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Presents: Witness to Change
This episode of KYW In Depth is a special edition of the KYW Original Podcast "Flashpoint," hosted by friend of the podcast and KYW Community Affairs reporter Cherri Gregg.  It's been a wild few weeks in the United States, and in Philadelphia, since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. We all work at KYW Newsradio at In Depth, and we've been covering the protests and unrest along with all the other journalists at the station. The past few weeks have affected all of us in really intense ways. So we wanted to make a podcast about it.  This episode is called Witness to Change: A Flashpoint Special. It's an hour(ish) long episode that features the diverse voices of KYW Newsradio who have covered the unrest and protests and riots and looting and pain and grief and rebuilding since the George Floyd video went viral. We specifically give space for the Black journalists of KYW to share their experiences and perspectives -- with the goal of understanding issues of systemic racism and how this event and this movement will shape the future of Philadelphia, and beyond. You can listen to the KYW Original Podcast "Flashpoint" on the app, wherever you get your podcasts, or follow the link here: See for privacy information.
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The Philly area is opening back up, but that do...
Now that New Jersey is easing business restrictions and most of Pennsylvania is going green, which jobs are going to return, and which ones won't? Congress has to do something to extend unemployment benefits, right? Could the coronavirus pandemic lead to a bigger mortgage problem? Have the unemployment numbers plateaued? Target raised its minimum wage, will other corporations follow? David Fiorenza, Assistant Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW In Depth to break down these questions and more. See for privacy information.
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Has fighting coronavirus helped us gain ground ...
Pretty much everything in our lives has revolved around the coronavirus this year. But what have other diseases been up to while we've been concentrating on COVID-19? And what about all those missed doctors appointments while we were sheltering in place? Dr. Valerianna Amorosa, infectious disease physician at Penn Medicine and Medical Director for Penn Home Infusion Therapy joins KYW In Depth to talk about if our single-minded focus on COVID-19 has changed anything about our relationship to other diseases. See for privacy information.
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Philadelphia's Medical Reserve Corps - the volu...
A lot of people are working incredibly hard helping others in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. That includes the thousands of volunteers who make up the Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps, an organization that more people need to know about. Katie Fries, Assistant Program Manager in the Bio-Terrorism and Public Health Preparedness Program at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health joins KYW In Depth to talk about what the PMRC is and the important job they do. To volunteer for the PMRC: See for privacy information.
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How COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our supply chains
Supply chains are how products and services get developed, made, delivered, sent from the place where they're manufactured to the place someone needs them. When the coronavirus pandemic hit and businesses everywhere shut down, basically all of our supply chains were disrupted. That's part of the reason why stores were out of chicken or toilet paper, or why people couldn't get through to call centers, or why hospitals couldn't find enough surgical gowns. Months later, we've had time to innovate and adapt and some of our supply chains are back to normal, while others have changed permanently. Dave Kurz, Associate Clinical Professor at Drexel's LeBow College of Business joins KYW In Depth to talk about how COVID-19 has changed how we make and deliver and consume things, in some cases for good.  For more info about supply chains: See for privacy information.
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What would Muhammad Ali have to say, today? His...
What would Muhammad Ali have to say about the protests for social justice happening everywhere right now? KYW sports reporter Ed Benkin got the chance to ask his daughter and grandson that question. Khaliah Ali Wertheimer and Jacob Ali-Wertheimer join KYW In Depth to talk about their memories of Ali, how he would have felt about the protests around the country, how the sports world is tackling racial injustice and what needs to be improved, and what they are doing to further his legacy.  See for privacy information.
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What does "defund the police" actually mean?
"Defund the police" is a phrase you've probably heard more than a few times after weeks of protests in America over the killing of George Floyd. But what does it actually mean? You're going to hear very different explanations depending on where you get your news. Cherri Gregg, KYW Community Affairs reporter and the host of the KYW Original Podcast 'Flashpoint' interviewed criminal justice experts, community leaders, and activists to try and get an answer to that question -- and she takes over KYW In Depth today to break down what she found out.  Check out Flashpoint wherever you get your podcasts, or listen here: See for privacy information.
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What grocery store prices tell us about the cor...
