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NJ Congressman Andy Kim talks about his self-qu...
Congressman Andy Kim represents New Jersey's 3rd district. He is currently self-quarantining after he came into direct contact with another member of Congress who tested positive for COVID-19. Carol MacKenzie talked to Congressman Kim about what self-quarantining looks like, what's involved, and what kind of symptoms he's experiencing. See for privacy information.
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PA coronavirus shutdown: What is a life-sustain...
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered the closure of all non-life-sustaining businesses starting at 8pm Thursday, March 19th. KYW Newsradio's Ian Bush, Charlotte Reese, and Tom Rickert break down the five-page list sent out by the governor's office to try and figure out what exactly is on the list of life-sustaining businesses, and what isn't. See for privacy information.
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Philadelphia's mayor answers questions about CO...
Ian Bush asks Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney questions live on KYW Newsradio, including about how Philadelphia is preparing for more cases of COVID-19, the additional measures the city is taking to combat the spread of coronavirus, and how the justice system is operating during a pandemic. See for privacy information.
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We asked two economists about the economic fall...
We have a lot of questions about how this pandemic is affecting the economy, so we started by asking two economists from the Philly area some basic questions about the fallout from COVID-19. David Fiorenza is a Professor of Practice at the Villanova school of Business and Adam Pellillo is an Assistant Professor of Economics at La Salle University. See for privacy information.
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SEPTA update: Schedules change during coronavir...
SEPTA is changing how often the busses and trains run. KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo talked to SEPTA management and he joins KYW In Depth to report back on what the changes mean for riders. See for privacy information.
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New Jersey gas station attendants on the front ...
Gas stations are one of the critical businesses in New Jersey allowed to stay open at all hours. New Jersey is also the only state in the U.S. where it's illegal to pump your own gas. As a consequence, people who pump gas in the Garden State are now firmly on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, stuck between performing a critical job and trying to maintain social distancing recommendations. KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo went to a gas station to talk with one of the people helping keep New Jersey's cars and trucks on the road. See for privacy information.
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How is drinking water being kept safe during th...
The shelves at the grocery store where you normally find bottled water have been empty since people started stocking up for the COVID-19 pandemic. At the water utility company Aqua America, they've gotten some phone calls from people asking whether they should be concerned about coronavirus in drinking water, or if the virus could survive the water treatment process. Aqua America's Chief Environmental Officer Dr. Chris Crockett joins KYW In Depth to talk about how the utility cleans drinking water, why water treatment kills viruses, and how they're keeping employees safe. See for privacy information.
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Why our decision-making is different during a p...
Normally, deciding whether you're going away for the weekend or just going to the grocery store isn't all that complicated. But watching much of our lives grind to a halt because of the coronavirus pandemic is having a big impact on how we make decisions -- and it's taking a significant toll on consumer behavior. Today on KYW In Depth Dr. Crystal Reeck, associate director of the Center for Applied Research in Decision Making at Temple University joins the podcast to help break down how the brain processes risk and uncertainty. See for privacy information.
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A hair stylist tries to make a living during th...
"In the salon business, if you don't work you don't get paid." For a lot of people working close contact jobs, working from home isn't really an option. Today on KYW In Depth, we talk to a hair stylist about how the pandemic is affecting her life and business, and how her family is going to survive financially.  See for privacy information.
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Two college athletes talk about their careers b...
Alynna Williams was a star basketball player for Jefferson University. Saul Phiri started at guard for La Salle. Both of them are seniors, and both of them watched their college careers end without playing their last game.  KYW sports anchor and reporter Matt Leon takes over KYW In Depth for an episode with the story of how two college athletes in their senior year are dealing with having their careers ended early because of the coronavirus pandemic. See for privacy information.
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Coronavirus in Philadelphia: A church and a non...
For a lot of people, an unplanned two weeks off from work is devastating. Paying bills is going to be hard, and so is buying food for the family. In Philadelphia, some community groups and churches are stepping up to help out where they can. KYW's Cherri Gregg is here on KYW In Depth to talk about two efforts in Philadelphia to help get food to people who need it.    See for privacy information.
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She was studying abroad, then another student g...
Ally is a senior at Temple University who was studying abroad in Spain when a student there tested positive for COVID-19. Ally and the other Temple students were told to leave as soon as possible, so she scrambled to buy a flight and get home.  See for privacy information.
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Checking in with the Folcroft Diner after PA co...
One of the biggest changes brought to the Philadelphia area by coronavirus went into effect on Monday. March 16th, when Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf ordered all restaurants and bars in four counties in our area, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties, to end dine-in service for the next two weeks. On Monday afternoon, Philadelphia added itself to the restaurant restrictions -- pick up and delivery is still fine but you can't go to a restaurant and sit down to eat any more. So what does that mean for the businesses, their customers, and maybe especially the employees who have two weeks of empty restaurants to look forward to? KYW's Justin Udo checked in with the Folcroft Diner in Delaware County to find out how business has changed. See for privacy information.
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Can coronavirus be spread through a vape cloud?...
