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What it was like to have a loved one hospitaliz...
"I'm sure there's plenty of Americans going through similar cases, but when it’s happening to you, it's a little surreal." Montgomery County was initially one of the hardest-hit counties in Pennsylvania battling the coronavirus crisis. For the first people in the county who tested positive weeks ago, when we knew even less about the virus, the uncertainty just added to the scariness of this pandemic. Today on KYW in Depth, KYW Newsradio's Suburban Bureau Chief Jim Melwert brings one family's experience of watching their loved one hospitalized with COVID-19 very early on in Montgomery County -- what it was like to watch a family member get ill and go to the hospital without being able to physically be there with them, how the illness progressed, how hard it was to get accurate information before anyone really knew what this was going to look like, and the lessons they learned that could potentially help other people going through the same thing. See for privacy information.
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The impact of COVID-19 on small town police dep...
A lot of the attention during the coronavirus pandemic has been on big cities, where dense populations mean faster spread and more patients. But that doesn't mean that the danger posed by COVID-19 is any less in the suburbs or more rural areas. David Madonna is the Chief of Police in Prospect Park, a small borough in Delaware County, PA. He joins KYW In Depth to talk about the ways the job has changed for first responders in a small town during the pandemic, how the equipment shortage across the country is affecting Prospect Park, and how his department has been affected directly. "Responding to pandemics or handling a pandemic situation isn't something typically that we train for. But I would suspect that's going to change."   Update from Chief Madonna: "One thing I wish I would've expressed more clearly is the support we are receiving from county officials. While our normal vendors have not been able to supply PPEs, Delaware County officials have been helpful in supplying us with gloves and masks."   Chief Madonna is on Twitter at @3P_Chief --   See for privacy information.
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Can studying history tell us anything about lif...
Can looking at the before and after of different calamitous events in history give us an idea about what life after the coronavirus pandemic might look like? University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor of History Brent Cebul joins KYW In Depth to break down one of the most important times of disruption in American history, the Great Depression, and take a closer look at the political, societal, and economic changes that accompanied it.  See for privacy information.
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EMS workers making hard decisions to preserve e...
One of the riskiest jobs right now is being done by the people who respond to 911 calls. EMTs, paramedics, and first responders are spending their days and nights getting sick people the medical care they need. So how does that already incredibly difficult job change when protective gear across the globe is backordered, and you're not sure how long your supplies are going to last or if you'll be able to get more? Jennifer Green, Deputy Chief of the Community Ambulance Association of Ambler joins KYW In Depth to discuss the unique challenges first responders are facing during the coronavirus pandemic. See for privacy information.
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Are people who vape at higher risk from COVID-19?
The COVID-19 pandemic comes on the heels of a national outbreak of lung injuries, which the CDC says are linked with vaping THC products and the additive vitamin E acetate. Dr. Jamie Garfield, an interventional pulmonologist at the Temple Lung Center joins KYW In Depth to talk about what we learned from the EVALI epidemic, the latest research about what both vaping and smoking does to the lungs and how that applies to the coronavirus pandemic, and tips for smokers who are concerned about COVID-19. See for privacy information.
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Dr. Val Arkoosh: Why we need at least 4 more we...
Nationwide social distancing guidelines will stay in place until April 30th, and that's a good thing according to Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh. The commissioner, who's also a medical doctor, spoke with Brandon Brooks on KYW Newsradio on Monday morning, March 30th, about when coronavirus is expected to peak in southeastern Pennsylvania, if Montomery County has enough personal protective equipment to deal with the pandemic, and why four more weeks of social distancing is necessary. See for privacy information.
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People are quarantine dating: The Meet Group CE...
Since the coronavirus pandemic ended social lives as we knew them, anything that took us within six feet from another person is out the window. That includes dating and meeting people, for love or recreation. But apparently we haven't given up on dating entirely -- Geoff Cook, CEO of The Meet Group says video dating has risen dramatically on all of his company's dating apps since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Today on KYW In Depth, Cook talks about the dating changes people have made in response to social distancing and how COVID-19 could result in far reaching changes to dating culture. See for privacy information.
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How bad will the economy get before it gets bet...
The unemployment numbers released on Thursday, March 26 were astronomical and unprecedented. More than 3 million Americans applied for unemployment compensation the previous week. Today on KYW In Depth, Penn Wharton Budget Model Senior Advisor and Director of Outreach Diane Lim talks about why those numbers are going to get worse, what makes this economic downturn unique in American history, and why she thinks that when all this is over there might be a silver lining in the economic recovery.    See for privacy information.
