invented? It's the end of the year and time for that age old tradition of revealing all of our browser histories to the world.
7 min
Our phones are doing bad things to us, and the ...
What happens when instead of aiding day to day life, our phones and gadgets start to interfere with it?
16 min
How important will the next treasury secretary ...
If confirmed, Janet Yellen would be the first woman to ever serve as Treasury Secretary. So what does it look like to take over the United States Department of the Treasury in the middle of an economic crisis?
9 min
What to do when politics interferes with relati...
With the holidays coming up and families getting together, there are going to be conversations that a lot of people are dreading. How do you preserve relationships that feel fractured by all this political hostility?
18 min
The Lazaretto: America's last surviving quarant...
The Lazaretto is a beautiful, stately building in Tinicum Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It's also the last surviving quarantine hospital in the United States.
26 min
Are the kids gonna make it out of 2020 okay?
A lot of parents are concerned about their children's mental health and their ability to recover the longer this continues -- but there are good reasons to be optimistic.
14 min
Across the country, Americans voted to change d...
From New Jersey to Arizona to Oregon, voters pretty uniformly voted to loosen drug laws. So what does that mean for the country, and what does it mean for the war on drugs?
26 min
The biggest lessons we learned in 2020 about th...
Thinking back to March, what was a big deal back then that we barely think about now? And what can we take from 2020 to learn from and apply to next year and the years to follow?
15 min
The massive SolarWinds hack: What happened, and...
We still don't know the full scale of the damage of the SolarWinds hack that breached thousands of systems, including U.S. government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.
18 min
What kind of lasting mental health effects is 2...
The holidays can be a tough time emotionally and mentally for people. Add that to a raging pandemic, and there are a lot of land mines we have to be aware of right now when it comes to our mental health.
13 min
Are Santa and the elves safe from coronavirus? ...
Children make lasting memories during the holidays, but everything is different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. How can you make sure that despite everything, the 2020 holiday season stays special for kids?
15 min
For the first time in 400 years, you can watch ...
If you enjoy sky watching, something very cool is on the horizon involving Saturn and Jupiter that you won't want to miss.
6 min
Do we still need to check everyone's temperatur...
We've seen workplace COVID-19 rules and guidelines put in place everywhere, but how effective are they? Are things like temperature checks and deep cleaning as effective as we once thought?
12 min
Worrying signs for holiday hiring, and the cons...
Just a few more weeks until many programs that have helped Americans through the pandemic expire. If Washington DC doesn't act, this could get ugly.
7 min
Save Our Stages: World Cafe Live founder Hal Re...
Independent music venues have been out of business since March. The situation is desperate, time is running out, and they're making one last push to stay alive.
36 min
How does an entire city get vaccinated? Rolling...
Philadelphia was one of the cities that helped the CDC come up with a distribution plan, and Philadelphia Deputy Health Commissioner Dr. Caroline Johnson joins KYW Newsradio In Depth to talk about how the COVID-19 vaccine is going to be distributed.
29 min
Thursday's Earth forecast: A geomagnetic storm ...
A geomagnetic storm is coming to the Earth, from the Sun, as soon as Thursday, December 10. It could affect everything from appliances to satellites to making the northern lights visible in places that would normally never see them.
7 min
An important vaccine caution for people who car...
The UK has started administering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and regulators there have issued a warning after two healthcare workers had allergic reactions to it.
16 min
What the safe harbor deadline means for Presid...
December 8th is safe harbor day. It's a key date for presidential elections and the Electoral College, dating back to the election of 1876, when the country was still scarred by the aftermath of the Civil War.
22 min
"We don't just distribute food, we bring a box ...
As the pandemic worsens and we see some really challenging days ahead during the holiday season, places like the Food Bank of South Jersey are working hard to help as many people as they can.
29 min
Is it too late for a relief bill that actually ...
If Congress passed a stimulus today, how long would it take before help arrives to the people who need it most?
10 min
People are asking about plastic surgery because...
When you spend too much time looking at yourself, especially in the absolutely brutal mirror called video chat, it's all too common to start picking out things you don't like. And some people decide to go a step further and do something about it.
22 min
Philadelphia scientists are making a COVID-19 v...
How far along is the vaccine from INOVIO? Dr. David Weiner gives an update on what's happened over the past few months and how the team making the vaccine is doing.
28 min
Election 2020 was wild. What is it about Americ...
Election years are usually intense in America, but 2020 seemed like it was a different animal entirely. What is it that prevents people from different political parties from finding common ground?
