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Recession or revival? Predictions for the 2023 ...
Economist David Fiorenza explains where we are with inflation, the job market, and more to start the new year.
17 min
“Big Brother really is watching today” - New us...
Businesses are tracking consumers based on facial features in ways you might not know about.
24 min
What broke Southwest Airlines?
Holiday travelers were stranded at PHL Airport and across the country when Southwest canceled thousands of flights.
21 min
"I don't think I'll be remembered long": Angelo...
Angelo Cataldi has dominated Philadelphia sports talk radio for 30 years. As he approaches retirement, he discusses his career.
22 min
“I’m here to finish the job”: Philadelphia Mayo...
Jim Kenney's second term is drawing to a turbulent finish. Philadelphia's Mayor defends his record as he heads into his final year.
19 min
Democrats consider shifting primary schedule: w...
For decades, Iowa has been the first stop on the presidential primary tour for both Democrats and Republics. Based on the urging of President Biden, that dynamic could change.
23 min
Diamond, gold, and lasers: the makings of a nuc...
What does a recent nuclear fusion breakthrough mean for clean energy? According to one expert, the discovery comes with both promise and potential pitfalls.
12 min
Is ChatGPT really the end of education?
The pros and cons of AI language technology
20 min
Is it cheating or creativity? Examining the his...
Baseball historian Dan Levitt has co-authored a new book about cheating, "Intentional Balk".
28 min
“We’re losing the battle:” how to combat the de...
Not since the early 1900s has the United States experienced a decline in life expectancy as sharp as it has in recent years. Dr. Joshua Shafstein discusses the findings of a new report that explains why.
14 min
Fear, anger, and revenge: why youth voters were...
Youth turnout was exceptionally strong in the 2022 midterm elections. What factors fired up this demographic? Political science expert Ben Berger weighs in.
26 min
What’s behind the protests in China?
Two tragic events sparked protests against China’s “zero COVID” policies, but how much effect could they have against a strong authoritarian government?
25 min
Where does the FTX disaster leave the cryptocur...
FTX's collapse was swift and dramatic. Finance expert John Sedunov looks at questions now facing the volatile cryptocurrency industry.
24 min
Do margins matter? What a Republican House of R...
Republicans gained the majority in the House, but just barely. What can we tell from such a close margin?
20 min
Dyslexia unpacked: what the common learning dis...
How to identify early signs of dyslexia and help students live and learn with it.
24 min
Do we still need affirmative action?
The U.S. Supreme Court debates whether race neutral admissions would hurt diversity on college campuses.
26 min
Something better than "thank you for your servi...
The saying "thank you for your service" gets mixed reviews from American veterans. Military history expert Dr. Robert Kodosky says it's time we rethink how we treat vets.
21 min
Where is the planet losing most of its wildlife?
Planet Earth is losing a substantial chunk of its wildlife. WWF Chief Global Scientist Rebecca Shaw looks at how close we are to a tipping point.
20 min
Making sense of Brazil's tense general election...
For nearly a month, Jair Bolsonaro refused to accept defeat in Brazil's presidential election to his challenger, Lula. Latin America expert Diego Armus explains what happened.
19 min
Phillies' World Series run makes Philadelphia's...
Whether the Phillies win another World Series remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure, according to economic expert Peter Zaleski: Philadelphia's economy will come out on top.
13 min
Getting lost in the joy of a Phillies ride for ...
The Phillies going to the World Series has brought the city of Philadelphia together in a unique and palpable way.
19 min
Could ‘Armageddon’ really happen? NASA’s succes...
NASA's DART mission aimed to change the path of an object in space - and it worked.
16 min
Bonus: How did Liz Truss get it so wrong so fast?
After just six weeks as Britain's Prime Minister, Liz Truss is out. A British politics expert explains what went historically wrong.
14 min
Surprise! The threat of a serious railroad stri...
Thought the threat of a railroad union strike was behind us? Think again. And this time, the looming holiday season underscores the stakes.
22 min
Substance or smoke?: Examining the federal mari...
President Biden is hoping a pardon for federal violations of simple cannabis possession will right a "failed approach to marijuana." Will the decision accomplish its goal?
21 min