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College visits canceled because of coronavirus?...
One of the tried and true ways high school seniors figure out where they want to go to college is by visiting the campus and taking a tour. Right now, college visits are shut down across the country just like nearly everything else. Today on KYW In Depth, KYW Newsradio's Suzanne Monaghan speaks with Kristin Dunning, a counselor at Strath Haven High School in Delaware County about some other options high school students have if they can't go on a college visit.  See for privacy information.
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An NJ biotech lab says it has a treatment for v...
Researchers at BioAegis in New Jersey have been studying a therapy for pneumonia patients that they say can help treat people with severe cases of COVID-19. It's a protein called gelsolin. Now they're trying to get it through the FDA approval process. Carol MacKenzie spoke with the Chief Medical Officer at BioAegis Therapeutics, Dr. Mark DiNubile, to find out what he's working on and why he thinks it can help COVID-19 patients.  See for privacy information.
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Whiskey, rum, and hand sanitizer: How distiller...
Distilleries around the country are doing their part to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by making hand sanitizer. Robert Cassell, co-founder of New Liberty Distillery and President of the Pennsylvania Distillers Guild talks to KYW In Depth about the work involved in switching from making spirits to making hand sanitizer, where the biggest need for the hand sanitizer is, the collaboration between business and government needed to pull it off, and how you can help. Check out New Liberty Distillery here: PA Distillers Guild website: See for privacy information.
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How much money would you get from the $2 trilli...
Congress is spending more than $2 trillion on a COVID-19 relief bill while much of our economy is shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. What's in the bill? How much of it is going to help you and your family? What about your employer? We asked those questions and more to Steven Portnoy, White House Correspondent for CBS News, who helps explain: - Why the added unemployment benefits are a bigger deal for most Americans than the direct checks - How much money you could get while you wait out this crisis - What's being done to make sure your employer can stay in business and hire you back - How the federal government is funding an attack strategy against the virus Steven also talked about a new finger prick test for coronavirus, the newest warnings from NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, and what it's like covering the White House during a pandemic. Follow Steven Portnoy's White House coverage on twitter @stevenportnoy. See for privacy information.
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We asked an economist about the $2 trillion cor...
Uncertain times call for economics professors on speed dial. Villanova's David Fiorenza checks back in with KYW in Depth to answer a handful of questions, including: - As an economist, what's your biggest concern right now? - We've seen incredible gains and losses in the stock market, do you expect the volatility to continue? - What would a $2 trillion package do for the economy? - Did anything surprise you in the past week? >>>   See for privacy information.
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How to help shelter dogs and cats during the co...
The Providence Animal Center in Media, Pennsylvania is in a tough spot right now. Normally, they have hundreds of animal lovers who volunteer to help out with the dogs and cats at the center. But during the coronavirus pandemic, the limited on-site staff have to pick up all the work. They've also canceled fundraisers that they depend on to keep the Center going. On this episode of KYW In Depth, Carol MacKenzie talks with Providence Animal Center's Director of Advancement Justina Calgiano about what the shelter needs and the specific ways they need people to help during this crisis. Hint: have you ever wanted to foster a fur baby?   Providence Animal Center's website: "We realize people are up against some really tough odds right now. Finances are dwindling, and that's really hard, and it's really upsetting. But pets are family. And so we're trying to keep the family intact right now." - Justina Calgiano, Providence Animal Center.  >>> See for privacy information.
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Olympic Dreams part 2: Jake Rosenberg, baseball...
We're continuing our series on Olympic athletes from the Philadelphia area dealing with the postponement of the 2020 games by talking to two athletes who already had their tickets punched to the games. Jake Rosenberg is an Ardmore native who went to Harriton High School. He is an outfielder on the Israeli National Baseball team, which has qualified for the Olympics. Summer Rappaport is a triathlete who has made the US Olympic Team. She is a Villanova University alum.   See for privacy information.
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Olympic Dreams part 1: Nathan Gillis, track & f...
The Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed. For some of the athletes who have been training for months or years for the chance to compete, postponing the Olympics means another year of work. For others, it means that some windows that were open this summer might not be open next year.  On this episode of KYW In Depth, Matt Leon reaches out to athletes in the Philadelphia area who have been trying to make Olympic teams. Nathan Gillis is a fifth-year senior at La Salle University. He has been training in hopes of qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics to represent his home country of Great Britain in the 800 meter and/or 1600 meter track events.  Tyler Nase is a rower who took part in the 2016 Olympics and has been working to qualify for 2020. He is a La Salle College High School product and an assistant rowing coach at the University of Pennsylvania. See for privacy information.