37 min
The challenge of battling HIV/AIDS while the wo...
Scientists and doctors have done incredible work developing treatments for COVID-19 and creating a vaccine in record time. But while we are grappling with coronavirus, the critical work of advancing the fight against HIV/AIDS still needs to get done.
11 min
What's going to change at a Department of Justi...
In part five of our series on the next administration, we're taking a look back at the accomplishments of the Department of Justice under President Trump and how the DOJ's priorities might change under President Biden.
15 min
Dark days for travel and hospitality, but there...
If the tourism and hospitality industry can just hang on a little longer, a research team at Temple University says there are reasons to be hopeful.
13 min
Ask an economist: What would you include in the...
We're heading toward the end of the year and there's still no stimulus. How much longer can small businesses hang on?
9 min
America's relationships shifted dramatically un...
In part four of a series on the next administration, we're taking a look at the biggest challenges and opportunities around the globe waiting for the next President of the United States.
29 min
Timing, side effects, multiple doses: Everythin...
Several vaccines are in the pipeline. Here's what you need to know about them.
25 min
America's agriculture challenge: Can we both in...
Part three of our series on the next presidential administration: How will a Biden/Harris White House administration make its mark on the world of agriculture?
18 min
Both Biden and Harris come from the Senate. Wil...
Part two of our series on the next presidential administration: Assuming Republicans maintain control of the Senate, how would a Biden White House achieve a productive legislative relationship with Congress?
18 min
Are lame duck presidents actually that lame?
What's been accomplished in the past by lame duck presidents? And who were the most effective and least effective lame duck presidents in history?
11 min
"It's unconscionable" Congress hasn't passed a ...
Real people need real help right now, so why can't the politicians in Washington get their act together? Dr. Avenel Joseph, Policy VP at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation joins the podcast to break it down.
13 min
From Trump to Biden, an abrupt shift in America...
One of the most important issues of our time is climate change, and it's an issue that the Trump and Biden administrations view very differently. So what can we expect the Biden White House to do to address the environment?
13 min
It's a terrible time to pull the plug on pandem...
A lot of coronavirus programs end at the end of the year. What happens when this wave crashes?
8 min
This holiday shopping season could be make or b...
Is Black Friday even going to be a thing? How is the sales strategy changing? And how pivotal is this holiday shopping season for small businesses who have just been annihilated by the coronavirus pandemic?
21 min
The pandemic was politicized in America. Our he...
Healthcare workers are dealing with a lot of illness and death and heartbreak, and also seeing a portion of the population not wanting to adhere to rules that would help make their job a bit easier.
16 min
You can use Google Maps to see where COVID-19 c...
There's a feature on Google Maps called the COVID layer that lets you check out how many cases are in a certain area.
7 min
The COVID-19 pandemic is worse than ever. How d...
Health experts are using words like catastrophic and horrifying -- but is anyone listening?
26 min
The staggering sum of money in American elections
A massive, historic amount of money was spent on Election 2020 in America. So, what did it buy, and what does that do to our democracy?
21 min
Can our local economies survive another round o...
Are we going to see another round of shutdowns as the virus keeps spiking? Can our local economies even survive something like that?
10 min
COVID-19's body blow to college sports ripples ...
The US Olympic teams of the future will be dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, including a narrower pipeline for athletes and canceled programs at schools across the country.
15 min
What makes Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine stand out ...
What’s next for Pfizer and this vaccine, and what makes it different from the dozens of other vaccines in the pipeline?
17 min
What does the Supreme Court's conservative over...
Now that three justices nominated by President Trump are on the court, what's in store for the Affordable Care Act?
18 min
Job hunting? "When you say it online, it never ...
A study from Temple University shows there's a good chance that your posts about politics could be a factor in getting the job you applied for.
21 min
Office real estate is getting hammered by worki...
Companies and businesses are realizing they don't need as much space, and that's having some pretty significant ripple effects in commercial real estate.
22 min
New Jersey voters passed legal weed. Here's wh...
Now that the vote is over, how long until it's on the store shelves? Where will it be sold?
17 min
Dreaming of a stimulus Christmas, why Wall St...
Breaking down the biggest questions about the economy as the US Election concludes and the coronavirus pandemic ramps up across the world.
10 min
The pros and cons of never going into the offic...
Working from home could be here to stay. Is that good news or bad?
20 min
Election 2020: Why is Pennsylvania taking so l...