Dr. Brian McDonough is back on KYW In Depth to answer more listener questions about the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, including: - I work in the Giant grocery store and I'd like to know how I can protect myself, waiting on so many people?  - I'm an Uber driver, I do pick-ups at Philadelphia International Airport and 30th St Station, I pick up people that come from different parts of the world. Should I continue to drive Uber?  - I know that pets can't get COVID-19, but can pets spread it if you cough on your pet -- can they get the virus on their fur and pass it on that way? - Will the virus wane in the heat or the summer? - After you get sick, how long is the recovery? Can you be re-infected? - If your family member is quarantined, is the whole family quarantined? What steps should you be taking at home to keep that virus from spreading to your other family members?  - Can coronavirus could be spread or caught through putting one’s laundry in a laundromat? - Can coronavirus be spread through someone's vape cloud? See for privacy information.
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Why is everything shut down for coronavirus, bu...
We've been hearing a lot of questions about why events are being canceled and schools closed for coronavirus, but not for the flu. We asked Doctor Harvey Rubin at the University of Pennsylvania to come back on KYW In Depth to break down why coronavirus is different. Dr. Rubin also took the time to do an updated Q&A with us. See for privacy information.
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CDC says events of 50 or more should be cancele...
The CDC is out with new guidelines to slow down the spread of COVID-19, and Governor Phil Murphy makes some changes in New Jersey. Subscribe to KYW In Depth on the app or wherever you get your podcasts for breaking and developing news about coronavirus in the Philadelphia area. See for privacy information.
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How three college basketball teams found out co...
Basketball seasons usually end with a final game, a playoff game if everything goes according to plan. But this year, college seasons across the country ended with much less pomp and circumstance. Today on KYW In Depth, Jefferson University women's basketball coach Tom Shirley, Drexel University women's basketball coach Denise Dillon, and Swarthmore College men's basketball coach Landry Kosmalski talk to KYW Newsradio's Matt Leon about the moment they found out that the coronavirus pandemic had ended their seasons.  See for privacy information.
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Fighting a pandemic from the Main Line Health c...
Main Line Health is one of the largest local health systems in the Philadelphia area, and they're already treating several patients suspected to have coronavirus. Dr. James Gengaro joins the podcast from the Main Line Health COVID-19 incident command center to explain how the network of hospitals is preparing for a worsening virus outbreak. See for privacy information.
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Coronavirus outbreak: Pennsylvania shuts down i...
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has made the decision to close all Pennsylvania schools. A short time before that, Philadelphia officials announced, relunctantly, that schools in the city would shut down. KYW Newsradio City Hall Bureau Chief Pat Loeb joins KYW In Depth to explain how and why the city's plans changed so fast. See for privacy information.
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Health Secretary: The number of coronavirus cas...
Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine gave an update on how many people in Pennsylvania have tested positive for the Coronavirus. KYW reporter Tony Romeo attended the briefing in Harrisburg, he joins KYW In Depth with his biggest takeaways from the news conference. See for privacy information.
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How the drive-thru coronavirus test works
For four hours on Friday, a couple hundred drivers pulled their cars up to a mobile triage unit behind Frawley Stadium in Wilmington, Delaware for a drive-through coronavirus test set up by ChristianaCare. KYW Newsradio reporter David Madden joins KYW In Depth to explain what the test looks like, who was determined to be eligible to take the test, and how the drive-through model ended up working out. See for privacy information.
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Philly teachers are concerned their hand saniti...
Philadelphia school teachers are concerned that the foamyiQ Lemon Blossom hand sanitizer in their classrooms isn't as good at killing coronavirus as an alcohol based hand sanitizer, like the ones the CDC recommends. Mike DeNardo joins KYW In Depth to explain their concerns and what the Philadelphia School District says about it. See for privacy information.
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Coronavirus Q&A with Dr. Brian McDonough
Listeners have been sending us questions about the COVID-19 outbreak, so we asked KYW Newsradio medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough to come on KYW In Depth to answer them. Today, Dr. McDonough tackles questions like "What's the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?" and "How can people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania get tested for coronavirus? Why can't you just drive up to a place and get tested?"  If you have a question about the coronavirus, give us a call at 855-KYW-NEWS. Dr. McDonough will keep answering your questions in the coming weeks. Again, 855-KYW-NEWS to leave your questions about the coronavirus. See for privacy information.
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Canceling March Madness: Matt Leon on sports du...
When the NCAA announced the cancellation of the Division I college basketball tournament on Thursday, March 12th, it was just the latest of a series of high profile suspensions or cancellations in sports. The NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball have all announced the suspension or postponement of parts of the season. KYW's sports anchor Matt Leon joins KYW In Depth to break down everything that has changed in sports because of the coronavirus pandemic, and what it all means.  See for privacy information.
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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania: Montgomery County ...
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf ordered the closing of all schools, community centers, gyms, and entertainment venues in Montgomery County, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Pennsylvania. Jim Melwert joins KYW In Depth to break down what that means to people who live or work in Montgomery County, and whether something similar could be coming to people who live in other counties in Pennsylvania. This is the first episode of a new series from KYW In Depth on the coronavirus outbreak. Whenever something important happens or we have breaking news about the virus in the Philadelphia area, we'll put out an episode about what happened and why it matters to you.  See for privacy information.
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