We've been keeping an eye on the world of agriculture and farming throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of John M. Urbanchuk, Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Agribusiness Department at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA. Urbanchuk joins KYW In Depth to talk about how the ways we get food have been holding up over the past few months, the food prices we're seeing at the store, and how farmers are doing during this pandemic.   See for privacy information.
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What have we learned after fighting COVID-19 fo...
We've been fighting COVID-19 for months now, social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands, staying at home. So, is it working? Are we winning? Why are cases in some states going up? Have we learned anything new since the coronavirus pandemic came to America? We wanted to take a step back and check in with Dr. Krys Johnson, Assistant Professor of epidemiology at Temple University to ask these questions and more -- like has protesting has contributed to the coronavirus spikes, what's going on with the national stockpile, and how concerned should we be about a second wave when we're still in the middle of the first?  See for privacy information.
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Are open container laws the answer for struggli...
You can now drink alcohol on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It's a temporary measure meant to help small businesses that have suffered from COVID-19 restrictions. And it's not just Atlantic City -- North Wildwood and other Jersey shore towns are running their own open container experiments. At the end of last week, Cape May's city council also voted to let people legally drink outdoors in public. But it wasn't that easy for a town that really hasn't changed all that much in the last 100 years. We reached out to Cape May Councilman Zack Mullock before an emergency meeting on the open container resolution to ask him how the town felt about it, and what he was thinking about before the vote. See for privacy information.
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What could real police reform look like in Amer...
Nationwide protests have called for police reform in the United States in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. But how would that happen? What would police reform look like in the United States of America? And are we truly in a moment of change in regards to policing? Teri Ravenell, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development at Villanova University joins KYW In Depth to break down some of the issues surrounding policing in America and what reform could look like. See for privacy information.
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After primary election problems during COVID-19...
We're starting to get a handle on the size of the challenge presented by voting during the coronavirus pandemic. Slower final results are just the tip of the iceberg -- states across the country reported problems and growing pains during their primaries. So what can we learn from these primaries? Will we be prepared for the general election in November? Dr. Jack Santucci, teaching professor of politics at Drexel University joins KYW In Depth to talk about public health, voting, and the challenges of our time.  See for privacy information.
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The extra $600 per week for COVID-19 unemployme...
Unemployment continues to be front and center, Wall Street fell off a cliff on Thursday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell turned some heads, and unemployed workers are nervously looking ahead to when the extra $600 per week in unemployment benefits run out. A lot can happen in a week, so we're checking in with David Fiorenza, Villanova School of Business Economics Professor to get a handle on the economy and the news of the last seven days or so.  See for privacy information.
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The return of outdoor dining is more than just ...
It has been an incredibly difficult few months for the restaurant industry. Many places had to shut their doors completely, others have had to innovate and adapt to stay afloat. Now, society is slowly opening up -- but we're still far from anything resembling what we're used to prior to COVID-19. So how have restaurants been coping? We took a ride out to the Monarch Diner in Glassboro, New Jersey to talk to the owner, Paul Tsiknakis about what his business looks like right now, the biggest challenges he's facing, and what excites him about the future. See for privacy information.
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Big questions about COVID-19 and athletics befo...
We're getting closer to the return of professional sports as we continue to work our way through the coronavirus pandemic. Major League Soccer and the NBA are both set to return to action next month. But what about college athletics? We asked Dr. Karen Weaver, Associate Clinical Professor of Sport Management at the LeBow College of Business at Drexel University to come back to KYW In Depth to break down what the college sports landscape looks like and the big questions that universities and athletics programs need to answer before we can watch collegiate sports again. See for privacy information.
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How much power do local governments have when i...
For the first week of June, Philadelphia was under a city-wide curfew.  And that's a big deal, it's been decades at least since the last time a curfew like that was put in place in Philly. So we wanted to learn more about curfews -- what kind of power local governments have, what the courts have said, how long a city could keep a curfew in place. Dr. Michael Moreland, Professor of Law and the Director of the Eleanor H. McCullen Center for Law, Religion and Public Policy at Villanova University joins KYW In Depth to break down what a city can and can't do when it comes to enacting and enforcing a curfew. See for privacy information.
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That great unemployment report wasn't as great ...