It looks like Election 2020 could come down to Pennsylvania, but why is it taking so long to count the votes?
13 min
Did anyone really get it right? Takeaways from ...
With the benefit of hindsight, let's zoom out a bit out and take a look at all the ways that different countries tackled this pandemic. Can we Frankenstein together a single best approach?
19 min
How the 2016 polling kerfuffle inspired the Wes...
After the presidential election polls seemed to get it wrong in 2016, a West Chester University statistics professor saw an opportunity.
12 min
Constitutional quirks, election oddities, and t...
Take a deep dive down the rabbit hole into plausible if unlikely situations in the US election process and the "what would happen if" scenarios the founders didn't necessarily plan for.
19 min
It's the witching hour on Wall Street
Something weird is happening in the stock market.
12 min
Trump, Biden, and the paths to 270: the electio...
What are the key indicators you should be looking for on November 3rd to get an idea of how the election is turning out?
19 min
Important lessons about medical debt learned f...
Medical debt is scary, but it doesn't have to ruin your life, and there are steps you can take to come out on the other side.
22 min
With the holidays and flu season around the cor...
With flu season and the holidays right around the corner, there's going to be a lot of extra symptoms floating around, and a lot of anxiety about making the decision to spend time with loved ones.
20 min
The economic inequality crisis: how the pandemi...
Economic inequality has been a stark issue in the United States for a long time, and it has just gotten worse and worse during the coronavirus pandemic.
28 min
The police shooting of Walter Wallace, Jr: What...
Walter Wallace, Jr. was shot and killed by Philadelphia Police officers who responded to a call about a man with a knife.
19 min
There's more water on the moon than we thought
Pack your swimmies and flippers 'cause there's big news from the moon.
15 min
Term limits, adding justices, and other plausib...
It's not as far-fetched as you might think to imagine Supreme Court Justices with term limits in our lifetime.
15 min
What's going on with the Philly area real estat...
After more than seven months into the pandemic, how's the market holding up and what's happening in the Philly area specifically?
17 min
Liability shields, housing bubbles, and how the...
We've been watching a housing market that's been absolutely on fire for months now -- is it time to start talking about a housing bubble?
9 min
The Supreme Court's decision on Pennsylvania ma...
Pennsylvania will be allowed to count mail-in ballots for this year's election that are received up to three days after November 3rd, after legal challenges made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
10 min
COVID testing in the US right now is 'somewhere...
The Association of American Medical Colleges is calling for a coordinated national testing strategy to try and help get us out of this mess.
9 min
Do presidential debates change minds anymore? ...
If you showed the debate between Biden and Trump to someone 50 years ago, what would they think?
26 min
What an asteroid 200 million miles away can tel...
Dr. Harold Connolly, Jr., Mission Sample Scientist on the OSIRIS-REx mission team joined the podcast just a few hours before the spacecraft made contact with the asteroid to talk about the mission and the secrets the team hopes Bennu wants to tell.
11 min
After the explosion, what's the future of the P...
A fire, an explosion, a bankruptcy, a new owner... what does the future have in store for a massive and troubled piece of land in South Philadelphia?
14 min
How close are we to COVID-19 herd immunity?
We talk a lot about herd immunity -- so how does it work, and what happened in other places around the world that have tried to use herd immunity as a strategy?
24 min
Long term unemployment is helping to turbochar...
Hiding in the unemployment statistics is the rising number of people who are experiencing long-term unemployment -- they've been out of work for 27 weeks or more.
19 min
How long until election results are final? When...
A ton of information has been sent out about voting by mail, along with a lot of disinformation. So what's true, what's not, and what do you need to know?
19 min
If Washington doesn't finish a relief bill, 202...
Towns and municipalities are grappling with some extremely hard decisions if Washington doesn't send relief soon. 
10 min
Political campaigns are microtargeting you with...
Ever feel like ads you see online are almost designed specifically for you?
29 min
For firefighters, the pandemic has changed the job
23 min
Childhood obesity was already a crisis in Ameri...
Before the coronavirus pandemic, childhood obesity was one of the most complicated health challenges of our time -- and now public health researchers worry the crisis has deepened.
14 min
"A huge shift in how we care for patients." Hom...
From telemedicine to home monitoring, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated healthcare innovation in several key ways that are here to stay.
15 min
Why did more than 1,000 birds fly into building...
14 min
(Rebroadcast) If you think coronavirus social d...
18 min