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How do you teach kids at home, when half the st...
The Philadelphia school district is trying to get laptops and internet access to all of its students. That means buying a very large number of computers, and trying to get internet access to the students who don't have it at home -- roughly half of the student population. KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo is back on KYW In Depth to talk about how the district is planning to get it done. See for privacy information.
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How scammers and con artists are trying to prof...
Bad guys don't take days off, even during global virus pandemics. Federal authorities are sounding the alarm on scams like fake vaccines and cures during the COVID-19 crisis that prey on people's fear and target their wallets. On this episode of KYW In Depth, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Bill McSwain tells KYW Newsradio crime and justice reporter Kristen Johanson how the coronavirus scams being reported to the Feds are 'only limited by your imagination.' If you have been scammed or have a tip about something coronavirus related that you think seems fishy: Call the Department of Justice national hotline to report a scam: 1-866-720-5721 Or send an email to See for privacy information.
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Help wanted: Grocery stores are staffing up dur...
Most businesses in the Philadelphia area are shut down right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for some essential businesses - what Pennsylvania calls life-sustaining - there are jobs that need to be filled, and now more than ever. Matt Lutcavage, chief HR officer at Giant Food Stores joins KYW In Depth to talk about the challenges faces by grocery stores and supermarkets during this crisis, what their biggest needs are, and what they're doing to keep employees and customers safe.  See for privacy information.
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What food banks need during the coronavirus pan...
Times are getting tough for families who normally don't struggle to put food on the table. But for people who deal with hunger on a regular basis, the instability brought on by the coronavirus pandemic is very serious. On this episode of KYW In Depth, Stefanie Arck-Baynes from Philabundance and Greg DeLozier from the Food Bank of South Jersey talk to KYW Newsradio's Matt Leon about the biggest challenges they're facing in getting food to people they need it during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Philadabundance: The Food Bank of South Jersey: See for privacy information.
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Coronavirus in PA: Stay-at-home order issued fo...
If you live in Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, or Delaware counties -- Gov. Tom Wolf says stay at home. KYW Newsradio's suburban bureau chief Jim Melwert joins KYW In Depth to break down what that order means, why it's different than the shelter in place orders we've seen in other states, and where the suburban counties are in fighting the spread of COVID-19. See for privacy information.
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New Jersey reports 935 new coronavirus cases in...
The number of coronavirus cases in New Jersey is exploding. KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo checks in on KYW In Depth with an update on the number of cases in the Garden State, and what assistance Governor Murphy is asking for from the federal government. See for privacy information.
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Navigating custody and family court issues duri...
Custody, child support, and family court issues can be difficult for families to get through on a good day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they can feel impossible. Family law attorney Jennifer Brandt, the chair of the Cozen O'Connor Family Law group, joins KYW In Depth with tips on how families can navigate these tough issues during this crisis.  See for privacy information.
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Two college baseball coaches try to work from h...
The COVID-19 outbreak pulled the plug on college sports across the boards. For spring sports, seasons were just getting started. So for college coaches who were expecting to be waist deep into the grind of a season -- what do they do when that season is brought to a very premature close? KYW Newsradio's Matt Leon caught up with two of the top college baseball coaches in the region - Fritz Hamburg of Saint Joseph's University and Jad Prachniak of West Chester University - to find out how they learned their seasons were over, how they've handled not being able to coach and what they are missing right now. See for privacy information.
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Are you eligible for unemployment benefits in P...
A lot of people are out of work in Pennsylvania right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And many have never had to submit a claim for unemployment compensation before. The process can be confusing and intimidating. We've been getting a lot of questions about the unemployment process, so we took them and asked an expert to answer them. James Pearl is an attorney in Philadelphia, he's been practicing for more than 20 years, and he specializes in business disputes and pretty much everything surrounding small and medium businesses and employment issues. Pearl answers questions like: - Who is eligible for unemployment? - How much money can I expect, my full salary or a percentage? - Do I have to use my paid time off before filing for employment? Should I? - What do I put on the form? - How does my health insurance work while I'm not receiving a paycheck? - Am I eligible for unemployment if I have no one to watch my kids? IMPORTANT LINKS: PA Unemployment Website: Information for PA employees impacted by COVID-19: See for privacy information.
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