Trying to make sense of economic data during the coronavirus pandemic is sort of like trying to look through a pair of cracked binoculars. Millions of people around the US are out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic, and then all of a sudden we also got a jobs report last week that seemed incredibly positive. But, in hindsight, was it actually? And what happens at the end of next month when the federal unemployment benefits enhancement runs out? The systems for accessing unemployment benefits around the country have clearly been tested and found wanting -- so is there an appetite for making changes? Scott Deacle, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Ursinus College joins KYW In Depth to bring some clarity to the coronavirus unemployment waters. See for privacy information.
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NJ Governor Murphy talks about the calls to 'de...
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy came on KYW Newsradio to talk about the protests over the killing of George Floyd that have swept over the nation. The Governor actually participated in a couple over the weekend. Murphy spoke with KYW's Ian Bush about the crowds of people protesting during the coronavirus pandemic, and the movement that's gained a lot of traction lately calling to defund the police. See for privacy information.
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From the burning of Black Wall Street to the Wi...
The US has a long and disturbing history of racism and racial violence. How did we get here? It's not just one thing, it never is -- but maybe one part of the equation is not learning from history. Too often, that history hasn't even really been told. We asked Dr. Nafeesa Muhammad, Assistant Professor of History at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania to join KYW In Depth to talk about some moments in US history that saw racial violence leave African American communities devastated -- and in many cases these were communities that were punished, when it comes down to it, simply for having thrived. These are important stories that deserve more attention, and maybe learning about them will paint a more complete picture of how we got to now. See for privacy information.
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Social movements like the George Floyd protests...
Crowds of people have showed up in cities and towns in every state to protest the killing of George Floyd by a police officer. Sadly, the George Floyd protests are not the first demonstrations in response to the killing of an unarmed African American. They’re at the front of a long line of fights for justice and human rights in history. Dr. Michael Hanchard studies social movements through history. He’s the department chair of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. And he says change has happened before when people organize to achieve a goal -- and it can happen again. See for privacy information.
16 min
As America protests, doctors warn coronavirus c...
What happens when mass protests occur in the midst of a global pandemic? Dr. Annette Reboli, an epidemiologist and the Dean of Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden, New Jersey joins KYW In Depth to talk about the concerns epidemiologists have right now and how to reduce risk of spreading or contracting the virus in a protest setting. See for privacy information.
22 min
How COVID-19 changed healthcare costs and emplo...
Tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. That doesn't just mean no paycheck, it also means the loss of employee benefits, things like health and dental insurance. Joe DiBella, Managing Director and head of the Employee Benefits Practice at Conner Strong & Buckelew joins KYW In Depth to talk about some really hard decisions employers have had to make during the coronavirus pandemic and the lasting effects of COVID-19 on healthcare costs and employee benefits. See for privacy information.
20 min
Why the NIH is studying a New Jersey lab's COVI...
We've been keeping tabs on a New Jersey lab called BioAegis because of their work with the protein Gelsolin, which they say has potential to be an effective therapy for very ill COVID-19 patients. When we found out that Dr. John Gallin, Chief Scientific Officer of the NIH Clinical Center and the NIH Associate Director for Clinical Research was also studying the protein, we asked him to join KYW In Depth to talk about what he thinks the possibilities are and why he wanted to take a closer look. We're also joined by Dr. Susan Levinson, co-founder and CEO of BioAegis Therapeutics to break down where their treatment stands in the regulatory approval process and how they see Gelsolin being used if it's approved by the FDA. More information about the NIH Clinical Center: And about BioAegis: See for privacy information.
29 min
Can tweaking your office's HVAC system reduce t...
Can you test the air in your workplace for coronavirus? Can tweaking your office's HVAC system reduce transmission of the virus? Are certain types of buildings more at risk for spreading the virus than others based solely on their HVAC system? Michael Calabrese, Senior Project Mechanical Engineer at Burns Engineering in Philadelphia and the President of the American Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers joins KYW In Depth to break down everything you need to know about how the HVAC industry is tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Burns Engineering: American Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineers: See for privacy information.
19 min
The May jobs report was shocking. Is this what ...
The May jobs report was much better than anyone thought it would be (at least in pandemic adjusted terms), so what's actually going on? David Fiorenza, Associate Professor of Practice at the Villanova School of Business joins KYW In Depth to talk about if the economic recovery is happening faster than expected, what new city budgets mean for the arts, and the future of infrastructure projects in the Philadelphia area after COVID-19.   See for privacy information.
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